A quick update…

I have’nt posted in quite a while… so I thought I’d say a quick hello…

The twinflame journey has been very tough for me… and I still cant really figure out whats going on…

My Twinflame denies having any feelings for me… and some of the very bitter words he said recently prove that that is true… I really don’t know whats going on… but his actions make me feel he doesnt love me… and probably has never loved me… maybe it was all in my mind… maybe it was real… I don’t know…

Its hard to live with this overwhelming love for a person and knowing that they don’t even care whether you’re alive or not…

I’ve received guidance from the universe and angels/ascended masters that everything is going to be fine… but the truth is that everything is not fine… and honestly, I’m very disappointed… I don’t even trust the signs now I think…

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing faith… sometimes I just feel that this is all BS…. I don’t know… I really don’t know…


I’m hoping that time will bring some clarity… but right now I feel like I’m hanging in the middle of nowhere… I’ve come at a very difficult point in life… the love that I’ve truly believed in seems to be fake… and now after so many years, I cant even start over… life doesn’t really make sense to me anymore…I’m just dragging myself through it…. 

the twinflame, on the other hand, seems to be living quite a normal life with all the ‘frills’… totally unaffected by what happened between us…

So yeah… that’s my situation right now…

I remember someone here asked me to tell more about myself… and you guys also mentioned some links that aren’t working… Its too much work considering the state of mind that I’m in right now…lol… But I’ll update the about me page and the links as soon as I pull myself together again…

One thing I’d like to mention is that these days the blog is getting many comments from guys… and also some runners… I see that as a positive sign… 
and I enjoy reading all your comments… Its great to hear your stories…

I wish everyone all the best… and I hope all twinflames unite in love as soon as possible…




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  1. Im sending you alot of love and bliss. Sometimes when it feels the darkest, thats when you can see the light the best. Hold on love, and this to will pass…. peace-love-light.

  2. I agree! It IS the darkest before the dawn – the hard part is not knowing when you will be able to feel happy, healthy and whole again. I’ve learned the more you LET GO and give up what happens with your TF to our higher powers, the faster you will heal, and the sooner you will move toward each other again.

    What was so hard for me to accept was that might not be in THIS lifetime, or for many lifetimes, but now that I have accepted that (most of the time) we are moving back toward each other again in wonderful ways as friends.

    What helped me was not only a few select friends (most can’t understand the “TF craziness”), but getting in touch w/ my Guides for the first time and feeling their unconditional love, support, and wisdom. WOW! I know my TF and I have karma to untangle, need to heal past-life fears, and must put our EGOS aside. We both are taking our first steps toward learning to meditate, and I’m trying to communicate with his higher self.

    Take good care of you – find some simple pleasures in the rest of you life (unimaginable the first 3 months after my TF “ran”), and I know your heart and soul will heal over time. You will be stronger, wiser and more resilient! (And you may have to buy a new bed – my TF’s absence and yet ‘presence’ – residual energy – in it was making me absolutely crazy.) The nights were definitely the hardest. Find a new soothing ritual to be able to sleep.

  3. I have been in the dark many times, and it´s very hard to see the light. I know. But just knowing that it is light, helped me… hugs

  4. I am so sorry you are going through this. I am in the exact same boat. It helps to remind myself that I would not be wrong about the most important thing in my life. Better times are probably just right around the corner! Best of luck to you, and everyone out there! Thank you for making this website.

  5. You say you don’t trust the signs anymore – that is where I am at. I feel like my higher self and my guides tricked me by confirming the twin flame theory and bringing me into contact with this person, and then for two years, allowed me to stand by and wait while he avoids the truth. They keep telling me he is ready to accept the contract, and yet nothing happens. I wish they would just be truthful with me and tell me he is not ready, etc, or give me information as to the true current status of the situation, instead of filling me with hope, and then it falls flat. Our guides and higher self need to be accurate with us in terms of giving guidance for the NOW, not for some future time when the union will transpire. It is very misleading.

    • exactly… being disappointed by the ‘signs’ over and over again has made me wonder whether these things are even real or not… If theres something like a higher self and angels, they should know what is going on… either its all just imagination or maybe there is some reason why we arent getting truthful answers… time will tell…

    • I can honestly say the signs mean nothing. They’re bullshit. I think they are there to show you the connection, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be together. The signs don’t mean anything we think or hope they mean. They’re misleading and constant reminders of a painful separation. I felt haunted by the connection. I tried to run from it but it was everywhere. Worst experience of my life. Like a nightmare that you never awaken from.

      • I can totally relate.

      • Agreed. The worst part about it is that there is nothing we can do to rush the process, in whatever form it happens to take at any time. Rationally, I have always told myself that if he was sincere, I’d get more than these vague, artistically veiled references of his intentions. I’d have a ring on. Heck, I even went to school and got my Master’s in psychology in an attempt to analyze the crap out of what was going on with me…It just didn’t matter how many ways I tried to redefine it, I was stuck with the impression (and fed by the signs) that this was the real, eternal, mystical, thing. I’ve finally gotten to the point (after many years) where my heart doesn’t feel captive to him/that relationship, but I still find my mind/emotions going in that direction whenever I attempt to connect with what I’ve defined as my spiritual self. That’s what made it so incredibly difficult for me. It wasn’t just emotional, it wasn’t just mental….it was also something spiritual.

        I don’t know if it would help anyone (it didn’t really help me), but try looking into something called “shared delusional disorder.” It’s probably the closest thing I found in the DSM (psych bible) that attempts to define (for what it’s worth) what we are calling the twin flame experience.

        Also, I’ve realized that people who take LSD are often more prone toward viewing life in these mystical (and twisted, as in the above poster’s illustration of the signs) ways. If I had ever taken any, I’d be tempted to blame my experience on the drug. I haven’t used it, but he claims he has….I wonder if that has something to do with it, at least on his end.

  6. Here’s the deal.. you can THINK that your past lives were MAGICAL and DREAMY but guess effing what… they aren’t they were not.. some of your past lives were lived in pure misery, you might have died young, been murdered, tortured, born into deformed bodies, been maimed…if you truly believe in ‘spirit’ and the true reality about reincarnation, this is a journey about spirit.. spirit is the real reality. You cannot feel JOY in terms of material life and this world. JOY eminates from our true selves and is really our true state of being.. where we vibrate at a much higher energy state, we do not have these bodies and sluggish dense material reality to deal with.. we are as lightning fast as our thoughts, we can be all things we want. In the material world we simply take spirit to task.. and test drive these lifetime cycles.. how can you feel despair.. well you can when you forget how amazing YOU are…what your JOURNEY is all about.. its not about finding your twin flame soulmate.. all they can do is mirror you. Of course you’re second guessing all of reality. Were you expecting a fairy tale ending in every lifetime with your soulmates ? Ha ha ha ha…… that’s funny. Your family members are often times some of your closest soulmates from many lifetimes and look at how much you don’t get along at times.. but still love each other.

    Look I have met a few soulmates in my life and was once deeply in love with someone I believed was my only true love of this lifetime, and I left her.. for some bizarre reason when we lived together I had a dream and an intuition that I needed to go on my own, grow, mature, become someone else, and that later I would find another mate.. I gave up on that after fourteen years of pain, struggle, searching.. not realizing that the entire time, as my journey and world expanded, so was my soul consciousness… and after I’d totally forgotten about all of that back then, the soul crushing pain and years of loss and emptiness, pointless relationships (so it seemed) so pale in comparison where nothing lit my heart up again except her memory… and one day while I’m on a biz trip I walk into the most unlikely of places to grab something to eat, and I glance the face of a girl I thought could be even family, it felt so familiar… within an hour of talking we’d talked about the deepest subjects, and I even guessed her name in 3 trys.. being fairly clairvoyant, but nothing compared to the mind blowing electricity of touching her.. and that shocked and scared me. It took me weeks to figure out what the hell happened, and in that time I learned more about who she was and all of her talents, likes and interests and realized this was likely the girl I had seen in my heart all those years ago, in the flesh.. not realizing it was never a dream, it was really something in the Universe directing me forward in time and space which are really only relevant to this world.. the spirit is infinite and not contained by such constructs and is here to explore this dimension and those limitations…

    But this person is the runner and I refuse to be the chaser, although its hard to contain what I feel, I have to be eternally patient with the process. It started out being timid then fearful of the connection she’s run to her own corner and that’s fine. She wants to try to “know” me via temporal means, the mind, the ego, this ‘reailty’ and that simply will not work. The ego is always at odds with the soul. She’s also coming out of a painful situation and I know she needed my hugs and warmth to get her thru some stuff but she’s also gone into her own hole too, but I”m okay with that.. 🙂 When you love someone unconditionally and know that the journey here is about spirit, its supposed to uplift YOU that you met them, someone who validates and mirrors parts of you. Not supposed to hurt.. the hurt comes from thinking you are ever separate from JOY and God.. all we are doing when we meet is REMINDING each other.. and its so much fun.. and so refreshing to the soul.. enlivening.. please don’t despair that you met someone who did this for you and then they ran… you see them in other lifetimes too. sure they can deny (using the ego) ever having feelings for you.. and that hurts and makes you feel despair and you start to fall upon the ego again. But the truth is the soul knows and you only need to search there. People feel “safe” with the ego and the material world. They think its REAL.. ha ha ha ha ha…. is it real ? Really ? Tell me.. how real is this effing place ? Look around you… war, poverty, death, glutton, idiots with their fads and fashions, cars and money.. bling bling bling.. give me a break… there is only ONE reality and that is the spiritual world… I”m not done with this body and this life and i”m going to keep living it from my core.. and to explore it and get the most out of it I can.. to do my best to bring joy to others, with a touch, a smile, some love.. some kindness… everyone around you is on the same path, the same plan, the same struggles… when you reach out and help someone else out of kindness you change their path.. and they change the path of another… we are all like molecules of water in a deep ocean… connected by energy. I want to come back in other lifetimes and have even more vivid memories of past lives.. as I sometimes have spontaneous remembrance of people, places and past lives.. and have moments of clairvoyant inspiration like when I met this girl… and knew immediately I loved her in my heart. I felt the joy.. its like ET’s heart glowing.. how can I be sad she can’t quite handle it… when I focus on ego. Has my energy and interaction effected her.. most definitely. And sometimes I just send warm wishes of love to her.. but not just to her.. to everyone I know who might need it. I know God knows my heart and whenever someone really needs me I get these messages that I just know.. I feel their thoughts.. I feel the energy and its like a phone call on the Universal God line…ringing. When you listen with your soul… its just an illusion that we’re alone or separate. We are NOT. Its a soul experiment. So rather than waste your soul energy being down .. pick someone else UP…

    There is only one way to re-attract you soul flames and lost loves and that’s to be true to your own vibration and journey and soul work. Work on your self, stop lamenting as if it were a loss… its not a loss. And your journey is not done. And you’ll be back too..

    By the way your supposition that “men” are the runners is FALSE. Souls incarnate in both sexes in different lifetimes. The runners are the ones who can’t handle their mirrors at that moment they know that they HAVE WORK TO DO… if they are rejecting you, they are really rejecting what you remind them of.. their shortcomings and fears… smile… wink.. give them a high five… bless their journey.. tell them you love them and slap em on the butt and say “get to work then”… make light of it. Death is no different than a summer school break…then on to the next grade. Some idiots keep repeating their lessons cuz they don’t want to learn in the present.

    Until every soul has reached the consciousness of Christ.. the power to heal, the power to unite, forgive and restore.. they will have to keep incarnating. Its hard to love without wanting something in return. Its hard to long for and miss something so amazing. It hurts.. and I’ve been there. heart dragging on the ground. But I healed it. And this girl just reminded me that it was not all in vain.. maybe she was just there to reflect something back to me that made everything make sense. I felt an unconditional love and it remains that way.. she is so beautiful.. amazing, sexy, gorgeous, fun, smart, witty and so so talented… but then again I”m looking at my own image/reflection… and so am I … I just got reminded of that. Reminded that I am JOY too.. and all I want to do right now is spread that reminder to anyone in need.

    The holidays can depress some.. I’ve spent many alone. (in body). Christmas should be about remembering Christ and his wisdom. Love your enemies.. he didn’t come to rescue the wealthy and well positioned, but to rescue the sinners, the dark souls, the hurting and lost souls and he rejoiced in reclaiming them.. to reduce their sorrows and bring clarity back to them.. because God loves all of us like that. We are all part of this amazing and crazy mess…

    Whatever mental state you’re in can be remedied by focusing correctly on the correct subject at hand. YOU. Not the person running. There are so many beautiful people… and lots more in desperate need. Yeah its so amazing to be close to that one person. I had an amazing time with my first soulmate and I felt an even more powerful connection to this woman I recently met.. but I want her to succeed at her joy, working on her music and her life.. and if she’s ready or wants to be in my arms again, they will be open to the idea… I’m not going to stop living my life. And she should know i”m a good catch.. lots of women have chased me for years. I was waiting for her. I’ll wait a while longer… not in misery or pain. Even if she married someone else I would laugh and say “You’re making a mistake…” sometimes people need to make those mistakes. Remember these lifetimes are like lesson plans.. like taking an exam and flunking.. you don’t kill yourself over it. You study and learn the lesson and pass it.

