True Love – What is it really?

True Love… What is it really? Why do we desire it? Does it even exist in reality or is it just an ‘illusion that we’ve created for ourselves’?

Our history, Legends, religions and Fairy-tales… they all contain stories of True Love… Of the ‘Two who are ONE’…
Of the two… who when united create an energy of Love so powerful, so strong, that nothing in the world can compare to it…

And that Love then becomes a legendary tale of Happiness, of Joy, of Bliss…

And they live ‘Happily ever after’

In the world that we live in today… We’ve come to see this as an illusion… as something that ‘Does’nt exist anymore’
If you think the same way, you are going to be very surprised…

Love has become now, more than ever before, almost a ‘mystery’
There are so many questions in our minds that these legendary tales arise…

Does True Love really exist?
Is it really possible to find the One person who will Love us the way we’ve always dreamed of being loved?
Are these fairytales true or are they just a way of ‘escaping reality’?
If it is real, Is it for everyone?
Am I ever going to find True Love?

The answer to all these questions, simply put, is YES, YES and YES

The reason that your heart is longing and searching for your perfect mate, is because you actually have one…
And this knowlege of their existence is encoded in your DNA…

All of us have a deep seated desire to unite with ‘the one’… To be truly seen, embraced and loved the way we have always imagined… to find the perfect partner, the one made for us… Some part of us deep inside knows this is real, even when we reject the idea consciously…

Have you ever imagined where this longing comes from ?
This is not an illusion created by your mind… It is actually, in a way, the ‘memory’ of your perfect love… which you have experienced, and know it exists…
what We are all looking for, is actually a part of our soul which got separated from us at some point in time… It is the consciousness of our perfect compliment… It is, infact, ourself if a complementary energy form.
And finding this perfect compliment means a lot more than anything you could ever imagine possible… It is finding wholeness at the soul level… a feeling which can never really be described in words…

This partner, who is actually the other half of your soul, is called a ‘Twinflame’
And the desire to find him/her is actually encoded in our DNA… in every cell of our being… and this is what ensures our reunion…
Eternal reunion with ‘the one’… where two souls literally merge together as one… and then there is bliss… eternal bliss…


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  1. This is wonderfully expressed! I agree with the contents of your post. It is amazing that the other half of our soul’s frequency is encoded in our DNA blueprint. Perhaps this is why we often feel so much ‘on the same wavelength’ with the Twin (and with soulmates often).

  2. wow! so is that why there is a runner and a blusher (chaser) haha Cause it’s so overwhelming?

  3. It’s exactly like this when it actually happens. An open heart and devout Faith is what attracted mine.

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