Phases of a Twinflame Relationship

A Twinflame relationship is not all ‘perfect’, as one might expect, especially in the beginning (usually a few years)

After reading or hearing about twinflames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairytale,
the you-find-your-twinflame-and-live-happily-ever-after kind of thing.

It is not.

It is a perfect relationship, but it needs some work from both the partners.

After having been separated from each other literally millions of years ago, both twinflames(of all souls) went through a lot of pain and suffering… and gathered negative emotions in the process.
These take a while to get sorted. And this can be difficult at times.
But you’ll get through it…
Love will take you there…
And then the world is your canvas and you’re the painters…
Together, in love, harmony, in Eternal Bliss

There are, as I see It, Five main phases of a twinflame relationship.
Everyone understands the twinflame relationship differently… and there are no clear timelines or specific periods for any of these phases.
Each differes for every twinflame couple.
I’m giving you this information so that you can understand this relationship better.
There are no rules. And there is no One-size-fits-all in a Twinflame relationship.
Each relationship will be unique, just like each couple.

Having said that,
Here are the Four main phases that usually resonate with all twinflames in some way.

Phase One – The Preparation
This phase comes BEFORE you meet your twinflame.
But I’m counting it as one of the phases as It is very much a part of your Twinflame relationship.

What happens in this phase –

– Karmic Relationships
There are one or few seriously devastating relationships. These begin with strong emotions and end painfully. These are called Karmic relationships.

Emptiness and Strong desire for ‘The One’
After you’ve been through the Karmic relationships, you’ll have a very deep yearning or desire to find ‘The One’.
At this point you will desire meeting your perfect love, whose image you will carry in your imagination (or in some cases in Dreams).
This Image is of your Twinflame, although you probably won’t realize it at this point.
This happens because your soul knows your Twinflame is coming!

Phase Two – The Meeting – A Glimpse Of Heaven

This is the phase when you meet your twinflame for the first time (in this incarnation).
You might try to resist at this point but you will fall for him/her anyway.
Then comes a short period of ‘perfection’.
This is what I like to call A Glimpse of Heaven

What happens In this Phase –

– The first meeting
You’ll meet your twinflame in unusual circumstances or at some unexpected place.
[A place where you would not expect meeting your life partner/soulmate]
You’ll find this person somehow ‘special’ at this point. Even though you might not even think of them as a partner.

The initial attraction
You’ll soon find yourself being attracted to your twinflame.
You might not be ready for a relationship (because of the karmic relationships that you’ve been through) and so you might try to resist this attraction.
You’ll fall anyway. Deeply in love.

A short period of the most ‘Perfect’ relationship that you’ve ever experienced.
After the initial attraction, You’ll find yourself in a deeply romantic relationship.
It will seem perfect in every possible way.
You’ll find all that you want in your partner and much more.

This is what the Twinflame relationship is actually supposed to be like.
And this is what it becomes ( if not better ) after you get through the problems that surface in the next phase.
This short period makes you aware of the perfection of yourself and your twinflame nd brings back the memories that were always deep within you. This makes you want to go through the next phase ( which is a little tough ).
Its like a trailer for what your relationship is going to be in phase four, after the reunion.

Phase three – The Dance – Resolving what is known as the Karma

This is the tough one.
It starts after you’ve been in a relationship with your twinflame for a while.
In this phase, all the accumulated negativity and lower emotions come to surface.
This seems difficult to go through at the human level,
but it is actually a truly divine process in which the Twinflames get deeply cleansed with each other’s help.
This lets them achieve higher energy levels so that they can ascend in bliss together.

This is also the phase where both twinflames get spiritually enlightened…
This is when they search and find the spiritual reality.
If you’re currently in a Twinflame relationship, you’re probably in this phase (As This is the period of time when you usually begin finding information on this).

What Happens in this Phase –

Arguments / Fights
This phase brings many arguments and fights.
This happens because the negativity that each partner is carrying within (usually at a subconscious level) comes to surface.
The twinflame will reflect this like a mirror and so you’ll think its in them, when in reality its in you.
This begins the deep cleansing process.

– The blame game
Each twinflame sees their own negativity and clutter in their twinflame.
Also, deep seated fears and frustrations surface.
So you think Its happening because of the other and start blaming each other.
You consciously might not realize it but this is clearing all your clutter which is a good thing.

The runner and the Chaser.
The arguments and the Blaming causes a lot of confusion (because usually the spiritual process is not understood by the conscious mind, as we are conditioned to trust logic more that feeling)

One twinflame, at this point, takes the role of the ‘Runner’ (which is usually the man)
The Runner tries to avoid the partner and runaway from the relationship.
This happens because the runner doesn’t consciously know what is going on and feels like he’s losing control.

The other twinflame, now, becomes what I call the ‘Chaser’ (usually the woman)
The Chaser is spiritually more aware than the runner at some level and tries to ‘chase’ or ‘run after’ the runner.
The chaser usually wants some sort of commitment at this point. This happens as the chaser subconsciously or consciously wants to get over with this tough phase so that both of them can reunite.

The Chaser is deeply shocked and hurt by the ‘running’ and unexpected behavior of the Runner.
This is when they feel the need to understand what really is happening and so they start searching or reading about it.
This usually leads to the enlightenment of the Chaser.

The Runner becomes spiritually enlightened too, either through the chaser’s conscious effort, Or by receiving a ‘Soul Shock’ when the Chaser gives up and goes away from the Runner Twinflame.

The Phase gets stretched longer the more the Runner runs.
Ultimately, the runner does return and the Karma is finally fully resolved.

Phase Four – The Reunion

This is the phase of the reunion.
This is when the split soul becomes One again.
This happens first at the level of the soul and then in the physical plane (Yes, that’s when you get married, unless, as in rare cases your physical reunion is not a part of the plan)

The reunion happens when both the partners are fully aware of the spiritual reality.

Phase Five – Eternal Bliss – Being LOVE

This is the ‘Happily Ever After’ Phase.
Both Twinflames will be fully spiritually aware and enlightened at this time.
There is perfect love and harmony.
The twinflames now enjoy their Sacred love and Intimacy,
and have the power to create whatever they can imagine…

The world truly becomes their canvas… And they paint it with the colors of Love.

At the end of their journey on Earth, They ascend together…
And go on to experience more…
just like they always have…
In other worlds and other planets… In this universe and beyond…
Together, In love, joy, and Peace
Together, In Eternal Bliss…

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  1. Leeanne Pokere

    Thank you!! Amazingly true!! Blessings & Gratitude x

  2. What happens to the chaser is way casually understated in 100% of all articles, at least with me. My life was destroyed. There was nothing i could do to recover. I am in bed all of the time & get little sleep. I just close my eyes in bed in an ultra deep misery torture that is indescribable, and often have to shake or toss my body around. I now only experience agony & terror there is no mix of good & bad. Fully dysfunctional. I wasted to low weight & am sick daily. No medical treatment works. I cannot do the most basic things any more, and time as no effect. There is no recovery. I break down daily and scream while shaking on the floor after pacing.

    The runner stuff is way understated and is destruction. Its been 8 weeks and its worse with time. Time has no effect. I had nose bleeds, urinated blood once, lost bladder control in terror, stutter when talking, shower once per 3 days, use milk to stabilize weight loss wasting, in endless illness, constant nervousness, have nightmares in what little sleep there is, can do zero cleaning, had instances of heart attack symptoms, cannot change clothes enough, and full on post traumatic stress disorder. I yell out and cry in terror daily when I have flash backs. Solid food is hard to eat (no change in 8 weeks) and medications cause worsening, It’s total life destruction in constant agony & terror. Nothing i try has absolutely any effect on the torture & agony. No amount of talking abou tit has any effect. No spiritual method has any effect. No one understands the extent of it and that its involuntary & constant no matter what is done. Its overdose of pain hurt and terror that destroys life completely rather than any growth. I have to go back in bed now

    I’m absolutely positive I will not recover with the exception of my runner returning, because I sustained permanent damage from another break up 7 years ago that was much less severe than this one, and still caused permanent damage that I never recovered even after 7 years with the exception of some recovery with twin. From the 2005 breakup, I vomited for 3 weeks, then had permanent malaise (mental flu-ish feeling) & increased dysphoria for 7 years to this day, from that much less severe breakup. And that was much less serious than this. I sustain permanent damages, people who say there is recovery, I do not understand. I am Male.

    • Safron

      If you are still here in this site or your situation has changed can you please tell me how you coped and how you are now.? Only if it does not hurt you to do so. If it does please, I understand .
      Thank you
      Live, harmony and bliss to you

      • Giorgio,

        I am a chaser, survived and back with the Twin. If you or anyone else needs help, guidance, advice from someone who has been thru hell and kept going, please feel free to contact me. However, please keep in mind, mine situation is a Twin, not a Soul connection. There is a huge difference and be careful what you brand yours as.



  3. With all the explanations of the web of a twin flame this is the most simple and beautiful explanation out there. It is in laymens terms for beginners like me and struck me in awe because this is EXACTLY to a T the definition of my partner and I. We are between stages 4 and 5 now and in year three of our relationship. We are getting married in October but went through what you laid out ver batum. This is amazing and THANK YOU

    I still have so many questions but this is an excellent start…I do hope you email me 🙂

    • That was the purpose of this blog… to tell people about twinflames in simple words. I’m glad its working 🙂

      and Congrats on your marriage!!
      Enjoy the bliss 🙂

    • makes me happy to hear you’ve made it through these stages! gives us all hope. i am still trying to make sense of all of this right now (could it be the runner stage?) but my heart has not wavered, so that is what gives me the most hope. how long did your runner stage last? i’m not sure i could bare the thought of many more years… i’d love to chat with you or any one else who sees this! reading these types of blogs has carried me through almost 6 months of elation/confusion/joy/sorrow and i am guessing that sharing stories with other who have really experienced the tf reunion will only help more. blessing to you, and thank you for sharing!

      • Hi Janelle,

        I noticed you posted here recently (whereas other posts are quite outdated already). I would love to talk to you about all this. I have first locked eyes with my Twin Flame December 30th 2012 (add it up, it comes down to 11, of course). It has been wonderful, excruciating, suffocating, painful and beyond anything I ever have nor ever will experience during my entire existence!

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂 please, e-mail me at and feel free to take a look at my blog too, I have published several articles about Twin Flames that may be of a lot of help, and clarify a lot that has been happening. 🙂

    • Angela….my twin & I are between stages 4 and 5 ourselves. We fluctuate between them. Our relationship has been going on for five years and we finally reconnected after years of separations this past summer and have been together since. I received messages in my dreams during our separation that we would be going through a period of growth and healing together to strengthen our relationship, and that has certainly been the case. Things are getting better and we’re getting closer and stronger. However, when we do have arguments, depending on where we are at that time, we either clear them away within minutes to hours. But sometimes, he’ll leave for a few days for space to clear his mind and come back to me changed with ways he’s proving himself to me to have me stay. I was the chaser and he was the runner. But once I did my work on myself, as much as I love him and want us to be together and fulfill our dreams with one another (marriage, children, etc.), I love myself more and have tried to leave him during really difficult times. He’s still healing from the past and we’re healing together from what we went through during our years of separation. He’s doing much better, but there are times when he shuts down on me for days and it hurts not being able to talk to him. He’s a Scorpio and I’m a Capricorn.

      Anyway…glad to hear you guys are getting married! Did you get married? I just realized how long ago you posted your message, lol! Did you find that you & your twin went through something similar in which there were many discussions and arguments yet you stayed together to work through them, then the arguments became fewer and our relationship became stronger? If so, how long did that phase take for you both?

  4. i went through all the phases…when it was time for the reunion i put all my anger on my twin flame. i used to be the chaser and him the runner. i got used to be without him and now he came back like nothing happened. i think he won’t be able to talk to me after all the things i told him. he realized we are meant to be but now i doubt that. im hurt and he really my twin flame? or these kind of big fights happen?? i had many dreams about this ”fight” months and months ago and they happened but even worse. i predicted this somehow. please help me understand what im living!

    • Exactly what is happening to me. I feel like I’m the chaser. I believe in us! I am praying we would reunite. Never felt this way about anyone.. Miss him so much.

      • jennifer valle

        i know what u mean about the chasing part, i was like that with my twin, and i haven’t heard from him in 6 months. it’s very intense what you feel for them. And also very scary!

      • yes the pain is unbearable, people oh just move on its impossible, I saw a therapist for months and at the end where she thought that she would figure out why i felt this way about him she leaned into me and said “You really love this man and he loves you, he got scared thats all. She didn’t think we were over, she also had never heard such a story, and she thought she had heard them all. I never knew about TF but everything i read is us……

    • the fights for us were unbelieveable all past stuff was brought up and discussed and well fought about, but i guess it was all part of the process. He kept saying I can’t believe how much i love you and I know he was scared of what he was feeling and confused and had no control, he isn’t the type of person to cave in and well be a pussy and that is how he was acting with me and it scared him,weI have gone through all of the phases and now i just wait for him to come to his senses, I am in the total enlightened phase spiritually and all. I wish he would hurry up.

  5. jennifer valle

    meeting my twinflame was amazing! i know we will be brought together in the physical one day. it’s all about having faith. love and peace to all!

  6. jennifer valle

    if anyone would like to chat about the twinflame experience please email me at would love to talk to someone who is going through this amazing love for there other half.

    • This is an excellent description of the journey of twins! It helps when we can connect and share what we ordinarily cannot share with those who are not going through this. Love to all 🙂

  7. jennifer valle

    love the twinflame feeling. truly amazing!

  8. Hey Jen I would love to discuss your twinflame experience…love to hear others stories because they are so unique!! I will send you an email.

  9. I wish he would cooperate…. >.>
    i hope you’re right… about the living on after.
    that’s my dream… to be with him forever.

  10. Thank you so much for this explanation. Its hard to explain the experience of twin flame relationship to anyone if they have not experienced it themselves. I have always known that the one that I was looking for was also looking for me. And just like the article plainly states, I went through horrible previous relationships and doubted that I would find true love. In addition, before meeting my twin flame I had a vision of what he would look like. And when I saw his face for the very first time. BAM!! Something in me said ” that’s him”. Everything just fit. It scared me or just weirded me out of how things were so perfect. We knew we wanted to be married and be together in a very short time. THEN, all this ugly stuff started coming up on my part, insecurities and hurts from past relatiohships. We seperated, he ran, I chased and felt what seemed like pure hell for 6 months. I am learning that it is about listening to the heart more than the head. The heart knows but you head will give you all sorts of doubts and fears. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!!! And believe in love. I once doubted it but now I am a true believer.

    • That is so true. Listen to your heart not your head.

      My friends are telling me to move on. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

      Never give up on your dreams being with TF. When you feel the strong connection, it is really hard to break and move on

      • I hope you don’t mind me joining in on the above comments but you have mentioned two lines that resonate with me so strongly. – I wrote a song called ‘Did I MisRead all the signs’ and the first line is –
        “Do I listen to my heart or my head….or do I listen to what everyone else says”. I also wrote a book on my twin flame experience which is available on Amazon. and its called I LISTENED TO MY HEART. Its a fictional story but based heavily on my experience. Feel free to visit my website at where you can hear all my songs, 90% are about my twin flame.

        Good luck on your journey girls. Its a toughie for sure.

  11. You are amazing. You used simple words and i can finally understand. Im on stage 3 and he is the runner. I love how you describe encountering yout twin flame in a strange place. I met mine in a club!! Haha the last place youd think of meeting a twinflame. And before that night i had sworn ” if i dont find a man tonight who will hit on me then il start thinking something is wrong with me” and bam! We met novemBer 2011 . And when we met he came behind me telling me how sexy i was. Then in december i went over his house and bam bam! Lol . Thats when it all clicked! Then january he asked me to be his girlfriend! I could tell he was scared, he was falling in love but didnt want me to know , but i felt it. So he started acting weird and i broke up with him in february. March no communication the. On april 1 am at the club again and on the way i just had this random thought. ” hmm what if i see him tonight” . But i didnt pay as much attention. And bam! He was there. From the first night i was at his house to every physical encounter this man always looks at me its like am magic, like a fantasy. On our 3rd encounter he started saying” i think our babies are goin to be beautiful” and ever since. But then he started acting up and in mid may i broke up with him. And now its july 31 . No communication since. Its hard telling your girlfriends this because they look at you crazy. I wish nothing but peace to all of you. God bless

  12. This was just what I needed! Thank you! I am here:
    “The Chaser is deeply shocked and hurt by the ‘running’ and unexpected behavior of the Runner.
    This is when they feel the need to understand what really is happening and so they start searching or reading about it.
    This usually leads to the enlightenment of the Chaser.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accept this phase and become Enlightened?

    • It is not going to be easy i will tell you that.all you can do is pray and ask your guides to help enlighten your man. This is what am doing. After his second running i was confused, hurt, depressed. Turned to psychics to look for answers. Others were so negative that your mind tells you automatically thats whats happening. They dont read your situation , what they basically do is read off your fears and butter you up. Just be calm, patient, pray to God to give you the energy. I know its not easy because i am in the same boat. Some days am fine , others i cant even function right. Speak to your guides, ask them to help your twin flame become enlightened. Also send him positive energy. I am so changed right now and i want to be at your disposal . Because the pain we go through is worse than death. Keep calm and know God is working behind doors. Peace & love

      • Thank you Jeudy kari. I really appreciate your advice… I didn’t think to pray for him to be enlightened, I was focussed more on his absence. Now, I will keep busy and pray. I have more faith reading the messages and experiences here.

      • Good night. Your words are a reflection of myself, I had never so identified with the experience of someone as I identify with your experience. I 100% agree with you, we should not give up, have faith and ask God to awaken my soul mate. Is that at the end of the tunnel I expected a wonderful experience beside my twin flame. Thank you for your words restored my hope.

  13. I have been searching high and low for something that made sense to me. Reading lots of Twin Flame information on the internet has been helpful but it’s been difficult to weed through some of the more personal grief vs. actual Twin Flame download (real deal). This absolutely resonated with me. The descriptions of the phases is exactly how our love story unfolded. I never thought that I would be the chaser after initially being the one that was not sure. As a matter of fact, she told ME “you’re going to fall hard for me.” I did. I fell in love with her beautiful soul. I was surprised at her resistance to our love after so many years of what we both referred to as the most amazing love ever. I was especially taken back because I considered her to be more psychic and spiritual than I was. She told me that she had seen my face since she was a little girl. We met on my 30th birthday 10/04. A friend paid for me to get a reading t a nail shop of all places. Lol! She did my reading and I felt so safe and at peace around her. Her energy/soul was larger than the earth
    to me. I didn’t know it at the time, but she felt the same way about me. She told me that love was going to come right to my front door. Funny, neither one of us knew what was happening at that moment. Lol. Months had passed and I went on my merry way. I’m
    a Singer/Songwriter and was engrossed in completing my demo to push to the labels. One day, our mutual friend asked me to play an open mic at Chi-Chi’s and her and her sister were there! :-)) She was so excited to see me and I was excited to see her. She asked me why I never stopped back into the shoppe. Lol. She missed me terribly but didn’t know the real reason why. A few days after that I decided to play an open mic at Exter Sports Bar & Grill because our mutual friend said that others were asking me to do it and would be there. She was there! I never had a
    Woman buy me a drink before and so thought to myself, Wow, that was nice/different. Suddenly, I looked over at her and then away and realized that it was her! She was the woman in my reading. It was making sense.
    We went on a date and everything moved lighting fast. At first, I was scared and then I fell hard. Neither one of us wanted to spend a
    single day/moment without the other. And for the most part we didn’t. We both would laugh and say it felt like we lived a lifetime in a
    span of 6-7 yrs. We did things together and no one knew how we pulled it off. We just had that special something. Others would say that everything we touched turned to gold.
    There were challenges and obstacles. She had a son from a previous relationship and her son didn’t want to share her attention with anyone. I tried so hard and at first she recognized my efforts but the love for her son is as beautiful as she is she was torn. He was 14 when we got together. He was age 21 when she left. She began to resent me and I saw our once heavenly love turn into
    something so sad. I tried to snap her out of it. I even had a strong sense of exactly it was going to unfold and it did. She actually went back to her sons father. The one person that I knew would make her miserable. The one person who made no sense. He wasn’t there emotionally or financially for either one of them. He has 5 other kids from 5 other women. I just couldn’t understand it. I told her, “if you’re going to leave me, please make
    sure that you are loved by someone better than me for you. Don’t go backwards. It would hurt me to see you with him because I would know what you are going through.”
    Well, in an act that no one seemed to understand, she did. Our separation hurt. It hurt bad. I would see her in the house, hear her calling out my name. Months later, we talked and she told me that she screamed out my name so loud in her mind asking me to hear her and come get her. I heard her but didn’t know she wanted to come back home. I thought Inwas losing it. Someone even gave me a Zanax to help stop me from thinking about her. When I would still see her in our home, she told me that she would visualize herself back home in her favorite spots. She still loved me and I still loved her but she had gotten involved and I couldn’t come between that even of it was someone I knew was horrible for her. I often thought that air allowed my ego or that one chance for reunion to pass me by but Inmade the right decision. I told her she needed to put closure to that (karmic relationship) otherwise it would resurface over and over again. We used to text each other or she would e-mail me but I a year ago I got involved with another woman and a few mo. after, she stopped communicating. I know it’s too painful. I’m not happy though. She’s not either. I can feel her.
    We are both lost, existing. I want her to be happy as she wants me to be but I don’t think it’s possible until we reunite. I don’t enjoy all the things I used to in this world without her by my side. She made everything more beautiful. I wanted to mention that while together we realized that our entire lives we kept missing each other. Our lives were parallel. We even remember seeing each other in passing once. I miss her. I want our love to be better than before. I’m not sure if she’ll ever give us that chance again. He has a pretty strong hold (they’re son) on her.
    She’d do anything to make him happy. I’m starting to let her go. I have to. At least in the
    Physical sense. Our love doesn’t need the physical to feel each other. I guess what
    Saying is that although I wish my dreams beame reality and we lived happily ever after,
    got married here on earth, are possibly images of my desires for us. Maybe I’m wrong and was dooped by her. Maybe I dooped
    myself (more like it). Maybe I’m dillusional. My soul doesn’t think so but mind is saying I’m dillusional. None of my family or aquamtainces understand. They’re all tired of hearing me say her name. Recently, I thought about ending my present relationship, not for her but for me. I’m not happy. She’s nice but doesn’t come close to how I felt about her.
    I haven’t ended it because I didn’t want to end it for the wrong reasons. So I’m thinking o moving away to get a fresh start. I want to love again and be happy. I know she won’t leave this area because I just know and she’s apparently tied to this guy but staying here feels like waiting and I’m not. I think if I leave, she’ll feel a weight lifted. I want her happy. Anyways, thanks for
    Allowing me to vent and share my story.
    I appreciate your knowledge on this. It helps to be understood.