    Go dance .. listen to some uplifting music.. remember who you are. One thing I know about soulmate connections.. they don’t ever go away. When you see them again its instant rememberance. No time seems to have passed but you look different.. the heart knows. Its the same soul..

    I’m giving this woman some Xmas gifts to inspire her.. not to demand she marries me. To remind her of the souls journey. I never needed someone glued at the hip. I’m just happy to know she is real… and I thank God I met her. Its changed my life and healed a lot of the past I’d forgotten. I have a lot of peace in that. What more of a purpose could meeting have… time together doesn’t seem like time spent at all. There’s no challenge in that its more like a comfort zone that could get boring… I like knowing she’s out there at a small distance until we’re ready to be closer. in this or another lifetime.


    • Sport diver, such a powerful reminder of how we need to let go and pursue our own growth and give the twin the freedom to do their journey and find their own way. We can have peace over the situation if we remember this truth.
      But there is a more critical problem that underlies the issue – and that involves trust in our guides angels and higher selves. When we keep getting these signs and directives and information from these sources about our twin, and these energies conflict with our reality, it affects our ability to trust and believe in what our guides tell us about other areas of our lives we seek help in. And when that happens, it shakes our core faith in our guides and leaves us feeling alone and directionless. And that becomes a serious place to be in. This is what disturbs me more than anything else . And causes doubt in these Higher Sources that we have relied on so much in the past to guide and direct our lives.
      So once again I guess the task at hand is to somehow reconnect to our guides and get clear on what we are lacking that will restore us to our previous sense of trust and faith in them.

      • Here’s one thing I”ve come to accept.. sometimes these relationships are truly too intense and hard. .and I really as much as I have loved meeting soulmates, really like the fricking BREAK just as much.. I love MY LIFE. I like being single. I knew as a child that I would likely never marry a woman and remember still telling my parents when I was about 7 years old and they both laughed and my father said “wait until you turn 18 and tell me how you feel”.. my response was “okay i will”.. LOL. Well that came and went a long long long time ago. I knew that my mission on Earth in this life was to guide and help a lot of different souls as well as explore my own and experience a myriad of opportunities that would be afforded to me, which no one person could have made that journey with me at the hip.. it would have restricted my ability and so I had to cut some free. Immature females with not enough of a deep spiritual base would try to label me as a player, or someone who won’t settle down, etc. as I think women always need to have some reason that makes sense to them as to why a man could even conceive of a life without one in his all the time.. LOL. I find it funny. Women pat themselves on the back all the time with their pseudo-independence because they rely so heavily on girlfriends and major support networks, and men who do the repairs.. whereas most men like me don’t need any of that and don’t need a big support network we are truly ‘independent’.. yes I’m happy I met this girl. I spoke to her briefly last night about Xmas stuff. We are in no way closer than we were the night we met. i think its due to both of us knowing our ‘true selves’ and having big boundaries and more whole lives, but I still know she won’t truly let go.. .as I’ve given her the opportunity to walk a number of times. I know how powerful the connection is and what it can afford both of us, but I”m not going to chase her or force her to realize anything. I’m a hunter and fisherman and if she is the game, I know how to snag her but since I would prefer this to be a mutual decision to recognize deeper spiritual truths I”m actually working more to lead her in the right direction and give her time to acclimate and then make some decisions. If it doesn’t work out that’s okay.. I know what would/could happen if we bonded at that level of intimacy, which likely scares us both a little bit much. Her more than I. Part of me thinks I would enjoy a lesser relationship for a while but I’m truly happy I met her. I don’t think she’s ready for me quite yet. I can see this person coming back in 5 years and begging for me to return to the playing table after she chases down some dead ends and comes back to a deeper understanding of what the potential was/is… and I believe that is the reason she won’t truly cut me off even as she’s threatened to and tried to. Something deeper won’t let her.. and that makes me laugh and smile because I know what it is. I’m older and done more of the soul work and I am the clairvoyant one who would like her to work on hers, as we all have this ability. The joy I carry in my heart is because I know she exists. I don’t need her there in my physical presence every day. My first soulmate helped me thru a lot of difficult times even as she was no longer in my life. Her memory alone was enough. I don’t know about my ‘guides’ and can’t speak for that.. I do know my inner voice well and my sixth sense is always spot on, and I’ve learned to trust it now and let it do the driving.. and let me tell you its so much better than the ego/mind. I felt a shift of gears between us happen last night.. and I”m looking forward to being the runner for a while. Even while I KNOW how beautiful and amazing the connection is… I’m not trying to deplete it. Space is necessary to build a genuine bond and to have a higher amount of respect for it. I need to teach her a small lesson about that because she is trying to use EGO to navigate this lately and I won’t go in that direction. I don’t know if its ‘guides’ or a higher intuition that guides my decisions. I feel if I keep her at arms length or ignore her for a few months or however long is necessary she will learn to respect the connection because when I return she will have proof of the authenticity and validation that TIME is an ILLUSION. I feel like I’ve consciously/spiritually implanted a lesson plan in her that I want her to go off and pursue for both her own personal soul growth and to also learn how to respect this level of real interaction, because it is something that needs to be respected, its very powerful.

        This is why people should not fear the separation and should welcome the challenge, as we always circle back. In fact I had the intuition recently that I”m about to run into my first soulmate after fifteen years of separation and that instead of the pain we both suffered there will be a validation and acknowledgment and respect for each other’s journeys. I look forward to that as much if not more than meeting this woman recently who I would give my heart and soul to at the right time. I hope to see her at some point in the future again, and to revisit the reality of this world on top of the one we all eminate from again and again… in the meantime I hope she works on her music, and I have a lot going on with my own mission in life.

        People should not fear being alone. It makes reunions amazing. Validation that we never die.. EVER. Same soul.. many bodies. I plan to pursue my writing career and also train to do past life regressions to help heal others of their fears. The world needs healing. I decided not to go to medical school many years ago because I didn’t like traditional medicine/psychiatry but believed heavily in deeper healing of the spiritual. I currently focus on oncology. We have a cancer industry, and a cancer causing industry even worse. I spent most of my career in traditional tracks of the scientific/medical community but have very little faith in the cash cow deliverables, and a massive industry built on a multitude of spiritually based illnesses in society.. diabetes and obesity epidemics in children ? Try the destruction of the nuclear family due to ‘feminism’ and glorification of single motherhood and latchkey kids eating fast food with no father around and a mother working 2 jobs, too tired to cook for her children.. insanity. The CURE is not obesity and anti diabetic drugs.. the cure is a spiritual cure of society as a whole.. and these women who abandon their kids like this, and the pain the children are in… its a SICKNESS. That among many… like depression. There is a huge misnomer that ‘chemical imbalances’ of neurotransmitters is the cause of depression.. nothing could be more laughable. The same with all these increases of DSM named disorders.. ADD /HD for instance.. and methylphenidate which does a lot of neuronal damage/death as a cure ? Ummmmm.. how about again.. kids with spiritual energy being treated like cattle. It’s a long long list of maladies and half the damn scientists, psychologists , MD’s, RN’s, PhDs and so called ADULTS are spiritual INFANTS who don’t have a clue about the true reality they live in and many have their own addictions.. caffeine, nicotine, work, money, power… lots of issues to fill their own void. There is only ONE cure for filling this void in each of us, and its connecting with the higher self.. with GOD and recognizing and healing the self, the whole self, becoming WHOLE and never straying from this relationship which fills us with purpose and joy.. only then can we fully heal and heal others.

        If you’ve met your twin flame, or many soulmates, then you’re lucky to get that boost, as life can be very rough at times. Cherish the moment you met and the time spent. It won’t last. We all have work to be doing and we come and go into these lives in different cycles. I believe you can send them love thru your heart chakra that they can actually feel, it transcends time and space, they can be a million miles away and it will feel like you’re in the same room.

        All I can say to others is this… isn’t this place fascinating ? The world ? Human history.. the myriad of plants, animals, and natural Earth formations all the languages, cultures… its amazing. Teeming with energy and life. How can people get so depressed ? They can when they stop to realize they are living in a miracle itself.

        To be honest with everyone on this blog.. the real reason for soulmate meetings is to inspire and uplift. Staying glued to the hip is for the weaker ones. Its more like a battery recharging unification but sometimes you have a mission to do together, but it never seems indefinite. Someone moves on or dies.

    • I find that repeated sentiments are often the ego’s own way of reinforcing itself. The insistence of viewing another person as operating in the ego can, in fact, be part of the mirror reflection. Translation: Beware of accusing another of operating in the ego, as this can actually indicate that the accuser is the one operating in the ego.

  7. Hey there. I have been on your site for awhile, on and off. I understand totally where you are right now. I too had a difficult time believing Source and what was brought to me. I thought different partners where my Twin when in fact they weren’t. You feel as though you have been jipped or “tricked” or living a fantasy because you seek that deep connection so badly. I realized I was trying to fit the twin flame signs into my partner. It’s very easy to find what you need externally and apply it internally however that is a form of illusion and creating a veil for yourself. It HAS to come from the inside out, and honestly not all of the external signs apply to all Twins. I see many sites fail to show the significance of the Earth’s rotation and star alighment upon meeting. For instance I met my twin on Good Friday, Easter weekend after the spring equinox which is a huge sign. Or the signs from the Universe, the “coincidences” that really aren’t coincidences, and that are so uncanny you simply can’t deny it! I’m not talking about seeing 11:11. I’m talking about pure MAGICAL signs, animals flocking to you as you and your twin walk down a beach for instance… we would get pairs of geese coming right up to us, or even cows at my friend’s cottage where nobody has ever seen a cow in that area, and guess what, they came right up to me and my twin. If you look up in Animal Speaks what geese and cows mean it’s uncanny! To say the least this surprised my friend and the neighbour who came over to find out where the cows came from because there are no farms in that area! Such craziness! We would lay in the sand and see shooting stars, not just 1 we counted 14 that night! It is the ability to affect nature, attract and and pull it in because both of you are also so tapped in.

    After my relationship with my ex partner (ended up being a transitional soulmate because I had ened my marriage to a man) this happened in March 2012, who I thought was my twin. Source even told me she was my “match” an intuitive friend even said this out of the blue that she was my match. This kept me believing….again external signs I grasped onto. When they are signs where you actually affect nature (because nature’s in flow we are the ones who resist) those are the signs to watch for.

    After my transitional relationship, I screamed at the Universe, stomped my foot into the ground and yelled enough is enough. I have known since at a young age I was here to meet my twin so BRING IT! I WANT MY TWIN, MY OTHER HALF. I gave so much energy into that and then I met her 2 weeks later. The pull was totally different. I won’t go into the work we have been doing, we only recently stopped the dance and committed to eachother last month. And our pull was going back to and forth between our exes. I ran and slept with other womyn, she went back to an abusive relationship. We hurt one another deeply, simply because we were both clearnign so much and running…well I was running! You and your twin may still be in this space. All you can do is clear yourself hun.

    Yes took us 6 months of back and forth, but what I’m trying to say is even if you are in the fog right now all you can do to clear it. Go inwards and do your work. Connect connect connect with self and Source. Self care, do things you love that bring you closer to the Universe. If it’s a time for growth and clearing some of your conditioning, then you really have no other choice. You will understand this down the road, we always do. Sometimes we don’t know it all until we can heighten to see the truth. So don’t dwell on what’s happening, hone in on those emotions you are feeling and see where your patterns are. Re-evaluate your reasons and what you expect from a Twin Flame relationship. That’s trick question because honestly there should be no expectation 😉

    It’s about being your authentic self with one another, open, honest communication from a place of pure love, not from a place of fear that you might lose that person. If you fear so badly your going to lose that person or you can’t live without them, then you only continue the cycle of fear, grasping and clinging. The pattern of co-dependency. You HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FULLY FIRST! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about you, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. If you lack self worth in any of those areas then they will continue to come up until you clear it. You should be in a space if you and your twin can’t be together you will be ok because you know and feel them inside, it its eternal, they are simply the silver lining on your cloud, the icing on your cake. They aren’t the whole cake! When my twin pulls now, I can feel her, she’s working on stuff and it’s ok. IT’S NOT ABOUT ME 🙂 I believe Twins have to be very careful not to lose each other in one another, and that’s another reason for separation.

