The Runner and the Chaser

The Runner and the Chaser are the roles that twinflames take after the previous part of this phase of the relationship .

The Arguments and Fights cause a lot of confusion between twinflames as they are usually not spiritually enlightened and don’t consciously know what is happening.
These arguments, in reality, have a deep meaning and benefit both partners… As explained “”

But now the conscious mind doesn’t understand all this… and so, The running and the chasing begins…

One of the Twinflames, usually the man, becomes ‘The Runner’.

The Runner tries to escape all the confusion by running away from the twinflame relationship…
He does that because he feels that he ” just can’t take it “.
If you ask the runner, he won’t have any specific reason for running. He just doesnt know whats happening, feels like he’s losing control of himself and just feels kind of irritated for no reason. He hasn’t been through anything similar ever before and doesnt know what to do.
So, as a sort of a natural defence mechanism, the mind tells him to run. And so he does.
He tries to avoid the twinflame, and might sunndenly end the relationship in a very abrupt manner.

The other twinflame, usually the woman, now takes the rΓ΄le of ‘The Chaser’
She gets deeply hurt and shocked by the unexpected behaviour of the Runner, and tries to ‘get him back’
The Chaser is driven by the inner knowing that everything will be all right at some point.
She tries to get the runner to resolve the issues and does all that she possibly can.
The Chaser also gets very confused and might act in a way that seems almost ‘crazy’…
She fears losing him ( because she already has in many previous lives ), is deeply hurt already, and she’s also feeling the twinflame love which is as deep as love can get, really…
This creates an emotional chaos which gets very overwhelming for the Chaser.
She also has no idea what is happening and all she wants is to get the runner back. So she starts chasing him…

This chasing only makes the runner run more…
The Chaser then comes to an extremely painful point where she shatters completely and has no idea where to go.
That’s when the Spiritual truth begins to unfold..

The Chaser starts looking for information about what has happened because she knows its not something that can be considered ‘normal’.
And that ultimately leads to enlightenment.

The comes the waiting period for the Chaser. Thats when the Runner is still running and the Chaser has realized the reality of this Sacred relationship.
The Chaser has to wait for the runner to come back.
That, considering the emotional state of the Chaser at this point and the depth of Love that she feels, Is very hard to do.
The Chaser might try to make the runner realize whats happening now, or might just wait for him to realize it on his own (that’s if they are completely out of touch or if the runner is not willing to talk or listen)

The runner keeps running and tries to move on in life (which can, sadly, go on for years)… but ultimately realizes that the twinflame IS his life πŸ™‚
The runners enlightenment happens when he receives a ‘soul-shock’ when the Chaser finally gives up and, in a way, walks out of his life.
[ OR it can happen naturally over time ]

That’s when both of them Reunite after having realized the Spiritual reality and that’s where their ‘Happily ever After’ begins…


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  1. This hit me like a brick…. made me cry… resonates with me, oh so much…. ty x

    Hello Eternal Bliss, I found an article that detailed the twin soul/ twin flame union. Just wanted to share it. It has helped me understand the twin flame union a lot more. Anyways, love and blessings.

  3. Beautiful! And so true!!

  4. I couldnt relate anymore than i can at the moment. Im in tears and im so glad i found truth about this craziness that is happening. The runner runs away in such an odd moment. This post is beyond divine. Thank you

  5. I have no words… (and that never happens..) You have described my life’s biggest challenge yet to a “T”…. I have been searching and searching for a way to grow, to let go and to continue on my enlightened path, and this is it!! If I explained my whole story, I would only be repeating this article, verbatim…. He is still running, and I am still “waiting” as I have understood the importance of my souls mission in this lifetime of patience and of the dedication and loyalty to self that my soul needs me to experience this time around- yet, that lack of self-value has left me in my own shadow. I recognized his leaving was a result of my enlightenment, and the lows I go through from the pain of him being gone try to trick me into believing that my own spiritual enlightenment caused me this pain, and that had I stayed “asleep,” he would still be here…. That doubt has vanished now that I read this article. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  6. Turns out I did have a few words πŸ™‚

  7. 5 years of running (him) and me chasing. I gave up in 2011 for a year and here he is running yet again. I am over it already and so done chasing him. lf we come together, so be it. If not, so be it. I am off this ride!