    • Wow this was a touching story, thank you for sharing this Maty (if you at all get to see this response). I respect your courage for putting this out here, and its that courage of yours that has given me strength in preparing what is likely to come between my twin soul and I one day. We are currently in the magical phase of exploring and enjoying this divine connection, however it is very comforting to know what challenges lie ahead. Thank you 🙂

  14. Maty,
    I don’t think she will feel a weight lifted if you leave. I think you will be the runner if you leave. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it may not be what you want to be. Also: If you aren’t happy with the woman you’re with, you are building karma with her for no reason. That is definitely not going to draw your love closer to you. You have to try to break away from bad/unhappy relationships as drama and karma free as possible so that you’ll be “clean” for her. I think it will work out; I really do. I love that you can hear her yelling for you with her mind. How can you give up on a love like that? – M.

  15. I do not understand why TWIN FLAME relationships must always be explained with new age type ideas… it is very frustrating. Not all of us are open to those ideas, we just want to know what is happening to us. We may have been going through this for years and years and we may actually know a lot about the situation. Having to hear new age theories from everyone that ever talks about the TF relationship is aggravating. Also.. I see this article as explaining stages that one person or Some people may experience.. those of us who do not meet our twinflame when we are adults will not have this exact set of stages. Please think about those of us who are not in your typical scenario. There are lots of different people in the world, but the BASIC stages and all the symptoms of a TF relationship are the same. Why can’t we just focus on those things instead of the theories?

    • Selina, why don’t you express what you ARE experiencing, so that other people like you can have you to rely on? All anyone here is doing is relating their experiences and what research they have done, so that others can find help and know we are not crazy. I understand that we all have different things to work out in our lives and perhaps you have a different scenario than you have seen/read up to now. So offer that forward. I have been helped tremendously by seeing others’ stories and knowing that there is hope and that there are other people going through this, because like most of the people here, my friends and family do not understand. Thank you for adding to the wealth of knowledge and hope! With love, Alexis:)

  16. Selina, I wonder if you are using the term “new age” in place of the word “spiritual”. These ideas have been around for thousands of years, and the whole concept a “soul” being split to experience earthly existence and then reunite IS spiritual. I guess I don’t understand what part of the twin flame concept you’re having a problem with. If you don’t think you are half of the other, then what you have is just regular love with the problems associated with that.

  17. When i first came across this site, i was in phase 3. The arguments had begun and i couldn’t figure out what happened! Everything had just been so perfect..i was crushed…As i continued to read, i found myself thinking, am i being watched?? How could anyone possibly understand what was happening phase by phase?? our meeting was totally unexpected, we remained together everyday thereafter, whenever i focused on he’d call, the arguments and confusion began, he ran, i chased, i stopped chasing it was too painful, he returned. We are still working out old karma but i know we will be reunited eventually. What’s amazing is that there is no uncertainty of that fact. I know that he has been enlightened too. He’s just not as aware as i am. Thanks for this
    blog. I love him and i know he loves me too. I just feel so fortunate that after all these lifetimes between us, we finally have incarnated at the same time and are ready for reunion.

  18. Thanku for this. I’ve been thru every phase. Its so true that i started reading about all of this in phase 3. We met under unusual circumstances. After that we were together all the time. I always asked him “who are you?” I could FEEL that i already knew. We were inseparable. He wanted me with him and i was more than willing to accommodate him. Then came the arguments. I was so confused. I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. He ran,and i chased. I just wanted it to stop! My heart couldn’t bear his resistance so i stopped chasing him. As i read more about twinflames on your site, i thought am i being watched??? No way someone could TOTALLY know how things were happening for me in that order! Then i realized that i was really in a twinflame relationship and how truly blessed we both were for finally finding each other. We are approaching reunion. Im not rushing it because i know that it’s all in perfect soul timing. Thanku for creating this site. I know it was all predetermined and i am pleased. I will be forever in your debt for helping me understand my souls plan. God bless u.

  19. This is so accurate its so weird how there so many similarities when it comes to the twin flame encounter.I met my twin over a year ago, and till this day I still think about him everyday.He is the runner, and I have done it all.Cry, chase, hate, be on some dear God help me forget tip, and now I am at the point whereby I surrender our fate to God.
    I have never loved like this in my whole entire life, I love this person unconditionally, I love him with all his faults.One of the readers said that “when he looks at you, its magical”, and this is so true.I absolutely love the way he looks at me, its almost like he gets lost in amazement .

    What I hate about the stage 3 phase is the random surges of energy, there are times that I miss him so much that I feel like I am going absolutely insane.I hate periods, and last week I had one of those.I found myself praying asking God to make it go away as I could not take it any more.I asked for a sign, help as to how I can move on, and my wonderful Lord with his wicked sense of humour did give me a sign, I bumped into my twin on a night out with my friend.

    When he hugged me, it was the most heavenly think in the world, I got healed, and then there out of the blue he told me that he is going to marry me, when he is ready.He actually told everyone who cared to listen that I was his wife, its just that he is not ready.Yes God gave me my sign, I guess my Scorpio is the one, and there is no running away from it.It was so comforting to know that this timeless connection, he felt it too.

    Weird enough, I feel like we are on the verge of something, as if the best is only yet to come.I keep dreaming of people coming to tell me that it is finally happening in August, and I met my twin in the month of August after months of absence.

    Sometimes I think its all in my heard, but something in me knows without a shadow of doubts, that he is the one I have been waiting for.

  20. Hi all.. I feel comfortable reading all these stories about twin flames, what is amazing is finding how smiliar those stories were to each other.. I’ve met my twin flame on chat application in iphone. I used to have that weird feeling every time we chatted. I felt so attracted to him . We met in real and beside him i felt like home. It was indescribable feeling.. We used to have obvious telepatic connection, similar thoughts and many other things.. Later i’ve found out he is about to get married to another woman. I was shocked but that could never change my feelings for him.. We kept on contacting each other from time to time but later on he disappeared out of the sudden. And now i’m experiencing the runner and chacer stage. It was so much painful, so much hurting, it took so long to accept that he is not there any more.. So i started chacing him i kept sending emails and i know he reads them. Sometimes i try to be happy. But sometimes when im alone i remember all the good times we had together and cry . The feeling of missing him kills me.. Its been 8 months now since he disappeared.. I wonder how my love for him grows more and more as time passes.. I can feel his spirits around me.. I dream of him and i feel as if our souls do meet for real. Those dreams were strange i can feel his existance as if he is with me and after i wake up i feel like i miss him more .. I still believe in him and pray to God day and night to bring him back to me.. I could never feel the same with any other man.. We fit so perfectly and this never happened to me before with any one else.. I hope one day we will be together again.. I love him more than words can ever describe…

  21. Wow – this is a beautiful site. I’m elated to read and relate to so much here.

    I met a guy as I was walking out of a cafe – who later told me he was on fire for me, but I never noticed him. Then weeks later he came back into my life to assemble a shed and I still wasn’t noticing him, but I was real impressed with his skills and background.
    I then needed to hire him to help me move and for 2 days we were together, having a lot of fun. He would notice the smallest details about me and I’d think ‘how odd to notice my toe art’. He loved my music. He was incredibly sweet – he’s so handsome, strong, intelligent, and larger than life – like the Highlander!
    Finally I realized I just loved the way I felt being with him. He lost his phone and when we said good-bye, he said “give me your number and as soon as I replace my phone I’ll call you.” And that was for weeks.
    I was oddly thinking about him a ton and sent him a quick hello in an email – two days later he replied with great enthusiasm and was really suggestive which excited me…then I noticed how deeply things really were between us.
    Shortly after the email he called and said “Hi BEAUTIFUL!” And I couldn’t believe he called -I was beaming. The next several days were follow ups and touching base and laughing and joking and really connecting. I’m a jazz singer so the weekend coming up I had a big performance Sat and Sun – I didn’t hear from him all weekend until Sun evening – great way to end my euphoric weekend. We finally were available to hook up that following Monday at my place in the evening.
    When he arrived, I had nothing but a robe and pearls on, and we embraced and went into my bedroom for 6 hours. Two bottles of wine and shrimp on ice – we were in heaven. The loving was ammmazzing and we declared we were falling in love with each other – he said and did things to me I NEVER experienced. Bliss.
    Then on Wednesday, I sent a text suggesting we slow down – it was so much so fast and I was exhausted. He agreed.

    It’s been over 7 weeks and any communication I’ve sent has not been replied to. The last time I heard from him was July 18, saying “Yes, I would like to build from here. But you said you were not a dater or pursuer and I detect otherwise Let’s just slow down a bit. And don’t worry, everything is okay. xoxo”
    I’ve been insanely sad and unable to focus on my business, my music – my life. But I have to – yet his absence and deliberate stonewalling has f-d me up. I’ve called psychics, mediums – out of control. I’m embarrassed, I feel guilty and now I’m being punished – it’s been horrific. 99% of the readings said we’re destined – TFs, which led me here.
    All I can say is I want the pain to end – at this point I would rather move on than hold on, and it’s all I can do to deal with each day and avoid the street he lives on….thank you for reading.

  22. Evie, all I can tell you, from my own experience over the past 9 years, is that, when you get to the point of really giving up and you truly “let go”, then, if he really is your TF, he will feel you change from being a Chaser – and the change in energy – and come back to you. Only you will know when you’ve had enough pain and really and truly “let go”. Besides, you don’t want this man if he is not your TF, do you? Only by “letting go” will you find out for certain. This is what has only recently happened to me. This site was so helpful to me in understanding the dynamics between my TF and me.

  23. slightly pessimistic

    elisabeth, thank you for posting that. i am at the point where i feel like i need to fully let go. its not something ive done…ive half assed it before still managing to keep some sort of saftey net between us. (he is the runner i am the chaser) i feel like ive been in this stage forever. its been at least a yr of solid runner chaser dynamic and its really taking its toll. i feel like ive “surrendered” before but that only lasts so long before you feel like he stopped giving a shit bc he knows youre always there. see i already know how he feels, i know he loves me and hes told me he wants to get married blah blah blah. some days i feel really positive about this whole thing and i always just tell myself that bc I’m the more enlightened one it is my job to be the more stable person and less scattered. i feel like runner is taking advantage of my willingness to be there for him. i feel like he knows i care so much and will never desert him so he can go and live his life care free everyday ignorant to all the feelings i have to wake up to everyday. i think about him everyday, every single day. some days are easier and more positive but i just feel like a person can only be optimistic for so long. i feel like i have these internal battles with myself bc i do feel like he needs me to be “there” for him and trust me i want to but then on days like this, where its so awful all day and no matter what you know that they are only going to progress at their own pace it just makes reality difficult. and then when logic kicks in…forget about it! i have like mini pep talks with myself telling me i deserve better and that he clearly doesnt give a shit bc hes so oblivious to this. i started reading up on twin flames about 8 months ago and trust me had it not been for this, my logical self would have definitely been done with this back and fourth, non communicating, game. anyway this website is one of the best simplifications of the topic and reading everyone elses stories really makes me feel less crazy so thanks for sharing!

    • You are so right. Some days are positive some days arr negative somedays just hopeless. My runner after running for 4 mos out of the blue surprised me by showing up at my house the other day. I was surprised and he said alot of things. He said he doesnt know whats going on he has never felt this way about anybody. He also said we have a crazy connection and its scary! He said he misses me alot and i deserve the best and he wants to give me the world. So much was said. We hugged he kissed me and it felt like no time had passed. But due to his running now am so guarded because am scared he might run again. I dont want to invest my energy into someone whos gonna abandon me! I just need time to adjust and hopeully thigs will be better. I will update you guys and i wish you all nothing but the best. Keep praying keep beleiving.

      • Invest your energy in YOURSELF. BE the TF energy. If this man truly is your TF, he will stop running. Let go, trust in the TF energy, know you are safe NOW within the love you already share with your TF. This will attract your TF. This is THE relationship – no more soul mates, no more “learning experiences”, no more “soap opera”. Be calm, be hopeful, be strong. Blessings…

    • I’m glad my words were helpful. I can only reiterate that letting go is the only way to find out if this man truly is your Twin Flame. I let go (after 10 years! of Chaser/Runner), decided I only wanted to be with my TF – no more soul mates, no more “learning experiences”. I was going to do only what was in my highest good: Reiki therapy, meditating with / carrying rose quartz (ordered a beautiful TF clear quartz crystal from the UK), resting, reading, taking care of me. My TF – who is spiritual by nature, but not “enlightened” – has started calling me (I don’t call him anymore) and we have an actual date this Sunday for lunch and to look at the Fall leaves. We went through some very painful times, but – to my great surprise – he told me last night (as if these times had not happened) that I won his heart through gentleness, kindness and soft words. This is all about you taking care of you, so your energy changes, so you attract your TF, whomever and wherever your TF may be. Listen to your heart, listen for the “still, small voice” of your guides, do NOT go to psychics, they will most likely not pick up on the TF energy and you will stay in a state of confusion and fear which will repell, instead of attract, your TF. Ask God/Spirit/Divine Love for the truth about your relationship with the man you feel is your TF. I did, nine years ago, and was given a vision which I knew was true and which I held to through good times and bad. It was not, though, ’til I gave up and found this site that I understood the TF dynamic, for which I give infinite thanks! :o) It is time for you and your TF to unite, as it is time for all TFs to unite, so stay hopeful, stay strong, BE the TF energy now! Blessings…

      • “It is time for you and your TF to unite, as it is time for all TFs to unite, so stay hopeful, stay strong, BE the TF energy now! Blessings…”

        Wow. Thank you so much for this…

      • Thank you for all your dialogue!
        I miss him so much and it has been since July 18 that we last connected. I stopped chasing him three weeks ago and have gone broke calling psychics, how crazy am I?!
        I don’t want to extend myself anymore to him for all the right reasons and the above. I want to be feminine receptive to his masculine pursuit – but he’s not coming and it’s very disturbing to me. Last night I passed his truck and left my car on his windshield – don’t know why I won’t let go. I feel like a school girl and hate that I’m like this….I deeply appreciate all the wise and honest support here.

    • I am totally with you my dear! I have gained great solace and real help from Celia Im. Look her up and give her a call and tell her Helen sent you. She cam literally guide you through zo this holy letting go which we know in our minds is the needed step but the burn of tha violet flame pushing through seems unbearable. Bless you. Sgain i am there.

  24. Dear Evie, stop missing “him”, let go, love yourself, BE the TF energy, and let your TF come to you. I have been through the school of hard knocks, and then some, the last ten years, and it has been VERY hard. BUT, with the help of what I learned on this site, it is now SO easy.

    Visualize yourself with your TF; there are lots of TF meditations on YouTube, for example; find one with which you resonate. I find the following affirmation to be very helpful when I do a Tarot or Oracle card reading and it works for uniting with your TF as well: “Letting go of all desire to receive a particular answer, for now, I desire only the Truth.”

    TF love isn’t a small “l” love, it is the manifestation of Divine Love. I was thinking, after I responded to two postings this morning, that we, the “enlightened”, are at the point where we must let go of the small “l” love and help others – who are receptive – to understand and unite with Divine Love for the good of all on Mother Earth and in the Universe. We are not alone in doing this, we are “All One”. Let go of “little me”, re-cognize the reality of Infinite Oneness. Namaste to all and to all a good day…!

  25. Hello lovelies 🙂

    Loved reading all your replies so much, such strength & beautiful love pouring out of everyone!

    Here’s a meditation I’ve come up with that is very soothing:

    -After breathing in & out for 5 minutes, go through each chakra immersing each one with light and love.
    -Then see yourself opening a door and walking down 12 stairs.
    -See another door at the bottom with your name on it.
    -see your name on that door.
    -see bright light coming through around the crack of the door.
    -Enter into the room and there waiting for you is a magnificent being that is your higher self. A beautiful light-filled being radiating love and total acceptance.
    -Now see your twin flame’s higher self there too.
    -Open yourself to whatever you “hear” or sense or feel.
    -Try not to control it, but rather let it happen.
    -When you feel ready, return back out the room and up the stairs, back to where you are presently.
    -thank the Universe for its divine and loving connection.

    I found this makes me happy, and gives me something to focus onn when I get down. Because I’m not locked into who my twin flame is. I am putting my trust in the Universe, knowing that my twin flame & I are already together at the higher selves level and when the time is right, all will be revealed.

    This is how I “let go”. I put my faith in the Universe that my twin flame and I are meant to be together and stay connected to his higher self through my higher self. I let go of who I “think” he is, and become open to something more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine.

    And also very important is what I do in the meantime. I love. I pour love into everything I do. I fall in love with the present moment. Fill my heart with all that I can give to the world.

    And I work on loving myself unconditionally. That for me is the most challenging and karma healing thing I can do. It’s about ascencion, so might as well work on loving myself as I am right now, as beautifully flawed, insecure, jugemental, intense etc etc. It’s all good.

    All the best!!
    Sending you big cyber hugs full of love.

  26. Hello – I have to share since reading and digesting so much wisdom and love from this site, I have experienced a wonderful healing.

    Whether or not I ever see the man again, since meeting him a tsunami of latent pain has been unleashed for me to heal.
    I realized that I’ve always been the chaser – pitching my worth to unavailable men who never “got me”. A result of the modeling in my childhood – I never allowed my feminine to evolve.
    I’ve given away so much of myself to others without any temperance to holding back and allowing myself to deeply receive: the feminine way. So needy as a result, the first guy who woos me runs just as soon. This has been the most profound awakening about who I’ve been and who I really am.

    Today I know I am a beautiful, passionate, spirited, tenacious, intelligent and not always elegant being who deserves to be pursued by the same in my masculine counterpart.
    Thank you awesome posters!!!

