Jan 2015 Update. Nothing Interesting.

So I’m back to give you an update after almost one year. I should be posting more often but I really have nothing to write about. Oh well…

So… since the last few months I’m feeling more at ease and I don’t bother too much about this stuff. It has become a part of my life… I’m just so used to it now. (by ‘it’ I mean nothing-happening-with-my-tf-in-the-physical)

I’m getting really annoyed now… not annoyed like ‘why is this happening? why?’, but annoyed like ‘yeah whatever’. I’m bored and I almost don’t care anymore.
It has been 4 years now. I’ve learned so much spiritually, worked on myself, and I’ve almost invented a way of making anything happen… (It could change the world… seriously! More on this some other time)… but I haven’t heard from him. Is nothing happening to him? seriously? This is the funniest thing I’ve ever been through. It is so funny that it isn’t even sad anymore. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? lol.

I connect with him spiritually. It is a strong and steady mental relationship. And it is real. That is one thing I can bet on. It is more real that reality, really. But I don’t understand why he as a person isn’t responding to anything.

P.S. I did get a missed call that I ‘felt’ something about. It ‘might’ have been from him. Couldn’t get back so don’t know. Yeah… whatever… If he is going to come back he better be loud and clear.

All is well with me otherwise… I mostly feel fine/good and peaceful. And I’m so much wiser. I’m enjoying this peace after the mind boggling rollercoaster I’ve been through. Thats it.
How are you guys doing?


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  1. Thanks for sharing, my story is exactly like yours, exactly, four years, and I am bored, no response, except spiritually. I almost don’t care anymore either. Must keep moving, and continue to do me. I have worked on myself spiritually and will continue, we have not had any contact for 1 year. Like I said must keep moving.

  2. Hello Twins,

    4 years or 1 year is killing don’t you think so?
    Don’t you think that your spiritual practice is out of balance completely?

    For me the experience is much better. I manifested my twin physically two times in the last 8 months. This happened after balancing my energy field without even expecting my Twin.

    These two times were so mysterious and instant.

    Since then, I made my life to fully unlock the secrets of Twin flames physical union.
    I unlocked 70% of this knowledge and was not planning to share it until I get the 100% knowledge.

    Then I thought 2 days back that maybe the remaining 30% will come through other Twins.

    The bottom line is understanding the two primal forces of creation ( Yin an Yang) and how to unite them. This means uniting spirit and matter.

    Don’t you want your twin to kiss you… Hug you… Touch you and have sacred sexual union with you?

    Remember that God created man from fires of life ( spirit) and clays of life ( matter)
    Both have channels in the physical body and need to be in perfect balance and harmony to merge physically with your Twin. Otherwise you will end up uniting with your Twin Ghost forever if you keep projecting yourself on the spiritual world.

    Even union in spirit is impossible without the sacred sexual energy which is the foundation of creation on all levels.

    Too much focus on spirit will kill the matter and vice versa. You will miss the lesson of this incarnation.

    I’m somehow angry with the teachings of these people who gave themselves the right to call themselves “light workers”. There false teachings delayed physical union of many Twins including my self for years.

    Would you like to join me and make our mission is to delete the terms ” runner, pain ….., rejection” from the Twin flames consciousness forever? We can replace them by the right understanding even if it takes little time.

    I’m planning to create a page on face book first to gather as much twins as we can. We need to be great community to transform the collective destructive thoughts regarding Twin flames online.

    If anyone is interested please send me and email to Sonia.Misto@hotmail.com


  3. Gracias* stay Strong. I’m Blessed to have a relationship with My Flame. We are both married, living one day at a time. Growing and learning. Love & Light

  4. Hi Eternalbliss and everyone else. It’s been over 2 years since I have been reading your site. I used to visit all the time when my twin and I were separated. We have since been communicating several times per week. At first it was very strange talking to him on the phone because we speak at the same time. We also tend to ask the same questions at the exact same time. We have since then worked on this issue. So, we are able to speak to each other without interrupting each other too often.

    We have develop at technique of waiting a few seconds before speaking so we don’t speak at the same time. He is a lot more comfortable and accepting of the twinflame idea. At first he was very resistant to it but he doesn’t deny it anymore. He think it’s funny we speak at the same time. It’s like we are identical twins sharing a mind. It used to happen a lot when we used to communicate via messenger or emails but it’s weird hearing our voices speaking at the exact same time. It almost have a echo effect… It’s so weird. We still live in separate states but at least we are communicating regularly.

