I apologize to everyone who has written to me through the contact form and not got a reply…. I had lost the password to my email account (recovered it today). I know thats a bad excuse because email account recovery is pretty simple and I could have done it earlier… but for some reasons I just couldn’t. Sometimes I was upset and did not want to talk/hear/read about twinflames… sometimes I felt like I couldn’t tell you any more about TFs than what I’ve already put up on the blog… sometimes I even felt like I was giving you false hopes about these ‘magical’ connections… 

So I just didn’t write back to you guys…. I hope you understand. 

I’m still learning about love… and I’ve told you what I know… but I feel that the whole ‘story’ can be understood only once it is complete. Only when I’ve reached reunion will I be able to tell the exact mechanism of how it worked out… till then I can’t say for sure.

But if you look at the way the sun shines… the love you feel for people… the beauty of nature… rain… friendship…  and so many other good things happening in the world… you just know it is all meaningful… something as big as twinflame love can’t be a waste of time and energy… because the world is too beautiful for such a thing to happen… yes, there are issues…. and everything is not ‘perfect’ as it should be… But we’re all getting there I’m sure…


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  1. Beloved eternal bless

    I advise you to watch and listen carefully to the 30 miraculous videos on YouTube of Patricia mcneilly 

    I downloaded them and spent 2 days doing nothing but just listening to her.
    I swear that as I was listening to the video#30. My beloved not only called me but was in a middle of my apartment in 15 minutes. I did not even have time to prepare my self to see him. ( this is after 5 months of no contact)
    He told me that a mask fell down in a fraction of a second and could not help himself without coming to see me.

    Patricia has a strong vibration, information and she says this is the time for miracles to happen and you can expect your Twin in front of you the next moment. And this is what happened to me.

    Patricia tells that a portal opened from March to July2014 for Twin flames to merge. But you need to forget everything in your life, attune and focus on your Twin being physically with you.

    Patricia requests Twins to discern too much so I would also like to tell you that I used my discernment so there were few point that I could not agree with her.

    My personal advices to you are

    1- Don’t focus on your heart only. You need to be Omnipresent, this means that you need to focus on your Twin (including yourself as you are already One) in all your being and chakras evenly all the times. If you only focus on the heart, it will become congested with energy so the excess energy will activate your love rejection wound.

    2- Never leave your body at this stage of time to meet your Twin at the Spirit plane. You need to fully be in your body, attune to it to hear the messages and to integrate  your 7 bodies in the physical.
    Leaving the body causes Kundalini Syndrome.

    3- You don’t need to focus on transmuting the love wounds or negativity because you will make them worse since you will feed them from your energy.
    this means no more Violet Flame.
    You need to shift your focus to the Union and be present with it each single moment.

    4- Love alone is not enough. We need to work on the three aspects of the three fold flame. Power Wisdom and Love.

    5- Before anything can work for you, you need to:
          1- Cut free all the opposite reversed  inharmonious frequencies and     vibrations.
          2- Raise your vibration above a certain level ( threshold). This can be achieved by a relaxing present shower, listening to Patricia hope and encouragement videos that attunes you to your Beloved. 

    6- Your Union is completely in your hand if you know how to make it.
    Your Twin is You but you need to work on yourself on the physical level.

    7- You need to close all the leakages in your consciousness that causes energy to leak out of you.

    8- You need to balance your own inner and outer Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (Self Love) energies within and without.

    9- Make the appropriate actions and decisions. Review you spiritual practices. It might be the very thing that causes imbalances. Actually you may need to cut them all and just practice the art of presence, alertness and attunment. 

    10- Don’t over give love to others. Love is energy that leaks out. You need to leave sufficient energy to attract your Twin and to maintain you self Love and attraction. It is ok to love others but at this time you need Self love and Love to your Twin. Once the Union is complete, the Love will be multiplied Millions folds so you can give a d direct it at will.
    Example: I was talking to a person on the phone today. He was talking about making business but you know in the 3D old ways. He was so exited.
    I felt pain in my Ovaries so I came to know that My energy is leaking out due to his low frequency field. I wanted to quit the call and suddenly he received another call on his other line. He told me after he finished his call that I gave him good luck and he just won a deal he was waiting and worried about.
    I realized immediately that my Union energy manifested his wish while I became exhausted and my frequency became so low. I also realized that I have to stop dealing with most of people who are still trapped in the old thinking and perception.

    11- Stay grounded very important. 

    12-  Forget all the past and start Now.

    I channeled all these things after My Twin visit.
    You may  know some of these things but just confirmation.I hope that helps.

  2. Hello… Eternal Bliss… Please do check out Patricia’s channel… She’s amazing. She delivers TRUE information about Twin Flames… all her “forecasts” came true for me personally. She channels information from higher powers, particularly her spirit guides… I am truly grateful to find her channel on YouTube. And I know you will too… Just take a day off… Listen to all of her videos…. Sat Nam.

  3. Anonymous Soul

    I’m a 19 yr old kid who’s falling in love with a girl, and I’m afraid to tell any one except her that I believe she is my TF, for fear that they may criticize my beliefs and label what I feel as simple “puppy love”.

    Now if it wasn’t for you and this entire website, I probably would have believed what everyone was saying and ignored my deep-rooted feelings towards my beloved.

    I just wanted to thank you, WHOEVER you are, for opening up yourself to the world and spreading this awareness and knowledge in attempts to reunite the sacred connection that so many people tend to logically ignore and doubt.

    I see that you are going through the very same stages that you described in earlier posts, and I just want you to know how incredible it is to read and learn about this from someone with firsthand experience.

    Thank you for strengthening my faith in my relationship, and for opening up my mind to love that I never knew existed. You are a guiding light through the darkness of confusion, and I hope to see that you find your way to the final stages of reunion with your soul’s twin 🙂

    Peace and love, until we are all one again. Namaste

  4. Bless and Love for you Eternal Bliss.. be strong 🙂

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