  27. I have to agree,this is a very informative and comforting page,just knowing im not the only one going through this roller coaster of emotions is comforting.I completely understand a lot more about this situation now.Its crazy to see the phases..(were in phase three)It can become frustrating trying to explain to friends and family what its like to know and connect with your tf, no, you cant just get over them and move on(their advice),and they dont understand that once you connect with your tf,you wont need want or desire anybody else,it would be unfair to another because you cant put your whole heart in solitary feels like your only other option(,which to them looks like youre just sitting around in waiting while hes living his life) which may be true in a way…It’s been a 18 yr long ride for me and my tf,and i personally know it will never be over but the separations,especially for me,being the chaser,is torture with a bit of hope at the same time.Theres no doubt in my mind or his that we will have our “happy ending” eventually.This unconditional love while waiting is truly the biggest test ever,I personally think this is what is so hard for people who havent experienced this to understand why you cant just let go, its like an invisible pull that you have no control over , the love will never end ,its spiritual. I feel I know the outcome of all this and it will be well worth it…So once again thanks

    • Hi all.. After reading all the stories on his site and knowing about the twin flames stages, i’ve decided seriously not to chace him any more and to stop my emails and let go. I was never serious about letting go like now. Its about a month now since the last time i ve sent an email to him. I believe if he is truly my soul twin he will surly come back to me. Many thanks to you all for givin me the strength to let go.

    • I, too, am thankful to know that others share and understand the chaser/runner aspect of some TF relationships. To quote: “once you connect with your tf, you wont need want or desire anybody else, it would be unfair to another because you cant put your whole heart in it”. EXACTLY. Just after I found this site, I started seeing reiki therapist/counselor who had no understanding of the chaser/runner TF dynamic and asked why a “rational, logical woman” (me!) would stay in what appears, from the outside, to be a highly dysfunctional relationship that has no hope of going anywhere. I shared with her what I learned here, but she still didn’t seem to get it; so, I’m not seeing her anymore. :o) “To thine own self be true…” It is such a relief to know what’s going on. I feel it and my TF feels it. Our relationship is so much more relaxed and very sweet.

      • Actually not everyone will understand the twin flames concept. Only the ones who went through this experience.. But the Q i keep askin myself! Why i accidently came across a website which talks about the signs that tells you if this is your soul twin or not just after i met him.. Why not before !! Have you all notice that in your own experience or am i the only one here??

        I’d love to read your comments on that..

      • I too am deeply enjoying the love and wisdom and real-time experiences shared here.

        The MOST important thing I feel supported with is that although I’m not positive yet of whether he is my TF, all the signs and all the research I’ve done indicate he is. The reason I’m not sure is b/c he’s currently out of communication with me. And I’ve gone from obsessing, grieving, wanting him to becoming steeped in the divine feminine agenda of healing my old wounds, relationship patterns and unveiling a profound love in my journey with myself. Wow is all I can say – this is a beautiful experience.

        He’s been out of touch for the last 21/2 months and I’m certain it’s the runner stage – but better yet I’ve taken my sights off HIM and put them back on Me. If he is my TF, as stated in this site – we will organically reunite just as organically as we came together.

        I’m so grateful for the strong and loving advice I’ve received here!! KEEP IT GOING.

      • Elisabeth, please send me your email. I feel we have so much in common and maybe we can walk through this together. Blessings

  28. kia ora, amazing isnt it? such love mixed with the most incredible pain. my tf journey has so far encompassed 6 years! i was the chaser and he the runner. what i have learnt is this > have faith that you will be together in the end, and that you are never apart anyway, listen to your heart only, learn to let go, love yourself first and foremost, unconditionally. someone wrote this> the affairs of the heart are the truths of god and are not determined by the intellect. lots of love to you all. xx

  29. no…not yet….but i have faith that it will be so…..why would you be shown something so beautiful, so magical and not be allowed to experience that in the physical? i think it is just timing and spiritual maturity, trusting and believing. oh and endless patience? 🙂

  30. I am indeed living this! Thankyou I would like to ask a question though.

  31. wow, finally a bit of closure on this subject! I’ve been praying to my angels for weeks to find out what this whole connection is I have with this boy…
    It began 3 and a half years ago when I added this boy on facebook I thought he was someone else only i didnt know him at all and he’s my twinflame…..we began innocently chatting didn’t think much of it, seen him out in our local town didn;t think much of it….then i didnt hear from him for a while didn;t think much of it then bam i started missing him ,,, a lot! for some strange reason, he came back we grew close had a casual relationship everything was amazing and then he just went,,,with another girl i may add! Had this been anyone else it would have been a few days sulking and then i would’ve got on with it. By this time i had so much anxiety going on, i was barely functioning, 2 months later he started speaking like nothing happened, i went along with it, Then he went again! Then he was in a new relationship which only lasted a couple months, only i swear to god it was the worst experience of my life, constant anxiety, depression,,,, pure hell! I was then picking up his feelings which was even worse, during their split ( which i didnt know at the time) i cried for 3 days without reason. He still spoke to me during this relationship. Only i didnt have much patience so we argued and i mean i have ever spoke to anyone the way i spoke to him it was disgusting and i have no idea where it came from, but it felt good! This was 2 years in! then he went and came back, went and came back and so on and so forth. By this time i knew i had to do what was right for me and at least try and make myself happy, (easier said than done) i had post traumatic stress disorder, horrific anxiety, depression ( i wouldnt go out) then i bought a horse for therapy and although that made it worse to begin with another year on its slowly working, the connection doesnt feel as intense but hes still there none the less, i am getting used to it, and working with it. I pray to my angels all the time and they send me number signs, oh and i asked desperately one day wether he’d come back and i kept hearing ” lenny kravitz’s song ‘ it aint over till its over’ i still hear it now when he runs haha! but these past few months ive left him and not had much contact, i feel a lot happier knowing he’ll come back when the times right, ive even enrolled on a counselling course, and just reading this now, has made me realise, i am not bonkers!, thanks xxxx

  32. I been doing a lot of research lately on Twin Flames because I had the need to figure out why I was feeling the way I was … I suspected that it was something unusual like this person I met was the one… it was LOVE AT FIRST SITE (LITERALLY) … and I am not the lustful type nor is he … it would take forever for a guy to even get my number!!! LOL but we met on facebook LOL … just after a few words of texting like within less than 5 minutes we agreed to meet up and we made love for the first time, GOD I never eva did anything like that in my whole life!!!! He was a complete stranger!!! Never talked or met before yet we both trusted each other enough to meet up that night and made love despite not having our own places at the moment we still found a way to connect. The funny thing was we wasn’t scared at all felt like we known each other forever!!! We talked, cuddled, made love again and again like it was nothing new or strange LOL … everyone around us thought we was crazy or mad because it was so rare or unheard of to fall in love so quick!!! People thought we was together for years just by seeing the short moments we were together. Well I thought it was just gonna be a one night stand but then when we decided to continue seeing each other after that and we made a committment to be bf and gf within barely days of knowing each other, I knew it was getting serious.

    Sad part, I knew he was hiding something like he was feeling guilt but I knew he fell for me too I knew by the way he touched and stared into my eyes and kissed me so passionately. Well he was already in a committed relationship and his gf was like 8 months pregnant. I couldn’t shake off the feeling so eventually his secret came out due to my part lol … yes he got caught and me and the girl met up by fate and we both confronted him … even she saw that we were in love and she cried when she saw us standing together just by our spirits even his neighbors saw us so in love and they only seen us together once … the night we confronted him lightning, thunder, rain, and strong wind just blew at an instance and that girl was crying and cursing at God so angry… she couldn’t understand how anybody could just fall in love within a few days… of course barely anyone knew me and him were together for only a few days (but I read Twin Flame first reunion would be very short) and this is exactly what had happened and that it doesn’t matter if one of us or both of us were already in relationships. Yet when I found out the truth I still wanted him so bad I couldn’t understand it either we were only together twice, but only few of my close friends know about this because others would think I am mad for telling them we were only together twice!!! But that’s all it took for us to fall in love …

    Anyways I tried to do the right thing and cut off my feelings for him out of respect for his girl and the baby, but I just couldn’t stand the pain nor did I understand it. I been in so many relationships longest lasted almost 8 years, I had many similar feelings like this one but not exactly, this one just topped it off!!!! But I read about that we have many soulmates for karma issues before our twin flame comes along. I was already giving up on love completely and wanted to be alone forever after too many failed relationships, then out of no where we weren’t even looking, but we just found each other. It just felt right, I just wanted him, I just wanted to be with him forever, but I knew something was in our way. Anyways, him and the girl tried to make things work for the baby for a while, after she had the baby he contacted me after one week of us not talking cuz I promised to leave him alone … then we flirted again but no physical part took place between us ever again. I was still suspicious he was still messing with that girl so I contacted her to find out the truth, he got mad and we was on and off again since then but still no physical contact. She got upset cuz she gave him another chance and he still couldn’t just stay away from me so they finally broke it off, she even felt our spirits still in touch.

    At first I thought he played me, but then fate stepped in. He wouldn’t talk to me after the first confrontation, I waited and waited at his place for him to return so that we could talk — I let him know I did not judge him there was nothing he could have done, all that happened before we met. IT WAS FATE … he wouldn’t come back and talk to me, so I was gonna give up and leave his apartment, but then his neighbor who saw us only once the one who said we were so in love, stepped in and said he was my guardian angel, no joke!!! Sounds creepy but that’s the truth, he told me everything I needed to hear. Well, he convinced me to stay a bit longer so I did, but my Love wasn’t the one I needed to talk to, I end up meeting his mother for the first time. She told me everything, she knew who I was, my name, where I lived, where I worked, and she said her son showed my pictures from facebook to her (awwwwwww) and that was all before I even introduced myself or spoke to her she spoke to me first!!!! So then I knew I was more than just a one night stand cuz if I wasn’t important he wouldn’t have talked to his mom about me. Guess him and the girl was separated at the moment and he went back home to his family. Man I felt so dumb for not trusting him… but I knew I had to deal with that.

    Finally, some major misunderstanding occured between us causing us to separate permanenetly for a few weeks, by that time he already ended up with a new girl and fell in love with her. I felt completely heart broken but then I started knowing a difference. We both were changing. He use to be a player back in the days from what I heard, but with this new girl he changed, he has and is currently faithful to her. But seem like he was tempted to still be with me we was still hugging each other for brief moments and she has no clue but I promised to respect their relationship and not interfere cuz I said if he came back to me it would be out of fate not because I forced him or manipulated the situation I wanted him from PURE LOVE … we decided to stay friends but keep our distance … he is even shocked how much he changed he think it’s because of her, but I honestly think it is because of what happened with us like he regretted if he was just honest from the beginning like I asked him to be, we pro still would be together. Seem like everything he doing right with her he wished he had done with us.

    I still love him deeply and still am with no one for I figure what’s the point I tried but the more I tried the more I felt miserable cuz I know there’s only one twin flame. He is the runner and I am the chaser (down to a T) like how everyone here who posted said it was, stages r exactly on point so now me and him are on stage 3 going on stage 4 I guess. We stay in touch through fb it’s funny I can sense when he be commenting on fb and sometimes we say the exact same comments (they said tf r telepathic) …

    I am happy for him … for they said the ultimate goal of TF is self-love and unconditional love and I kept talking about these two issues all the time … I finally learned to love myself something I never thought possible and to unconditional love … I am a new person out of this experience I am so happy even though we r not together but i felt i just had to have him in my life in any way even if we r not together, he even read my posts on fb and said he respected my mind and heart which he understands but he is already committed to this new girl … i had to c it from a different perspective (it had to happen this way) for me to c he is capable of love and being faithful…. we r still both in r cleansing stage for he has a lot of issues being adopted and all … I am accelerating at a way faster rate for I found this information and helped me alot I am trying to send him clues through fb for that’s how we met, reconnected, and stayed in touch was fb it is our key to connect LOL …

    It’s such a long story yet all this happened in less than a week LOL … he even posted a similar link on his fb (Wings of the Soul) saying there r no accidents that everything happens for a reason like because of our meeting we learned to change (like TF said for spiritual growth) I think he hasn’t learned to love himself yet he keeps waiting for somebody to rescue him to make him happy … I already discovered eternal happiness through self-love something he brought out of me not intentionally but spiritual energy wise yes… so TF said balance of energy (well I learned to become self-loving while he is learning to love others) he is changing from being self-fish to becoming unselfish so that we can balance in the end.

    Anyways I got all the signs I need that he is my TF because of other things I found online … like astrological signs I am a Monkey and he is a Snake I didn’t know they were twin flames/souls in the astrological signs … and a famous couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were examples of this Twin Flame love, they were madly in love and were both married to other people at the time … I feel like history is repeating and I am going through similar things as they were. I even got the book “Furious Love” it’s all making sense now … what’s funny I found info that TF r rare to find like 1-4 percent on earth of reuniting and that there r certain dates they would meet, me and mine met on June 15th and same night we met we made love, that is so eeeerrrryyyy!!!! …. I aint never moved that fast and I freaked out about my feelings so I was the first runner, then now he is the one LOL … Also more TW r meeting in the year 2012 and that things r happening faster now more than before … I tried to cut him off so many times but everytime I did I fell physically ILL (sick) like flu symptoms and I am so strong and healthy so it shocked me!!! But soon as he is back in my life whether we together or not, the flu symptoms literally goes away!!!! … All this happened before I discovered Twin Flames online so now I know it is so real … I love him unconditionally and I learned to love others unconditionally also, but he hasn’t yet … he still has a lot of anger, resentment, and self-pity for his past and childhood of being adopted…. he needs to work out all that before me and him can reunite, he is like the old version of me even though he is only about 3 years older than me.

    My only fear is that we won’t reunite, our last conversation he asked for my phone number but after that I decided to leave him alone for good for me pursuing him is too painful … I am throwing myself into work, studies and bettering my life (self-love) … but at the same time I found peace and love within myself and with the rest of the world …

    They said one TF will hold a place in her heart and put trust in God that they will reunite while the other is spiritually growing at their own pace … all I can do is wait if it doesn’t happen oh well I did everything I could … I honestly don’t know how he feels about me anymore because there is like a dead silence between us then out of no where he manages to contact me again and again … all this in exactly 4 months LOL … I think about him 24/7 and pray for him all the time … he is slowly progressing spiritually … I already knew I loved him, but I think he didn’t know what he was feeling but when I asked him if he was in love with me too during our happy moments, he said yes 🙂 so that’s all that I needed to know …

    Anyways this info is so strange I can’t even tell anyone for they would think I would be crazy I though he pro thought I be crazy too but instead he said he respected what’s in my heart so that meant a lot 🙂 …

    Richard Burton (Snake) Liz Taylor (Monkey) Twin Flames look em up there r so much info about their love and an example of TF relationship eventually they divorced their partners and ended up marrying each other … they just couldn’t stay away even before his death he send a letter to her … everyone judged their relationship even the Pope condemned Liz LOL but she won the Pope LOL … religion or earthly comprehension is not possible for it is God’s real work!!!! 🙂

    • Oh yea after reading some posts here seem like we share similar stories, on our first night of making love he also said “Can you imagine how our babies would look like?” LOL well he is super fine as hell though … well I am humble so no comment about me LOL …:-)

      • Well OMG this TWIN FLAME is no joke, I am living proof of it, just when I was giving up hope after 4 months of separation … tonight me and my twin flame just reunited and it was so beautiful and I finally got the chance to tell him about Twin Flames and he is gonna look it up cuz he was confused also how we just can’t seem to stay away from each other despite circumstances. Once I learned to love myself unconditionally and him as well, he came back to me… I even told him about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and he said he just saw a documentary about them like a week ago before we reunited (FATE)… once again we had no phsycial contact and first time we did we just made love over and over like it was so natural … I am so happy right now 🙂 ….

  33. Okay so I have a story and a half to share. I was 26 with 2 kids from a bad karmic relationship. I had been single for a few years with no intention of getting into a relationship when I met him. I was having a bath one night and all of a sudden, out of nowhere I said “he’s coming”. I thought nothing of this until very recently. I met this man in the most unusual way possible. I was at a friends dying of a headache watching her kids, when a friend of hers stopped by with his friend. I knew instantly he was the one that was coming. Long story short, he was was and a year and a half later we had a son. My life was absolutely perfect. Over the last while we started to get at each other and 7 months ago during an “ego” argument we separated. Right away I realized what had happened but not him. He found another woman right away and truly shattered my world. However he wouldn’t let me go. He kept coming back and then running again. We had a week together that he referee to as magic only for him to run again. Now in the last month I have researched a lot because I have to tell you, I am not this woman! I don’t know who I am. I cry like my child has died, I don’t eat which I love and on and on. I am NOT her, who ever this woman is. So about 3 weeks ago I woke up and thought “okay time for a soul shock” its hard because I can’t totally cut him off because of the kids but I’m not chasing anymore. So I want to say thank you for this Site because I actually thought I was insane. I had heard nothing twin flames until an angel reading where I asked how I could help my son through this and the cards said it had to do with my twin flame! Creepy….so I thank you and I will post on how the soul shock goes.

    • Well, I recently discovered who my twin flame is after talking to this person for over a year. I could never understand even without having met him why he could push my buttons like no other. We met in person only 3 times in August and soon after the last meeting the intensity magnified and the turbulence started with me trying to get him to commit. We had a disagreement and we are not in communication at the moment. The date we met in person equals 11/11 and both or birth dates add up to 11/11 also. Soon after our “separation” I began my spiritual awakening and kanundali rising occurred – all senses were heightened and I’m In the process of a deep realization of my true self. I think of my twin every minute of every day – its painful at times but my intuition guides me in knowing our reunion is imminent. Of course to the outside world it all seems crazy- but what a blessing it is. I know these are troubled times and the reunion of all twins is needed. What we must do though is focus on balancing ourselves and healing and the inner work needed for reunion. Unconditional love and total surrender is the order of the day – the universe will provide. Blessings!

  34. hello. can anyone out here help me? this is quite complicated so bare with me. syncronicities brought myself and my twin flame together and we had a spiritual friendship for a long time before realising we were twin flames. now i know we r in phase three but i’m not sure who the runner is! first of all it was him, then he apologised but the damadge he’d done in that space of time was quite harsh. he’s been very verbally abusive 2 my family and me to the point where my family r concerned 4 me and really don’t want me 2 have anything to do with friends have been in tears at the things i’ve put up with. so i told him that yes we can through things but that he couldn’t move back in and we take it slow and work through it all. he didn’t like that and because he got it into his head that because i’d bumped in2 an ex in a pub when i was with my friends he got it in2 his head that i’d been seeing my ex and so he decides 2 move in with his ex. he’s been trying to get me 2 have him move back in but i would rather he didn’t contact me untill she is out if his life as it is far 2 unbearable, i can’t have him move back in untill he has worked on temper as he is quite unkind when he is cross. anyway we both ended up going seperate ways as it is all very painful and right now it’s really hard to c how we can move 4ward together, yet it’s so important that we do. any ideas?

    • Hi crissy .. From my point of view and from my own experience .. I dont think this is ur twin flame maybe a soul mate.. Twin flames can never be abusive to eachother. U gotta read about signs of twin flames and see if they apply to u or no..

      Good luck..

  35. I am so elated to report that we have reunited!! I thought he was gone forever – and I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel such a shift in my life and being knowing we are communicating again. He simply started going through a personal hell 4 months ago.
    Timing is everything!
    He expressed regret for not being in touch – but has thought about me every day and misses me deeply. All this time he’s kept me out of his drama details – something I really respect and am not used to from other past guys.
    I now really believe we ARE twins as so many have said. Now I will heed all the advice going forward with twin flame knowledge. Thanks to this beautiful site!!

  36. I am the chaser and have been for the last 4 years. For years I searched for information about what was happiness to us and for years I found nothing. I realise that if I had found out years ago then I would have understood that I was balancing my karma and so it would have been ineffective.

    The last four years of my life has literally been hell, I screwed my life up so badly to the point where I lost everything and end up homeless, jobless and pennyless. The day I woke up for the first time homeless was the single greatest day of my life. It is that day that I realised everyone is afraid to lose something and so afraid to follow there hearts, that day I had nothing to lose and that can give you an amazing sence of clarity. That was the day that I realised that having nothing was ok because the love I had for another was so strong.

    An amazing sequence of events then took place that left me in a much stronger position than before I lost everything. Every thing just fell into place all on its own. And just when I thought the amazing events had ended I was remined of my other.

    Eight month ago I realised that my feelings would never change and so I just surrended to them. In doing that I suddenly became flooded with information about twin flames and for the first time I had answers. Since I surrended I have come to realise that I am now in a transition that comes in gentle waves. The build up of pain over the years began to surface for healing, I found myself in a deeply reflective state and came to understand why I couldnt be with my twin now. To love someone unconditionally requires you be completely true to them, but to do that requires that you be completely true to yourself first.