    We have also stop the blaming game. Eventhough it’s been alittle less than a year since we have reunited. Those arguments and fights seem like distant memory. I can’t even imagine us arguing or fighting but I remembered those days when he used to block me. He feels really bad about that but looking back I understand why he did… The separation was very painful and confusing and my behavior was very irrational back then. I never understood why he was avoiding me and he never understood why I kept chasing him. We have both made peace with the past and do our best in the present to be there for each other. We love each other ❤

    We still live very far apart from each other and only time will tell when we will be together physically . I'm sure that will happen very soon. When we were separated or stopping talking to each other. There were many time I wonder if we will ever reunite and we did. Šo, I'm sure being with him and touching him is a matter of time. It will probably feel weird at first just as it was weird when we first start talking on the phone. It was so weird and very natural at the same time.

    I just wanted to say to those who are still not communicating with their twinflame to be patient. They will come around and be nicer than ever. He feels very bad for his behavior during the separation but I don't think he had much control over himself the same way I didn't have much control over my behavior. He have apologized on countless occasions but I've forgiven him before he did but it's nice to hear him apologize and him acknowledging the hurt he caused or we have caused. I have taken responsibility for my action as well. I am taking and have been taking things one day at a time. I have released all expectations I had of this twin flame Union. I realized once I let go and allow things to happen in there own time. Things seem to fall into place perfectly. We can actually enjoy each other conversations like we did before the separation and before I found out we were twin flame.

    That twinflame label can be such a heavy label. I dont even talk about it much anymore. We both acknowledge we have a very special and unique connection and that's good enough. We have gone through all the phases of the twinflame reunion. From the preparation to the reunion. We are still in the reunion phase right now and I feel we are almost in the final phase. I can just feel it. I always feel it just before it happened and once I made peace with it and accept it then release it at the soul level it manifest in the physical soon after.

    May your site be blessed and may you all reunite with your Twinflames 🙂 very soon in the physical

    • This was comforting to read… thanks!

    • Thank you for sharing. This site started to scare me because, everything about it comment wise was about the runner not having returned yet! My runner has actually been in my life since I was 15, we dated then and went our separate ways (mutual) – but he never left my life. There as a best friend who would come over if I needed a shoulder to cry on, but he never asked for more than friendship. I tried to keep him at bay, so at first I was the runner. But I never found someone I was as happy with as him. We had no drama. I was searching for that feeling ever since. Then, finally timing lined up and we were both single at the same time. And, while some times together are absolutely magical, it’s hell at the same time. He drifted away, over the past few weeks, and I know internally he was fighting the want to be completely away since he was emotionally checked out. And now he has stopped communication. It’s so painful. But I know asking him at this point won’t help. So thank you, for writing a happy story of being in the reunion stage. Honestly, I thought we were already in it, since he ran after we tried dating as adults, was gone for a month and came back, fully knowing what he wanted…or so it seemed. But he couldn’t quite step up to the plate. It seemed he was so afraid of it not working out (my take). And then after a while he just checked out. So here I am again.

      I swear, sometimes I read these stories and think mentally, we’re all just being idiots for men who can’t give us what we need. That’s my brain talking. But reading a story like yours give us all hope, I think, and relief that I’m not just being an idiot here.

  5. I used to think this twin flame stuff was real. Until I finally told my “twin” about our psychic connection. My “twin” is a christian. And he had no idea what I was talking about. He likes me, but he told me what I was doing was demonic.
    Jesus is the truth the way and the life yo.

    To think if I never had the guts to bring it up with him, I’d still be doing telepathy with demons posed as him. And “astral projection” which opened me up to demonic influence, really violent and vivid dreams, and thank god I have the Holy Spirit or I could have even ended up possessed.

    This twin flame theory is a hoax meant to lead you away from Christ. What you are doing is called New Age. It’s considered an occult. And it lead you far away from God, and makes you think you can be like God which is the original sin that Satan tricked Adam and Eve into.

    My “twin” told me to seek professional help. So glad I did.

    Not saying this isn’t the guy God wants you to marry. But the Twin flame theory just puts distance between you.

    Good luck! Hope you figure it out. Talk to your twin, and maybe seek out your local church for some help & clarification.

    • I am really concerned about you all. Life is only so long, and if you spend it running from your problems, especially with people you love, you will never truly grow. I know cause I spent 3 years running from this boy and trying to survive on a spiritual connection alone. It’s still not enough, and it’s not what God wants. He loves you, and he wants you to be loved. I will pray for you guys. ❤

      • And this twin flame connection adds elements to a relationship that don’t need to be there. Ex: Twin flame sex. Sex is made to be pure and holy. Like it was between Adam and Eve. And enclosed within the safety of marriage. Not riddled with demon manifestations, and pulsing of your solar plexus. These are the incubi and succubi demons.