  8. So in this what makes the runner run? The root of why they run is more significant to make them stop running. The chaser is chasing what exactly? these are powerful reasons for any of the above said experience but the truth of the root of what is caused is where this points! Is this not what this points to?

  9. james coltan cave

    sounds exactly like what im going through. we’ve dated twice. between that we had taken a month long break were i waited. dated for a total of 7 months and it seems like every time she breaks up with me its when everything starts to get better and real. a couple weeks after we broke up though i found that her and one of my best friends kissed during the break. (we had all been a close group of friends in my theater class and they were honestly more like bother and sister that anything) my friend did allot to prove how bad he felt and offered to stop being friends with her but i said its fine. and she constantly tried to get us to talk about it until i agreed. so i believe it was just a weird moment. plus she really is not that kind of girl. i know her family well….at least did anyway. anyway my friend talked to her after she texted me saying “she missed me and she doesn’t know what that means” she said she doesn’t want to get back together and that her missing me is just a normal effect of a long relationship. the thing is though that we had so many intimate moments that you would have to be mental to not notice what this relationship was. hell we both are virgins and we knew we were getting close to experiencing losing that with each other. i thought that she would rather do something like that with me because i really did show her that she could trust me and that i do care about her but like i said, when everything started getting comfortable and better, yet again she ended it. its been two months since we have broken up. everything about this page gives me hope but it is really hard to believe at times. also on the side note i am always the one trying to fix things and am always the one fighting for our relationship and am always fighting for her. but i have stopped. i stopped when she broke up with me the 2nd time.

  10. She’s running for a reason james. Ahh, that is lovely! Find out why she keeps on breaking up with you. Just ask her dude. Straight up. ‘This seems like bullshit dear’. With a smile. Don’t say that angry and all threatening. How old are you two? A breaks a break. Still, pretty scuzzy of your ‘best friend’ to do that man. How would you act if the roles were reversed. I wouldn’t immediately start macking on my best friend’s ex, terrible behaviour.

  11. Can’t be bothered writing that out again. Yes, I want friendship Cairo and to explore this mental thing as friends. All I know about you is that you like puzzles, are crap at archaeology and holiday in Europe.

  12. I met my twinflame on Twitter. We’ve never met but I know him like myself. It was incredibly intense second day of talking to him.4th day he got in a car accident and I thought I’d never see him again.I cried like I had known him my whole life.2days later we talked and it was euphoric.when we were together the whole world drifted away.yet..we would fight and come back together over and over..we couldn’t stay away from each other..he had a girlfriend but it didn’t seem to matter to either of us even tho he’d never cheated before and I’d nevrr been that girl.thisall happened within a was super crazy fast and beyond intense.question is this..I betrayed him…I lied about my age when we first talked not thinking I was ever gonna talk to him again.was stupid..I finally told him.he will never forgive me.hates me.but is he still the runner if I caused him to leave.prior to telling him I did definitely see signs of his pulling the few weeks since it happened. After I cried like I thought I was dying..a couple days ago I realized I needed to move on.I felt such love and joy from this revalation.yesterday he started talking to my close friend from Twitter that I have been helping with her own issues.which he knows how incrediblly important she is to me.he says he wants to be friends wit her.why now? I’m so confused.and now that she has been a contact thru him…I’m crying again. I feel like I-m back to square one.

    • We met on line on line and spend many sleepless nights talking for hours as if we had known each other forever. The similarities and the way in which we perceive the world is uncanny. I never felt love and a longing on such a deep level. We been wanting to meet to ground our relationship but I became fearful. Emotionally and Spirituality, it’s draining, I cry uncontrollably for reasons unbeyond to me when I often think of him. Understandably, I maybe falling in love with his heart and ways but am I healing too or going absolutely crazy. I know this isn’t normal and on times very confusing. Can anybody identify with what I’ve been going through?