    I also feel your solar plexus is totally out of alignment, that and your root. You have given too much of your self power away. Don’t do that! You deserve more than that. Speaking your truth from love even if that truth will hurt your Twin’s ego, it has to be done with no fear or retribution but with love to clear. These are the lessons I am learning now, and once both do that the rewards are so much more intense, you will KNOW when you have reached the next step of merging into one.Be kind to yourself and take your time to heal all your areas of self. You are a beatiful light xoxo

    Good luck hun! Love and light xoxo

    • My twinflame started running around mid 2010… I took up spiritual healing a few months after that and thats what I’ve been doing since then… healing myself, working on my issues, BELIEVING… but now I’ve come at a point where all this just doesnt make sense… if there is really a soul connection he should be feeling it too… he should be feeling something… anything… but something… I’m just so tired of waiting… all of it just seems fake… and the things that you’ve mentioned… loving self, building an internal connection with the twin… I’ve done it all… everything. but the thing is, we are ultimately in the physical world… and if nothing happens here, it all just doesnt make sense…

      • LOL. I can’t believe you just wrote this. You’re down in the dumps and questioning reality backwards… “If nothing happens here, it all just doesn’t make sense”.. ?? Really ? Your physical lives are temporary. The soul incarnates many many times ..hundreds. If you count up one hundred $1 bills for me, do you have $100 dollars in your hand or did you just throw each down and discount it and start back at ZERO .. so now you’re telling me you have just $1 in your hand… well this is how the soul is born with skils and knowledge of their mission ahead of time, that is what the little voice is arguing with the ego and the layers of learned behaviors.. the soul is the $100 and the ego isn’t worth jack .. a nickel if that, in comparison.

        Whatever relationship you just had with this person it’s just a small part of the total relationship between your two souls. It could be that you left him in 6 different lifetimes and he remembers that so he’s now doing it to you.. painful huh ? You should read “Through Time into Healing” by Brian Weiss there’s a great case study in there about a couple who had been fighting for thousands of years and he had killed or abandoned her in half a dozen or more lifetimes and she kept messing with his head making him angry and jealous over and over.. until they both did PLR and realized this sick cycle they were in. they cut it out and go married. Now chances were that he was going to leave her again or maybe kill her again if they hadn’t done the regression because they were not BOTH accepting the reality they were dealing with. This is what happens in these cycles of intense feelings and emotions and pain and suffering.. you’re not accepting the true REALITY.. you’re stuck with the ego “little self” doing the dictating, demanding accountability on its terms… go watch “Vanilla Sky” with Tom Cruise again and look at Kurt Russel’s character fighting at the end to justify.. as he says “I’m real.. I’m real”.. but he isn’t. He’s part of his imagination and dreams. Reality is that he’s frozen in cryogenic capsule waiting to be awaken. The ego has a similar function to fight for its own existence.. otherwise the body would not function as well, we do need this ego to some extent. But when the body dies, the soul just goes “oh.. WTF.. how did I think that was REAL ? “… ask anyone who has an out of body experience what the soul thinks of the ego.. its pretty foolish and limited. The body has its five senses the soul has that and many more.. clairvoyance comes from the soul’s ability to tap into the eternal cosmic energy of reality. If you accepted right now that your body will die but YOU will not and you’ll come back in another body.. and as a child you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and wonder WHO IS THIS ? Remember that ? 🙂 The soul knows when its born fully in tact and full of joy, that this is NOT the true reality, its just a journey and an experience to refine the soul’s qualities .. some life missions are just to help others on their journey.

        Your ego wants to demand that this all MAKE SENSE. He has to ‘feel something’. Have you considered his EGO defense ? You’re killing your own soul by being tied to this situation expecting some magical outcome. The outcome is a common one. Now you have the opportunity to grow.. not to go and deny all of it make more sense in this plane.. it doesn’t work like that. Plus your life isn’t done. If he has never returned at all at your death bed, it still doesn’t mean it wasn’t spiritual. When people say they feel ‘nothing’ its a lie. We all feel SOMETHING whenever another soul is in our presence. Nothing implies absence of mind and soul. He may just mean at this time he is not in a position to be closer to you for whatever reason. So let him go..

        Focus on your own journey. Go do a past life regression if you’re that distraught over his absence. It will bring you clarity. Or read the books I suggested by Dr. Weiss. It will bring some clarity why we meet and then depart and why soulmates sometimes abandon or even KILL each other.. LOL. I should not laugh but I”m sorry when you read the story you will understand why. Think of watching two stupid stage actors who come out and play a role.. of being lovers in ancient Persia and he kills her out of a jealous rage, then act II they’re lovers again in ancient Europe.. and he abandons her out of anger… and then they come back in Act III and he kills her again in medievel times after torturing her… and on and on and on.. the same two actors come back out in different time periods and the SAME SHIT happens. After watching it 8 or 9 times it becomes freaking comedy.. and the audience would be in hysterics wondering how this time it will end or will they stop it, its getting really old and beyond silly.. but its not a stage act. This is this REALITY. These bodies start out as tiny cells.. sperm and egg, containing a mile long stretch of DNA.. a miracle itself, and eventually they form every major organ and incredible machinery of the body from birth thru death.. all the stages of life… the entire setup is miraculous, scientists have yet to figure out half of how it works… add to that so many don’t believe in the eternal soul, and others still are stuck with organized religions and a one shot deal.. heaven or hell. The soul is all knowing and it incarnates into body after body when it wants to. Sometimes I think we chase other souls into this dimension when they aren’t even sure we are here.. and then one day we meet and shock happens.. the ego denies that you know them, but the soul knows you do. Then begins the struggle with ego. Also begins the karma between the two souls both trying to figure out what they are doing and what is real and not real… both their egos not helping the situation.

        If your soul TOLD YOU that you knew this person and had past lifetimes love affairs with them, then that IS TRUE. Just because he ego denies it doesn’t mean jack. If you know deep in your heart and soul then go have it validated by PLR. Even still it cannot force him to do a thing differently, but you can at least accept and let go..

        Put simply, we are all doing this stuff over and over. We all reject souls in our lives and chase others, are rejected by others and run back and forth, we meet, we break up, we run, some bond for life out of fear, while they long for another.. some live in fear of being alone, others fear intimacy.. each life offers a different opportunity. 🙂

        It will “make sense” when you get to the other side and check back in with your other soulmates many who have passed on.. family members, friends. It doesn’t matter how long you live.. every life is precious and has a goal. Look at children who die of cancer at age 10.. some souls come with a short mission. We all wish we could live forever in a perfect body.. but that is not an option. Nobody ever did that. We’ve all been ugly and beautiful .. enough times until we start to see the real beauty in all things and all people.

        Be happy. You got to do a lot of soul searching and deep thinking due to this meeting, it will help you in the future. Now the trick is letting go and validating it properly. Right now your ego is fully in denial to protect the soul from pain.. the soul knows the truth. The truth is he abandoned you. Okay so deal with it. Go read the story i told you about, how this couple did this for a dozen lifetimes. ARe they soulmates ? Yes. Did he murder his soulmate ? Yes like 5 or 6 times and abandoned her in others. Interestingly they only switched sexes in one life they could recall.

        Do our soulmates DESERT and eff us over ? Yes. Do they kill us sometimes ? Apparently.. LOL. Sorry I have to laugh. Its not funny, because life is precious but in the total schems of eternity.. like John Lennon said “Karmas gonna get you boy”… you cannot escape that. it follows you from life to life. People should not fear speeding tickets , bankruptcy and criminal charges, they should fear karmic debts a lot more.

        I’ll wager a bet this guy is a soulmate of sorts who has done this before. That might be why you’re hurting and feel like none of this stuff is real. Its thrown you into reverse to protect your ego from losing it. You were so sure it was supposed to have a happy ending. From my study of reincarnation and case studies of past lives most of our endings are painful and ridiculously sad.. they break the heart and soul, because of the fear its the finality of the relationship.. when in fact DEATH is a doorway. If you fear they will not re-enter.. just wait a little longer. That’s why when we meet again its so startling and fills us with joy. No matter how many years go by, or lifetimes, when we reunite its powerful.

        We are supposed to be learning how to live in the spirit without the ego.

        Let that person go. He will return. Maybe not in this lifetime. So just go about your own journey, the wiser. You may have abandoned him before in past lives.

      • I have read dr. Weiss… and I’ve got PLR done… and I’ve also learned how to do it on others… so I know what you’re saying… but it is important to understand that the soul and mind or ego are both aspects of our being… you cant focus on one thing alone…

      • yes the soul, mind, body are all integrated when the chakras and kundalini are functioning normally.. but I’m a person who grew up with such severe trauma that I had out of body spontaneous experiences very early on, rejected my body and ego mind and lived from a soul experience until later in life when I was able to do the work which took decades to reintegrate everything, clear my chakras and heal all the tears, etc. which was constant and remains constant work as I”m a peace loving person who could not tolerate violence very well not that anyone can. What remained was my obvious clairvoyance and ability to still leave my body, although I prefer less of that or to even attempt it, has happened several times again once prior to a head on auto collision, and another near death accident, where time literally stopped and I floated above the entire scene without fear, somewhat of an old positioning I suppose. My battle was to maintain more of my soul within my body and to reclaim it, as well as accept the ego is basically the point of most people’s interactions. I often have a very strong effect on people within my boundaries/aura/space.. because I think they can feel that I can read them, some people are delighted in the direct communication and will open up and tell me their life story .. others I can sense the confusion and fear, will leave quickly not sure of what the vibe is they are feeling/sensing. I cannot really help that. I have a strong aura and I’m told a very intense/deep stare that unnerves some. until I laugh or smile. I always had an intense level of energy.

        What you need to learn to do is meditate enough to quiet that overactive mind, and deal with the soul’s ability to tap into its own knowledge. As I said the ego fights for its own existence and creates alot of chatter. When you tap your soul and know that path better thru meditation you will realize there is NO THINKING INVOLVED… so do not expect a similar process. What there is, is automatic knowledge, lightning fast.. faster I should say. You don’t communicate using clairvoyance/telepathy by thinking.. that’s like using a typewriter and attaching a note to a carrier pigeon versus a text message on a smart phone in comparison… you cannot mistake the EGO and its useless chatter from the SOUL and its serene knowing.

        People leave their bodies sometimes before death, out of fear especially if its a trauma induced situation, it happens spontaneously. people who have suffered horrible abuse can also not realize they have partially vacated their bodies and the disturbances if they don’t learn to re enter and maintain it, can be multi focal and result in multiple personalities (the ego/mind shatters/fragments as the ego defense is weak.. this is a biological machine after all.. the soul connects via the chakras to the biological matrix and the kundalini life force innervates the entire body like the vasculature does the body.. in a healthy functioning being who is grounded thru their root and connected to God thru their crown. People who have dysfunctions in any chakra will show the symptoms. Western medicine has yet to catch up and marry the disciplines of traditional medicine and this ancient knowledge but when it does things will be much better.

        You can shut down your ego and thoughts by practice in meditation, breathing and realizing that the soul is always aware, is the primary owner of the body and the ego/mind is more of a control center for operating the biological operations of the body… a fetus does not usually contain the soul until shortly before birth.. however it is alive. More like “diving gear” at the point. Similarly people lying in a coma for years may have a heart beat, but the soul may have vacated and be lingering around or only partially attached. Time is non existent to the soul.

        I agree that the ego and soul often have some battles. But coming from a place where I was routinely leaving my body, I can tell you that the mind/ego is far inferior in its abilities. Work on meditation.

    • There have been a few responses of yours that get to me and not in a good way. I think that YOU are the one that has lessons to be learned. You are wasting your own time and hers. Maybe you both have these lessons to learn but YOU are not to teach her. The way you speak is from EGO and CONTROL that is why you are the one here writing and not her. You feel the way you do because of her so why try and teach her a lesson that you yourself have yet to learn. You seem very contradicting.
      I see it’s been almost a year since you wrote here so tell me where your at right now in your experience and how your way is working out for you.

      • I agree with your perspective, Drea. I’m wondering, though, if there is a consistency in male vs. female-dominate interpretations of the experience. A large percentage of what Sportdiver is writing here is exactly what the male I experienced as my TF would say (much to my frustration, lol)…to the extent that I scanned for details in SD’s experiences to assure myself that my own TF hadn’t written it, heh.

  8. The TF pain of separation can be worse than anything you’ve experienced in life, BUT I believe that then brings a huge opportunity to lean into the pain and grow and learn, not just survive. I believe all the good work you are doing WILL be a positive, but it may not be in this lifetime in they way you now want/ expect. Can you ask your Guides to help you feel THEIR unconditional love, wisdom and support that they are always with you, especially when you are most missing your TF? Since we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, not the other way around, hopefully you can find some comfort in the concept of progression therapy (Brian Weiss, MD). Doing the right things now will benefit you BOTH now and in the future, with or without your twin. I don’t believe the other twin is always awakened enough to be aware they ARE your twin. I hope that helps your heavy heart a little bit…even though our stories may be very different, the TF pain can be intense, but I think it’s balanced somehow with some greater good. We have to give up our control illusions, perhaps. Best wishes!

    • Its true, I agree. Your twin may not be aware enough or awake to understand the connection. I can only remember one past life with my twin and I begged him ( a him in that life). To be with me but he did not recognize the connection and left me. I was devastated in that life. The internal work is not connecting with your twin, its connecting with yourself. There are still things you have to work on, we all do. Acceptance and releasing in love and becoming WHOLE on your own is key. Your Twin can not and should not make you whole. You have the ability to do that yourself. I have found if I am not connected to self I can’t feel my twin. Nothing here is a waste and just because it isn’t happening in the physical doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The physical is the last to manifest, its happenening in the ethers as we speak. So hang in there and don’t lose faith xoxo

    • Thanks.. I do ask for divine support whenever required… and I have considered getting a progression therapy session.. but then my therapist said I needed a regression more at that point of time… but maybe I will go for a progression now… In case you’ve experienced it, let me know if it is helpful and accurate ?