    There have been times recently where the boundaries between us just dissolved and we could experience each others thoughts, feelings and memories. At times I could see beyond the illision if the universe, if only for a moment.

    Two days ago I became completely overcome with compassion, inside I could feel unresolved issues just fading to nothing. I complete sence of calmness. I realise today that the path I am on leads to full spiritual awakening. I realise that only then can I fully love my twin without judgement, only then can a union be formed.

    If your in the dance then stick with it, the outcome will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

  37. I met a woman who I believe I have shared many lifetimes with in the most unlikely of places while on a business trip in LA. I have been a deep soul since birth, and only met on previous soulmate in my life, someone I passed up on purpose to move forward in soul growth, that was fourteen years ago. I had given up largely on the ‘search’ and focused only on my own soul growth and life experiences. A series of odd things occured in the days prior to meeting this person which I paid attention to only in retrospect. From the moment I first laid eyes on here, something overcame me, there was an instant ‘knowing’ and I was drawn to her. As soon as we started speaking I felt the easiness and familiarity of it, almost too easy, like best friends talking. We passed it off to being of a similar soul sign and nature. Certainly there is some of that, but within ten minutes of talking we were already talking about past lives and kundalini/chakras. Later on that evening, touching each other just felt magical, unlike anything I’ve really ever experienced before, except that one time I was with a soulmate. It triggered something deep within my real self, while my ego and mind sat in shock as this was certainly the most unlikely of places to be meeting a twin flame soulmate. I remember leaving that night with an internal fear that I might never see her again and confused about the authenticity. She sang to me and I knew she had a musical gift, I am also musically inclined and artistically gifted but at this point in my life a ‘rational’ businessman. It turns out she was a budding singer/artist and extremely talented, but going thru a rough period of seeking in her life.. and I could see that. The similarities in interests, beliefs, talents and endeavors were shocking at first, but not as shocking as this overwhelming feeling that I was hit with.. that I loved this person unconditionally and was being guided by some higher power, and I had no idea why or for what purpose. It took me a few days or weeks back home to try to figure it out, meanwhile it seemed our egos collided a little, but it seemed too as if she was unwilling to let me go, at the same time not willing to let me in. Fear was ruling her, as well as her ego. She has thousands of ‘admirers’ as she is very beautiful, and a talented singer, multi lingual and an exquisite Libran girl. Yet I’ve been around the world and have dated many beautiful women in my life, and I was not really that wowed, in fact she struck me as the cute girl next door in conversation. Our interaction even holding hands felt so natural, it was odd. I am quite a bit older than she is in this incarnation, yet I have a deep spiritual awareness of my past lives and have worked on those things for decades… and she is on some tandem quest almost the same track as I was for years, with her discovery and exploration of past lives, kundalini, karma, Hindu beliefs.. she is seeking, and I’m aware that she too is an ‘old soul’ and she knows that I am too. The problem arises in “ego” and not in spirit. She is unwilling to trust in the spirit and fully engrossed in her ego reality, and wanted to ‘get to know me’ from an ego standpoint, and of course I could bore her to death with all sorts of stories, accolades , adventures and even shenanigans, but that all bores me to tears. I wanted to explore it at a real depth she seems too afraid to jump into at this time. She is in a healing process and a seeking process. I know however that God wanted me to share some things with her and also nudge her onto the right “path” which she is slightly off right now. I was overwhelmed with our meeting being about “purpose” and nothing to do with “lust” or sexual attraction, even as it is high. I just didn’t know how to handle the intensity or urgency of it, and its so odd that a guy who is calm, composed, in control and has run the show for many years…was shaken off balance by the face, voice, eyes, tough and aura of this person. It blew away all my outer core layers and opened my hear chakra wide. I felt a powerful love, but not a perfect one. I have a lot of rough edges still from my personal journey. She does too. We are both very much ‘fighters’ and she doesn’t realize that I’m her mirror as much as I do . We are both approaching the same highest ideals from different angles and getting caught up with the ego battles. I’m already very well known, and she’s a struggling artist looking to make a break. I felt insulted a few times that she is so self indulged, willing to accept my love and kindness, but too self centered to recognize when I needed it reciprocated. It made me angry too that she hardly tried to take notice of my achievements and looked for faults instead, while I fully recognized her talents. I have a very indomitable spirit and anyone who knows me does know that. I can be very loving and kind but my spirit is more of a warrior’s.. and if you cross me, then you will feel the brunt of it. It has happened a few times and much to my regret, her need to “control” things between us, while even acting arrogant in her actions and behaviors, shockingly so, after the real interaction I had felt on a soul level which she too acknowledged… we just finally came to blows and I was not going to be one upped. I was hurt and angry even as I know that there is likely karma from many lifetimes being played out and I’d already exposed my feelings for her in great depth… I began to shut down. The interesting thing is her threats to cut me off seemed idle at first… and when I countered saying that I too could do that easily and it was “her loss” .. I was tempting her, goading her, actually pushing her to do it.. it’s almost as if I know deep down that these interactions happen so infrequently and leave an indelible mark on one’s life, without a roadmap of what was going on, I figured perhaps this is the right direction to take.. after all I look at her as MY copilot.. I am the pilot after all.. LOL. She apparently wants the control and was happy to fight me.. but I thought that its about love and not control. Well it is .. but the ego battle is a battle of wills, and she needed to see that I’m not a pushover melting at her feet. It started out as tame arguing but her insistence to have the last word and last say really infuriated me, as she was not acting from her “real self” so I thru in the towel and really gave her an unwelcome heave-ho.. going for full court press “soul shock” to wake her up with a cold shower. It did not ‘feel good’. In fact fighting with her feels pointless, stupid, and a waste of time. I’ve spoken to her a dozen times about “time being an illusion” and about reincarnation and past lives. I’m fine if she does not realize right now what has gone on between us. I know her soul more than she realizes, and I have already shown her the warmth and kindness of mine. She will know also have to realize that I am a very strong soul who will not deal with her ego issues. She thought I was obsessed with her, quite the contrary, I’m pretty happy to have gotten her away from me for a while.. so that I can focus on business and other pursuits. I now know who she is. If things will ever be revisited it will be after she balances some of her own karma and reduces her ego, once she’s more comfortable in her own skin and loves herself more as a soul instead of an ego. I needed to use some brute force tactics to force her to look at herself in the mirror and make some changes in the direction she is going too. I knew that subconsciously my challenge would be to get her attention, make her aware and do it as tactfully as I could. I may have failed at some points but the overall intention was good and I think it worked.. I know that we have a soul bond from past life interactions. I know that I felt bliss being with her and not knowing why, having loved her unconditionally. There is no jealousy and no fear and no issue in letting her go. My love for her is real and it goes beyond this life. If she ever CHOOSES to be REAL again with me, my heart and arms will be open wide and I can explain more to her then. In the meantime I have sent her a ‘soul shock’ she will not forget. I am certain she will clean up her act, and focus on her God given talent and make good on the things she stated to me were her deepest desires. She is far from a perfect person and while she has thousands of men who would love to have her, I know for a fact that she is going to remember our encounter and realize that she cannot wag her perfect ass, bat her beautiful eyes and snap her sweet fragile fingers at me and expect me to jump to her demands. She tried that. It didn’t work. The more she fought me the less power she had over me. Her decision to cut me off only made me laugh and smile.. because now she can really go back to her literal mirror and battle it out with her ego. I am her soul counterpart mirror and I”m confident, certain, assured as I am an eternal being as we all are, that we will one day in the future have another reunion and she will not speak to me as rudely as she did, she will trust in the spiritual as she deepens her search as I seeded that and supported that as well, and when she finally decides that perhaps she was in the wrong (although she vehemently denies.. being the perfectionist she is, (I was too) demanding it from self/others) she will become more enlightened and accepting, that soulmates often times are here to show us the way. I love her, and it comes from deep within my soul. I will only be honest with her when she is ready for the honesty that two souls who have incarnated many times and have a purpose in meeting, can have. I am not sad that she and I chose this route.. because I definitely pushed her. I know I can effect her, and I chose to effect her in a shocking way as well, because some of her behavior is shocking and needs remedy. She will never be in a dearth of admirers and company, however I’m sure that when she meditates and thinks upon it in her dreams.. she will remember me and the timing of my arrival in her life, and the message I drove home deep. I am hoping she will focus on her gift now and knock off some of the low energy dynamics.

    Twin Flames know and feel it when they meet. Time stands still. They cannot always both handle the outcome. The ego takes its own stand in defense of ‘reality’. The true reality has to be simaltaneously embraced by both. If one does not then they must part ways again. For the person who is aware it can be painful, but to comfort those of you in pain.. trust in the Eternal plan of your own soul. Yes it is blissful to be with that person, but we incarnate separately, and really only get together to bring comfort.. like a child needing a special blanket, you don’t need your twin flame soulmate day in and day out, just be happy you met them. Smile.. yes sometimes its chaotic, painful, blissful, happy.. you are a mirror. Look at see your own flaws and positive attributes. Remember that you are unique and amazing too if you see those things in your mate.. you are seeing a reflection of you. Embrace that God’s way is to remind us thru these pairings that we have things to continue working on separately, but also be appreciative of the chance to feel a piece of heaven even if its short lived and bittersweet..

    I’m sure that this woman will come back to me in this life or another life and will have more compassion, less ego, more love and understanding, be less willing to create strife and argument with me… because I know her soul as I know mine. We are both very loving and forgiving people. We both felt let down and discouraged and confused. Time will bring clarity. Clarity will bring peace. Peace will bring joy and then we can talk again about our purpose.

    I wish her the best with love, peace and light and to all of you troubled by these interactions, don’t be. Eternity is a concept, just as Time is a concept. What do you feel looking into the eyes of this person ? Whole. Happy. Loved. Bliss. This is our true reality. Don’t get caught up in the ego’s fear of separation. Embrace the challenge to perfect your soul. Love is all there is. When your twin flame is fighting with you or in absentia, they are aware you exist and yes they love you. They have things to work out themselves. Wish them the best and peace.. and go about your way. You will meet again, and again, and again and again… 🙂

    • Hello sportdiver,
      Your story reminded me of me and him, it was a great heartache seeing him leaving without saying a word. I was too stubborn with him i used to send rude msgs when i call him and he doesnt answer he never replied in the same way back.. He is a strong man and so confident. Ive hot strong personality too and confident. We got many similarities and it felt like we are one soul.
      I never imagined he would leave in that way, it was too shocking to my heart & soul.
      I wish he comes back to me. As i never felt the way i felt with him with any other man. I started to lose hope .. It’s almost a year now i havnt heard any thing from him. I do miss him, i miss me with him, miss us together. I miss that voice that was kinda healing to my soul. Any one can tell me ! Is it possible tjat we get together again i’m really down..

  38. wow I love this site, reading this expains things so clearly and gives me hope. I met my twin flame 10 months ago and at the time had never head of twin flames. For one month we just seamed to know everything about eachother, had similar experiences, we are even built alike and think the same things. we like the same foods, tv programs, books and interests and comunicate so well. we can both be a bit “odd” with our comunication with others, yet with us there is never a problem or mis understanding, its feels like “home” or “belonging” just as the description of twin flames say. we divorced in the same year, failed an exam by the same amount in the same week of the same year, long before we met. on the whole we have had paralel time frames!
    Unfortunately we too are in stage 3, it’s horrible, he is the runner. He told me how wonderful i am, how he enjoys my company, how compatible we are yet says he is not in love with me? I can understand this to some degree as we comunicate really well and have talked. He often says we are too alike which I can so understand after reading this! He mentioned that if he could love himself then he may love me. I thought this was quite a spiritual thing to say and gave me a little hope that he may be starting on his spiritual path too. Meanwhile for me I had an amazing spiritual awareness shift 2 weeks ago, I’ve been on my spiritual path for about 5 years now and have had tiny shifts before but nothing like this, this was just mind blowning. I was scared at the time but as you say; it led me to read more and led me to this site. I don’t like this runner / chaser phase, what can you do to bring it to an end sooner or do you have to let it run its course? I pray and ask for help every day and I send him healing often.
    Can he not love me if he is my flame or colud it be like he says, that he doesn’t love him self? denial? I would appreciate any thoughts on this one!

    • @Rurita.. time to MOVE ON. That sounds like a ‘karmic’ relationship, not even soulmates, and certainly NOT Twin Flame which is a perfect mirror image of yourself,your other half, your flaws and strong point included, you get together for purpose to serve humanity.. after you are closer to self realization which could take many lifetimes of meeting and splitting up.

      @Kande.. the realization that you’re not alone after all is “mind blowing” and soul altering. You finally realize that Earth is not just some primordial soup chance happening. There are dark spiritual force here as well, otherwise we would not have the insanity of warfare, genocide, massive starvation, complete ignorance and spiritual poverty. Just because you met your karmic mates, soulmates or twin flame doesn’t mean you get to stop your journey or growth. You’re evolving and so are they. Some are de-volving by choice. You can go up and you can go down, depends on your choices. Karma is instant. Go out into the street and slap some stranger in the face then run away. You can fix it immediately or they can find you when you’re 70 and slap you back, or you’ll meet them in another life and wonder why some random stranger is giving you the evil eye and they’ll wonder why they hate you so much … LOL We run into souls over and over and incarnate in soul groups with certain patterns at specific times all by choice. Its no different then when we sit in this life and try to decide on a profession.. decide on what to wear, how to appear, what we want to study or do for the day.. all these choices we have. We all have to learn how to become self-realized and to find self-love and then connect with God as a WHOLE being without being hand held.. all of us has to encounter and experience the “dark night of the soul” that the poem and the Saint refer to.. where we withdraw from the world and Earthly focus and draw closer to God. You cannot become self realized until that process happens, when the spiritual within is awakened and the ego “little self” dies more and more.. a real death happens and a real birth happens. The re-birth of the soul into a more spiritually aligned purpose.

      You cannot FORCE your twin to do this or speed up their progress, they have to do it on their own time and it could take lifetimes. Once they have met you they know who you are, you leave an indelible mark on them forever, but often it forces the ‘runner’ to be fearful of self-love and so they turn to self-loathing instead of acceptance when forced to see their mirror and will run from what you think is ‘love’… what is “love”? Its a concept. Its an idea. Its really a “reality” that “I belong, I am whole, I am part of Creation” and that remembrance brings a feeling of another concept we call “joy”.. and what is joy ? Its the remembrance, the action of being one with the Universal whole. Some people remind us more than others. Sometimes we suffer deeply from wounds and loss, fear and anxiety, the ego battles, the measure of success and failure on Earthly terms and fail to accept that we are love, we are consciousness we are joy.. we are never anything but those things. But until we actually accept it, we can’t fully love properly, each other or our selves.

      Time is an illusion. You miss this person and you will miss them, but when they reappear what happens.. you are reminded, its just like waking up and looking in a mirror and thinking “Oh there I am.. I”m real”.. but that’s the ego looking at the body, and neither are permanent, neither is REAL.. this is the illusion of the material reality. The material reality is defined by limited physical senses confined to this vibrational state of matter.. where the soul cannot be defined or constricted by this lower denser frequency of matter, and the soul is the only thing that is “real”.. which makes scientists look quite silly when trying to prove or disprove the existence of soul, while maintaining the imposters (ego/mind/body) are the REAL SELF.. kinda like monkeys doing experiments with bananas to prove the Universe doesn’t exist. Pointless. When you see your soul reflection it is thru the eyes of soul.. not physical. Not a physical transformation, a spiritual one. Spiritual wounds cannot be healed by physical means, there are no band aids and it has to be done thru spirit.

      You might not see that person again in this lifetime. When you reunite, it will be as if no time has passed.. because time has not passed..there is no such thing as ‘time’ to the soul. An aware soul in this world is consciously aware of this fact. They do not fall in love with the temporal, the body, the cloaking of the soul. They are aware that time is really a concept. They are aware of the cycle of birth and death, and focus on the karmic and spiritual relationships around them, on healing and growth, it is a much more worthy endeavor than to struggle like rats to attain worldly possessions, all of which will end up in the hands of others after your brief incarnation. You should focus on your path and let that other person focus on their toward self realization and self love, self mastery and seeking God first.

      Too many people feel desperate to find LOVE. That’s like a raindrop desperate to find water when it falls into the ocean… YOU ARE LOVE. Joy comes from remembering. You can have constant joy if you work at it, and realize you swim in a sea of energy, never disconnected, the Universe is not made up of empty space.. it is made up of a giant matrix of interconnected energy and matter at different frequencies and densities. Every soul is part of this matrix and if you stop being fooled by the illusions of time and people’s bodies, and outer illusions you will see ‘spirit’ in everyone and everything.If you consciously attune to it, you start finding life a bit funny. People are a bit odd to believe in their illusions.

      Sometimes as morbid as it sounds, I like to sit in a massively crowded place buzzing with activity and noise and hit a ‘fast forward’ button in my mind. All of these people are going to die. Soon. Very soon in the context of ‘time’. Trees live hundreds of years, sea turtles outlive humans.. rocks are thousands of years old. Most people are lucky to hit 80. Once you realize how fast the life cycle really is you get a sense of a more true reality… make the best of the ‘time’. Do good deeds. Stop for people in need. Serve others. That brings joy. Don’t worry about meeting soulmates. They are also worried about finding you !! When you align to the purpose of the life you chose and the purpose of it, you will feel a sense of real dignity and peace with God. God gives you life.. not your twin flame soul. They are just a mirror and you want to help them as much as your self. The more you feel an unwavering love and commitment without strings or ties to the ego, of self-less love then it is closer to the purpose of that union. When you come together in future lives you can better serve together. Many souls are born just for this purpose. They are born already self realized with a goal to uplift. Think of some famous singers or performers, great leaders of humanity. They too were just a ‘soul’. What gave them such power ? Self-actualization and realization of God within the self. They are illuminated by this power, and that is the goal of all souls, to attain that, and to serve humanity.

      Too many people on this blog seem down rather than happy 🙂 They are longing and missing this mate. But the longing is really for your self to be activated, not for them to reappear and make it all better. You’re really missing out on YOU. 🙂 All they can do is show up and mirror YOU. They can’t BE you.. and they can’t FIX you.. and they can’t be your JOY. What they can do is remind you that you are JOY. that’s it. Why miss your mirror ? Look at your SELF 🙂 You can do that all alone and spread the joy you feel in being alive. You’ll see you twin flame soulmate when they are ready to be paired to do some service together. If its a lesser mate its usually karmic and there is conflict needing resolution.

      • @sportdiver, he was my twin soul i know how karmic look like, and i have read throughly about that, i didnt mention all the details of the story the wonderful moments & the long time we used to talk on the phone and how we enjoyed each and every second we spent together. We’ve met many times and had great times wuth each other. There was great acceptance between us and i could never feel the way i am as i felt with him. I was exactly myself no pretending no lies.. It felt so comfortable. It felt like home.. But i didnt mention that the time we met wasnt suitable.. He was engaged !
        I am single.. He was about to get married.. He told me if it was different time different circumstances the situation would be different. He felt guilty because he was cheating.
        I felt the love on his voice in his reactions , there was kinda perfectness and things that can only be felt.. Also, we had telepathic connection.. We think alike, we say the same words, similar things happens to both of us. We almost have the same likes and dislikes. I like to sing and he does too. I write poems he write poems too.

        I can feel his spirit around me i can feel him, i saw him in my dreams many times and it felt real as if he was really with me..

        All the twin flame signs i have read before i found between us..

        I believe he is my twin flame as i went through karmic relationships before and it never felt like this one..

      • Wow SPORTDIVER777 – I love every single word!! You truly channeled the divine in this stream. Beautiful!!!! Thank you, thank you.

  39. This was so very helpful. It answered so many questions and helped us move forward in a relationship where we felt utterly stuck.

  40. Its absolutely worse than death! Its the most horrible thing to ever happen to me! Not only do you feel like an ass for chasing someone..something Ive NEVER, EVER done before, but but their are other current relationships with other ppl involved and he has a STRONG Christian belief system..which makes him closed minded to this explanation. Its a total mess and I wish I could make it go away. I have to move on for my own sake…I wont continue to be lonely..his running is ruining not only his happiness but mine…it almost ruined my life. Everything you all said is exactly so true. I dont think its in the cards for us to physically be together

    • (Continued) I wont chase him anymore…Im hoping God can bless me with someone new I can be happy with and treats me right.

      • We have treated eachother just beyond horrible at times and yet we cant let it go. This relationship makes you think your crazy. Its hopeless because he isnt even open minded enough to see whats really going on here. Ive never cried more in my life than I have in the last 3 years. I cant do it anymore.

