Why Twinflames Argue



The Argumements and Fights between twinflames start in the beginning of the third phase, After they’ve been together for a while.

You’ll notice that none of you can actually ever ‘win’ an argument… you just keep throwing words at each other.
That’s because your twinflame is your other self.
Imagine arguing with yourself standing in front of a mirror.
Your behaviour is perfectly reflected back to you. The Image won’t stop until you do.

The arguments between twinflames, in this phase, don’t really have any meaning. You’ll argue at almost anything (Nothing of which, by the w ay, will matter once this phase is over).
These arguments actually have a very deep reason…

This actually has the main purpose of clearing all the ‘Karma’ and negativity that we’ve accumulated over the hundrends and thousnds of incarnation.
The mind, however, doesnt really understand this divine purpose.
(And that’s why we don’t like this when it happens)

Your Twinflame, like a mirror, reflects all that you hold inside you.
This includes things which you might not even know are inside you.

What we consciously know about ourselves is normally only what we’ve been in this present incarnation as a human being.
The present incarnation is only one of our many incarnations which we do not consciously remember. Most of us have had thousands of human incarnations since we first came to this planet.
Now, we carry from many of these incarnations, some ‘residue’, in the form of negative emotions and feelings or negative belief patterns.
These hold us back from rising up to higher energy levels and fully enjoy ‘being’.

This process of accumulating this negativity basically began from the pain of separation from our twinflames from the First Split.
And since then we’ve been collecting layers and layers of this in our soul memory.

The conscious mind only knows whats happening in the present incrnation. The soul memory is generally not accessible to the conscious mind. We have, in a way, a new mind for each incarnation but the soul memory remains the same, always.

Our twinflame, being another part of our soul, reaches the very depths of our being.
The accumulated negativity that has been sitting there for thousands of years gets shaken up so that it can come to the surface and be released or transmuted into Love.
This is necessary in the last incarnation of twinflames as these layers must be released and transmuted in order for the soul to move to another level of existence.

Your twinflame pulls out all that is deep inside you to the surface for resolution.
This is a truly divine process through which twinflames cleanse each other and clear out anything that is not love.

To the conscious mind, which doesnt understand the deep meaning of this, these arguments and fights seem confusing and troublesome.

You might at this point start blaming your twinflame for making you feel terrible all the time…
In reality it is not your twinflame or the arguments which make you feel this way… It is the layers of residue which you are releasing.
Your twinflame is only bringing them out on the surface.

We are not used to this and consciously don’t realize what is happening. This is something that only a twinflame really does with this great intensity .
Other people and karmic relationships do help us release some of these layers but a twinflame really stirs them all up.

This causes confusion in the mind.
You might think your twinflame is making you feel all this because you don’t know that it is actully carried by you.
The twinflame energy is like a shower of Love. It washes away all that is not love from your being.
( but to be washed away, it has to first become visible and come to the surface)

Your mind might doubt this truly sacred Love in this period of time because you think love (or someone who loves you) can never make you feel this way.
Understand, that this is a Twinflame’s love. The deepest that there is… not only on Earth but in the entire universe.
This is your other self who cleanses you from deep within where no one else can ever reach in the way that a twinflame can.

You soul knows this. Your mind doesnt understand it, specially while its happening, and gets very upset and confused.

This is the reason that people say a twinflame relationship is, along with being the most beautiful one, the hardest of all.

Yes, It can be hard… as you are releasing layers of thousands of years of residue from within you…
But know that this a part of the Sacred twinflame relationship which ultimately only benefits both of you 🙂


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  1. patience, patience and acceptance are the best sate of mind. thanks for the articles to make us understand more this unique and divinely love.

  2. Thanks for this great article. My twin and I are going through this phase and your description of the states of mind are spot on…came across this looking for answers and you provided them. Sharing it with my twin now. Thanks!

  3. She always want to fight and create as much drama as possible and it pisses me off. Almost every day a new barrage of insults. Where can I get a new Twin, my one is broken?

  4. We were together for a short while, then the awful dance. Separation, but we’ve switched roles at long last. Running I can deal with. Thank God; I’m sick of her antics. If you want to know more, email me, just don’t post the address.:) Are you a twin?

  5. My twin recently left – he left telling me i was his best friend, soul mate, etc and that we would talk again – he has been gone for almost a month (retired to a different state) and I have yet to hear from him. I miss him so much and wonder if he will ever get to this stage. He is so dear to my heart and I feel that could wait a lifetime for him to come back, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life waiting and he never returns. I have no desire for another. He is it – he is the one I was waiting for….there is no room for anyone else- sigh. I texted him today and never heard back. Praying for him. Missing him. Loving him.

  6. I already know this.. Smh a shame my REFLECTION didn’t hear me when I spoke of this..

  7. I met my twin online. initially he was just the guy i wanted and later we argued so much ! he is sick of it although i know it has a deeper meaning but how do i explain it to him? he will think i’m crazy. we don’t talk anymore i know he will come back one day but will it be too late? will he ever realize because we hardly spent time together

  8. I have been in a relationship, which is described by the most to be ‘toxic’. After reflecting back I think that he might be a sociopath. I would like to know more about sociopathy in this context.

  9. I would like to add that he was my first love for whom I was even ready to go beyond my own limits.

  10. It’s terrible. I have been crying all night and morning because of the terrible argument. I feel so much pain inside. Begging to anything to stop my heart from loving him, he hurt me so bad this time. It has never been this bad.
    This article does give me some peace but I am beyond confused towards him and “how he could do this to me”.
    And above all that, I sound like a real dramaqueen which annoys me.

  11. the problem i have with my twin flame is hard for me to understand and deal with. its clear he loves me unconditionally and only me, we feel the same we are only for each other. very long story just adding we are aware of our love, meditate together, share the most crazy happy experiences. but i think i may be more ahead of him spiritually still, for his whole life before we met 3 years ago, he just does what he wants what makes him happy. also meaning he has had sex with over 300 girls in his lifetime. he still wants variety while with me, although hes been realizing its not fun like it used to be. but he still tries. its hard on me because i know nothing can compare to us, no girl can be better than me or make him feel like i do. but its still the fact he talks to them and still wants that. this probably makes no sense to an outsider, and i dont think i worded everything how i should have. but either way experiencing this right now

  12. Its great to hear success stories…. however, this painful, hurtful situation in my life is quadrupled and complicated further because of the geographical distance, hes in the military. We haven’t argued or caught …yet! Just this constant dance and pattern. I cant take anymore, I just want the hurt to stop now, the obsessives with trying to get to grip with this whole twin thing, now I need rest !!! In fact I just want this to stop.
    Question, do twins have to experience everyone of these levels!!!!?

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