      • I’ve never done progression therapy but thru soul work I’ve been able to recognize spontaneous revelations/clairvoyant foreknowledge. Happened so many times now that I no longer second guess, in fact I often make accurate predictions and/or change plans accordingly when enlightened. But the therapy is supposed to be as revealing if not more than the PLR therapy. I’ve not done it but read case studies. I think of it as ‘cheating’ a little bit though. Looking at the answers and going back to the exam..hee hee.

  9. Kittytat2 hit the nail on the head for me, “Acceptance and releasing in love and becoming WHOLE on your own is key”, as well as the necessity of being strong, and not losing faith. Also agree with SportDiver777 how helpful it is to look at the bigger picture (many lifetimes), and about the necessity of taming our egos. So hard to do, but so worthwhile – how else can we hear the ‘inner whisper of the soul’ as my TF just recently quoted to me?

    I went for a PLR a year ago, and am going for my first LBL (Life Between Lives – Michael Newton trained therapist) session soon. Plan to read Brian Weiss’ book about progression therapy next – would be interested if any one has had a progression therapy session, and was it beneficial? My TF and I are starting very simple – we have agreed to be good to each other now, though we are no longer ‘together’ in the traditional sense (that’s a tricky word/ concept when you have a psychic connection?) and to work hard now to make our future lives better, both together and apart. Do I have the concept of progression therapy right?

    What works best for us at this time is to be very close friends – we are each doing our OWN work to be complete, and support the other in their chosen growth areas. That is a precious gift in my life. Examples include getting closer to our Guides, managing our egos so we can HEAR our souls to better stay on our respective life paths, working to untangle/ address our karma as we know we also have a karmic connection, numerous past lives together, and more to come. Working to tip the balance to more happy and less unhappy reunions, though I DO understand we agree to our life lessons, and grow thru the challenges the most of all. No pain, no gain? Earth is our training ground for the unconditional love, support and wisdom when we are ‘home’ with the Source.

    Best wishes to all of you. Worthwhile discussion…thanks for this forum and the thoughtful comments.

    • That’s a great book. I just mailed a few books to have signed by Amy personally today, which I started to read before I mailed. The new one “Miracles.. ” is worth the read. So is the one on progression therapy. I liked Michael Newton’s too.

    • thanks. likewise.

  10. yes. I read your article on Nov 12th. It may seem so. I did too go through the same journey. It is common with Twin-Flame partners. It hurts, however you do come back together. Sometime the physical vessel is having difficulty integrating into it’s polarity. Thus the feeling or expressions of “deny”. Mine did the same. Even as far as to say he didn’t love me, that we are no good for one another, and he doesn’t even know how we got together…

    The funny thing, within what seemed to be ‘forever’ lasted short. We came together, just to discover we are what WE have been looking for. He admitted that he was ignoring all that He had asked the Universe to give him. He became more afraid of turning away the Divine relationship (as he put it).

    Do your meditation. Also, create your “Love Grid” and reconstruct your “Law of attraction” modality.

    Then give him space. It is necessary. However, when you hear the universe tell you to reach out back to him. Reach. He will grab your hand. When it is SUPPOSED to happen.

    Also, this “tutor” may have been put here so that when Your Twin Flame arrives -thru walk-in experience or other, you will recognize him immediately (Mainly through an eye contact and a touch) The actual connection between the twin flame partners almost hurts when they meet, because the familiarity is overwhelming and may actually scare or create fear.

    it seems to be an earthly energy frequency that is confused with the actual reality of connection.

    Keep in touch.

    Michaela-Rena D.D.
    Soul Therapist


  11. Honestly you have to learn to do self care and inner work now, because when you do unite physically here in this 3D it’s not all roses. There will be even more to clear on both ends. Both twins must be willing to do inner work and evolve. If your twin isn’t doing the inner spiritual work you can only change this by working on you. My twin and I have noticed this. As soon as an ego based belief comes up, I literally feel myself pull away from the connection. I have to search myself and realize she does not match any of my past partners or patterns, or how she reacts to my patterns. We have noticed we both clear within a few days of one another. 2 weeks ago she was going through some internal clearing, I felt her pull away, I then pulled away and realized I had to connect with self and universe. Universe is our stability, giving and releasing all of our turmoils to God makes you stronger in self and your own divinity. My twin meditated all week, kept distant from me but did her work, exercised got back into her routine etc. I was still a mess. She then came to a better place and then I spun, and my patterns came up. I then pulled away the next week, realized I had things to clear also. Took that week to get back into my exercise and connecting with self. Once we both did that, I can not tell you the intensity of our connection after all that hard inner work! We realized the rewards that came from clearing and being more of our light body selves. Universe gave us such an amazing experience I can’t even put it into words because it wasn’t phsycial. I couldn’t even FEEL her skin on mine, it was all energy. We were both so taken back and awakened to the fact that once we both clear it leaves more room for that light to come in, and hence the connection gets even stronger.Self love and self worthiness are the hardest to release, and it’s not from an ego viewpoint, it’s recognizing the divine light in you, the beauty, the pure love. Awareness that you are not your past, I had to realize I am not my trauma. I might have known that in my head, but my feelings and actions towards MYSELF didn’t show that! That awareness has to come to you, and not just in a thought form, in a true belief and feeling. Source gave this to me years ago, and I live by it. LIFE means Living Internal Freedom Everyday. If you aren’t internally free you simply are not living….twin or no twin. The work I had to do to even get to this point I can not tell you.

    1. Work through childhood sexual and physical abuse that happened from the age of 2-8
    2. Work through eating disorders and self harm (self cutting)
    3. Work through addictions
    4. Get phsycially healthy (I have lost 60lbs)
    5. Gain independence in my physical world (financially mostly, ending a marriage, moving cities , being a single mother and doing it all on my own etc)
    6. Forgive my abusers, and truly love their souls (and I really honestly do! Most people can not understand this but this comes from Christ Consciousness) I have forgiven the action and love their souls.
    7. Being true to myself even if that meant losing all family support (coming out lesbian to my muslim family)
    8. Speaking my truth and setting healthy boundaries for myself

    Those are just some of the significant work I have done. My twin has done the same. We all don’t like to look honestly at our own lives to see where we are lacking in self improvement and self empowerment. It’s very easy to come from ego and say, oh yeah I’m good. Your entire self has to be balanced, if your overweight you need to see why that is, if you are on meds for depression you need to see why that is, if you are in a financial rut all the time you to figure out why you have issues with money (just another form of energy exchange) Honestly, I can see why most twins are not together, it’s a whole lot of work to do on self! Spiritual, physical, emotionally, mentally etc all has to come into balance. Trust me, I am realizing if I don’t do the work, I don’t like my twins patterns at all and could never be with her if most of that stuff hadn’t cleared because it’s also MY STUFF!

    Namaste my friend 🙂

  12. I just wanted to add 1 more thing. It’s all fine to talk the spiritual talk and state oh connect to your guides, align your chakras etc…yeah that’s only 1 aspect to a bigger picture. You have to do the phsyical work here, that’s why we came to Earth. You can have kundalini energy and cleared alighned chakras, but it won’t last for long if you haven’t cleared the emotional baggage, or haven’t done the phsycial work. I have noticed nothing lines up until you start and do that phsycial work, then it all falls into place 🙂 For example, I couldn’t get physically fit simply by meditating and having conversations with my guides! I had to EXERCISE! LOL

  13. Thank you guys for all the information here. I reconnected with my TF after four months who told me it hasn’t been easy for him to move on and that he misses me however we can’t be together. Had PLR last week and it explains a lot. I have cut all karmic ties( hopefully). I wish him love and happiness. Regardless of our situation I know our love is eternal. Sending all of you love and light xxx

    • Good for you for taking such positive (and sometimes painful/ difficult) steps: Having a PLR, resolving some karmic ties, wishing him the very best…
      I hope over time, if not now, your actions give you the closure and peace you deserve.

      I’m having a PLR as part of a 4-hour LBL (Life-Between-Lives) session on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if more info comes up again re: my TF, but he’s not my focus – I am. That need to become whole on our own obviously key to our progress!

      Best wishes!

  14. I like you, am currently going through a similar feeling with my TF… It is the hardest relationship I have had but inside I know, I just “know”/!!!! I have bad days and good days and having the support of others gives me that extra boost I need.
    Check out this page on Facebook, its been a great insight and the girls are lovely.. always some new information about TF and they talk freely about their experiences also, which is comforting x

  15. My LBL was awe-inspiring – thanks for asking! It included a fantastic PLR that shed such light on the necessary balance – and respect for – masculine and feminine energy. Wonderful soul’s journey, with so many releases! Such clarity re: my life’s purpose, with the unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement of my Soul Group, Guides, and Council of Elders to follow my karmic plan with more self-acceptance, boldness, less anxiety, and great joy.

    Much light shed to resolve my two karmic connections, including with my TF. (Found him easily at HOME, in an adjacent soul group.) We are to help each other heal past-life issues now, via our current karmic life paths, ‘The Way of Trust’ and ‘The Way of Freedom’. My TF fulfilled his soul contract by ‘waking me up spiritually’, and ‘taking me to’ my LBL – literally.

    On a practical note, recommend taking at least a day before and after any PLR or LBL off work. You need to clear your head, and then process the PLR or LBL. Also have a close friend drive you. So blessed to go into my LBL with a wonderful hug and a bad joke from my TF, and to have him hold my hand the whole way home. It was HARD WORK to turn off my
    ‘busy’ left brain for 4 hours and be deeply hynotized to do this healing work, but I did it!

    Now understand the coaching to have no expectations exactly what YOUR LBL journey will be, and to have faith it will be perfect for YOU. Hear the hallmark of a great LBL is a hummer of a headache the rest of that day – check! – and that the meaning will continue to unfurl slowly, like a beautiful flower, for weeks, months, and even years to come. AMAZING.

    Blessings to all.

  16. I’m dealing with a similar situation. For the past year since we’ve been separated, I’ve been bombarded by signs. And there was deep pull and knowing that I needed to reach out to him. I was even given the exact date to send the letter! And guess what? No response. He refuses to forgive me and won’t even talk to me! So why the F was it so important that I contact him?! I felt as if the universe led me to a dead end. I was so angry. My next step is booking a past life regression because obviously I did something shitty to him in a past life. I have a strong feeling that the painful past lives we shared are messing up everything in this lifetime. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. Let your emotions out and feel the pain, feel the anger, feel whatever you need to feel. Love and Light to you.

  17. EternalBliss, thank you so much also for your last post… and to you others as well. It´s everything so true about me, too… the signs, so clear, so undoubtful, so “abnormal” (probability 1 : 1 000 000 I guess :), and so abundant… the acute and not-ceasing perceiving of the bond, you simply know… constant assurements from my Guides that everything is on the right way, all the time… and yet the reality, desperatedness what to believe in, if in anything. The loss of sense, where should I find some. I don´t need to describe, you all described it already so accurately.

    I tried to work on myself, for several years, and to “let it go”, and I really believed I already managed to pass it on, wishing my TF all the best and complete freedom on his own way (how could you wish anything else to someone you deeply love?)… Stopped to chase him long time ago… Hah… My illusion, again. Recently, he fell in love with one of my few best friends (and she with him)… it is mutual and looks that both of them are going to create a good, happy and standing bond… Both of them so dear and valuable beings to me. I actually feel enough joy and and a kind of happiness for this development, and I would wish them such a fulfillment from all my heart… and am suffering immensely at the same time. Possibilities for our own relationship in the future seem to me to be destroyed, I feel like all the possible doorways back to our physical connection were just closed. How to live with these two incompatible poles? What limits can a human heart width have? What not foreseen facets unconditional love? How to accept that maybe just this situation could have been the right outcome my Guides were leading me to… Ouuuch…

    For me, for all the years it was and it is impossible to start another relationship. During time, I was searching for and finding the little pleasures, as well as creative outcomes. And yet I don´t cease to feel emptiness on the ground of all those good things done. The pain perserveres, as a constant background of all I do…

    To say the truth, I am at the point to admit that only a complete enlightment, a total and complete death of ego can save me 😀 😦 🙂 If the littlest piece of it survives, I will only suffer and suffer and suffer, with no end and no other way… And maybe the trick and sense is just to lead me to that final point of ego death… Well… easy to say but how to get it, he 😀 When I think I could already find some peace, a new, higher level of play emerges… Never ending…

    I feel like someody lost in dark, immense, unendless labyrinth, which seems to cover the whole world maybe, just looking for the way out, seeking any orientation, but maybe there is no one. Maybe the sense is to be lost only. To stay on the dark side, so that the beloved others can enjoy the light one? I am not such a hero, not yet (having but some training). And yet it seems I will have to…

    Hugs and so much love to you all, I am so happy that you exist and that I found you on this page.