  41. I get so angry at him because its like he stole my life from me. Its all I can do to get through each day sometimes. I hate that this happened to me!

    • Laura – I feel your pain. Please take the best advice on this page and seek a deeper communion with God in your life.

      I have felt like you in many ways, and all the comfort others give me is temporary. Recently I’ve just fallen to my knees. I have to trust when I do, that He will guide me specifically and in place of my emotional whiplash day to day.

      With all the hell I’ve been through in life – from homeless, broke, my mother dying – a real 2 years of steady fire – I still suffered more than anything in the three months that this guy cut off all communications with me. I started smoking, drinking, crying – begging for relief, called psychics, and more. In the end it was never about him – it was all meant for me to go through and heal deeply. I have nothing but compassion for him today, wherever he is.

      I’m not minimizing your pain by any stretch.

  42. Just wanted to say how great it is to read everyone’s stories and finally understand what has been going on in my life. I have definately found my TF and think that we are close to being in phase 3. I met him randomly in a pub one night and from the moment I saw him I knew that he was more then just someone who I thought was attractive. I’m 25 and have never felt this kind of love towards any previous people I have been with before, and I’ve always felt like ‘the one’ is out there. And then I finally found him.

    We haven’t been together for long, just over 3 months but it has been the most intense 3 months of my life. Our connection has been so strong from the start, from our first date when we went to see a movie we could both feel a sort of electric energy between us when we weren’t even touching. He was the one who mentioned it afterwards because I thought maybe I was imagining things! Within the first few weeks/month he was calling me his ‘soulie’ and telling me that we would end up getting married and that he loved me, which made me freak out a little bit at first but then I realised I felt the exact same way, and it was so natural and meant to be.

    At the moment we have started arguing over really unimportant things that we shouldn’t even be arguing over. I was feeling really overwhelmed and had things going on in my life that made me so stressed, as did he and now I feel like I have ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me by getting into a relationship that was so full on when I KNEW i was going to be really stressed over different things at that time. I wish I had of waited for a few months, but as you all know, that is impossible 😦 so he is kinda being the runner now, and I am the chaser, when before it was kind of the other way around. Is this normal? I just miss him so much, even though we still communicate and see each other all the time, I miss how it was at the start and wish that it would get back to that but from reading all your stories I know it will take time! I would just really like to hear what you all think about this 🙂 xx

  43. I feel like an idiot.

    This is where I don’t buy into “he’s the one” off the bat. After all I worked myself up for and he’s gone again. BLISS over the summer – then he disappeared for three months, which was torcher for me. I healed. Then he surfaced, in a dark fire in his life – I sent him love and 2k to soften the struggles. He was very thankful, and again he’s vaporized.

    How come I don’t just accept that maybe he’s just NOT into me – and he took the good will I gave him and bolted? I feel embarrassed that I put all my eggs into this basket of emotion. I probably scared him away!!

    In any case, I’m not carrying a torch for anyone. It’s stupid and fraudulent to believe someone is something when you have NO idea – only a guess.

    All I know is me, my life and what I create. What I attract. What I feel. Not the other. This, just like the previous thread by SPORTDIVER777 – is all I know: ME.

    And as much as I for the first time in years, choose now to be partnered with a man – I’d still rather be alone than miserable with the wrong one.

    • Evie, I’ve come to believe there’s a lot of wishful thinking going on here, that the man I thought was my TF is really a kharmic relationship, which has worn me out. I’m just going to be “me” from now on, no more “working” on myself. The right partner for me, TF or not, in this lifetime, is going to love me AS I AM, with no games of any kind, just pure love flowing between us. So be it, so it is. :o)

      • I agree with the last comment. No games…its exhausting…and it cant be whats meant to be…that isnt how perfect love is. I think my TF is a karmic relationship too because it says you have to have one or two before you meet your twin flame and this one was beyond devasting…guess Im ready now lol

  44. Lol all the women in Here are going trough the Same struggle! So upset,mad and Sad … I met my TF too last year may. There was a strong love right away and i didn’t even know this men. I am not the type who likes to date and get feelings fast. But this one blew my mind.. I told him one day it looks like Your my twin. Hè start laughing and i didn’t know the term TF yet. We were two months together and the arguaments start coming. Then hè broke all kind of contact with me and after 5 months in december hè contacted me on Facebook. I was so depressed these 5 months. Felt like my heart was ripped out of my body. I feel like hè is my other halve. We were 3 days together in december and it was so shocking.. All the emotions between us, the love was so strong and it scared him.. Me too but i couple handle it the new year hè begun too run. I didn’t chased him..but again i was depressed. Another 7 whole months..than july hè contacted me again. And saying things like i want to be with you again..i love you, im so happy that you are in my life again. But hè kent the distance. So after 2 months in september i gave up. I told him that i had enough. Hè kept telling me i know, you have to trust me.. Everything will be allright. You are my future wife.. All kind of things. I could tell that hè was scared too see me again and mept the distance. Now we dont have contact for almost 3 months. And i stil Miss him,cant get over him or forget about him. Like hè Said to me : you are the one. I feel so too… Im the more enlighted one of us two and i understand what is going one. But the Being apart is so damn hard! I also have all kind of dreams. Since i met him… Dreams about him and me together. His moods.. All kind of dreams. That hè is coming back etc. Also when i meditate i see his face … Or eyes. Does any one else have the Same signs.. Like dreams and meditation.. Spiritual connection with Your twinflame. The connection was so strong. But the last month i kind of kost my self and also Our connection. So any one tips or advice??

  45. Just updating from my last posting … a TWIN FLAME is not hard to recognize or distinguish from a soulmate … it would be beyond anything u ever experienced — it is pure happiness and joy… me and my TWIN FLAME have reunited a few months ago and r still together as of now and we r so deeply in luv with one another and happy (the chemistry and connection is amazing the best i ever had) … it is pure unconditional luv — no circumstances has kept us apart … the key note is HAPPINESS … this relationship brought me and my baby closer to God and to each other we r both brand new people since our meeting … it is based on trust and no fear is involved … the stages happend down to a T … and I know we have finally reached the last stage … TWIN FLAMES do exist and clues r given out online like astrology signs (chinese year zodiac) and (western zodiac) … also there r dates when they r to meet .. there r a lot of clues and hints … TWIN FLAMES meeting makes both partner a better spiritual being permanently … it’s like living in Heaven on Earth …. there r no egos involved, just pure unconditional love … and the bond is unbreakable … I am literally glowing from this kind of love and this unconditional love is transferred to everyone else around us … that’s when you would know it’s the one and real when u r just happy all the time and others see it in your spirits also … u c the world all rosy and everything has life and is just so beautiful … words can’t even describe this kind of happiness …

  46. Haha Damier – exactly my experience “don’t worry, everything is okay!” – and then he’s gone, literally vaporized. He has moved back to his home town in SC (we met in NC) to get out of some overdue tax debt which has consumed him. He let me know that much 4mos after no contact….and now it’s been a month again of no contact. No attempts to connect and assure me or even foster something. It’s just sad, that’s all. I’m passed the pain by now. And when my life is full and focused on my careers – music and business coaching – I’m really happy. But then I suddenly see a red truck or last night someone was talking to me about SADE, and that’s who he thought I sounded like, or I have a dream, or I see someone in a movie that looks like him. Even when I am busy in my daily and social life, some how he shows up in my experience.
    The last email I sent him was simply to let him know it hurts too much not hearing from him and that I wish him all the best, I need to let go.

    Crissy – I have no point of reference for the TF bliss you describe. Only great times that have been fleeting and here I am single. I’ve been with many soulmates and they all ended – so I don’t relate to your cavalier description of how easy it is, etc.
    From all I’ve read and researched “IT’S NOT EASY” in the initial TF union. Between things going the way they have with my guy and still being single – I don’t have a strong reference point for what this is, only what people tell me. So it isn’t easy for me to know if he is my TF or not 🙂

    I’m so grateful for this forum!! I really gain so much strength and insight by reading the thoughts of others. Thanks for all your feedback, it helps!

    • Evie.. I almost experienced the same! I passed the pain & the heartache.. Foucused on my job & how to improve n my career.. Out of the sudden i hear his name from someone or see his name among the names. I see his letter H every where.. Also, i frequently see our initials HR ..

      It sounded like everything intends to reminde me of him in the time i try to concentrate on my career and move on..

      Sometimes i dream of him.. I wake up having that kinda warm feelings inside my heart..
      As if he was really with me. Then i feel like im going back to where i’ve started…

      Like im going around a circle ..

      Any one else had similar experience ??

    • Hi Evie, trust me it takes a lot of life experiences to realize what true luv is and that comes from within (inside yourself) to give is to freely give and not expect anything in return … you luv because u r just happy to luv others … when you can finally reach this level of luv u attract that luv in return so effortlessly … trust me … like i said the key note is “HAPPINESS” you r happy regardless with or without ur twinflame in ur life … u don’t “NEED” a relationship u choose to “WANT” to be in it and share the luv from “inside” of u … it is difficult to explain unless u have been spiritually enlightened … if u knew how i use to be in the past and knew me now then u would be able to understand this cuz everyone around me have witnessed this new person I have become because of this experience … my relationships with everyone around me is so strong cuz i learned “how to love now” and everything in my life is prospering… not a lot of people can experience this until they completely understand what unconditional love is … it is difficult to do at first but eventually when u get it it is the most beautiful feeling on earth … i wish u the best …

  47. Exactly Rurita!! Like something is making me remember him – even when I’ve begun to move on, close that door. Bottom line, anyone who is selfish enough not to make a gestural outreach to me after I send him $2000 with no strings, is not a very grateful human being. @(*& him!

    I am lovable, respected, beautiful, savvy, intelligent, and desirable, I’m also 52, self-made and VERY good in both my careers. I’ve earned respect in both my industries, and I have a healthy lifestyle that shines with love towards others.
    He can go #^&* himself for not showing me some character and respect – which I obviously possess more of. No matter how good it felt with him – manners and courtesy are the hallmarks that show who someone is made of, no matter how bad your life is! I don’t deserve this from anybody, – and that’s what I need to *get*.

    • I felt like u.. I have everything a man can dream of.. I’m successful manager, beautiful, stylish, well-educated, smart and confident.

      He was so attracted to me.. But didnt fight for me he prefered to keep up with his wife coz he was engaged when we both met..

      He felt bad coz he was cheating on his wife, but he never think how hurting this would be to me .. He was so selfish deciding to end the relation and run away like a coward..

      Could u imagin how it feels when someone u love so much that u cant go a day without thinking of him to leave in silence without saying a word without even texting me or saying goodbye.. He switched his mobile off and stopped calling me.. He simply disappeared.. I tried hard to find a way to contact him but i failed..

      I cried and cried like i never did in all my life..
      My heart was shattered.. My soul was dying..
      I just cant describe the pain ive been through after he left that way..

      I felt like he took my happiness away.. My life is never the same .. I tried to deny this but thats the truth.. Life was more beautiful when he was there.. And there’s a big hole where he used to be that no one could fill..

      I got up and said to myself u should move on regardless the pain.. The pain is less but life is still not as beautiful as it used to be with him..

  48. Wow Rurita, painful stuff. And not unfamiliar to all of us, I’m sure.
    I say feel the grief and connect the dots from where it began before you met him. For instance, I’ve been a chaser my whole life. I was disrespected by my oldest brother and felt unloved by my mom – these are deep rooted wounds and TF or not – when they are triggered, it’s my work to heal them,
    Why would I ever want to be with someone who doesn’t suit up show up and move mountains to be with me unless I don’t BELIEVE I’m worthy?
    Stan was a huge wake-up call for me – whether I ever see him again – he unleashed a quake of pain that was already dormant and needing to be uncovered for me to heal. That’s what life is all about, internal healing to re-member who we are. And it never ends.
    XX Evie

  49. You both are right rurita and Evita. The Same feelings for me.. I felt like dying when hè left me. Just like i wasn’t Anything for him. In a wink.. Just like that. Last night i had a dream that hè contact me and i woke up all natural high. Meeting Your TF is a beautifull thing. The best thing That’s happened to me… But when they are apart of you it hurts too Much! I pray every day to unite again with my TF. And I’m working on myself. I also hear his name often or seeying signs that are connected too him. Every night i go to sleep with him in my thoughts and every morning i wake up with him in mind. I can truelly enjoy the feeling of love when i think of him. But the distance is so hard. I went trough so Much pain. Every time hè left. Like hè disappeared from the earth. Hè didn’t answer my emails. Also changed his number. Like i said before i could tell after those days together that hè was scared. I really hope hè comes back.. That we can reunite.. Hope god answeres my prayers. I keep being positive.. The holiday’s are coming up and there are going to be hard without him i guess…

  50. Sorry i mean Evie lol. Excuse me for this!

    • Yes Damier ur describing what i felt.. Being with ur TF is real happiness, being apart is real pain..

      Who said TF is an easy relationship.. It’s not at all..

  51. I’ve re-read so many posts here and I can’t BELIEVE how most of us are experiencing the SAME thing. I feel in good company and great advice. Loving myself/God is the only thing that matters!!

  52. Yes.. I couldn’t talk about this feeling with my friends or family. Nobody understands what im going though. I was at a point that i even thought i was crazy LoL.. But im not the kind of women that easily falls in love or can have feelings for another person. I’ve been before in two really bad relationships and last year (2011) in the fall i was so broken and upset. And i prayed to god : please Send someone who is equal and who knows what true love is… Someone i can trust and love with my soul. In a few months there hè was. My TF.. I couldn’t believe that it was all real… The feelings,emotions.. Hè is me but in a manly way. Same tastes, Same opinions about many matters in life. It was too good to be true. My prince charming i called him. We both know from the start that this was different than past relationships. This was a deeper connection. Right away from the heart and soul. When i think about Our times spend together, i get a glow.. A true feeling of love and hapiness. Like i said earlier.. Natural high! Now that hè is away i feel like im not whole anymore. Something is missing… I went trough deep pain. But i am now optimistic and positive. If he will connect me again and come back to me or if he doesn’t’s up to God. For now on.. Im focussing on myself and my own spiritual growth and healing.

    • Evie dear.. Never give a man more than he gives u coz u will definately end up feeling sorry.. Men are selfish creatures the take and take and never gives back unless u show him u r selfish too and that he should gives too.. We should act smart in the giving and taking thing with men… 🙂

    • I feel you Damier your story is so similar to mine. I remember asking God to send me my equal because I was tired of the unfulfilling relationship I was in. I even wrote my twinflame birthdate down 11/24/1976 before I even knew he existed then a few months later I meant him even though at the time I didn’t know I met him. I just new I really like this guy and he was different from anyone I have ever met. A couple weeks after I met him I found the paper that I had written is birthdate on when I was cleaning which shocked me because I had forgotten all about it. In our conversations I felt like I could read his mind and I felt he was reading my mind. I started to back off alittle because it scared me but then I got hooked. I could talk to him about stuff I wouldn’t dare tell anyone he had the perfect answers to my questions. We were constantly emailing each other at the same time and answering each other questions before it was asked. It was like meeting myself for the first time.

  53. ME TOO!!
    I was celibate for nine years!! Had a brief affair in 2009, then withdrew again to heal. Then only recently, earlier this year I prayed and declared to God I was ready to meet the man he wanted me with, a man of character who would move mountains for me, who “gets” me and who I will love as much as he loves me.
    Then I met Stan in May coming out of as cafe, yet I never even noticed him until July and all the while he was hot for me; I wan’t realizing any of his cues 🙂 HAHA!!
    Now this. After all my resistance, I buckled, fell and now I’m alone again.
    No matter what, I don’t deserve disrespect – sorry – can’t be a TF if he’s dissing me after I generously wired 2k to him. How selfish, and low is it that he emails me a thank you but never calls? No regrets, but man oh man, I am gun-shy all over again.
    I honestly hope he doesn’t call at this point.

    • wow this is truely amazing. whats common with all of us here is we all prayed prior to meeting tf. I was with a man briefly and when he broke up with me it hit me that was my first heartbreak. he tried to get back with me but God constantly reminded me he would restore what the enemy had stolen. at that time i was praying i want him back i fasted then one day i woke up i was like what am i doing? i dont even see me and him as married, i cant see him as father of my kids. fast forward every sunday at church i would put in the prayer request asking God to send me a soulmate little did i know what i was really asking for was a twinflame! i asked for him to send me someone who will love me as christ loved the church. i would write a husband then me and my sister would look at each other and laugh! God has a sense of humor too! november 2011 im standing in the middle of a nightclub and this man comes behind me and he put his hands on my waist and omg i got butterflies, like an electric shock! i looked at my friend and i was like whos behind me? blah blah blah 1 month later he asks me to be his girl and lol the sex is omggggggg the besttt!!!!!! its so emotinal and thats how you truly communicate! i remeber lookig at him saying i feel like ive known you forever!!! and he would stare at me and id be like wasap! and he said he thinks our babies will be beautiful! so i was like yeah ok. i thot it was just sweet talk. and i knew we had something special when he told me that the first night we had sex it was emotinal! and he likes me and its just natural!!! fast forward we started encountering problems . hes inconsistent! we broke up for one month then ran into each other then we dated again then broke up for four months then we he cane back he said he has never felt like this with anybody, i am the most genuine person hes ever met, i am kind , and that he has plans for us and that he wants to give me the world! then we dated and then we got into a big arguement and that was it! i broke it off because i wouldnt let him think its ok to do his shenegans and get away with ! my oh my the next day i woke up with nausea, and then i felt warm liquid coming from my nostrils abd i thought it was mucus but as i am lean forward i see blood ! i was nosebleeding??? i got physically ill!! i felt so emptyyy like literally empty, i felt like throwing up, i had a panock attack, i was literally shaking…so i changed my number deleted email adress. it was soooooo hard but i had to do it for this cycle to be over! i dream about him everyday , i feel his pain , but instead of looking at this like an adversity i look at it as a gift!! one night me and my sisters decide to rent redbox but we didnt know where redbox was! so they sugested publix but i kept insisting walmart! we then go to walmart and as we are walking in bam! hes walking out! omg everything stopped! thank God for bad hair days and hats, he didnt see me but i saw him!! mind you this man lives 30 mints from that walmart and i know he is looking for a way to run into me and i want too as well but the withdrawal has to stop. anyways pray to God keep your faith up and most importanly ask your guides for help!!!! love yall

  54. A THOUSAND YEARS AGO. A song I recorded composed by my dad and I believe it’s about forever love. ENJOY!

  55. All I can say is that I feel understood. It is so magical how I happened to be interested in twin flames and reading this blog just made me feel “not crazy”.

    Every story is different. Let me tell you mine. I was going through a very almost dying, painful divorce with my soul mate, there were a lot of signs in that relationship too, but as I have read, when you finally find your TF is not painful in the same way. In my karmic relationship there were so many tears, pain and disrepectful attitudes is not even funny.

    Anyway, when I met my ex husband I felt so different, it was love at first sight and everything about him was perfect to me. He is so handsome, we share the same bday, we have so many things in common and I just felt he was the one. But we had so many hurtful attitudes since the beginning. Anyway, I am mentioning this cause it is very easy to be confused about a karmic relationship and a TF.

    When you are in a karmic relationship it hurts because you are focused on the other. You only see what you are not getting in return, the ego is still very much alive.

    I believe that the only way you can meet your TF is if there is a process of spiritual growth somehow. Again is my belief.

    When I met my TF it was in an unexpected situation, I wasn’t even attracted to him in a physical way but I felt the exact same jump in my stomach, that I had felt with my husband. That is the only thing this two relationships have in common. I was confused because we didn’t have this chemistry, but there was something that caught my eye.

    A year went by and we met again, we spend a weekend together cause of work issues, nothing happened. We had fun but we didnt connect the way you are “supposed to connect” with a TF.

    Almost another year went by and than we started talking through FB. I remember not “liking” him like that but being very drawn to him. We have everything in common. We are so much alike, like twins, even our life stories are kinda similar.

    Anyway our story is like that, at the beginning we weren’t that into each other, than we had the most amazing 3 months ever, and then the runner/chaser part started.

    I had heard about TF before but never paid attention. I remember hearing that it wasnt all perfect like some sites say. So now, after we separated on our 2nd round, I started having all this crazy symptoms, seriously if it weren’t for this blog I would have thought I had lost my mind.

    I have been going through some crazy feelings like hate, extreme love and compassion, anxiety, rage, passion, sadness, love again, all in the same day!!!

