Phase Two – A Glimpse of Heaven

This is the phase when you meet your twinflame for the first time (in this incarnation).
You soon find yourself getting attracted towards the Twinflame unexpectedly.
You might try to resist at this point but you will fall for him/her anyway.
Then comes a short period of ‘perfection’. This is a period of a perfectly harmonious relationship between you and your twinflame. Everything seems to be beautifully divine.

This is what I like to call A Glimpse of Heaven

What happens In this Phase –

– The first meeting
You’ll meet your twinflame in unusual circumstances or at some unexpected place.
[A place where you would not expect meeting your life partner/soulmate]
This can be anywhere from The street to the grocery store to the phone or the Internet.

You might not consciously be ready to meet ‘The One’ at this point of time, But what really matters is the readiness of the soul, not really of the mind…

You’ll find this person somehow ‘special’ at this point. Even though you might not even think of them as a partner.
You will immediately know that they are ‘different’ from everyone else… even though you might not know why.
You’ll have a feeling of ‘knowing’ this person in a strange and unique way.
These feelings are subtle.. They do come, but we are usually conditioned to trust logic more than anything else… so you might have ignored them at this point. But now that you think about your first meeting with your twinflame you will remember that you felt this way.

The first Meeting is described in detail “”

The Initial attraction
You’ll soon find yourself being attracted to your twinflame after the first meeting.
The first meeting would usually get the thing started.

You’ll stay in touch with the Twinflame in some way after the first meeting.
[ i.e. Unless you are in a Karmic relationship at that time, In case you are, the Twinflame will disappear from your life and return when your relationship has completely ended ]

You might not be ready for a relationship (because of the karmic relationships that you’ve been through) and so you might try to resist this attraction.
You’ll fall anyway. Deeply in love.

I’d personally been the kind of a person who could control emotions easily.
I never expected myself to be attracted so strongly towards someone that I could not resist it.
But then yes… It happened… and that’s when I knew this was meant to be πŸ™‚

– A short period of the most ‘Perfect’ relationship that you’ve ever experienced.
After the initial attraction, You find yourself standing knee deep in a very deeply romantic relationship.
It is seemingly perfect in every possible way.
You’ll find all that you want in your partner and much more.

You feel like you’re on cloud nine for the duration of this phase.
Its simply the best thing ever.

There is a strong feeling of sacredness in this relationship.
It truly feels divine.
You feel connected with God/Creator in a very strong unique way.

This is what the Twinflame relationship is actually supposed to be like.
And this is what it becomes ( if not better ) after you get through the problems that surface in the next phase.

This short period makes you aware of the perfection of yourself and your twinflame nd brings back the memories that were always deep within you. This makes you want to go through the next phase ( which is a little tough ).

Its like a trailer for what your relationship is going to be in phase four, after the reunion…


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  1. but iv found my twin flame. we met randomly and suited eachother straight away. i felt myself falling inlove so quickly.. and so did he. so after 3 weeks we were going out and we lasted 7 weeks as a PERFECT couple. i was in seventh heaven! we knew this was for life.
    i started feeling insecure and became suspicious of his loyalties because i had been cheated on lots of times before and i wasnt letting it happen again.
    but now we are in the crisis/runner phase. he
    was the runner. i was the chaser. but i gave
    up and ended it. we have been broken up for
    almost 2 weeks now. but i know in my heart
    that he misses us. so i am awaiting patiently
    for his return. this website really opened my eyes to my unique relationship.
    i just thought i would share my story so far and i will write again if he comes back.
    wish me luck πŸ™‚

  2. Oh this is an Amazing post! Thank You dearly for writing it! It was soo useful for me to read especially on this day as I’m on my way to twin flame bliss right now β™₯

  3. I feel I have met my twin flame. We have the same qualifications and similar career path. She was my recruitment consultant when I was applying for jobs. My life just changed completely since I first heard from her. After that I did not hear from her for two months after all my interviews. In the mean time, I felt there was a connection between us and she would get back. And in fact she did get back for another role saying the previous job was put on hold. I almost got this job and but I didn’t. I got a very good feedback and she was like she was interested in finding my next opportunity. Should I ask her out or just see how things turn out?

  4. I met mine almost a year ago which seems hard to believe. Yeah we had some tough times for awhile. A lot of ups and downs… I think it’s becoming a better balance now.

  5. So the new store manager seemed mean at first lol. While I was in a meeting she happened to stare into my eyes. At the moment I didnt know why, while she was staring, she didn’t say anything. I feel like she recognized me off guard. That gaze :). Ever since then we have talked on and off and it seems like I’ve known her its so weird.she kind and caring so much more. I just hope things will work their magic.

  6. Hi… I m a bit confused:) help lol:) is it an absolute must to have that perfect stage soon after meeting… What if people are married… Or one of them is in the relationship, and lets say they see each other at work for instance… So they can’t really be dating to experience that perfect stage,,, does that mean that the perfect stage might happen years after they ve known each other? …I seem to be confused about first meeting and union of twin flames… Is union used to mean “first meeting”?… Thanks:)

    • The first meeting is not the union. A lot happens after twinflames first meet before they ‘reunite’ properly. The ‘glimpse of heaven’ stage happens quickly after they meet. If you’re married (to another person) it could just mean feeling amazing around your twinflame, if you’re both single, you’ll probably get into a passionate relationship. You just know that there is something very special about this person. After this stage, bad emotions start to surface and the cleansing process begins… I’ve described all the stages in ‘Phases Of A Twinflame Relationship’ post. In the end when the cleansing is complete, they fully ‘reunite’. This means that they come together and stay together forever, happily and without any baggage.

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