  18. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your blog post resonates with me. It was only this year that I was even introduced to the concept of twin flames and at first I thought people were simply trying to put a label on a very unhealthy. crazy relationship pattern. It’s very painful to be “the chaser” all the while observing a seemingly unaffected, oblivious runner. But I have to tell myself that I’m not losing my mind and that the universe must have a plan for all of this. And in the meantime, I have to let my runner do what he does, which is run. Unconditional love is definitely challenging:)

  19. I am going through the exact same things- I couldn’t have described my current situation better than this even if I tried.

  20. I can completely relate to this post. Have faith in the universe and all the angels, believe in the process, and runners always return. This can be hard and frustrating, everyone that is a chaser knows how this could feel, beyond a point the runner will stop, in the mean time do things that make you truely happy, date other people if you have to, there is no denying that our love for our TF runner will not match up to any relationships we’ve ever had or will have but, we have to learn to go eith the flow, i process might be long for some and short for some others but end of it all, when your runner does return he will give and be everything you are to him. Won’t that day be amazing? 🙂 The run because they can’t receprocate, they run because they are overwhelmed, but you have to let them know what it is like to be without you! Because the love the chaser can give the runner is incomparble and unconditinal than any love they will ever receive. It not a humans plan, it’s God’s and the universe’s plan. All you can do is be happy within yourself, love life, above all trust in the universe. Do not try to reach out the runner, try to avoid it, i know it’s terribly hard but we as chasers desperately want to make this better, make everything ok. But they are not ready and it can only prolong the process, let them be, this is a process and it will not change course! You and your runner are destined to be together, and nothing will change that, so let it be 🙂 let it take its natural course, trust that it will happen! Miracles happen when it comes to twin flames, or meetings were a suprise our reunions will be the reward. Love and Light!

    • Thanks! Its soo good to hear this as I’m going through a tough time… has your runner returned?

    • Ok i read this and feel a little better. everything u say is true for us……………..
      How do you be happy within yourself without your twin????
      SO you are saying completly ignore, we live in the same small town where i run into him andhe is married as i i am leaving the 39 yr marriage, and he now gives me the finger where 4 months ago he called and said he loved me to wait for him to hang in there it wil be ok, he wanted to know why my H was still living in the house. and his W wanted him to give me the finger and he said he thought he would so that she would leave him alone and now he is doing that, i had told him not to, this is all so crazy, it is like he is pushing me away, or testing me or something….
      SO i have not tried to reach him he has contacted me so u r saying keep that up should i turn my head away from him as we pass by inthe car, i want to look at him even though he is giving me the finger what is wrong WITH ME>>>>>…………

    • it is has been a he contacted me only three times in that time and now he is acting as if he hates me, it has been going on for 44 yrs i am trying to be strong and know as u said above runners always return this is a crazy crazy relationship i believe he is my TF the relationship has been so intense the whole time good great bad and the bond unbreakable not sure what he is doing now , please pray for us please, feeling overwhelmed. trying so hard to be ok with just me…..when your lifeis upside down….

  21. Dear TheEternalBliss, I know your feeling, the best thing to do being a chaser is to just let the runner run in all freedom and giving them all the space they want, because they more they are chased they run faster and further away, yes it painful, but remember the universe chose you and your TF to experiance this highest from of love! Not many or if not rarely do people get to meet their TF or experiance this intensity of love.
    Yes, runner choose to run because of fear, insecurity, worthlessness but they also run beacause it is a souls decision to run, they have very little to do with decision in the human form, they are told by the soul that they are not ready for the purity and intesity of this love! When they are ready they will return! Trust, Patience, Faith and love are the key points to illustrate. try to live your life with these characteristics, Your TF runner will be the first to realize these characteristics in you even if you are not in contact. The runner and chaser have an energy link which connects them so they feel what you feel, the minute they fewel you sharing this love with them world around they will magically pop back into your life or atleast they will be tagged along to work through their karma to back to you.
    In the meantime, love your life, live it to the fullest, sounds impossible i know, but let god in, let it be, let them be! There is only one way back home and they will relaize that. If you have to be in other relationships and move on that’s the best thing you can do. There is no denying that love you have for your TF will in no way match up to any other relationship, but the chaser has to move on, when they are ready to live a happy life with or without their twin, the reunion will happen, the runner will in the same duration be in several low frequency relationships which will lead them back to their “the one”. That is the point i feel, the two people should be independent and love them selves and be able to live a life outside their twins and they will be rewarded the greatest form of love which is with each other. The Universe and God are working their magic in your life and if they got you to it they will get you through it!

    • B4 i knew of TF i knew that our relationship was unbelievable i kept sayingto him do you know how luckey we are how luckey we are to have this……I knew it was special the weird thing is that i have loved him for 45 yrs but it was the last time we got together that i realized how intense it was we had a 27 yr gap and when we got back it was like not one second had passed and we loved each other more then EVER and that freaked us both out…at the time i said well true love doen’st stop growing and even though we were apart our love continued to grow, and i beleive that to be true especially now that i know we r TF. I wait and i have faith most of the time that we will be together, and i try to move on with my life but it is so hard,

      • Do you ever wonder if this is some kind of curse that women fall into? I came from a religious background, and so have always had in the back of my mind that verse “Satan appears as an angel of light.”I also left my marriage due to the experience (I don’t regret leaving the dead marriage, btw, even though life didn’t turn out like I imagined after.) I also had the experience of mutual bliss, only to be followed by rejection when I finally gave into it and said “ok, lets do this!” The chaser (him) suddenly became the runner….which, when looked at rationally (like my family sees it) becomes a case of a man who wanted to play, but didn’t want to pay.

  22. Creative Energy

    Sharing this in hopes it helps other TF ‘chasers’ – nothing is more intense and ‘crazy-making’ than a TF relationship, yet we all have such different circumstances/ experiences you cannot generalize. It was past time for me to ‘let go’ of my TF runner for this lifetime, again – I’ve tried so MANY times! I felt such wonderful release this past weekend from a very unexpected source – an astrology reading. The astrologer delineated our two birth/ natal charts using both Western and Vedic astrology. She formulated one composite chart and two wonderful things happened to allow me to FINALLY truly move on! 🙂 I could see in full color how important marriage and relationships are to me, and that he has NOTHING in this house during this lifetime. He was monogamous, to make me happy, but it didn’t make him happy, and he could not truly commit, and that broke my heart. I can see he LIVES In his 1st house, where I have NO activity there this lifetime. We are simply on two different karmic life paths to progress individually as souls, and we have tons of warring “Mars-Venus” classic love-hate-push-pull-run-chase in our charts, combined with SEX in 3 major houses. Oh, boy…drama and disaster? He’s on “The Path of Freedom”, and is currently visiting his 70-something country? He believes having a SOULMATE (let alone a TF) will STOP HIM from being on his path of freedom, so he RAN RAN RAN, whereas I believe a soulmate is the most wonderful gift in life.

    There’s lots in common that drew us together – mainly in the Death/Reincarnation/Sex house, which explains why he was able to ‘awaken me spiritually’ as one of his soul contracts, and why we have now found four past lives together as well as two sets of series of multiple past-lives, that explained both the psychic connection, as well as the incredible, thwarted LONGING that feels like it is going to eat you alive. I could also see some shared life pupose/ mission work that we’ve been told by my Guides to move forward with – to write books separately, and together, (like in past lives) to help others awaken spiritually by sharing our TF journey, numerous shared past lives (some of which are very colorful -Pirates and Camelot) and our Life-Between-Lives spiritual regression hynotherapy sessions. I was not aware an astrologer can sometimes do a reading and see your past lives, but learning these facts from the birth charts and understanding how we forged our psychci connection and the thwarted LONGING from our first series of lives have been VERY helpful to set me free! I wish the same for all of you – peace and relief. My TF and I have more lifetimes and more marriages ahead, and we continue to speak aloud now what we will do to improve who we are as separate souls, and to heal in our relationship – our own form of progression therapy, so to speak. I feel deeply at peace for the first time since my TF ‘RAN’ in Sept. of 2011, and wish you all the same! There is much to be done to become whole on our own and to help heal the planet, and a broken heart is so debilitating. I take great comfort in knowing we have many future lives together as man and wife that I know will be happier.

    Consider having your own astrology reading if this speaks to you – it was less expensive than I expected ($100 and she spent almost 2.5 hours with me, plus initial screening phone call, preparing the charts and some emails.) But the info gained was PRICELESS to me, it set me free to continue to work on my self-acceptance, and being complete in myself – the TF journey.

  23. Has anyone had a 44 almost 45 yr love affair with a TF and have they ever come together mine has come and gone and come and gone over the years and we have all of the stages and right now he has run for the 3rd time and he keeps popping in just to see that i am waiting and tells me to keep waiting, but how long must i indure this waiting as u say that have gone through it it is excruciating, and exhausting…. I know he loves me our love, passion and all of it is so intense, we are old now 58 and 74 so we have known each other since we were just kids and it was love at first sight for both of us…..its been a crazy rollar coaster ride and i want the fairytale with the love of my life, Please can anyone help me with any advice he is the runner and i the chaser……..

  24. I would appreciate some help here, Long story short almost 45 years of loving this man, i know he is my TF didn’t until i read about it thought he was just a soul mate, but we have all the stages and now he is running again, this last time when we were reunited it was a yr ago we have been seperated for a year and were together for 9 mo it was the most intense 9 months we had ever spent everything had been opened every can of worms and we fought alot but during it i remained calm during which he or i couldn’t understand, he said it was draining him and then he would look into my eyes and almost with surprise say D I’m so in love with you, Over the yr we have been seperated he has contacted me only 3 times once he came to my house and when i came out he just starred at me as if he didn’t even knowwhy he was there, and then we had a meeting where he wanted to know if i was seeing someone and if i still loved him and then he called, and asked me to wait he is married and so am I i am leaving my marriage and he is staying, but says he will leave, she knows everything about us I TOLD HER, anyway now it has been 4 mo since i have heard from him again and now when i see him he gives me the finger, he told me in our last conversation that his OW as i call her says she wants him to give me the finger and i asked him not to do it but he is,,,,….i don’t know what he is thinking only that the last convo he told me he loved me and to wait to please wait…..
    SO what is he doing to me,…….We are 58 and 64 yrs old to be playing these games i am lost without him…………………….
    Is it not unusual for a TF to say I love you and act surprised by his feelings sometimes and also say the relationship drains you and start all kinds of fights over nothing than call a little while later after saying he wouldn’t call…….and then pull away then come back pheww it is exhausting……yet even with his finger giving i feel his love……
    ANy help would be appreciated i am having such a hard time do i let go as LOA says……….

  25. Hey I read your article about twinflame reunions. I’m here to advise you that your twinflame will come. I’ve been in a similar circumstance I now exactly how u feeling. My twinflame unexpectedly pitched up in my life after three years. At this point let your instict provide guidance. If you feel that there is a soul mate that can guide your reunion toward the reunion then so be it. Its all about balance the Ying yang the 69. Let me reassure u in a nutshell that he or she will come. Sorry lol I haven’t read your gender that’s why I quoting he or she. I know this universal game all to well so I briefed through your article. Word of advice meditate on the word, the bible this should bring peace n comfort. God bless your soul and he will.

  26. Wendy Williams

    Wanted to wish everyone the very best, as I won’t be on the site again. I’ve learned I have not been working to address so much karma with a twin-flame, but rather with a primary soul mate where we have a large number of past lives to heal – 13 found to date. I wish all twin-flames peace, love, and light and a truly happy relationship, as have some inkling of the intensity. Best Wishes!

  27. Whatever is written about TF experiance in this.. I have gone through all this but now I am tired of it. Sometimes I cant trust all this but then it remindes me of my strange experances with him and the connection what I felt for him . He is too busy in his life… He is least bothered to talk to me , he has gone far from me. He has always done this push and pull thing with me, sometimes I feel he comes very close to me and sometimes he behaves as if I don’t excist. I cant take this anymore. I so much want to marry him but he dosen’t want to.
    He is too busy in his life… I doubt if I have any place in his life now,
    At one point he wanted to marry me but now he dosen’t want to and he is searching a new girl for him… Cant take this thing . He is sometimes very good with me and sometimes get distant from me and for now he has gone very far from me.
    I don’t know how much true is all this now…. or may be God just wants one of the TF to know this special bond and keep to themselves.
    I have not read anywhere about the real TF experiance that they have united or the runner has come back in the physical form after such a pain and hardship for the chaser esp.
    I am too tired of this and in pain , sometimes I feel am I going crazy but I can’t take this thing anymore.
    I don’t know why God made the chaser’s esp realise the special bond . Anyways I don’t know where I am going to land …. but I am going to tell him about This , even if he dosen’t want to be with me as because of him I could feel this speacial thing.

