Age Gap between Twinflames

Many of us get confused about the age gap between Twinflames at first…
How can twinflames be of different ages if they were created together? Right?
This requires a bit of an explanation… So I thought I’d make it a separate Topic…

The age of the physical body, our biological age, tells you how long your body has been around.
This has nothing to do with the age of your soul, which is about how long your soul has been around.

Twinflames are created as one Soul.
That happened eons ago (thats millions of years)
After that, they come on Earth at some point in their journey. And that’s when the First Split happened.
On Earth itself, after we separated, We’ve all had thousands of incarnations…

So the physical age of the body is basically just a number for the soul.
The age of the Soul is same for both Twinflames.
The way they think, act, behave… their level of ‘maturity’ and wisedom (at soul level) is same.

The physical age can be different… and for Twinflames this will really not matter at all.

The age gap between the twinflames can be any number of years.
It usually ranges between 20 to 40 years, but I’ve heard of twinflames with age gaps of upto 70 years.

If you think about it, considering all that our souls have been through in the last thousands of years,
Just being together in physical existence together with your twinflame is like a gift.

The ‘numbers’ are of no meaning in a Twinflame relationship…
Your souls have finally resolved all the issues after thousands of incarnations, and are ready to reunite, and be back where they truly belong – Together.
That’s all that really matters.

Twinflames are of the same ‘maturity’ level no matter what the age gap might be.
They can enjoy the perfection of Love even if their ages have, say, a gap of 40 years.
Age will not effect the Twinflame connection in any way. Its always just as beautiful as it can get… no matter what the age gap is.

Having an age gap of 40 years or less is something you should be happy about.
Because then you can enjoy a marital relationship… which truly holds the full essence of Twinflames.
A twinflame is actually the only relationship of its kind at the soul level.
And experiencing the beauty of this wholeness as a married couple in physical form is just amazingly Divine.

The age gap depends on the journey of the soul and on the time that it requires to be ready to come in incarnation together with the twinflame.

If you’ve got a gap of 20 years or less, consider yourself, and your present life, very special.
Because your souls have worked hard to make it all synchronized in this way…
So that you can truly enjoy the connection while being in your physical (human) bodies.

In some cases, the age gap can be upto 70 years (or more).
If your age gap is more than what would be appropriate in order to get married, depending on your location and culture,
You can still enjoy just ‘being’ with your twinflame.
You could be close friends or in any other relationship (like a student teacher one) and still enjoy the beauty of this sacred unity… just in a different way…

This doesn’t make the Twinflame connection any less special or less enjoyble…
Its just that your souls have chosen to experience it in a different way (which is best for your journey).

If the age gap is too much, You might even never be revealed the truth of the nature of the connection…
So that your life can go on smoothly…
I remember I once read about a man in his early 20s or so… He was in a committed relationship with his Girlfriend… They were to get married soon…
He visited an Old age home (thats what it was, as far as I remember) very Often.
He would just sit and talk for hours with his favorite aunt there… a woman who was somewhere in her 90s…
She was his twinflame…
They never knew about this and happily lived their own lives… yet enjoyed the beautiful connection in a unique way…

The point of this is…

Your twinflame comes in your life in the way which is most appropriate for both of you.
You have come to the point where you can enjoy being together… and then ascend together as One after the journey on Earth is complete…
And That is all that really matters


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  1. Just wondering have you noticed the possibility that two people have lead almost parallel lives in terms of their experiences and personalities, continue to have similar experiences after they meet and experience a lot of coincidences after they meet? Are these signs of twin flames meeting? Thank you!

    • yes… twinflames do experience major events in life at almost the same times…
      The coincidences are basically what is called synchronicity… search it up and you’ll find a lot on the subject…

  2. Just thought I would share…I am married to my twin. He was 18 when we married. I was 38. Now he is 20 and I am 40. The first year of marriage was hard…in an egoic, stir up all healing issues fighting sorta of way. Now is peaceful, partnership and harmony. hardest part was coparenting my 2 kids from previous marriage. My husband and twin is like an OLD man with his wisdom and maturity. We do not even notice age anymore. Though on occasion we do get asked if he is my son. Neither one of us would ever have chosen each other…neither of us were each others type..yet nothing could keep us apart! And…hehehehe…I have a 20 year old in my bed EVERY night! 🙂 Got to love it!!!! 🙂

  3. I think that I met my twin flame, but he is almost 33 years older than me. There was that instant intese pull we felt for each other, and we love spending time with each other. We are both in relationships, so I don’t know how far we should go(and we want everything). My realtionship is very good, and I don’t think it is smart for me to leave it, becuase my twin is so old, he won’t be albe to be there for me all life. I am interested what do you think about this, what should we do? What would you do if you had fullfilling relationship and then meet twin flame that is 30+ years older?

