Update – Feb 2014

Some of you asked for an update so here it is. Before telling you what’s going on with me I’d like to tell you why I hadn’t posted an update… the reason is because there has been no change in the ‘physical’ sense of things.

We’re still out of touch, except for the occasional text (which I send) and the bland reply by him.

However, I still do get signs that it’s going to happen (physical reunion).

My connection with him in the spiritual sense has strengthened. I just imagine him being there and  communicate as I wish. Its good. I’m satisfied with it. Very real experience. But then again, a normal person would call this crazy. 

Whatever they say, the man that I ‘experience’ is almost as real as he could get. And I have a sweet little thing going on with him 🙂 


I’ll post another update in a month or two. 

Till then, if there is anything else you would like me to write about, please comment below. 



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  1. Dear eternal bless

    You need to do conscious grounding, connections to earth energies and serious physical awarness and excersises to be able to reunite physically with your twin. Meeting him on the spiritual world is wonderful and nice. However, you may wait forever and keep meeting him there only. I’ve been there for long time until I got up recently.
    You need to balance your spiritual higher self and your human lower self and integrate them. The is the fastest way for physical reunion.

    Wish you the best

  2. Hello Eternal Bliss…

    Thank You for creating this website. Me and my twin frequently visit this site. I just wanted to express my gratitude as my twin contacted me this morning after he read some of your posts. So apparently he does miss and loves me. Not that I don’t already know, haha. My advice is, try to balance your inner Yin and Yang. If you embody too much of the Yin energy, he will embody the Yang. Only when you achieve the balance will the physical reunion occur. As So Within, As So Without. Don’t put too much focus on reuniting in the physical as you would probably experience setbacks, heartache, etcetra. Focus on the soul union, the integration of the emotional body is important. Remove your expectations of what you think should happen and let go. Twin Flames are here for the mission that they offer to Earth and the romance is not it’s main purpose. The Yang are usually not attached to their feelings so they may not feel and realize the depth of love that you both share. I’m sorry for being repetitive but try to adopt the Yang qualities! Courage, logic and strength are some of them. As well as confidence, mental-alertness and maturity. The Yang dislikes the Yin’s needy and childish attitude. Work on that and Good Luck!

  3. Saw this site for the first time . I hv seen my godess/dream girl finally. I know she has recognised me too. Bt she behaved strangely. I know she wil come back. By m missing her so much.. Sometimes I feel her soul with me. (I asked for a sign and I got a great sign) please guide me how to feel her soul. Please help

  4. Hello Eternal Bliss, thought I’d dedicate a song to you. I know what it feels like and I hope this makes you feel better. Laura Pausini – Its Not Goodbye from the movie Sweet November.

  5. Sometimes we want something so bad, that we imagine its real…if a guy is sharp and bland, repeatedly, it is time to let go…chasing him, even in spirit wii not improve things…let go of him….try to date others casually..if he has an interest he will come back…reserving yourself for someone who has never agreed to this, is an obsessive, codependent love, Sometimes a twinflame runs..but this sounds somewhat abusive.

    • I understand that this is not what a relationship should look/feel like… but there is this thing with twinflame relationship… they are freaking twisted. I have tried many times to withdraw from him… I’ve also, at times, thought that this was all BS… but that didn’t feel good… I feel this pull towards him that I just can’t get rid of… so I believe maybe it has a purpose… I don’t know how its working but I am pretty sure it is supposed to be there… otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted this long…

      • I can understand both points. I’ve spent time wondering whether my situation is twin flame or once good relationship gone bad.

        Sometimes I wonder if I’m misunderstanding and he is just a karmic relationship that is meant to help me clear some big issues so my TF relationship will be possible.

        There was a time I would have told you we were just friends. We’ve known each other since we were kids, we had our intimate moments then but we were never anything official.

        I ran into him at a store a few years back after we hadn’t seen each other in years. It caused me to start talking continuously to a close friend about him without notice by me of course, until she asked, wow, how long we had been together and all these questions under the assumption we were an item. Of course my response was we’ve never been more than friends. I had truly convinced myself that we were never anything more than friends.

        At the time, nothing more came of any of it other than the fact I started having these dreams, every night for about 3 or 4 years. To explain it simply, they were dreams that were about what most people would consider “the one”. The dreams seemed to stop after I had a dream in which I got tired of the push and pull and threw in the towel.

        Then a few years later, I split with my kids father, he moved out and literally the next day, my old friend contacts me.

        This grew into talking everyday, and one day he told me he loved me. My instinct was to run, but something told me not to. I literally felt a nudge to pursue things further, so I did. It was like a tap on the shoulder and “don’t be afraid, it is ok”.

        We were in a relationship for 8 months, he spoke a lot of marriage, and our family. My kids seemed to have more in common with him then their own father. My kids would also refer to him as my pacifier because he has this uncanny ability to ground me. I could be in the midst of some insanely stressful chaos but yet all I truly felt, and in turn reflected, was blissful peace.