  28. I don’t know how much true all this is but I can’t trust this thing now. I can’t keep on hurting myself anymore. Its high time to tolerate it…and His behaviour. I am in a lot of pain.

    • Goldy it is very normal to feel this way. I have talked to a lot of twin flames going through this and I am also going through this… Trust me we all have those painful and crazy days. What this twin flame relationship is is a spiritual relationship. You are longing for your twin flame because you are longing to be complete and whole. Your twin flame is here to teach you a lesson in unconditional love. The pain is necessary. Pain and love goes hand in hand. To know love you have to know pain or else you would not appreciate the sacredness of this relationship.
      Here is a link for more answers http://loveandlivedivine.wordpress.com/twin-souls-reclaiming-the-self/separation-facing-the-self/

      • Ok so the pain is necessary, i have had the pain he has had the pain how much pain do we have to indure, we met when we were 13 and 19 now we r 64 58 God please i just want to have some timewith him to really be together and happy, I know for a fact that this is a spiritual relationship to doubt in my mind that it has all been devine intervention, the comings and goings even though we have both been married a lot of this time. I def have the unconditonal love and it hit me one day how much GOD LOVES ME i was told by GOd that u see how much u love your man that is how much i love you and boy did i cry,

      • The pain is going to be there until you realize enough is enough. That’s when the spiritual truth begins to unfold. It’s time to start loving yourself whole heartedly and completely like you love your twin flame and God. Only you can make yourself whole, complete and happy. Once you start working on yourself and is completely happy with yourself… You will realize you don’t need to be with this person anymore and that’s when this person will want to be with you as much as you wanted to be with them. We all need to learn to let go completely… It is in letting go that we that we retain or keep what is really worth having. I like all the other twin flames are now letting go of the twin flame relationship because that’s the only way to keep it. If it’s truly meant to be whatever miracles need to happen will happen. Let Him Go And He Will Come back To You If It Was Meant to be. I am not saying it’s going to be easy but you must let it go.

  29. I followed my heart and my guides and found my twin flame almost 2 years ago. He loved me at first sight, but is from a very small town on an island across the world from me and as I’m learning happen with most twin flames our personal issues came between us. You can’t have anything between you and your other half, so he turned his back on me and then I left his country and came back home to work on me. I had gotten to the point where I was even considering dating other people, staying on my soul path of working on myself and changing my life, but pushing the knowledge and idea of him out. Mostly because I thought that if I just worked on myself then he would do the same thing and one day find me or we’d reunite somehow and all would be well.

    Well, I am a yoga teacher and I had a workshop for women the other day and a girl came in who unloaded her twin flame story on me and it brought out all my stuffed down feelings. All my memories and experiences came flooding back and I went on my TF’s Facebook page and saw how dark he had become. How, as I was getting lighter and happier and closer to Source, was he getting farther away and less happy? Well, I was the one with the understanding to begin with. All he knew was he had a crazy feeling for a tourist girl who would probably leave him and then did. Even though it was his fault I left, I have in the last few days had overwhelming information come to me from my inner guide that I need to help him. That it is not just about me on my path fixing my self up for some grand re-uniting. I need to help him. And since that is not so uncomplicated in our case (and I imagine most of yours) as to call him up and offer some help, or even show back up, I need to use communication on other planes. I have been working with meditations to meet him in a safe place of beauty and offer my hope and faith to him and tell him I need his support too. Just like in normal relationships we need to help one another and pull each other out of the fire sometimes, it is even more true with your Twin Flame. Even if they left you and you feel devastated, and believe me that is what happened to me, you still need to save them, because being perfected and enlightened all by yourself isn’t going to get you that reunion. You both need to get there and if they aren’t, then you have to help them. Watching the movie “What Dreams May Come” helped me see this play out, even though it is done from a Christian perspective and they have the happy love when they are together and their tragedy is external not internal as most real twin flame couples are, the fact that he has to go to hell and bring her back stood up every hair on my body. Yes. We must help them. It is not unselfish to help them, it is very important for yourself. It is the only way you will be free.

    I hope that this is some help to you as hearing your story and the tons of others who have found and seemingly lost their twin flames has for me. I always knew he existed, and then I found him and just like Souldiver, I thought that was enough. I was lucky enough to have that validated and just keep working on me and stay on my path and all would work out. And it will that way too, but it seems much longer. I don’t want 20 more lifetimes because of my ego that I felt crushed and walked away to salvage myself more. What could be more important than fighting for that love? Who could be more important to save than the other half of my soul? For me it is my ego that is keeping me safe here in America on a yogic path with love and support around me while he struggles with the darkness alone. He told me to leave him alone, so I did. But that is not what love does. It doesn’t leave you alone, ever. I will find a way to communicate with him and help him back on his path to love. Many blessings to all of you on your path and may we all be reunited and free:)

    • OMG u have written this so well, almost everytwin flame story here resonates with me….and mine….
      Yes were are so in love yet this is our third time comeing togehter and breaking up as now i am learning that it is because of personal issues, this last time ii have awakening in every way and have become lighter as u say and happier and more spiritual and honest and also doing yoga and reiki…. for the most part and he has become darker also….Everytime we get together all i end up doing is pissing him off because we r both married and i am leaving my 38 yr marriage to finally be me, and he would only he has no idea how to leave his and so he pushes me away comes around with I LOVE YOU and the will push me away, we have been in love for 45 yrs……crazy mixed love but now i know for sure it is TF love and now it makes sense to me………………..he done’st understand that so it scares him………I feel i must help him and heal him thank you for saying that all these LOA and self help says they can only help themselves not us but i have always felt that i need to help him come out of the darkness into the light, please can u help give me some suggestions to do this for him i feel he is in a big dark hole and i know a beautiful butterfly is ready to come out from his catipillar self but he needs help to feel it to know that he can be the butterfly and doenst have to be the damn catipilliar all his life………………
      ANy help u can give me would be much appreciated. I have told him some of the LOA but he needs to see things to believe right now but i am the opposite…..
      BLess u on your journey with your TF……
      I know nothing is more important or fullfilling then for me to really be with him everything with him is so intense and amplyfied……………………

      • Google ‘violet flame’…. I was going to post about it but then I got busy with the whole twinflame-rollercoaster of emotions…. anyway…. Its a meditation that you do which helps you AND your twinflame come out of darkness and into the light… there are books written on it by Elizabeth Claire Prophet… I have a soft copy of the book if you want it you can email me using the contact form on the blog…. I did this meditation for about six months and although we havnt reunited yet, I feel it has helped us come out of darkness…

  30. Hello this is my case: I was email playing with someone i did not know more than in pictures, somehow i pass through my heart something weird about him. he told me that he was busy even weekends, but he thought he liked me and that we should meet one of this days, I thought ohh my God he wants to meet soon and then he changes his mind, i ve told him good by several times, then he says he enjoys our phone conversations which are really funny, he plays and i play too, we sound like little kids, no really any meaning, one day after talking and e-mailing with him for 8 months just on a Valentine’s Day I did notice while talking over the phone he was more connected to me, and he decide that we were going to meet, so i play around giving him dates then changing my mind as he did, playing hard to get and laughing, so finally we met at the end of March, yes i ve notice silently the connection. We met for a half hour and we really enjoy our short date, i was curios to meet him, he is married and dealing with his relationship and i guess trying to save it at the same time he has told me he fights to forget about our connection, and i had also fight to forget about him, he is supernice and he thinks i am the best friend, i had found peace stopping the fight with our connection and suggest the same for him, he has the hardest time because he really wants to be happy and he is married and fighting with his head and his emotions. I just let him be, I enjoy my own connecction and feel very greatful that i am living my conection if he fights is his desire , but i understand divine connections and I am greatful that i am not fighting it anymore just enjoy it in my side.
    My advise for others is dont try , find the peace within you, that is where the connection to the self is, our side of enjoyment, our side of peace., Peace for all those who are aware of romantic connections. Love Maybi H

    • So true. Don’t force it or try. Find the divine and peace within and work on the Self. We can never change anyone else or make them ready. To keep up the fight ensures a huge drain on the mind emotions and physical self. Rather, spend the time nurturing ourselves and growing spiritually within.

  31. Just let him go… Everyone is in the same painful situation and we don’t know the reason why he behaves like this. Rest assured, if he is a twin then he loves you as much as you do…

  32. There is no point being a chaser… But every time he knocks at your door, overwhelm him with your loving energy… Energise him… He is so confused, you can forgive him, right 🙂 he is disloyal… That is his weakness, I disagree with others who say we can share our spiritual energy with others while being a tf too. Not a good idea. Returning hurt with hurt is not a good idea. Honesty is counted as good karma 🙂

  33. One last caution… Don’t ever experiment with other people or Soulmates once you have set your heart on the twin… Radiance and reunion are very much achievable if we all learn to be honest and forgiving. Each time we betray, yes it is betrayal to our soul And lifes mission… The weaker twin gets corrupted along with us… And it is an endless cycle. And be so strong that his contact with others do not effect U much.

    This is all based on experience…. I have not achieved reunion.. It is not even my goal in this life but no I am not in pain. I am not emotionally dependent on him, I recognise my strength and forgive him for his weakness… I don’t chase him but I give overwhelming love when he needs it without expecting any return… The hand of the giver is always higher and I am the giver of fulfilment, not someone waiting for it.

  34. This connection is so difficult and within the last 5 years I have had more people coming to me about it as they also feel out of control. The important thing to remember is that you have to look after yourself and as you do your own healing, your twin will also be healed. I always say this is the most amazing yet most difficult relationship. There are no rules and the runner is not at the spiritual level that you are yourself, which is why they don’t seem to understand that the connection exists at all.

    Do not put your life on hold, look at ways to bring joy back into your life and be open to receiving love from someone else. Timing is the one think we don’t understand and have no patience at all, but when the time is right it will all fall into place.

    We cannot look to another to make us feel happy and whole, that is why we need to self heal.

    I met my own twin three years ago, we live 200 miles apart and I only see him every 6/8 weeks but recently it seems that we are going backwards. He understands the connection, but still can offer no commitment. I have worked spiritually as a Medium for the past 20 years, but I am no different to anyone else in this soul connection.

    One thing I have realised is there is nothing I can do about it, so I know that I have to let him go now, if he is meant to be in my life, then he will come back. But I am not going to be the one getting hurt all of the time.

    At the end of the day, we are the stronger ones and it is ourselves that can make the decision not to allow our soul connection to hurt us.

    I know that there are thousands of people experiencing this all over the world but at least we understand a bit about what is going on, I feel so sorry for the people caught up in this connection that have no idea what is happening to them.

    Enjoy your life, let your twin go off and enjoy his and when the time is right, you will know.

    Blessings xx

  35. Ya i am a guy in the same boat. Cut story short. The girl basically started making moves to advance the relationship and i was happy myself as you know both twin flames deeply love each other. But literally as i walked away from her i started getting all confused and feelijg ill. Have really negative thoughts.. originally i just thought maybe its hit me ive finally got the girl of my dreams and i need to just go outside for 5 minutes anf regain my cool..

    So i go outside and lit up a cigarette and i knew she wouldnt come out for one cause she had just smoked one not long ago…… but literally as i light up the door opens and she comes out sits next to me and lights up a cigarette… the confusing part is… there is nothing more i would want than to spend every minute of my life qith this girl so her coming out spending time with me is what dreams are made of….. but…….

    For i got the most intense feeling of irritation. Fulstration as soon as i felt her presence. I was confused and felt really ill… so i kinda said a few things in a nasty tone. And she picked up on that and took it as a passive rejection….

    So since then she has been slightly funny with me and she is saying she is not interested in me. That i am obssessive and it is creeping her out lol… i know it is all defense mechanisms but now it has left me no space to reaproach the relationship .. because if i approach then i am obssessive or creepy. If i dont approach she thinks i am not interested…. so im gonna date other ppl and she can come to me.. but by that time i might be over it and not want her anyway… so she better pull her finger out.. or ill have to apologise to god upstairs and just move on.

    • Hi

      I understand what you late going through as personally I’ve been through it I have also shared many of my clients twin flames journeys. I don’t consider to be an expert but my experiences have shown me that yes there is a twin flame connection but there are so many people putting there lives on hold waiting for the reunion.

      One of my clients waited 8 years and when she finally met her twin again he turned up and his behaviour was disgusting and all he did was talk about other women he was in love with. When I did a reading for her all I kept getting was time to move on. Fortunately she had come to this conclusion loo fusion herself and finally accepted that although he was her twin, she didn’t like him for his behaviour. So had decided to boot him out of her mind which is more difficult than we think. But seeing him in this way made her realise that she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

      There are no guarantees that we will be with our twins in this life, so the fact that you were horrible to yours is telling me that actually you do need to move on with your life.

      Everything comes down to free will in the end but it is only when both of the twins have learned their own lessons that a relationship can begin. Sadly it is usually one half that don’t follow their true pathway which leaves the other pulling their hair out.

      You don’t have to agree with anything I’ve said but maybe you can accept the situation can’t be resolved, surrender to the feelings that have been felt and release the trauma of this situation. The more we hang on to them the more we are stopping our own pathway. At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves do we want to sit in misery waiting for them to return? If we hang on we may miss out on having a relationship with someone else who is much better than our twins.