    But even though I have him in my mind 24/7, I came to realize that is just like Elisabeth said. I need to learn how to love myself, how to turn to God, and TF is not the person, is the energy you create. If I dont learn unconditional love to myself and how to BE love, I am not gonna reunite. Is always always about me.

    I don’t know if i am gonna reunite here in this time with him. All I know, and I have been saying this since I met him and before I knew he was my TF, he has been my greatest teacher. Is through my relationship with him that I have turned to myself. I had done some work on that and that is why i believe in this site so much. It is exactly how it has happen to me.

    Even though all stories have similarities, I found mine particular cause it hasn’t been instant the way we have recognized each other. All I can say is that I have learned so much through this relationship, and is always in this periods of absence from each other that i grow. And my l ove grows too. Is when we are together that all the garbage rises and we start the conflicts.

    I was so confused cause since the beginning I tried to fit this relationship in the mold that ironically, has never worked for me and that everyone tells you is the right one. So every time something seems wrong but feels right I flip.

    This feels right but really, seems so wrong. I don’t understand why I am so understanding, not jealous at all and how in the world I cant stop thinking about him nor even for a second.

    I came to realize, reading this, but actually, before reading this. You know, the answer appears when you are ready. That I need to surrender to GOD, to work on my own self love and my connection to HIM. I need to accept that I am really connected but once I get into a relationship I start focusing on the guy and not me and mostly not God. I have no clue to how be femenine energy and that is what I am working on and true love. If he comes back I deserve him at his best and he deserves me at my best.

    Love is all about giving and not about receiving. I read all this posts on how we get all mad about them leaving us and not appreciating us. You know what, we are not ready to have a TF relationship if the ego still keeps track on what we are not getting.

    We have to BE love not only to our twin, to everyone and we only receive from God. That is how is meant to be. We are vessels, channels or whatever makes you get the image. We receive from HIM and we give to them.

    My twin has been my greatest teacher. Even though it hurts so much not to be with him, I realized that what it hurts is the growth and the process of the ego dying. Not him not being with me. My pain is not his to be responsible for. I still love him, I love him more every time I pass one of this crisis. What hurts is my fear surfacing. Fear of abandonment, of not being worth loving, of rejection, all of that has nothing to do with him
    and I need to clean it for me. I hear you all, is hell alive, but is not their departure, is the process, and is the process the one we need to see as a blessing. Even though is a pain that has caused me the desire to die. Is almost unbearable. And I say almost cause I have been able to go through it.

    Anyway, to make a summary of this too long post. We need to always focus on ourselves, on all the things that come out as a result of this wonderful, unique relationships. We need to feel blessed to be able to be teachers and to have such beautiful teachers that helps us grow so much even though the process makes us want to die. And you know what. It is a death, a slow death of our old selves and all the personas we have developed through years and years of trying to cope with pain.

    It is a blessing to be able to express ourselves, to find an answer to our questions and our feelings of going mad and to be able to share our experiences.

    Thank you Eternal Bliss for this information that for me, was life changing.

  56. Ok been going through all this n at first it feels like magic now he has a restraining order on me like wtf I give up I love him I know he loves me but he do not understand how bad he is killing me I wish we never met , he called me a fucking weirdo lol n people might think I need. Help if I explain this… Good luck everyone.

  57. Dears..

    I’ve found this while i was doing search i found it useful..

    Check the link then lets share thoughts together


  58. Bottom line: turn to God in every moment. Focus on self love. Not narcissism but tender self-caring gentleness. Utilize boundaries and limitations. Don’t give it all away to another. I have to give up my desire for Stan and allow God to guide me in all things. And love is not just about giving it’s about receiving too – because we must allow love to come in – which is receiving.

    Merry warm and loving holidays 🙂

  59. Hi,

    I’m not even sure of anything anymore. I found out about twin flames a year ago and it made sense but im not sure if he’s my tf as the attraction wasnt instant and we hv yet to be in a relationship. I met him at my first job in a cd store in 2006. I dnt even remember fall8ng for him. one day it just was. everytime we try start something something gets in the way but he always comes bk to me. I cant explain the certainty but I just know he’ll be back. I dnt know him but I trust him implicitly. I just hold bk because I dont trust him. I know hes holding something back but he wont say. he told me that he likes me but that he is not someone that would date me. it broke me. I was shattered. I hurt everywhere and couldnt function or eat for a long time. I felt like my insides were being tortured. then a month later he tells me hes thinking bout me but I just couldnt so I told him I was in a relationship.

    last year wen I went away I dreamt about him for a week straight. sometimes I think its my mind playing tricks on me. the thing is im a 26 yr old virgin and for some reason hes the one I want to give myself to but due to my lack of experience I run. people keep telling me that he’s only interested insleeping with me but if that was true why did he cancel on me the day we were going to do it and say the above mentioned. told me he was a bad person. felt like it was his way of trying to get me off him. mayb this is a karma thing. I just wish I knew.

    I’ve never felt such a connection. its as if we vibrate on the same frequency. we always want to know how the other is doing and such. not even sure wat love is but wat I feel runs deep into my bones. I just want the best for him even if its not me. the fact that we are from different races also seems like it might be an issue.

    right now I’ve decided to focus on me as he is in a new relationship after tell8ng me that he knoelws what he wants and its me. but since I couldnt kiss him cause I felt sobdetached and bombarded by others opions he moved on to someone else.

    sorry for the jumbled post. its jyst that everyime I thk about him my throat gets dry and my heart hurts. feels like someone is squeezing it.

    • Dear blacksheeplost, the way you feel, he is indeed your tf… Now do one thing… Just let him know that you are not in some other relationship and still care for him a lot… Wait, he will come back, believe, race is never an issue among twins… I am a phase 4 tf, I guess I can advise someone lovely and lost like you 🙂

      • blacksheeplost

        Thank you, I would really appreciate that.

        What I can say is that I have renewed faith. I am finally certain that he is my tf. you are right in saying that race us no issue. we need to work on our communication istead of holding back.

        On new years eve last year I had a strong feeling that I would see him during the course of my evening and I did. he was leaving a party that I was trying to get into. It was the strangest thing and I didnt know how to explain it. it just was.

        Then two months ago i discovered that he works in the same area as me and I pass the building every day because its opposite the train station. I had a feeling he was near by and now I know for certain.

        I sent him a message on the 9 April expressing my regrets and explaing my feelings. I told him that I never felt like I was good enough for him and I thk he felt the same. I also said that if he dsnt feel the connection or have any feeling for me anymore he can tell me and I will walk away. Told him I am his forever and always and that I carry his heart with me in my heart. He never responded even thou he read the message on the 18th of April.

        not sure where to from here and I know that I love him and we are always connected.

        Its possible that he feels that being together is too hard too much effort. He would rather be with someone that made sense and things are a lot easier.

        Fighting it made things harder I guess. Just glad there is a safe place to share my confusion.

  60. I wrote these words the first time i met him..

    Harmonic hearts

    I stand here by the moon
    Surrounded by the stars
    Held by the dark skies
    Through horizons through clouds
    I saw those eyes
    Warmly staring at me
    Secretly observing my movements
    The eyes that were silently speaking
    the unspeakable speech
    that i could hear
    I did see a loving smile
    brightening the dark skies
    I just could do nothing
    but smiling back
    A soul found a soul
    Sounds of soft music
    Came from two harmonic hearts
    Who dares inerrupt
    That unceasing feeling
    It’s definite & undobtable
    It’s beyond lies
    A beautiful truth
    You’ve ever known

    What do you think 🙂

  61. I would like to share my story. I met my twin when i was 14- we went to school together for 8 years so i knew of him but ran into him at 14 years old. He was a year older than i am and in another class and did not share similar friends so I had no idea that he knew who i was. The two of us ran into each other at the mall but didn’t say hello. We both told our teen group leader at our church that we had ran into each other- not knowing that the other had said the same thing. Our youth group leader set us up. The first time that i was formally introduced to him was pure magic and I have never felt that way. We quickly fell in love and it was so intense. He frequently said that he had found who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with- i felt the same way but was so scared. It was intense beyond words- it hurt to be without him- we were teens and had schoolwork and jobs and couldnt see each other every day. It became too much for me and I became the runner. I broke up with him 3 times over a 3 year span and after the 3rd time he found someone else. I had never been so heartbroken in my life because ironically it was at that point that i realized that i was ready. The pain was so great that my body physically hurt. For years I felt this way. We had kept in brief contact but he was never serious. I realized that I could not wait for him and torture myself any longer. I found another man and over the past 10 years married him and had 2 beautiful kids. My twin has also married. Over the years I have had dreams about him, thought about him and then rec’d an email from him etc. I thought I was crazy for still thinking about him! All of these weird things kept happening! I saw therapists etc and every time I thought i had it under control another dream would come months later when i wasn’t even thinking of him. Finally he has come back into my life after 11 years. We decided to meet and talk. He told me basically that he has never had the intense feelings for anyone else either and has never had conversations like he has with me (talking for hours and hours at a time while we were dating). My marriage has been falling apart for the last five years for a number of reasons and in the new year hope to give it one last try with counseling. My twin and I talk frequently and, of course, my feelings are coming back and becoming intense. We communicate only on a friendly level. I wish in my heart that we will end up together somehow. There will be obstacles because of our marriages and my young children. I know how he has felt for me in the past and he specifically told me that he has many regrets about us but I am not sure how he presently feels. Maybe I am just crazy. Sometimes I feel like taking the kids and moving to a new place for a fresh start too. I feel that if I divorce I will never have the desire to remarry – and I felt this way before we recently started talking- unless all of these obstacles are beaten and it can be with my twin. I also recently met with two psychics (i needed a second opinion just to make sure lol) and found that he is my twin and that he has a blockage in his 4th chakra and this must be healed to move forward. Does anyone have experience w healing? Can I do this on my own? Thanks for listening everyone. God Bless…Peace and love:)

    • My dear, the day your marriage ends, his fourth chakra will open, have patience, have courage… You didn’t have courage in your teenage, you lost him and had a bad marriage… Now if you won’t have courage, what will happen, think for yourself… God bless your reunion.

  62. This is so totally Me! I’m a woman 32 years of age married but n a bad relationship for 10yrs nd then I always knew my twin flame thru my husband nd he gave up On his relationship and love but some how we pulled towards each other like a magnet knowing we shouldn’t but still did. We somehow started arguing cause I wanted more but I was married he wanted too but we also didn’t want karma so we tried to cut each other off til one day we actually did now I couldnt stop thinking of him I wanted closure but for wat I just know some way some how I’m hurting nd I sometimes fell he doesn’t know so he’s thinking let me go about my business cause it’s too much nd I dnt want to get hurt again I feel him but I’m getting adivorce anyway cause too much negative vibrations! I miss him nd hurt ad but I know one thing for sure I need nd want God nd to answer my calling nd help out with or without my twin flame!

    • I wish you well… A previous relationship is the major reason why tfs leave their committed counterparts… He is hurt, badly hurt though he won’t tell you …. After your divorece, please let him know that you want to give your union a chance if you really want to… God bless the twin flames world over…

  63. Before meeting my twin flame, I had two previous relationships which were quite traumatic. After the latter relationship had failed, I decided to half heartedly try a dating site, something I had never done before. This site blurred the photos so you didn;t know exactly what people looked like and relied upon descriptions and introductions. Well. my twin flame lived 200 miles away from me and in his narrative had written ‘strictly no long distance relationships’. I was drawn to his blurred picture but didnt message him because of this long distance comment. I fluttered around his profile like a butterfly until eventually I could not help myself and messaged him.

    We spent hours on msn messenger and the phone until eventually we decided to meet in London on the steps of St Pauls. It was magical, the next 12 months were magical, I had had quite a few previous relationships but had never experienced the electricity and intensity of this relationship. He was me and I was him and we were inseparable. We had a very deep spiritiual connection, skin tingling when we touched and we were (and still are) harmoniously synchronised with each other sexually.

    After 12 months, my world fell apart when I learnt that he had had sex with his previous wife whilst I was away one week. I forgave him and we continued. Eventually, he wanted me to move down south and so I agreed to move in with him. Since that time we have had cycles of running and chasing, deep confusion, constant blaming, mistrust and stalemates where each claims to be experiencing the exact mirror image situation as the other. Each time I have been the chaser and have experienced the darkness and pain of the emotional rejection whereby he appears to continue his life carefree.

    My family think I am bonkers, they dislike this man and the everything that they perceive he has put me through. Equally, I am quite sure that his friends and family feel the same way toward me. The simple fact is, we have been healing all of our negative energies which has been destructive to those around us.

    We have now been separated for some months and I recently moved out of the house. However, every time I see him I light up and when we communicate my heart pines andi feel so much pain. So much so I have asked him to stop texting or contacting me.

    This time, despite my longing and pining for him, I am severing all ties and hoping to move on with the knowledge that I unconditionally love him and always will.xx

    • Oh why i want to say so much, dont sever ties, these sufferings are necessary before reunion… This fire burns up everything gross… I hope he comes to his senses… God bless your reunion…

    • What we call chaser runner stage should be mistrust stage… Don’t give him a reason to mistrust you… This tf guys are so madly possessive… And even if you know his shocking behaviour, forgive him , this is forgiveness that cleanses our soul from ego… It is the generosity of spirit…. And it is the great guilt that subjugates their ego… It is like cleansing by fire and cleansing by water respectively… I am like… Ohhh you did THAT… Allright Ian in severe pain but I dont blame you because I dont want you to suffer the pain because I love you so much.. And thats the truth, you live him like no one else… Sorry for the jumbled reply… God bless your final reunion because as your sister on this journey, I want it to happen…

  64. hi all im also been going threw a twinflame or soulmate relationship like i never experienced with anyone so i know its something very big or meaningful.. i also would love to exchange twin flame stories heres my email.;.. its such a hard emotional process and roller coaster ive noticed … theres so much to say about my story its hard to sum it all up .. cant wait to hear im not alone in this

  65. I am going through the runner chaser phase, I was the chaser but I decided to give up coz my twin is super afriad of commitment :p I guess, its the same with me which is why he is mirroring me. This phase is super difficult to survive, I am in a toxic relationship at the moment, inspite of being commited to another man, I still cannot forget the intensity I experienced with my twin. Hopefully we’ll reunite once again in this lifetime itself. This is an excellient blog, very insightful. Thank you 🙂

  66. So glad to find this site this morning. I was praying at my altar and heard that today was a day to do some reading about the Twin Flame relationship. Yes, we are in the Run/Chase phase and I am the Chaser. Spirit keeps saying, “Don’t let go. Hold the truth you know in your heart. In time, this will resolve.” Good to have this encouragement!! Thanks!

  67. One more comment: your twin flame doesn’t have to be the opposite sex. This site, like so many others, seems to make the assumption that all TF relationships are heterosexual. I don’t think so. I have been in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships; my TF happens to be the same sex as me, but very differently gendered. I gently request that my (seems like mostly sisters) on this site keep hearts and minds open so all who might need support in the development of their TF relationship can feel welcome.

  68. Hello everyone,

    I’m currently a chaser and my twin flame is the runner. For years I’ve struggled with the emotions I’ve felt for him. I went through stages where I felt it was something wrong with me. I couldn’t understand why he was so elusive. Then I started reading up on twin flames. I knew there was something different about our connection.

    I’ve dated guys, but in the back of my mind he stayed. I finally surrendered to the higher power two years ago and started my journey in life. I’m now faithful in the universe knowing we will unite. It’s not so much a matter of who anymore. It’s more a matter of when and where. I’ve learned to let go and have faith, knowing that one day my twin flame and I will be united. Blessed Be.

  69. I am enjoying your website. I married my twin on 12/25/11. We are both Pisces. He is now 20, I am 39. What I would like to add to the stages is that you don’t get through the stages and our done. You continue to cycle through the stages over and over again…periods of separation, distance, followed by reuniting. Getting closer and deeper in connection after each round of separation. The separation that we experience can be very intense. It takes you to the depths of your own shadows. The only way to exit the cycle is to take a deeper look at yourself. When you understand that dark place within you at that time, then the cycle of separation ends bringing you back into union!

  70. Let me start by saying when I found this article I was the chaser and I didn’t know it. I was so tired of chasing. Even though my TF and I are in a relationship. I told him I was tired of the back and forth and he needs to get it together with me. And he started getting his act together right away because he knows he don’t want to lose me. And as I came across this article I realize we had just finish phase 3. We just started phase 4 on New years. This article was so true to me. I couldnt believe it.

    3 yrs ago I met my TW online. I didn’t thing I was going to meet anyone online. But I knew it was him once I met him. B4 we met his soul used to come and lay next to me at night. He would play in my hair, kiss me on my lips, I knew when he wanted to have sex, he would hold my hand, all of this before we physically met. I kept dreaming about him and am higher self get telling his zodiac sign too.

    We feel for each other instantly. On our first meeting he made it official. Everything was beautiful. We would feel each other thoughts and sickness. I was the one more spirituallly aware than he was. So I had to lift him. I would feel his energies so strong and everything that he did spiritually b4 we met, he did physically. It was so magical. Then after 6months boom. We went down hill. I couldnt understand what happen, what I did, he started treating me like I was more of his friend and lover. I couldn’t understand. Because he was confused I was confused, even though I knew I wanted to be with him. I didn’t know where to go. Plenty of times I wanted to end it. But I thought about it. I was like if we Brea up we will get back together some way some how because the energies will not go away. So I said ill make it work because we both mirror each other. Some days we made process then we took 4 steps back.

    On our very last argument I told him like how it was because I know deep down he is scared of the connection even though he don’t act like it. So I put my foot down and said am tired of this back and forth and its his choice if he wants to move forward but after today am done. He sure enough stepped up to his plate.

    Now our love/bond/energies are very strong. It’s unbreakable. Now I believe he he becaming aware too because now if am sick he tells me he is sick too or if am tired he would say u tired like me too or if am thinking about him he will call at that exact time or if he sad am sad too. If am happy he is happy too. We both think about each other at the same time and when we do the energies are so strong. Sometimes I feel like they going to burst into flames of happiness. As am writing this the energies between us are going.

    We are so connected. His energies woke me up this morning and it have been going all day and I dreamt about him all afternoon. Forgot to mention one thing when we used to argue or I’d he really missed me and as rrunning his soul would come to me b4 he physically came to me and he would hold my hand and I would say come come come and then he would call me or I would call him and he would talk. Now that we are in the 4th phase our souls connect and we just let each other in. Unless he is going through something drastic from outside source.

    I never thought we would of reach this point and we sure enough did after 3tyrs and we are still going strong. I could of never been this happy. It’s truly magical. He is my TW/bestfriend/love and I can’t wait to be his wife some day.


  71. this is absolutely perfect. i cannot express how exact. this description of phases is! best one by far. thank you.

  72. We are still in the runner chaser phase, Its becoming more obvious why we met – he is making my faults very obvious to me, I think I have a lot of work to do on myself and It feels like such a challenge. Does anyone else feel this way? I was also wondering if anyone has noticed things about themselves that they really don’t like!

  73. I am facing what might possibly become a very traumatic and tragic loss of my twin flame and am hoping to find some help or some much-needed answers. Here’s my (somewhat long) story:

    I met my twin flame back in 2007 during a post-college internship program. We were both single and fell in love at first sight. I was shy and naive, and he had just ended a karmic relationship with someone else. Both of us were struck and confused by what was going on. Signs started cropping up everywhere, and we kept bumping into each other. Having seen the movie “Serendipity”, I recognized everything right away. So I became the happy, hopeful chaser who found her prince charming, so I tried to make myself available to him but kept my feelings inside. He instantly became the runner, scared and confused. The times he would look at me, I knew he felt the same.

    At first he would not make a move. So I became frustrated and angry with him and tried to distance myself. Then, he began giving in the best way that he could, but I would be ignoring him. We started dancing back and forth. Other than the special twin flame hugs, the comfort of which shocked me even then, we did not get to kiss or even go on a date. So I assumed that he was just flirting but did not care. The program ended with him saying, “Until we meet again” and us parting ways.

    When I came back home, I told my best friend about what had happened. She did not believe me and took me to some fortune tellers. Neither of them told me that he was my twin flame, but both said that something evil was standing between us. One told me that he would end up marrying someone else, another told me that she did not know if I would ever see him again. I assumed I had lost him forever and tried to forget about what had happened.