  4. Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this
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  5. Have you heard of twin flames being the same age?

  6. My twin was 17 years older than me…I met him once or twice over a couple of years and I just knew there was some bond between us but I didn’t understand it …my husband worked with him for years…when I found out he was sick I felt I just wanted to cry and didn’t understand why I felt like that as I didn’t know him…my husband and I would travel to visit him on weekends and straight away I could feel him reaching out to me…I am NOT a cuddly person…but there were times I just held him like I have never held anyone and it felt like we be longed together…the pull from me to him is something I have never felt…I didn’t care I was going to be there and no one was going to stop me…as the months passed we became very affectionate towards one another…when we were together time would stand still…and we would get annoyed if someone would come in the room…this man I know I gave unconditional love to pass away 18 months ago…I have struggled ….I have NEVER felt physical and emotional pain like this before… So looking for answers as to what this was I was feeling…led me a cross twin flame sites…and it was everything I have read…I can only hope we will be back together some day.

  7. My twin and I are 16 yrs apart we met in the weirdest of circumstances. We started off as friends but the first night I met him he messaged me on fb. As time went on we got closer and closer I was in a unhappy marriage for years to a really great guy but we were living together as friends for our children. My twin said he would never cross the line to be with a married women and I never thought I would break my vows..:(. We could not help it we were so attracted to each other in every way. We texted each other 1000 times a day he met and bonded with my three children. Our physical connection was out of this world it felt sacred and I just knew this was something so special. We parted ways 2 yrs ago for silly reasons. He has moved away and I continue to live my life but I have never been whole again. The last two and half years we have not been able to let go. We get very close to reuniting then he gets scared and runs away. Last night I finally decided to let go and give him the space he needs as I love him so much. We are of different religious backgrounds and very different cultures but we could not resist each other. We finished each other’s sentences and were similar in every way. Both very traditional we have the same astrological sign and our bday are 16 yrs and five days apart. I am the older of the two. He is 29 and we look the same age and we look alike. I know we are twin flames but he does not and the relationship scares him. The last time we saw each he told me how deep his feelings are and how he has tried and no woman compares to me. I only pray that we will be out of the phase soon. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories.. 🙂

  8. Hi Daisy,

    I am a 50 year old woman and my twin flame is 30. We have an extraordinarily difficult, dramatic relationship full of nothing but heartache and pain. Not mainly because of our age difference for I look his age like you look your twin’s age. Very interesting 🙂 Our difficulties are deeply karmic with a lot of trauma, betrayal, torture and murder.

    Our age difference has been baffling us, especially me though, so a few days ago I did some research on the topic. You know what I typed in?: I hate my twin flame! Hahaaaaa! Now that says it all right there… Did I mention we have a very dramatic relationship? Hahaaa! My jaw dropped finding out that having a big age gap and a totally different culture is common for twin flames!

    This is the fourth time we are together! So your reunion with your twin is very much possible! 🙂 I, too, was married when we met. He was 25, I was 45. It was very hard for me to leave my husband because I really loved him… but the pull of my twin flame relationship was very strong.

    In our case I was the one to run after two months. Then he came after me traveling 6,000 miles. Then we came back to his home town from where I ran again after two weeks! Although there was a continuity because we left my state together, I count it as the third time because we moved very far away. Between the third and the fourth time two years went by. We have been together the longest now; it has been 1,5 years! Wow! How did we survive?

    I read it on another web site that it is common for twins to run and reunite multiple times. Bam! My jaw dropped again! They also say that each time it is more and more difficult. I must say it couldn’t be more true. This time around it was so super hard that the only way to be able to be together was to become homeless together! Unbelievable. Especially if we consider that I declined a $60K job just to be with him. He too gave up his circumstances.We are renting an apartment now and we haven’t killed each other yet haha! 🙂

    I hope you are still checking this blog and I hope you find hope in my words 🙂

  9. What if my twin flame is the same age as me… as a spiritual person my instincts feels this way

  10. I have another questions…. I checked mines and my twin flames birth and it said we are not compatible and we won’t work… would this be true

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