      I hope you get conclusion but don’t wait around forever, life is too short! You may be missing out on someone else.



  36. Oh my dear sweet fellow chaser. I am a man and my female twin is the runner. I have FI ally hit rock bottom after 2 years of chasing my twin. She started dating another man one month after we parted. Now they are married. She thinks I’m crazy with all my spiritual talk and fears me. I would never do anything to hurt her or anyone else who loved her. But she still chose to run. It broke my heart and I had a similar moment where I said F U to the universe and my spirit guides. I never felt so alone, so betrayed, so lost. I love her so much and I cannot see a future without her, but after reading everyone’s stories, I see that I have to stop chasing. I see what my guides were telling me. I see how I’ve only hurt myself with expectations if my twinflame returning to me, when she wasn’t ready. It is a breach of free will to hope and dream of her sleeping next to me again, when that is not why she currently wants. I know she still loves, she’s even said it, but her fear and self doubts block her from seeing the truth of her heart. This has hurt so, so very bad, but I see now. I hurt because I still feel an attachment to an idea of what a relationship should be. This is limiting to what unconditional love should be. I see that I need to let her go completely her own way because all she will do is continue is to run if I don’t. Thank you all for baring you souls and sharing you experiences. It has given me hope to see that I need to stop, let to, heal myself a lot, and move forward without expectation. Only then can reunion be possible. Until that day that we all hope for. May you all be blessed with happiness in this life.

    • God love you we are all in the same boat i have loved my TF for 45 years he comes and goes and i am now leaving my 38 yr marriage cause i have to be true to myself and it means i will be alone now but its ok i cry as i write that cause it hurts so bad as i know my TF loves me very much as he has told me but stays with the one where he is comfortable and it isn’t a crzy whirlwind of love and fighting and things he can’t understand i understand it all and he is SCARED of it i am trying the letting go and loving with no expectation it is hard very hard God bless us all wh are going through this it is ver difficult…………………………………

  37. I’m so glad that I have found these blogs. I met who I believe to be my twin at my work. After nearly two years of strange behaviour and synchronistic things happening, I played with some tarot cards and in research I stumbled across the who TF phenomenon. Whether I believe it or not, I’m amazed at how my situation relates to all of the scenarios I’ve read about. I have been single for 10 years and want to start a family of my own, with time running short, this is the most cruel and painful and frustrating experience. My TF has been in a dysfunctional realationship for 12 years with someone who clearly is not even close to a compatible mate yet alone a soul mate. The dance the games the emotions the dreams the experiences EVERYTHING points to this. But I have to say that all this spiritual growth stuff go’s a but beyond what is real. In the end love should bring you both together at least for a time. I believe that if guides are going to make you meet then they should at least give the relationship a shot and ‘not torture us with all these stupid so called lessons. Lessons are learned every day, with out so much pain.
    It is cruel for the universe or whatever to put two people together but not fulfil the desire. What is the point?!?!
    May be its all BS and there are just really bad people out there playing with our hearts. It’s easy to make up some cosmic excuse why someone is not with you. Not in this carnation? Don’t waste my time on this planet in this life.
    Get this person out of my life and bring me someone worthy of my love.
    Yes painful, and as much as I try now to ignore him at work, to stop the games I feel in power. I know it hurts both of us because the weird obsessive feeling comes in bursts and that’s where we meet up I believe in spirit. Stuff that stuff the karmic relationship and get on with the one you love or shut them out!

  38. I know exactly what you’re going through, I’ve been there… I am there. But I wanted to tell you about something that has helped ease some of my grief and sorrow. Look on YouTube for videos about something called TAT. It stands for Tapas Acupressure Technique and it helps amazingly with releasing negative emotions. It’s really simple and quick and it’s helped me find peace of mind. If it works for you then look up the book on Amazon. It is a little pricy, but it has been well worth it in my opinion.
    Good luck, my dear. My heart goes out to you. May you find peace and harmony in your life always.

  39. My God… Thank you, this message has explained everything I have ever known through my soul. It explains everything I’ve ever wanted and understood with all my heart. IT EXPLAINS ME AND HIM FROM BEGINNING TO END. I have never been so completely blown away in my entire life. I have been doing a st, Jude novena, I’m on my 4th day. I have been praying endlessly for him to return. I believe in my heart and soul now, he will,he will. Because eeverything I’ve felt inside that I couldn’t explain wasn’t a lie. Thank you!

  40. I posted this under “The Runner” but I feel it would be more appropriate here..can I repost or can my original post be moved ?

    I met my TF 25 years ago, he was 20 and I was 21 and he ran..fast. I carried him within my heart all of these years..I married another man 17 years ago, and I knew in my heart I was making a mistake and cried during the whole ceremony…now I am seperated. I regained contact with my TF about 7 years ago through MySpace…He is divorced with a daughter the same age as my son. We met up once 7 years ago and the feeling when we look into each others eyes..only other TF would understand it….we kissed goodnight, that was all, but I just broke down into tears..because I totally knew I was married to the wrong person. I have had contact with him over the past 7 years, but since my seperation it has been more consistent…but now he is running again….he won’t even meet me for a cup of coffee and literally panics at the thought of being alone with me…he calls me everytime he meets someone new as though he is looking for my approval, and all of these relationships fall apart and I just stand back and watch like a train wreck…I know he knows we are suppose to be together but he is just running and torturing me in the process. We have become best friends to each other and know each others darkest secrets…he has told me things he has never told anyone else.. He just tells me he isn’t magnetically drawn to me, but he is drawn to these strange women he meets on dating sites….but he is calling me at midnight telling me about the biggest mistakes in his life….it is all sooooooo confusing…..we read each others minds, we feel each others feelings…it is just insane. He keeps purposefully picking women who will never make him happy, they are all wrong for him and he knows it…..I want to just break totally away from him..but I don’t think I am strong enough to do it….but going on like this is like a knife in my heart everytime he tells me about someone else..but I almost feel like I am suffering the karma of a past life and something I must have done to him..that is making him do this to me..and it’s something both of our souls need to work through ..me taking the pain and him bouncing from women to women until he wakes up to the truth…but the pain is unbearable at times…..I just don’t know if I can do it…..any advice or words of encouragement would help..because only other TF would understand this longing and pain.

    • Lisa,

      How long have you been dealing with this connection? Let’s re-focus your energy on yourself for a minute. Write down all the shitty feelings that this connection is bringing to the surface. Those feelings are going to show you your deepest issues.

      He’s throwing all these other women in your face for a reason. The universe is using this man as a display dummy (so to speak) so you can see what needs to be fixed within you.

      Ask yourself these questions: Do you think you’re beautiful? Do you think you’re strong? Do you think you’re worthy of love? Do you think you are better than these women? Be honest with yourself.

      Now I want you to tell yourself “I love myself.” And it might feel strange, but you have to keep doing it. And you have to tell yourself “I am beautiful.” And you have to say “I am strong.” You can add anything to these affirmations. Say them once when you wake up and once before bedtime. You can even look in the mirror as you do them.

      Think of this way: You are rebuilding yourself from the ground up, so you will be 100 times better in every way than whomever your twin is seeing. MAKE IT HAPPEN. You feel it in your soul the more you do it. You will become transformed. I promise you.

      By parading all these women around, the universe is telling you: You need to see yourself as the Queen you are. Because a Queen wouldn’t give two shits about these randos he’s dating. I am speaking from personal experience. This works!

      Good luck, doll.

  41. I don’t know if any other females here have had any experience like this…but after 10 years of my “running” (a.k.a., having a “knowing” that I needed to go along my own path after experiencing a TF-like connection, and thusly ignoring the bond whenever possible, sometimes through getting into other relationships) while simultaneously “chasing” (periods of reconnecting with him and trying to get him to explain why, WHY, he didn’t just agree to live happily-ever-after with me back when we met and the universe aligned for me)…I finally had an epiphany-like experience.

    During an intense spiritual meditation/trancelike state, it was revealed to me that the heart-gripping, inescapable, bond that I had interpreted as my “being in love” with him (a.k.a., we HAVE to end up together because my heart won’t accept anything else) was actually his MOTHER’S bond to him. I experienced an artistic explosion (music) that revealed to me this phenomenon, followed by a vision of his mother having a place in the literal stars and a simultaneous release of that NEED to possess him in the temporal (all while under no ingested influence, lol.) I physically felt that NEED for him leave following my vision, and subsequently communicated the vision to him before we separated again.

    His mother had died many years ago, and his bond with her was not repaired beforehand. I really think that his mother’s love for him was what tied me to him all this time. Like, she had channeled her post-life desire for a healed relationship with him through me, and it took me 10 years (and a butt-load of experiences) to realize it.

    It is a relief to feel “free” from that “need” for him now – insofar as that desperation I felt for so many years goes – but I don’t yet know if that is the end of the story. I still think of him often, but it is now more with a curiosity than with a longing. I do know that female hearts are usually very integrated with maternal instincts, and often those maternal instincts are utilized in bonding us to our family, friends, and even life partners. I am currently considering whether we sometimes get those maternal instincts confused or apply them out of context/disproportionately to TF experiences…resulting in a feeling of NEED for the counterpart to be in our physical lives.

    • Well! It sounds finally like each TF case is different. Each one of us has to deal with different things and circumstances.
      I am curious though, what are they doing?? I mean, that it seems we “fight” with demons and they do WHAT? Go on with their lives, peacefully? They must have to deal with something, too, while it suppose universe is fair!

      • yeah, i believe the idea of TF is that BOTH parties have to deal with their own interpretations of the demons after meeting, or else it is not a true TF experience. My experience has felt largely one-sided (i have used my perception of the TF connection as a conduit for continuous growth, and put most stock in it from that perspective), but “he” has indicated undergoing the same types of thing during our brief, and sporatic, reconnections. He has said things like “I learn from you all the time,” which was news to me (as he has presented most of these years to me as though he is the all-knowing mystic, and I, the ego-driven, earthly-bound neophyte….or is it the other way around? hehe)

  42. Your life sounds exactly like mine. The emotional hurt is so overwhelming. I don’t know why they call us the “chasers”. The “waiters” would be more appropriate. I feel like im stuck and can’t move on. My twin just happens to be my neighbor and I get to watch him try to move on with numerous women. The only thing that seems to help is that I pray for him to be blessed and that he has peace and joy. Peace and blessings to you.

  43. Hello!
    I wonder if anyone of you can describe the whole experience as “ego-death”, I just realized that my basic motivation to chase him was to regain my control, as I was a control freak and this control freak was my identity. When he left I realized that my self is not here anymore, I had to deal with someone else and I got terrified. I stopped wanting to chase him anymore when I believed that I can rebuilt myself as I knew it, but I quickly realized that I cannot, because my control freak is weak. Now I understand the illusion “ego” is, I can fake it or maybe accept it, I have no idea how to do it, but it is true I am a bit angry at him that he took my control freak, or maybe my remaining “ego” is angry!
    Anyway, I don’t feel I need to meet him anymore, or anyone else simply because I feel embarrassed of having no self (which is maybe an illusion..).
    I don’t know, I only know that the only solution is to work with myself and hopefully life will show me the way.

    • From a psychological standpoint, the “ego” is the self that dwells in the social construction that is currently called “reality.” it is the go-between for the “higher self” (the superego, the spiritual, the ultramundane) and the “lower self” (the id, the animalistic desires, the human impulses.) The ego works as a balance between the two, creating a persona that is socially acceptable. It is the filter that is required for our navigation of this life as human beings.

      I don’t really understand the concept of “ego” as it pertains to these interpretations of twin flames, etc, that i read on these sites…unless I conceive of ego as indicating that which holds us back from true understanding (kind of like the common usage of the word pride, or hubris.) In that case, I see ego as meaning “lack of understanding due to hubris,” and is only able to be shed through refining the self through trials and meditations (and not by will power or self control alone.) It seems to me to be one of those things that, if focused on with the intention to eliminate, becomes stronger and not weaker. Also, when others accuse others of operating in the ego, something within me feels an aversion…I find that those who accuse others of operating in this undesired ego-state are most often those who are full of “ego” themselves.

    • Think of it this way: Your Ego is operating on a material world level. It’s what makes you the person you are. It molds your personality and builds your character. But it can also be a royal pain in the ass in spiritual situations, because the Ego doesn’t have any clue about the spiritual world. It can create negative thoughts. It can trap you in a prison of negativity. True guidance never comes from your Ego.

      Your Higher Self aka your subconscious is operating on a spiritual world level. It’s that deep knowing within us. It is what guides our intuition and creates gut feelings.

      So when you’re dealing with a soul connection, which one do you want to listen to, your Ego or your Higher Self?

      Ego death is where your Ego drops away, and you’re left feeling this devastating void. It is honestly the most isolating feeling you will ever experience. Personally, I am not a fan. I experienced it during my spiritual awakening. It made me realize that I was just a soul, connected to the Universe, but I had no attachments to anybody or anything else. It makes you feel incredible loneliness.