      • Yes.very much.its been 5 months since the separation and he will not forgive me.but since the separation strange things started happening and I can feel his emotions…happy..sad..I can feel the grief in my heart chakra.I can feel the sexual connection.I can feel when he’s thinking of me.because of the separation I am emotionally connected to him whether I want to be or not.I love him beyond words and am coming to terms with life without him.its hard but I send him my love and know my path is not his may never be.I am the spiritual awakened one.he’s only 18 so he doesn’t really understand why he can’t forget about me tho I know he wishes he could.he won’t talk to me so I can’t ask him if he realizes the feelings he gets are not his own.

  13. The cat video is WEIRD! Lately I have been thinking of my twin flame in terms of my rescue feral Patches, who without fail runs whenever I approach him. But he snuggies up to me as soon as I stop chasing.

  14. What if the runner is still running. The chaser is waiting . And then the chaser in that period meets someone else and goes for him. Will the runner be back? Will she still get her twin flame back? She cant stay single till he is back right? She is hurt.

    • To stay single or not till he returns is a personal choice. There is no ‘right or wrong’ answer to this. Your twinflame, ultimately, IS supposed to come back… but they will never create chaos in your life… So if you decide to get into a relationship with someone else and are happily settled, your twinflame might come back as a really special friend… or he might come back after your other attachment is over… but whatever happens will happen in a good way. The best way to decide whether or not to get into another relationship is to listen to your heart! Just do what you feel is best for you πŸ™‚

  15. If this soul mate and twin flame thing exists, then why does it take so long to play out. When you both know you have that connection. I’m tired of this shit, its not possible to have so much pain after so many years and still trying to figure it out.

  16. I am the chaser. My twin flame freaked over some “baggage” he was carrying and has pushed me away. After realising this was “different from other relationships” on 29/11 last year, we have dealt with so many synchronicities. I even went to his home town at other end of country throughout childhood, and we worked for same firm years ago. So many spooky moments and he’s always said there’s forces at work we can’t explain. Then I set off a trip wire and he’s freaking and hasn’t spoken to me in phone since 28/3. I’m broken inside. I’ve tried to email and record messages for him to listen to. But he’s ignoring me. All the hurt got too much during April. Crying every day and knowing this isn’t your average relationship. It never has been. Nov-Mar was bliss. Perfection. And then nothing.
    Reading this article, it has surprised me in touching a chord with me.
    I’m definitely the chaser and this week, I’ve walked away. I can’t take the Hurt or the Pain.
    I just hope he realises what we have.
    He’s part of me and I don’t know how I’m supposed to carry on.
    But life has to. And I miss him.

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    The Runner and the Chaser dynamic in twin flames explained.

  18. I honestly had no idea what was going on or how to understand my currently overwhelming relationship- until I found the concept of twin flames and soulmates. I am seventeen, and my boyfriend and I had found each other a year ago. We both knew we were too young to have found our soulmates, but it was too late. I was always more apprehensive, and more so took on the role of the runner for the most part of the relationship. I developed toxic and ugly habits to subconsciously try and drive him away, but he kept me together and kept us together. He called me out on my crap, and has always been more than what I could ever think of needing.

    About a month ago, he tried to take some space to focus on other areas of his life. He didn’t intentionally try to run or shut me out, but then he got consumed in this space. He told me that if he starts spending any time with me again, he will feel too much and he can’t deal with it right now. He says he has to shut me out completely because any amount of me would open up too much for him. I chase him like a madwoman, but in the midst of my insanity, I have had some of the most profound revelations that have not been fully realized until I read about this. Our situation is very intense and complicated, but I am terrified of him needing to run for years. He said he thinks we should seperate for a year or two but we didn’t end on good terms. We ended on these desperately ugly terms and I can’t bear that.

    If he takes years, how could I just take him back and love him as if he’d never hurt me? Would he fight to make it all up to me, and make me feel secure with him again? Or will my wanting some apology or something to prove he loves me just start more tension and another fight that will drive him away again? I don’t want to spend years with a part of myself always waiting on him, I just want to end with good terms and a guarantee to the life we promised to work for together. I feel like I am too young to be burdened with the weight of missing a twin flame and I don’t know how I will live these important years of my life to the fullest when I have no idea what he is living through in his life. I’m fine with living seperately- I am moving cities anyway- and finding our own path for the next year or so, but I can’t do that with him completely cutting me out of his life.

    Advice? I am sorry for the lengthiness of this comment hahah.

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