    But my love grew stronger every day, and the signs did not stop. His name would crop up in the most unusual places and scenarios. But I kept ignoring them because of what I was told. A couple of years later, I got a job in another city, and before going there, one of my co-workers jokingly said that I would meet my husband there. I brushed it off, thinking that I would never marry anyone other than the person I loved, who I assumed did not love me or whom I would not see again. But then I got another sign that the city I was moving to was destined for me, so I felt better at the thought of at least starting a new life.

    Unlike most other couples, I never did any research about twin flames and was completely in the dark. The city that God sent me to was one of the arts, nature, music and expression, and I believe he sent me there on a solitary journey to grow spiritually and improve myself. But I did not do that. I had trouble making friends, so I did not feel comfortable going anywhere by myself. Instead, I watched movies and ate unhealthy food. I remained overweight and miserable. And without my twin. But I knew

    A couple of years later, I took a different job in the same city. Once again, I had received signs that this was to be my next step, so I took it without hesitation. I began running and working out. I became healthy and started taking interest in and enjoying nature. I became more confident in myself. I still did not make many friends, but I enjoyed my job, where I lived, and I was happy being alone. That’s when I started receiving signs that my twin was to become my husband. One day, I received a message that my persistence would soon pay off. Once again, though I became hopeful at this thought, I brushed it off. I still had not known about the twin flame concept, I thought he did not love me, and I was haunted by what the fortune tellers told me.

    This past summer, I experienced the dark night of the soul, which I also did not know about. But because I was not aware of it or what it was about, I became scared. Since I no longer felt God’s presence in my life, I took it to mean that I would always be alone, and that I would end up on the street because the world was becoming a difficult and expensive place to live, and I would not be able to take care of myself. I stopped eating and working out all together and got sick with worry. All of a sudden, I had forgotten the signs that I had received in the past about the city, my jobs and my husband. I started believing I had made everything up. Without God, I had no purpose in life anymore.

    Then I started having a spiritual awakening. My eyes started hurting. My body was changing. I thought I was falling apart. So once again, instead of taking care of myself, I got terrified. So I started staying at home, sleeping and suffering from malnutrition. This took a toll on my body, and my job started suffering because of it. The job where I was supposed to be. I thought I might be depressed.

    The entire time all of this was happening, God kept sending people into my life at every step to help me. Emotionally, physically and mentally. But I was so trapped in confusion and mind hell that I kept pushing everything away. By the time November came, things got even worse. That’s when I finally discovered the twin flame concept and put all the signs together. The shock was so intense, that I literally fell apart and became paralyzed. I realized that my final reunion with my twin flame was coming up, and that I had jeopardized it. So, when I could no longer bear it, I quit my job. My family, thinking that I was just having a nervous breakdown, took me back home and have kept me there since.

    Right now, I am in a total sense of turmoil. I realize now that this is my last time on earth. My twin flame and I are supposed to be together physically, and are supposed to get married. He will be moving to the city where I am supposed to be, and yet my lease is almost up, and I have to give my 60-day notice because I can no longer pay rent.

    Instead of becoming healthy, whole and spiritually evolved, like I was supposed to be in the summer, I am completely broken, emotionally unstable and traumatized. My body is suffering greatly because of it, to a point where I can no longer function or even move. I know that my final reunion has been pre-determined, but I can no longer be there. I realize now that I have been put on earth to be with my twin flame, but I feel like it’s too late. So my whole reason for existing and God’s purpose for my life is about to be destroyed.

    I am looking for any advice on what I can do. I am losing myself every second. What happens if I have somehow sabotaged my final twin flame reunion? How does this fit in with God’s timeline and plan? Please help!

    • If you’re meant to reunite with your twinflame, you will. Dont worry you cant sabotage it. Thats all I can say… Relax and take care of yourself 🙂

      • But if the destined meeting was supposed to take place in a certain city and through specific events, and I am literally no longer there, what happens?

        I’m hardly in touch with anyone there anymore, so I feel like some of the key contracts and even arrangements have all been severed.

        And my energy is an all-time low. From a physical, emotional and mental standpoint, I am the opposite of what I am currently supposed to be.

        I feel like this is a catastrophe.

      • I agree completely with eternal bliss! When the time is right for you and your twin to come together if that is what you are meant to do…NOTHING can stop it! No matter where you live…what you may want…you can NOT stop it! Live your life, do your life and allow the universe and your souls higher self to coridinate everything …YOU need to do NOTHING! Their is NOTHING YOU can do…allow it to unfold…the more you try and DO anything…the more the reunion will elude you!

      • Ok, so first realise that everything is just how it is meant to be, you may think it it’s wrong but in truth it’s you that is wrong.

        Everything that happens is designed specifically to help you learn, grow and let go of old. You just need to relax and watch the plan unfold…

        There is no way for you to know the reasons for things that seem wrong until you come out of the other side because otherwise it wouldn’t help you.

        The plan for twins is incredibly beautiful and designed to happen exactly when it is meant to and not a moment before. Everything that happens along the way needs to happen for the union to happen.

        Let go of the attachment you have to what you think must happen and be happy because you are now one step closer even if it doesn’t seem that way 🙂

    • russiangal, i also hear his name a lot and see our initials every where.. Many signs that keep me remember him everytime i decide to forget him… But i really cant ..

    • All I can tell from my own experience is this… You will will, God bless the reunion.

    • And take care of your health dear… Don’t you want to look pretty, when he again sees you with his longing eyes. Take care. You will meet him soon. Have faith 🙂

      • So since I left my original post back in January, a lot of weird things happened. Now, months later, I am more lost and confused than I have ever been! Some advice would be helpful.

        Up until May, I kept getting a ton of signs about my twin flame. His first name. His last name. His exact birthday on a license plate or on a mile gauge. Our joint initials everywhere. One sign was a very specific, verbal one that came from a complete stranger, literally telling me that he was finally moving to my city! This was a huge shock but a consistent followup to what my co-worker told me back in 2010 (see original post).

        Shortly after, my friend, who has seen pictures of my TF, said she had a dream of us being together. She said she felt I was “close.”

        For several months since January, I was full of hope, love and happiness. The world seemed to be a better place. I didn’t know when or where the physical TF reunion would take place, but I had a feeling that it was not too far away. Then, something weird happened…

        As a flashback, when I came back from that post-college program years earlier and went to those fortune tellers, one of them told me that I would not be with my TF, that there was someone else who was meant for me, and that I would meet that person soon.

        Weeks later, I ran into an old co-worker back from my high school days, and we started riding a bus to downtown. He was an OK guy, nothing out of the ordinary. He was much older than me, divorced and with a teen son. Since we were always on the same bus, we would talk here and there, and he took a liking to me. He then started hinting that he wanted to see more of me.

        Beside the fact that I had just been separated from my TF and was still in love with him, this guy was just not someone I was even remotely interested in. There was no connection, no attraction, nothing. In fact, the more I saw him, the stronger my feelings for my TF became. So I started talking to the bus guy less and less, and after a while, I didn’t see him anymore.

        So anyway, this past June, all the TF signs that I’ve been getting for YEARS just disappeared. Then, all of a sudden, for no reason, I started seeing the bus guy’s name everywhere! This made me terrified, and I started (fearfully) thinking that I would somehow end up with him instead of the TF, which would be the most heartbreaking and untrue thing that could ever happen to me.

        I kept thinking about my TF, especially the signs that were related to him, and how wonderful I felt every time the universe sent them to me. In contrast, any time I would see the bus guy’s name, I would get angry, upset and even terrified. It was like my worst nightmare was laughing in my face and refused to stop!

        I really have no idea what is going on now, and why there are contradicting signs. I’m also not sure what is going with my TF and whether he is even moving to the same city, as the higher power suggested, or if I just imagined the whole thing.

      • Dear, you do not need to be angry or upset. The twinflame is your ultimate destination and you will reach it without a doubt someday… meanwhile, the signs that you are getting about the bus guy suggest that you need to focus on him for the time being. This may be because you have something to give or take, something to learn, or some karma to balance with the bus guy… According to me, it does NOT mean you’ll end up with him and not your twinflame.

  74. I could spend hours upon hours reading about your guys’ stories! I am only 16 and have found my twin flame.. that just happens to be 21. It’s the hardest thing to overcome! I first saw him when I was in 6th grade though for about five minutes (don’t ask why I remember that because I wouldn’t be able to tell you. We’ve had so many encounters and as of November this last year we’ve been together. I know about the whole twinflame thing, but i’m too scared to tell him about it. I’m scared that he won’t beleive it, but I beleive with every feeling in my soul that we are meant to be together forever. This will be completley unexplainable to my family! I hope that you all will share more of your stories and help me share mine and understand what i’m going though. Here’s my email… please share your stories 🙂

    • The weird thing is that I don’t even see the bus guy anymore. I have not been in contact with him since we parted ways years ago. He’s much older than me, lives in a small town and does his own thing. Not once have I ever thought about him. Not once, up until this past June, have I seen his name anywhere.

      The truth is that, once you’ve encountered your twin flame, the love you feel is the deepest, purest, most wonderful thing in a world. It’s so great that nothing else comes close to it. So even if there was karma or whatever with someone else, my heart just would not be able to “force” itself to be with anyone else. It’s just not something I could commit to emotionally, physically, psychologically, etc.

  75. Have any of you received specific signs from Spirit/God that your twin flames are meant to be your spouses, meaning that this is probably your last lifetimes here?

    • Yes i have. In my dreams and in actual life. There was times when i wanted to break up with him, and Spirit as my mom being she passed away came into my dreams and showed me we will be married and have children and that we are meant together. Even though we have the solid foundation now, going on 3 years i still get those signs and dreams. 2 weeks ago my mom came in my dreams and showed me that me and him was at a party i with our friends and we had a candle holding it together and putting it in the cake and as we was holding the candle I was in front and he behind and we was walking to my mom and she turn to me and said dont worry he will take care of me.

  76. Hi! I’ve been a runner for 5 years now. And it’s finally happening. I’ve never experienced such a burst of emotions. I’m so happy. Good luck to everyone 🙂

      • is this a good wow or bad?! haha. regardless, things are amazing between her and I. i’ve never imagined being this happy.

      • i’m sure it’s a good “wow” Ryan — a very good wow. very happy for the two of you!

      • its definitely a good wow! Its great to hear this from a runner… wish you a life full of love and joy 🙂

      • Ahh thank both of you so much. Things are coming together perfectly and it’s amazing all of the things that had to happen to make this work, yet they are all happening. Things are becoming so accelerated now and I can feel it on the deepest level. I can sense when she’s around, what’s she’s feeling, etc even from hundreds of miles away. It’s awesome. I can’t even describe it, but everything is perfect. Thank y’all so much for the support!

  77. I am a very rare twin who will never meet or never reunite or never get into contact my other half though we are both in the physical 3D… since it is in our life plan. I am the only one aware of this connection and in a different country than him. Anyway I am past all these stages…I have a mission all alone.

  78. This is really crazy stuff! Today was a horrible day for me, just can’t stop crying 😦 I miss him and us together. A quick background…we met in 2007, pure accident, and I felt something hit me like never before. I remember when our eyes met, I just froze, as if the time stopped. I was with my friend and she even said afterwards ”that’s your boyfriend”
    Anyway, I was to enrol on a course that he was teaching, we hang out as friends and he always wanted more than friends…OMG many times I would think of him and he would call…and then year and half later we started dating and BAM, it ended in 3 months!!!
    Don’t even know why, I left him, I have never ever felt that way, felt like my soul was all over the place, the energy I would feel when near him was mind blowing…felt like I was choking breathing oxygen….so weird.

    We didn’t contact for a year but I never forgot him, he’s left a permamnent mark in my heart…then we got back in touch and now we do runner/chaser games.
    It hurts like HELL…the pain is unbearable that I often think it would be better to be dead as I would be free of torture.
    I believe he feels the same, synchronities everywhere, the day we met the date adds up to 11, he’s 18 months older than me….I read on Linda Goodman forum that most twin flames are 18 months apart! We’re opposites in astrology and have same name/last name initials.
    His cell # is on my drivers licence…ohhh and see 11:11 all the time!!!

    He told me just the other day that I’m the ONE and that we’re so similar it’s ridiculous!
    Since this happened to me I haver ever felt closer to God, I pray all the time. I have asked God for signs and he showed me exactly what I asked for within the time frame I asked.

    I had tarot cards read and both times described him to the T and saw marriage and that we’re connected, from last October till now, few things the psychic told me about him have come out true.
    Right now I AM SOOOO READY, wanna be his wife and have his babies that he always talked about, how beautiful our babies would look..never felt so ready!
    Haven’t heard from him in 2 months, I have a feeling he has a woman, the one he’s been on off for 2 years, but he always contacted me…even though I would delete him as it was too painful, somehow he makes his way back into my life and I neve feel angry with him…just can’t hate the idiot, sometimes wish I could….when I can’t take it, wish I could say to him to f@%@ off.
    My gut tells me he’s my TF and according to signs he is, just trying to let go, but it’s the hardest thing to do….taking each day as it comes.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way, as I really thought I was loco for a while until I discovered all this about TF.

  79. I’ve always felt like a girl on the inside, but on the outside, I am a guy. I believe I’ve met my twin flame, who Is a guy. Could it be possible that I really am a female soul born into a male body? Does my twin flame, who typically is straight, who seems to be attracted to me, recognize this?

  80. I’ve been in love with this man for 8 long years. I dreamed of him first as a child and periodically throughout my life. It was a dream that made me ask him out. The only man that I’ve ever been so forward with. Our relationship lasted a short 7 months before he ran. Im not one for chasing so i waited instead. We kept in touch and as long as we were communicating on some level I was content. He disappeared for a little while and I gave up and moved on in another relationship only because I thought he had done the same. Of course he popped up and turned my world upside down with these little words “I still love you” momentary happiness is what I felt soon after I was nauseous. I was married to another man. I prayed about it and the answer I received said honor my marriage. I rebelled against GOD’s wishes for a while. Until I realized that i wouldn’t be able to take our relationship (twin flame relationship) to GOD in prayer in our troubled times because I was instructed to return to my husband. With no understanding and a lot of pain in my heart I obeyed. I went home to my husband… Immediately received my blessing for obedience… My son. I put half of my soul to rest literally to forget about my twin flame. I stopped listening to love songs. I threw away all of my favorite movies; titled love jones, the notebook, ps I love you, etc. Still haven’t watched them to this day. I stopped writing. No point in writing when you can’t write what’s in your heart. I stopped singing. No one was aloud to say my twin flames name. I included. The one thing I couldn’t stop was thinking of him when I prayed and his presence in my dreams. While taking a psychology class my instructor touched on twin flames and agape love and the rarity of the two. It was a real eye opener. I worked up the nerve to reconnect with my twin flame. That was so hard for me to do. Here’s the amazing thing, after 3 years of no communication it was like we never parted. My feelings for him seem stronger now and even scarier. I have mentioned the twin flame theory and agape love theory to him but I don’t think he has researched yet. For so long I felt alone and crazy for loving someone so passionately and intensely. It’s nice to know that others have been and are going through the same thing. Our relationship seems to be following the phases mentioned above… We ate taking a very painful route. It’ll be worth it in the end.

  81. Great, and is there a reason why I may have reincarnated into a guy? Did I do something wrong in a past life or something? I want nothing more to be my correct gender so that I can bring a family to my twin flame. It hurts so much that I can’t.

  82. As soon as I started reading Stage 3, I started to cry. My twinflame and I just broke up. I’ve been crying for over a week and I have definitely been the chaser. I feel like I’m going crazy without him and trying everything I can to be with him. I have never ever been one to chase any man, but I have never felt such a desperation to be with someone. He says he still loves me, but he isn’t ready for something like what we have, yet. I have a daughter who is almost 3 and he has a son just a little bit younger. He was living with us and moved out less than a week after we broke up. When I gave him my final hug goodbye before leaving for work, I noticed a cardinal in the window, sitting on a tree branch. It was like a sign of hope for me. I know he is my twinflame. I knew right away. Reading this gave me even more hope that he will come back someday. Thank you.

  83. I am amazed at how accurate this is. Every step without fail explains our love story! 🙂

  84. My twin flame avandone the relationship and I stop perusing he didn’t call me any more and me neither is this what I need to do

  85. It’s quite an unusual, yet amazing story I am living right now and feel so lucky and blessed to get to experience this in this lifetime.

    I met my twin flame in 2011, but we didn’t really get to know each other until December 2012.
    It was the strangest thing, I’ll explain.
    We both played a game called second life, it’s a virtual world where people can escape reality and be whatever they want.
    He both hung out in info hubs (welcome areas) but not the same one and for similar, yet different reasons.
    We occasionally would see each other and briefly chat, but not really in a friendly manner, just random BS, however, I’ve always felt a weird need
    to reach out to him in a way I couldn’t understand, but I wanted him to know I cared and would be his friend, even though I barely knew him.

    December of 2012, I went to the info hub he hung out in, he was away, didn’t see me or hear me, his avatar was there but he was not.
    I was there talking to other people, then logged off.
    The next day out of the blue he messaged me wanting cyber sex text. At the time I was single and didn’t mind, so we texted in the game.
    I was surprised by this as he has never asked me this before, but even from just his text I found him strangely exciting.
    The next day he wanted to voice with me so we did, he made it clear he wasn’t looking for any type of relationship or friendship, just a sexual thing.
    I agreed to this because I found it oddly exciting talking to him, and the sexual attraction to just his voice was like nothing I had ever felt before!
    The next few days we didn’t talk because it was Christmas time and he was busy with his family, so I didn’t hear from him until he added me to skype Dec 23 2012 (12-23-12 added together is 11!)

    The day he added me to skype we talked for a long time, though it seemed like it was just minutes. He then disappeared until 2 days after Christmas, then he called again and we just talked for hours
    and hours. The next day he called again, we spoke for hours and hours, it was as if we knew everything about each other, we couldn’t talk enough.
    The next day (this is now 3 days we spent talking) I dreamt the night before he told me he was falling in love with me, this dream came TRUE! On day 3 of us talking for hours we both KNEW we were in love.
    Then the signs came…..

    On the day we announced we are in love, I asked him my favorite flower, he answered IMMEDIATELY lilies.
    I was shocked and asked how he knew… he answered he always knew (no one knows this!)
    we were both surprised by this.
    The more we poke the more signs came, I began to picture him in the 1940s going away on a military train to war as I waved goodbye and he never returned.
    I’ve never pictured past lives with anyone before.
    He was COMPLETELY skeptical of past lives until we began to talk about this and he saw us in ancient greek times.
    One day I asked him what my favorite childhood cartoon was and he answered the smurfs and he was right! He then told me he always sang the smurfs theme song for years.
    Later that night I was humming the Gremlins theme song and he nearly jumped out of his chair because that’s his favorite composer that wrote that song and I’ve been humming it for years!

    Neither of us EVER heard of twin flames, so then one day the most incredible thing EVER happened….
    My son was here, it was a Sunday. I had to take him to his dad’s at 12:00 so he was sitting on my PC playing a game, talking to me and he mispronounced the word Nuclear and said “Nucular” and I looked at him and said..
    No the word isn’t nucular it’s nuclear, I then looked at the clock and the time was 11:37 am….
    That night I came home from work and was talking to my boyfriend on the PC and he was talking about some topic (I never told him about the conversation with my son earlier) and he mispronounced the word nuclear and said nucular.
    I answered no it’s no nuclular it’s nuclear, I then felt shocked as I realized I said the same thing to my son that morning at 11:37, I looked at the time and it was 11:37 pm!!!
    I nearly screamed and told my boyfriend this and then his eyes popped out of his head and his mouth dropped when he realized that was their ages! My son is 11 and my boyfriend is 37!
    I now KNEW something amazing was going on so I googled soul mate signs and found out about twin flames and we BOTH knew we were each other’s twin flame.

    Since that day we both ON OUR OWN quit smoking cigarettes, we quit smoking weed, all on our own as if self cleansing.
    I’ve also lost 30 lbs unexplainable, my IBS symptoms are gone, my high blood pressure is gone, my lactose intolerance is gone! I’ve HEALED!

    It has been a rollercoaster ride as we both have had high anxiety, we’ve both been through a plethora of emotions.
    However we both feel so different, it’s as if the world seems like place. Everyone else seems to be on a different plane. We feel much much closer.
    The other day he hurt his hand, MY same hand got a cut on it out of nowhere that day.
    Yesterday at 3pm he lost a check and punched his car because he got angry, at the SAME TIME I dropped my lunch and punched my closet door because it made me angry and I didn’t even know about that happening to him.