  44. The eternall bliss need to do another update.please we need to know what happened!
    even though i gave up on my twinflame..i just stopped chasing him.i have found myself loving life.and be comfortable without him.we still friends and thats ok for me.

  45. Stop chasing. Just work on self evolving. Your twin flame will mirror your souls grow…..no?

  46. I have been “surviving” a twin flame experience for two years. I have learned a lifetime of lessons in that short time regarding self-love, relationships, fear of love, etc. Your twin mirrors you. What is your twin showing you? Is he/she rejecting you? Is he/she dropping in and out of your life? Take a step back for a minute and look at the situation. What is this person showing you in their mirror that they’re holding up in front of you?

    Through the longing and the pull of the connection, you MUST do your best to focus on YOU. I know it feels like the hardest thing you can do when you’re going through the pain and the heartache of being separated, but you must. Once you focus on yourself, you will see what your twin is trying to teach you.

    This is all happening on a soul level. He/she is reacting to you in a certain way because it is all part of a deep knowing from their Higher Self. If he/she is rejecting you, do not take it personally. It is nothing you did or didn’t do. The universe is trying to show you what is missing within yourself, and it uses your twin to do it. That’s the part that sucks! Take your Ego out of this. This is not a regular relationship. This is not just some guy/girl who won’t take your phone calls.

    How do your survive this connection without killing yourself? Do whatever you need to do to heal and love yourself. Find what works best for you. Look into Reiki, chakra clearing, working with crystals, especially rose quartz and kyanite. If you feel unbalanced, buy some hematite and hold it in your hands until you feel balanced again. Keep a dream journal. Do yoga, meditation, find spiritual social groups or take a spiritual class to help you connect to like-minded people, pray, ask for Divine guidance, look into therapy or hypnotherapy, read self-help or spirituality books: These are all examples of what’s available to you. Choose whatever works best for you.

    The key to not wanting to die and feeling hopeless all the time is to do whatever it takes to LOVE yourself and to not FEAR love. I felt like dying a thousand times over these past two years, but I fought my way through this battle. And I’m still standing. I am alive. I am not with my twin. He wants nothing to do with me, but I am still alive and I love myself and I’m ready to accept true love into my life. It had nothing to do with him in the end.

    It had to do with me. He mirrored how fearful I was of love. He mirrored that I didn’t love myself. Since I love myself, I no longer if he ever “comes back.” I don’t care anymore. The man who loves me will never run from me. The most important part is I finally stopped running from myself.

    If you’re looking for books to help you heal on your journey, read Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Cyndi Dale, Wayne Dyer, Iyanla Vanzant, Eckhart Tolle.

    Good vibes and blessings to you all.

  47. So you were the chaser, huh? Not nice. He will if he’s your twin and he’s running. Probably when you’ve healed and are strong in yourself. Would it still hurt if he rejected you? I would add Dr.David Hawkins. Well done. The path is an absolute beast.

  48. I don’t know if anyone will read this but if you do, I feel the same way you do. When you invest so much time and energy and find out you have to walk away….It’s extremely painful. I am now in a depression and seem to cry through out the day for no reason. It’s like I’m in a dark hole at my lowest with no way out. I feel completly alone. Here’s the only thing you can do. Our thoughts create reality so, live in the moment only. We are sad when we have no hope for the future. Try not to look at tomorrow and pretend you only have today. Things will turn around.

    • @Susan How long have you been going through this? When did you separate?

      I have utilized many different methods to heal and rebuild myself. When you’re going dealing with a Twin Flame connection, you have to try whatever you can and see what works best.

      The two things that worked the best for me were healing crystals and ritual work. I personally think candle magick is extremely effective in making changes within yourself and your environment.

      Hematite, a stone, was incredibly grounding and lessened my anxiety and devastating feeling of loss. I wore a beaded bracelet. I highly recommend this stone to anybody. The Egyptians called it the “worry stone.”

  49. I’m going through the same, but then I took the advice I read here and elsewhere: STOP CHASING, and become a whole person.

    It’s hard to do, as part of Me didn’t want to let go because it was such a sweet memory, and somehow I thought the pain of Longing made me kinda special and chosen, but I keep my longing alive for the infinite, and let go of my love for a person — as my Teacher said, “Express Your Love, then MOVE ON!!”

    (They’ll come back, but the moving on has to be AUTHENTIC, I feel, so that we don’t even want/care if they come back)

    Make sense?

    • please help me to do this.
      I have had the TF dance with this guy for over 45 yrs. this is the third time is has run….I am so afraid to let go I try but I get sick when I do …….I don’t know how to do it as u say authentically, help me please this pain is too much for too long……………..

      • @ Debbie: You can do this! It’s all about taking back the power. This is your time to get strong. You can’t take this personally. He is not running from you. He’s running from himself. Put the focus back on you. What feelings are coming to the surface? What issues are being triggered within you? Write them down. These need to be healed. Your twin is showing you the pieces within you that are broken. This is your time to heal them. You are stronger than you think or give yourself credit.

      • Monique thank you for that u put it perfectly and like none one else has put it I know all of that but the way u said it made it more clear thank you,,,,,,,,,,i will try…….Debbie

      • @ Debbie Tell yourself that you’re taking back the power. Look in the mirror as you say it. Believe it. Do this every day. Before you know it, you will be strong. Buy a hematite bracelet. It will help ground your energy. You will feel stronger and more balanced. Do not let this Twin Flame connection imprison you. You have the power to prevail. The connection does not own you. Don’t ever forget that. His actions are his actions. Do not let his actions destroy all the beauty and inner strength within you.

      • Monique thank you once again for your reply I will try and do all u say its funny as you said about the hematite braclet I did not know they were for strenghth at one time I had wanted to buy my TF a ring made of hematite.
        THank so much for taking your time with me it means a lot to me……….

    • This makes so much sense. I am a chaser. And the everyday pain is just hurting like nothing I have ever felt.
      But it makes sense, one only runs away if they are being chased.
      If you stop chasing, they eventually will stop running, and hopefully, they will come back to your light.
      At least i hope that is how it works.

  50. a female once, long ago, when I was first experiencing the pain of giving in, only to be rejected…told me that there was a classic story in literature (I don’t recall the name) in which the female spent many long years in mourning over her separated TF, only to meet him in opportunity many years later and decide that the kind, stable, supportive man she was with at the time was the better choice.

    I remember vehemently opposing the idea, my soul raged and cried at it due to my newborn state…but it appears that I am now there. I know if he and I were in the same room at the same time, the flush would rise to my face and my eyes would pour out the soul I believe him to know. OTOH, fuck him.

  51. What if we’ve misunderstood, and having met our other half we’ve lost sight of the purpose of the split. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe the purpose is to gain more knowledge and experience. Also I’ve come to think that, rather than one split into two, we are two split into four, so that two can manifest in each individual. To be clear, I mean that perhaps twin flames are two separate souls who decided to share a lifetime together so that they would never be apart and experience all of life together, doubling everything for each. This explains the communication that goes on sometimes, seemingly without the others knowledge or participation. It also explains what is meant by the merge of the male and female, where it is taking place within each individual. Hopefully after this merge, and a predetermined gain in experience, knowledge, and whatever else is needed in each, the two can reunite physically. But maybe not in all cases? Who knows. Just a theory on something I think about constantly ❤ ! When you consider this theory, think of what is going on for you in the others life. Think of what you might be gaining, if it is true and you are sharing in that life and those experiences, where curiously it is usually the opposite of what you are experiencing in yours. It's trippy, I know, but no more so than the theory of one split soul. For me right now it seems fitting. Mine may read this, and I wonder what he would think could be gained for him on my side of things. I can't see that. I only see it from my side ❤

  52. we are not with our twins cause our Ego’s are stopping it! theres no other reasons.the ego knows that the twin is the only one who can kill it.therefor it runs.theres no way twins can be together if the ego is alive.the relationship wont work.it will be disasters galore

  53. Im a guy.
    And I feel like she is the runner.
    I know exactly how you feel. It isn’t an easy thing.
    One thing I learned though which broke my heart is that not every Twin Flame is destined to unite completely IN LOVE. Sometimes there are instances where circumstances make it impossible to be together. I spoke to someone who stated that the ultimate gift from your Twin is not necessarily love, the gift of your Twin is to TEACH you about yourself. So that you can be complete and whole.
    At least thats what I was told.
    I personally do not know what the future holds for me. I love her with all of my being. And this soul reave has left me broken and crying inside.
    But the one most important thing i have learned is this, LOVE your Twin, UNCONDITIONALLY. Whether or not you end up as Soul Mates (which is entirely different!) is up to Fate and his “twin” sister, Destiny.
    Just trust in a Higher Being to guide you on the right path.
    I wish you well. I wish all of us well who ‘know’.
    For some it is a beautiful journey.
    For others, lonely one.
    But for everyone, no matter what, and no matter how you look at it, even if it does not feel like it, it is a blessing.


  55. Dear All,

    I thought I’d bring in an anti-dote to the usual Twin Flame (if it’s not fake) drama about when will he come when will She come.

    There’s a great spiritual teacher named Dvorah Adler who has done a couple of videos on this:

    and an audio:

    (Where is my soul mate?)


    Just so You know, I am the chaser and I’ve gone through this whole drama. Sometimes the feelings get overwhelming, but just remember that our Beloved is god and the twin soul, however magical, is really just a playmate, an icing on the cake to our sweet delicious peace that we are.

    So surrender, trust, and forget about waiting to be happy until he or she comes back.

    With affection,

    • I just want to day that my Twin flame who I have loved for 46 years chose to cross over to the other side rather than not be with me, he couldn’t leave his family it was complicated our contract this time around was for it to be like this I know but it is horrible yet……I feel him with me move than ever and he sends e all kinds of signs, it is awful God is good and keeps me sane, I sometimes I just can’t believe its true

      • This message u delivered spoke volumes of my own life on this path of the TF connection. I found mine on Facebook, we had been friends for 2 years but just discovered this year that we’re Twin Souls. We started have intense conversations in January if this year and by May we finally met in person. We ended having sex and it was magical, but recently its like the fire between us has died and he has started running. I was giving chase but now tired. He obviously could no long take the flaws he saw in me bcuz it was his reflection he saw of his same flaws. I am a work in progress, I have been doing inner work and he and I both started doing rituals. He occasionally tells me he loves me, but he hurts my feelings when he talks about all the women he talks to who want him. I’m tired of trying to compete with the other women and on too of that he is married with 2 daughters. I truly love him but I had to cut him off, no more phone calls and I deactivated my Facebook page so he can’t try to contact me they the inbox. I am so done with this chase until he can do more inner work bcuz his light has died and he has drained my energy with his running. I am focused on me now and I’m still doing my inner work so if the Universe wants me to reconnect with him I will but I will be stronger than ever and hopefully he follows suit bcuz I refuse to put up with his bullshit and I will end up being the runner so he can see how painful it feels.

  56. At the risk of touching upon a very old discussion, I leave my comment here.

    It is good to see so many twin-flames pour their heart out and help the fellow twin-flames by expressing their solidarity that no one is alone on this path. I wrote my observations on this divine-orchestrated connection here: http://mamatacheers.blogspot.in/2015/08/there-is-no-light-at-end-of-tunnel-its.html, since it is not possible to write the same in the scope of a comment here.

    Those interested, may please take a look.

    @TheEternalBliss: Firstly, congrats for your blog and all the work you have been doing so far. It’s a magnificent thing to be able to bring a group such as this onto a common platform and inspire them to discuss. It takes immense courage and faith in self to write an honest account about some thing so complex as a twin-flame connection. My utmost appreciation to you and I wish you well for your future. 🙂

  57. I totally relate to this. my tf left two 3 months ago and was very mean. I waited 16 years for him to return and feelings were stronger than ever. I have never been more heartbroken and hopeless. Life made sense and now doesn’t. I can barely write this…I am just praying and trying to let go of him. I know he loves me and is in horrible pain also and it breaks my heart to think we may never be together again. Maybe I made a mistake? I must have work to do? Peace

    • Hi Anna. I have worked on a spiritual level with t.v. connections and the more experience I have, the more I know that there are fat to many people waiting for many years for the tf return or change. In my experience it is very rare for them to be together. You have to ask yourself if you had not heard of the tf connection would you accept someone who treats you badly? All I can say to people who are waiting around is try and forget them and move on with your life. You deserve to be happy and you are worth far more than to be treated this way. Your lesson is to learn to love yourself and know you deserve the best. I know this may sound harsh but I’ve experienced the connection waited around for a guy I was told was my tf for 5years. The relationship was cruel and so was he. I then met someone else and was told he was my tf. I wasted another 5years in a relationship that was one sided. The best advice I was given which felt harsh at the time was if my tf wanted to be with me and loved me he would be knocking on the door! I do feel the connection exists but it is very rare for tf to be together. It is a spiritual link, not a relationship one! Please don’t waste any more of your life waiting for. Something that may not happen. Blessings

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