        If you want to experience some fascinating, to satisfy your thirst for spirituality, look into the gifts of the Holy spirit (listed in the bible in I think it is the book or Romans) such as miracles, prophesy, speaking in tongues (which I’m learning how to do), encouragement, teaching, healing, etc.

        You can experience some pretty amazing things, but what’s important is that it’s not just for your own pleasures, but also for God and the good of mankind. Saving people from the pits of hell, by helping them to accept Jesus. (So glad I did, my life has done a 180)

        If you ever want to talk, I’m here to listen, I’ve experienced it all, and I can point you in the right direction.
        Lots of love, Natasha

  6. I thought i found my twin flame and loved this person unconditionally with all of my being. Then i was told the cruelest things, blocked in mid sentence and completely ignored. I was told every horrible thing about my character . I was put last. I was treated like a toy and garbage. It was a horrific experience. It made me never want to be near a man for the rest of my life and convinced me i was the worst person in the world. This stuff is a bunch of crap. There is no such thing as love.

  7. Happy all is good with you,its been 4 years since he left for another.ive been travelling the world im much wiser i do talk to him he says he went through hell with that woman and that he loves me. I really dont care anymore.im whole and not in pain anymore.im at the same stage as you of making things happening.its the stage of a magician,read the tarot card ‘the magician’ in tarot the 22 cards of arcana explains the spiritual evolution of all human beings.

  8. My friend, how incredible… I find myself in such a similar position! After a “coup de foudre” occurred in 2011, when my soul was resurrected by the nightmare of a tormented relationship by the apparition of my Beloved, in the beginning I was raised up to the Skies in a sublime Love who elevated both him and me to the utmost heights of sentiment and inspiration and to the reciprocal conviction that some sort of Divin Fate had pushed us together.
    And yet, as it is maybe bound to happen, just one month later this young man, who had swore to the stars and all gods and the Creator Himself he was loving as he had never before, this man whom I can maybe adress to as my “Flame”, felt the sudden, folly urge to leave me abruptely, with very little explanation and shocking coldness.
    After a short period trying to stay in contact “as friends” (he said he could never allow himself to lose me as a friend), he announced, most roughly, he intended to cut all connection with me, wishing not to have any more callings, letters or any kind of news from me and about me.
    Such behaviour was so incomprehensible, cruel and out of any logics that it took me a longtime just to be able to accept that it was real and that it came from the same person that had shed tears of love when he was in my arms.
    At that time I was lucky enough to be escorted in this inner Dantesque trip by my Virgil, practising some kind of traditional divination method (which I had been exploring with my family since my childhood) allowing us to receive messages from a superior world of “essences”.
    If I had not been guided by the “voice” which manifested to us, I would have made my best to forget everything about this silly Irish lad, just as I had done in the past with my previous lovers, never allowing any human love to corrupt my integrity, my inner bliss and my Love for the Universe.
    But this time it was different… The Great Spirit manifested its voice very clearly, and I could not deny what He said, for that coincided exactly with what I was experiencing in my inner depths. The Spirit insisted for my to keep a deep (although mute) connection with my Beloved and granted me that despite his attitude he was loving me too and kept thinking of me.
    I know that from a earthly point of view all that just does not make sense and many readers may think even this “Voice” was the effect of some sort of “psychism” or a mere self illusion, but actually the Truth this oracle expressed was at times harder to bear to me than the bitter reality I was facing, since I myself feared I may get mad in the sterile waiting of a ghost, and just rejected the idea of maintining an inner contact with somebody who had hurted me so and had prooved so mean and cruel…
    But the Sky kept on showing me a different perspective and insisted about the fact that he was suffering as much as me, whether not more than me… It was still hard to believe to me, for I could just not conceive the logics of “loving and escaping”, but eventually life brought me tto understand and admit this possibility too.
    And so, I waited for two years. I was not living just “waiting for him”… I went on in my personal searches, studies, catharsis and relationship to the Universe and the Divine.
    And yet, every night I could not avoid mentioning his name and sigh for love.
    Some would call it an obsession… But I would have never allowed me to do that, if the Sky Itself had not supported me, and I did that in a liberating way, so I can clearly state it was not an obsession at all, it was rather my daily prayer.

