What are Twinflames?

The concept of twinflames is becoming more apparent now as We are moving into a new era… a new world with higher frequency levels..
And These higher frequencies are actually pulling together twinflames from all around the world…

Twinflames are the female and male aspects of a complete being or a ‘soul’.

Each soul is created as a balanced and complete being in the beginning… containing both the masculine and the feminine energies.

As these complete souls descended to Earth in order to experience form, they literally split into two parts, one of which carries the masculine energy of that particular soul and the other carries the feminine energy.

These two parts became two wholes, and not two halves, of the complete being that they originally were.
They are perfect complements of each other as they carry the same energy in a complementary form.
They then experienced form through many incarnations on the planet in separate bodies, as separate beings, and were supposed to reunite again when life on earth was experienced fully and then move on… maybe to some other plane of existence…
But in this process of experiencing form, they kind of ‘got lost’ in the way

Twinflames are souls with the exact same frequency structures or blueprints. These structures come from and are the essence of your the soul that they originally were. This structure or essence is unique to each complete soul and therefore can be found nowhere else other than in your twinflame.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet has described this in her book ‘Soulmates and Twinflames’ by giving the example of snowflakes
The essence of the soul can be compared to snowflakes
Each and every snowflake is made up basically of the same substance (water) but each has a unique structure which can never be found in any other. The exact structure of one snowflake is only created once and can only be seen in that particular snowflake.
The essence of the soul is very similar to this,
Each and every soul is made up of the same substance (light)
but each soul has its own special essence which makes it unique. This exact essence is to be found nowhere else in the cosmos… in all of creation…
Twinflames, who are the two parts of ONE soul… both carry this unique essence in them.
What this means is that They are the exact replicas of each other, the only difference being that one carries the masculine energy and the other carries the feminine energy… both of One essence.

This oneness is what makes them ‘fit’ perfectly together.
In a twinflame relationship in the human form, this oneness is very prominent and is strongly felt.
You just know that no one else could be what your twinflame is to you… and there is a strange sense of similarity which you feel.
Even if you have no idea what twinflames are or maybe haven’t even heard the word before, when you meet your twinflame, you always have this feeling, you know deep inside that they are somehow very ‘special’ for you.

This can be a little difficult to explain in words… but If you have met your twinflame, you know what I mean.

If you haven’t met your twinflame, Imagine this
If you were of the opposite gender, think of how you would feel and act and behave in particular situations…
You would be different yet the same.

For example, If you are a man, Imagine yourself being a woman and having to choose between say diamonds or pearls…
Now imagine what you would pick for yourself (being a woman)
Now come back to being your own gender. Ask yourself what you think looks better on women.
You’ll see that the answer will be the same both times. If you, as a man, like diamonds on women, you would choose to wear diamonds If you were a woman.
Get the drift?
This example of course is very general and simplified. The actual experience is much more complex.
The point here is to explain that your twinflame is basically yourself in the opposite energy form.

The power of twinflames, when united is much more than one can imagine…
Together they become the whole soul that they originally were and each soul carries the power of the God from which it was created.
When twinflames come together, they can access this endless power to create whatever they want for themselves, and they can access the endless love of God, and all of Love’s peace and Joy.

The concept of twinflames is not new… It has been around for Years… The understanding of the concept, however, has started spreading among people only recently… in the last decade or so.


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  1. I’m in love with your website! I hope it keeps going on and growing! The Runner and the Chaser posts really spoke to me…actually I find this whole website so enlightening!

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Ana… I’m glad it helped 🙂

  3. Leeanne Pokere

    Thank you Universe for sending me this Taonga (Gift), am still mesmerized everyday by
    the Deliverance of what I need to know. Thank you for the Blessing of your website. Am an avid follower, amazing detailed info. When the Akona ( student) is ready the Kaiako ( Teacher) appears. Truly Grateful & Humbled to be alive. Arohanui Leeanne x

  4. twin flames… would it still be possible to meet your twin flame even if you are already married?

  5. if so.. what would be its purpose?

  6. I can’t tell if I’m hearing my twin flame or myself. I seem to be able to do a good “impression” of him in my head and it ends in confusion with discussions we had only to talk to him later and he tells me my brain made that conversation up. I’m so confused. I don’t know where to turn.

  7. Julian.. the twinflame is here to kill your ego.once your ego is dead you wont even need your twinflame, trust me.The real true love is within you, and no one else can give you that, its unconditional.you want your twinflame because you are brocken.Heal.. Hea good, the greatest love is within you.

  8. Hello Theeternalbliss
    How are you doing? We haven’t heard from you in awhile…I hope you are doing fine … You have created a great website that has brought many people from all over the world together to share their experience and journey. This was the first website I found that explained things in simple terms after I met my twin flame a little over a year ago. It inspired me to start my own and dig deeper for more information. I don’t crave him anymore… Kudos to you :-)… Let us know how you are doing… We want to hear from you…

    • I’m doing fine DivineGrace… things are not going as i want them to be… but i’ve learnt to accept life as it is… thats all i’ll say for now… I’m glad you like this blog… and hope you’re doing well 🙂

      • Thanks for replying. I am glad you are fine… We are all in this together… I know it’s hard. Some days I am fine and other days I know I am crazy but I am still holding on to the little sanity I have left. It will all make sense in the end… To know love is to know pain. Peace and blessings. 🙂

  9. That second to last paragraph is exactly what I am in search of learning. I have recently met my other half and I can tell you we can make some crazy things happen but I don’t understand quite how it works, its like we have to feed off each others feeling and things to create the reality before us.. Can you help explain any of this?? THANKS AND MUCH LOVE!!

  10. I need someone who is very intuitive to help me out here. I am so lost and need help with my current true love connection. My email: rozenblad_rachael@yahoo.com

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