        For the first time in my life everything made sense. It was like I could see over the horizon, if that makes any sense. My life wasn’t, who am I, or what do I want to be. It was, this is who I am, there was a clear starting point and endless possibilities moving forward.

        We were together about 8 months and then the misunderstandings started happening. This is where our push and pull started until I just broke down and asked him if he no longer wanted the relationship. That didn’t end well. When we broke up, not to sound overly dramatic, but it was like my soul physically ripped in two and what remained smacked back into me like a rubber band. This physically hurt. This was also very confusing since I’d never experienced anything like it.

        To sum up the rest, it’s been 3 years since we broke up. I’ve dated other people, he has too, funny thing is, for the majority of the time, in a lot of ways, he never left. I chased him at first, but now I just coast I think.

        There has been numerous times in which even though he was presenting himself to be fine and dandy, I saw through it and I could literally feel the weight just fall off of his shoulders when I would send him encouragement. When we broke up he spent a lot of time being lost….he would say so to friends. I’ve grown frustrated at times over the whole ordeal. I’ve gotten upset that if he was so lost, why weren’t we talking about it.

        There has been drama from his friends. Namely someone I think he must have been dating (and their friends) and the shenanigans they caused. I’ve been blamed for their actions, don’t get me wrong, I know I can do wrong, but I am the type of person to stand there going, ouch, I’m sorry I messed up. This is one of those situations, if I walked away, the chatter was…see she doesn’t care or else she wouldn’t go, if I stayed and try to fight for what I wanted, they would find some way to spin that too. (yes, very jr high, hence why I go). Then with the ways it seemed I saw him change make me think…no, you are mistaken, this is a karmic relationship. He has never really come back, he never really goes, there are all these ways we still make connections but I’ve really felt like I’m kidding myself, this is karmic and he’s keeping his options open. There are so many examples of all of this sitting on the edge. He has made positive changes in his life and made sure I knew he was trying to make himself a better man. Who does that when they aren’t in a relationship with the other person?

        I’ve gotten so fed up at times I set the intention to give up on the whole relationship, declared to the universe I’d had enough and it could keep it all. Wouldn’t respond to any of his attempts for contact or other various things. But the universe is funny in the ways it will show you that we may have free will, but if it wants something, it will happen.

        I had seen him over the holidays, and that also didn’t go well. One day it was I can’t wait to see you, the next it seemed he couldn’t get farther away. Again…karmic relationship right?

        We went a few months without talking, then a few months ago, we were talking again. I started to see signs where it seemed more karmic, maybe it’s my fear, but I got mad, said some things I should have, and some i shouldn’t have. I even ended the conversation saying, see you in a few months when you are no longer mad and you come back around. Not nice, but true.

        I had myself settled that this is what karmic relationships do, make you think they are the one. We’d blocked each other on social websites, no contact what soever, and then I had a dream. He was in it, along with my kids’ father and as I progress through the dream, we talked and he got to see some of my reality, things I couldn’t ever explain, but from within my mind, I could show him if that makes sense. The next day he unblocked me and made contact. nothing big, but that sticks with me. That can’t be a coincidence right?

        I have had instances in which I see him in my meditations, sometimes he makes contact right after, others times (I play with doing readings for myself and have angel cards) I have seen his name and then the trust card will fall. During one of my, I give up on this, this isn’t healthy, I’m probably imagining this, I went to the gym, and while this isn’t big, it has stuck with me, I saw someone that reminded me a lot of my TF. The way he carried himself and other things. Later that evening, while meditating and doing a reading, I get cards with the messages of, you aren’t misunderstanding this (meaning the messages), twin flame, the conflict is do the misunderstandings of the past, forgiveness, miracles, blessings, divine timing, divine guidance, harmony, support and self acceptance. i don’t draw cards, I did at first, now I meditate and shuffle and only take the ones that “jump” out. I’ve shuffled and reshuffled and have gotten the same variation of cards. Maybe not all of them at one time, but those are the ones I get.

        I am fully aware how crazy this all sounds too. The logical analyst side of me has actually thought, maybe that is the answer, I’ve completely lost my mind and I’m the only one who doesn’t know it yet.

        I am fully aware that I acted over the last few years against the wishes of my heart, I know this caused it’s own damage to this relationship, (I struggle with this, I have a lot of guilt for my own actions) but he is still there, distantly, but he is still there. What am I supposed to make of all of this if the outside appearances seem to point to karmic and all hope is lost but then I seem to get universal guidance saying you can’t trust appearances.

        I so far have only come up with one answer for this. I’ve been trying to dig down into myself, heal myself, move past issues I have. If he is really a TF, and not a karmic relationship, he won’t ever “go away”, in fact, as I improve myself, this should open up opportunities that I would attract my TF to me, right?

  6. Another beautiful song for you my dear…
    I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

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