    After two years the “Voice” suddenly informed me that my Beloved was about to leave my country (Italy) in order to come back to the North of Europe and that I should manifest myself in order to try to make this Love flourish again.
    I could not believe that, because I knew he was so involved in some musical projects here in Italy, and I was sure that he could not be leaving right then… Also, my self-pride prevented me from adhering to the Sky’s Will.
    And yet, after pondering the issue, I decided to go and meet him at a festival where I knew he was.
    Most predictably, when he saw me, he lowened his eyes to the floor and during the two days of the festival, never an instant he did anything to approach me and speak to me. Even when I was invited to play and sing just in front of him, and accidentally found myself just a few meters from him, he simply did not do anything and pretended not to know me.
    I knew it was hard for him: he had imposed me to disappear and I had not respected that will, moreover I entered his private circle of acquaintances, whose expectations he suffered so much.
    It was hard to him, but it was as hard to me… I had fought against my pride and had received one more stab from him.

    Afterwards I wrote him a letter, saying I thought after so long a time we should not be resentful to each other and at least be able to say hello to each other if life brought us to meet.
    He replied very shortly, saying that he agreed about that, and that next time he would greet me, but this time he had not been able to do that for he was “not ready” to see me yet.
    What did those words mean? After two years of silence and distance, what did that mean?
    Was he really still sensitive to my presence then? Had he been trying to forget, without being able?
    Moreover, he added that he was about to leave Italy to come back to Ireland and so we should be released by the fact we would not “accidentally” meet anymore.
    At the same time I was thorn apart by his coldness and comforted by the idea that the Spirit had been so punctual and prompt to send me to him and that we were playing in a game whose rules had been decided far beyond and far above this realm of ignorance, shadows and chaos… Light was accompanying us, somehow, although he was clearly escaping from it.

    Later, the Spirit sent me on one more time, in order to deliver him a message.
    At the following festival, just before he left, I went with a long letter to deliver, I went as a messenger, not even knowing how to present and concretely show him the lines dictated by the Will of Heaven.
    This time he made an effort to sketch a greeting smiling at me as he saw me, but as we found himself in the same room, almost alone, and he just stood up a few meters from me, without going away nor getting closer, he lowened his eyes to the groung again, and did not utter any words. Neither did I.
    Later in the evening I found him dancing and kissing another woman. I was not feeling jealousy, but I was simply thorn apart, for he was holding in his arms somebody who had clearly nothing to do with him and moreover this prevented me to deliver him my letter.

    I learnt he left to Ireland just some days after the festival. And only one month later, me myself I quit my country and left to France, where I am currently living.
    Since that day I decided to forget about him, not to mention his name and not to think of him anymore, not to live as if I was not but a half of me and I missed the other half, in order to get back to the fullness of my being.
    I managed to do that for about one year, but eventually signs and dreams awoken again the memory of this supernatural Love. Almost four years have passed. Am I bored? Yes, I am.
    But I am grateful too. He killed me, but in a way he saved me too… he saved me from chaos, learning me that, no matter what happens, I should nevermore accept compromise, and either love like I loved him, or not love at all, choosing solitude rather than evanescent affections.

    Would he ever come back? This I cannot know, but one thing I know: me, I have never left him.

  9. I just don’t know. I just don’t know anything. Only thing I want for my twin is her happiness, highest success and everything good. I can’t expect anything more from her. i have left everything on my God. just everything. I didn’t have any choice left. I Love my twin as my child. More than anything. In relation we are friend but I have no idea that who is she. Let her live God.. Just let her live. let her breath..it is relation for which I feel that I am no more in word.. I loose my existence.. That also I love.. so I left everything as i have lost all definition.

  10. Hi!….
    It was also like i couldbt live without him anymore..but its amazing..a door opened in me and i entered and its like this big garden..its amazing..this is actually even more beautiful and real than what i thought my twinflame was.
    I rarely think,or dream of him anymore..
    What i found within is this beautiful feeling no ego..emty but also full…big at the same time i cant describe.
    I dont get sexual attracted by people anymore too..its like ive turn into A-sexual.the feeling within is better than any orgasm ive ever had lol its like all sensations happening at the same time..all the beauties..all sensational feeling of ears..seeing..feeling..tasting..at the same time..it so nice.
    The feelings one get from good food..good sex..beautiful stuff you like..all these sensations we get from doing stuff..these feeling are in me without even doing anything.
    Im thinkng us humans must be very disconnected from our real self thats why we search for this sensations out there instead of looking within.
    Right now i feel free.i dont need him..but i know ill see him again cause im just too beautiful..im the dreams of dreams lol
    I wish you all the best.

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