    We are so completely in love, completely protective of each other, we feel the need to heal each other and help each other, we are both very creative and have similar pasts. My soul feels complete when I’m with him, I feel part of me is missing when he’s away.

  86. Name: DM
    Comment: I believe I have met my twinflame. I met them online on March 21, 2012. Everything you described in your Phases of a Twinflame Relationship has happened to me verbatim. I am in phase 3 and it’s driving me crazy because it’s been on emotional rollercoaster. Some days I am fine and other days I feel like I am crazy or going insane. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. I have little to no interest in anything or anyone anymore. I have read many books on spirituality to make sense of things. I have tried meditating to ease the pain but it’s only a temporary relief. To make matters worse every time I think I have control of myself or the situation I start seeing and hearing and feeling things to make me think of him. I have tried reaching out to this guy several times just to see if the things that are happening to me are happening to him but he refuse to talk to me. Some days I feel like dying would be easier. I have done so many crazy things. I have really lost it. I don’t even know why I like this guy anymore. I want to get him out my mind so bad but each time I tried the signs get stronger. I can’t even go 5 minutes without seeing this guy name, state where he lives and not to mention the numbers. I see numbers everywhere… It started out with 1111 now it goes to 1212 1313 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999 1010 212 414 515 616 818 and so forth. I could be in my car then out of nowhere a car comes in front of me with 333 or as the license plate with the state he lives in. I purchase something and the change is $11.11. I am waiting for a parking space and I don’t get to park until the clock say 5:55 then I go in the store and the price of chicken I end up purchasing is $5.55. My car window as 1111 in a phone number on it and for some reason I never notice it until after this guy started avoiding me. I go to Home Depot and the guy tells me I need 111.11111111 yards of carpet for my project. I feel have paid my price. If God or the universe wanted to punish me. Him, Her or They have succeeded. I have disgraced, humiliated and basically sacrifice myself for this relationship…that probably only exist in my head. I hope you guys are doing better than I am… PS. To my twinflame I love you and F@#k off.

    • I was upset when I wrote the message above. I have now seen the light and I Just want to let you guys know it gets better. I no longer feel that pull towards him anymore. I STILL LOVE HIM but I don’t have that urge or those insanely crazy feelings to be with him. Looking back at everything I am kinda glad he avoided me because it force me to look deep within and conquer my fear. The whole experience has made me a stronger and better person. I feel alive again… I am more understanding and compassionate towards everything from the insects, to the trees, to the grass on the ground, and even unkind people. I feel apart of everything and everything apart of me. Sometimes you have to get your heart ripped out of your chest and hit rock bottom to see the light. I know for sure now that through it all God was always with me and those numbers I kept on seeing was just physical confirmation that I wasn’t crazy and what I was feeling was REAL regardless of what my ego wanted me to believe. True love does exist, I feel it in every fiber of my being. I have carried this person in my mind from I was a child and when I finally met him outside of my mind it seem too good to be true. I became flooded with so much emotions I did not know how to act or behave. I wasn’t in control for the first time in my life. I had to trust this invisible power that was taking control of me and I wasn’t ready to release control fully because of my ego. By hitting my lowest point I was forced to trust that divine power, God.
      God, place me in my mother’s womb in divine timing and I was born in divine timing. I met my twinflame in divine timing, we separated in divine timing and I am sure we will reunite in divine timing. As much as I wanted to be with this person if I was really honest with myself I knew I wasn’t ready. It was too much too soon.

      ps.I would like to thank the person who created the site. It helped to confirm what I already knew deep in my heart.

      Sorry for the curse word in the earlier post…I really don’t curse.

      Anyways, Peace, love and harmony. DM

      • These stories make me cry every time I read them, and this one made me sob like a baby. My twinflame is in Seattle, and I haven’t seen him in two months.. it’s the longest we’ve been apart since we were ‘together’… I feel like we’re losing light, but I know deep down somewhere and I can let him go if I have to because we’ll be together someday again, whether in this lifetime or afterwards.

        I’m still crying as I write this, I have always been the chaser in our relationship, and as you said the numbers have helped me believe that I wasn’t crazy, and that our love is real. Ever since I’ve been with him, my whole life has been changed! I see things differently, I’m more connected to the Earth, I even took up a religion! (Buddhism) and everything is coming together, but now that we’re apart, I get doubts. It’s all so complicated, but the numbers help you understand it.

        Looking forward to anyone’s reply.

        Love, Shirl

    • It’s been awhile since I have written on this site and a lot have happen since… Things are much more normal now than it was back then… My emotions and sense of stability are back to normal or better than normal because there is a certain peace I feel concerning everything. There is a quietness and stillness that I have never known before and a genuine appreciation for life, people, things,…

      My Twinflame and I are back in communication… We have been talking a few times a week for the last almost 6 months. We have not talk much about the whole twinflame thing. He his not ready to talk about twinflames and I am kinda over talking about it too… He have apologized countless times concerning the things that have happened over the last 2 years. We both acknowledge the role we played and take full responsibility for our actions. We are no longer blaming each other and we have not fought since we have been back into communication. We are taking things slow and working on our friendship.

      There were several time during the separation that I thought I would never hear from him again. But, God works in mysterious ways… And, this time around we have agreed to talk out our issues regardless of how difficult it may be… It also take a lot of pressure off us since we have decided to work on our friendship… He is more open about his emotions now… He is also very gentle and kind with me and his very diligent about working on our relationship. I appreciate all his efforts and try to let him know every now and then how much I appreciate him. We have come along way… Sometimes, I wonder if I am dreaming.

      Sometimes, I wonder if this was the same guy that seem so mean during the fights and separation. He is really trying to make amends but the truth is I forgave him long before he apologized and I have never hold anything against him. I knew he probably felt just as out of controlled and as confused as I did… Sometimes, if I missed his calls he would call back to back until her hears from me. I try to assure him that I will always be here… if I missed a few calls its not that I am trying to avoid him. But, that separation period was so painful and stressful that we do not want to ever be out of touch with each other or fought like like we did ever again.

      Anyways, just wanted to share and give you guys on update on my situation with my “twin flame”

  87. I need clarification. I have been in a ldr (long distance relationship) for the past 19 months. I know a ldr has its’ own challenges and problems. I am not sure if my partner is in the running phase or not. The past month has been difficult with a lot of family problems on my partner’s side. It took her time away from me. She lost her enthusiasm and her passion a few weeks ago. Tonight she made out saying she does not want the relationship anymore. I asked her if it was because of the stressful situations or was it me as a person? Both of us are undergoing tough life problems as both unemployed etc. I know stress can be a real passion killer and if in a long distance relationship and unemployed see no way of getting together. She said her feelings faded, She needs to be on her own. She did not cheat on me ans no there isn’t anyone else. She said we can remain friends. Both of us has not planned to have this long distance relationship, Both of us admit we never ever felt this kind of love, it deeper and purer. Is it possible one can lose this feeling? I have not lost my feeling for her at all. Please help. is this the running phase or not? And what advice would you give me please?

    • I would say that this is the running phase, and sometimes is for the betterment of your relationship. Once they run, you as a chaser have to come to grip with the thought that you will be together again if it is meant to be. Usually a twinflame relationship will break apart in order to learn new lessons, that they could not learn from being their twinflame. In order for twinflames to meet true connection, they have to be complete in themselves.

      Just keep in mind that if it’s meant to be, it will happen in it’s own time, at the right time. Try to stay strong, I’m a chaser myself, and I know how hard it can be.

      Love, Shirl

      • Thank you. I needed to hear this. I feel in my heart it IS meant to happen, not soon but it will. What I’m having trouble with, as the chaser, is letting go of the control. Because I am aware of whats going on, I am trying to force him to catch up. What worries me is that he is not complete, which means I am not either, which then of course means we will not be together or complete anytime soon. I’m just so exhausted with confusion.

  88. The runner/chaser phase that twin flames go through can be called “Dark Night Of The Soul” you can read about it here

    • What According To Our Human Eyes Seems To Be A Withdrawal Of The Male Half From His Female Half – The Difference Between Men And Women

      Many female halves acknowledge to themselves directly that they have met and bonded with the male halves of themselves. The female halves are naturally connected and one with their feelings. The male halves seem to be living less in their feelings and therefore according to the women the men seem to be less emotional. The real truth might be a different story. And nothing is this ”black and white” when it comes to twin souls. Sometimes it feels to the women through their human eyes that the male reactions to having met their female halves will lead to the men withdrawing emotionally from their female halves.

      At the human level the female half will often conclude that her male half didn’t recognize her as his twin soul because he did not openly declare and acknowledge the twinship or tell her how he feels deep inside. Female halves long to hear that their men know the truth of them being twin souls. As a woman the female half wants to hear the very words ”twin souls” come out of his mouth. This is what many women long to hear from their male halves. To me twin souls make out a whole and a unit. This means that at the soul level both do recognize each other, but the reactions to this recognition vary between the male and female halves.

      The female halves live so much in their feelings and they often find it very difficult that their male halves seem to withdraw and in some cases the shock of meeting the other half and uniting at such deep levels lead to the twin souls not being able to talk at the human level about what actually happened. The female halves tend to want to talk about the connection openly, but talking can be painful or difficult for the male half, because he could have been living less in his feelings for many lives. It often seems to the man that his woman can “read” him and he tends to not like to feel vulnerable around her.

      What the man doesn’t realize is that if he allows himself to be with one with his feelings, he would also be able to “read” her, and she would feel vulnerable as well. Conflicts between twin souls often arise when the female twins long for an emotional reaction from their male counterparts and for some reason the male halves do not feel ready to open up. Female halves are so much one with their feelings, so sometimes they tend to push things instead of ”letting go”.

      Female “halves” tend to act directly on their feelings because they want an emotional result of what they feel. We don’t realize that as male and female “halves” we are more alike than we think. All of us have both male and female energies in us and if we can achieve an inner balance within ourselves, we can understand the other half more clearly. And therefore there would be no misunderstandings between men and women. We don’t always see as clearly with our human eyes, compared to the eyes of our souls.

      The female polarized twin soul carries the fruit of the twin soul union, but this doesn’t mean that the male “halves” don’t possess wisdom. If the men surrender to their inner female, they get access to the inner wisdom within themselves. When twin souls meet physically, the male half is the one who gives his female twin “access” to the wisdom in her soul. The male half does “need” the emotional and spiritual insight of his own inner female and female twin, but if the twin souls have been separated for many lives and have many wounds in them due to past lives, difficult relationships and time apart, it can be difficult for him to open up and “accept” the knowledge offered to him by his female half and inner female.

      It is a question of inner balance. It is important to know that it is not possible from the human point of view to control the twin soul process itself. The only thing that you can control as a soul half is yourself. Many female halves tend to over function in many aspects of their lives, both when it comes to family or their men. Overall this has to do with a deep fear of loss. Over functioning always has to do with trying to help other people. It means that you don’t trust other people to be strong enough to deal with their own healing or growth, and at deeper levels it has to do with lack of trust in yourself controlled by the fear of a deep existential loss. Therefore, female halves must “connect” and unite with their inner male, balance themselves, and let go of doing, taking action, and living in the illusion that they can control things.

  89. I think that men might typically be the runner only because they are taught to think logically (even more so than woman, who are also taught this) and to live with “honor”, which seems to entail honoring society’s rules and doing “right” by whatever commitments they have made to another person/lover, to their family’s, to their community, whatever. In a way this is respectable, but obviously, you want them to throw out the rules when it comes to the BIG LOVE! I mean, how can they not trust that? I’m not saying it is always the man who runs, I have heard these stories and know women run too, but I’m just trying to figure out HOW you can run from something like this. Yes fear, but I think also there is (at least with my Twin Flame) an aspect of honoring his family and community and I don’t fit into that. I don’t understand this because I live in Los Angeles, and my family rarely involves itself in my dating life, but he is from a tiny town in another country and they do get involved. The whole town gets involved and they are not interested in an American woman moving in and being free in front of their rules. Well, I guess we have lived with too many rules to dictate what is right and wrong, when really we all know inside ourselves what is right or wrong. I have a friend who was married when she met her twin flame, and he and it’s like, who is cheating on who here? I get the societal rules of marriage, but my goodness, that seems to pale in comparison with this love. But in her case, he stayed with his wife. She ended her relationship even though the TF left. I know there is light at the end of this tunnel, but it is HARD. Thank you for listening and sharing. It helps to know there are others out there and that it isn’t easy for anyone.

    • “Yes fear, but I think also there is (at least with my Twin Flame) an aspect of honoring his family and community and I don’t fit into that.”….
      Yes Alexis… I’ve felt this too… one of the reasons my twinflame gave me when we broke up was that I dont fit into the image of an ideal woman whom his parents would like and accept…

      • Hi Theeternalbliss 🙂 I know I post stuff all over your blog but I feel at home here. I spend my days between your blog and mine. I believe I have finally completely let go of my twin flame. I had to let it go, and this time I know it’s for real. I block whatever psychic bond that was keeping us connected. Whenever I feel a pull I tell my twin to f*&k off in my mind and sometimes out loud and it seems to work. I wake up well rested and in good spirit. Sometimes you have to imagine yourself cutting those energy cords even if it works temporarily it works. 🙂 and Alexis your welcome. My only advice now is to try cutting those cords with your twin flames. It will work even if it’s temporary… You will feel relieve. Right now we are carrying them and ourselves that’s too much burden for one person. When you cut the cord they are forced to feel and deal with their own pain. We have been babying these runners for too long. It’s time for tough love.

      • It is a pleasure to read your comments DivineGrace… It is great to know that people are liking and getting involved with the blog…

  90. Oh WOW! Thank you for this blog.Good to know.Ill try to sum this up quickly .I am the Chaser or should i say i “was” the twistedness through this whole thing is exhuasting and confusing, i just discoverd this whole twin flam deal and it has changed my life. I have mixed emotions about it, however its made me a better person,I was in a 4 year relationship that was the worst torture you can think of, i was so fucked up that i turned to the spritual world, looking for any possible answers, 5 months into this deep healing work my EX and i were done, exactly to the date i started to heal,it was devastating ect, etc and so then Im like OK time to be single have fun and so on ,not even single 2 months i meet this guy at the most random place ever not my type didnt pay attention to him at the least, anyway to me he bugged, i even tryed to pwan him off on a friend of mine so he would leave me alone… well that didnt work either haha, Then BAM!! it hit me this was my soulmate and it came out of nowhere, It couldnt have been the worst timming ever the dating didnt goe as far 1month he basiclly told to fuck off and so i did, the crazy things that would happen afte that were nuts I would see the dude on the freeway, out on dates with other girls which was very painful to watch. i thought i was loosing my mind and so did my family and friends. i mean i obsessed over and over, it started to effect my entire life. i couldnt figure it out until i started to do some research ,well the univere took me for another oop and i had to move away to heal some family issues, the last day at my place i was having dinner with friend and their he was sitting having dinner alone he completley ignored me and then walked out ,i balled for hours thinking i was insane, it was my true dark night of the soul, almost unbarrable, so i moved which im now 60 miles away from him, we have not talked in several months i dream of him at least once a week with messages and i see certain numbers and words to let me know were still conncted, but i know why this is happening now, I wasn reading the blog @Divine grace and i did cut the coard, i contiune to work on mysel,f its hard to feel this but i meditate on it ,breathe, yoga helps… i still have weird days when it feels like i cant go on and mind you i have never been like this in my life, i sometimes wish it would just go away. I feel its taken a part of my power. I do date or guys but thats a nitrmare as well, big red flags!! so ive decide to not date anyone it for now ,It makes me angry because he was the one who brought this up to me then takes off and will not speak to me ,ive attepmted 3 times in 8 months and nothing, I almost dont know if ist in the plan for us to reunite, Very Very sad.

  91. It’s not my first time to pay a quick visit this web page, i am visiting this website dailly and take nice facts from here all the time.

  92. Hello. I am currently working with my friend/counselor/shaman/guide. I think she is getting tired of me and my “confusion” (she is currently working with 5 other women who are going through the Twin Flame phenomenon)

    • Continued………(pressed enter by mistake). Anyway, My teacher is overwhelmed right now with her other cases, and with her own personal life. Right now I am in right before phase 4 (i think). He knows about the TF, he’s too lazy to do the research but is intrigued, says he’s gonna do his homework and I know he doesnt. I confessed how I felt about him, he said he didn’t feel the same EVEN though I KNOW and FEEL he feels the same way, he just doesn’t KNOW it the way I KNOW it. Anyway, I accepted the fact that we will never be together in physical form any time soon, I accepted that he doesn’t know the language yet, I’ve accepted in my opinion A LOT. However, on the surface I feel angry, frustrated, like a fool, played, desperate, confused, annoyed, pathetic. Deep down inside, I feel like this is all okay, I love him, he loves me (and I really mean REAL love, not the “love” I felt back in the day when I was a kid) I feel this LOVE for him that I can’t explain. What hurts is that he is not verbally expressing it like me, even though I can FEEL him and KNOW his thoughts. In every conversation we have on the phone (I’m 3k miles away) he’s told me things like: I’ll know when I see you, I want something from you that you can’t give me right now and that’s a hug, how is it that I can feel you from 3k miles away, he’s flirted but in a way that I KNOW is honest, I can feel him fighting it. And since I KNOW what’s going on, I would think it would be easy for me to go through all of this from this point forward, but boy am I having a rough time. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, I feel like I’m trapped in my own body, I feel hot and cold (literally and emotionally) all the time. I recognize all that it happening, but Im having a rough time understanding that I and HE will be okay. I don’t know how to cope with this sudden feeling of “loss”. My mom once told me that I’m not afraid of neglect, I’m afraid of abandonment. I love him so much that I’m afraid of losing him. I feel he wouldn’t care if I checked out. Unfortunately, I have my soul mate waiting to one day propose to me and here I am fiddling around with this. I am being honest with myself in KNOWING who I want to be with as a partner (soul mate) and who I want to “be with” in a way words can not describe (TF). Last night, we had an amazing conversation, that led to spirituality,laughs, jokes, realism then all of a sudden he starts talking about the “choices” we make in life. At this point my ego got the best of me and all I selectively heard was “I choose to not be with you”. He didn’t say those words but that’s what I was interpreting. I then hung up with him, very angry, hurt, frustrated, annoyed, confused. My chest LITERALLY hurt. Like shock bolts zooming from one end of my heart to the other, the pain was localized in my heart. I wrote him a letter, I wanted to send it. It explained that I can no longer do this anymore, I love him and he knows it, and I feel he is now dangling this ‘carrot’ in front of me. I continued with “keep the damn carrot”, this is not cool that you are now toying with me on purpose. I finished the letter. Texted him and told him that I need to stop talking to him. and vaguely explained why. However, the letter was much more in detail. He called me back annoyed and said that there is no reason for me to get upset for him hanging up, he was sleepy. I told him “you think I’m upset bc you needed to hang up the phone at 1am???” That’s not why I’m hurt. He told me he would call me today. Who knows if he will. I went back and read the letter. It was very honest, but maybe a little too harsh to give to someone who doesn’t quite “get it” YET. As I read the letter to myself, I could feel him reacting lost and confused. So now, I’m here. I’m divided. I have so much going on: do I explain the letter to him in a calm way, do I let him go, do I love him and stick around to teach him, how do I continue on, how do I avoid this heart gutting pain, will he ever “get it”, etc. THIS LIST GOES ON AND ON. I feel like my heart and my head are battling it out. I’ve been listening to my heart this whole time, but my head (my ego) is thinking: “The hell with this, I don’t want it anymore” But my heart is saying to be strong and stick around even if I have to pull back a little so he can heal. I truly in my heart feel that we will physically come together again, I don’t feel we will get married but who knows in this life time, I feel we will have sex for the first time in the next couple of years. So what’s my question????? I don’t know, I have so many. Part of it is I feel I’m losing control. He’s the runner, yet I feel the “soul shock”. WHAT DO I DO??? PLEASE HELP.

    • Natasha…you have so many things going on…no time to address them all…but what stood out the most to me was a theme of abandonment, separation, and the NEED for him to acknowledge the label TF. Let me first share..I am married to my TF for 1.5 years. We were together about 8 months before we got married. It has been a blissful hell up until about 2 months ago…now it is beautiful most of the time. I am also an energy worker/healer and a RN. The theme of separation and abandonment is HUGE with twins…separation from each other..separation from “God/spirit” This abandonment and separation is often relived in our life with family, relationships in an attempt to be brought to the surface for you to not only heal the family stuff we expereince, but to heal the separation and abandonment between us and “God” and us and our twin. If it is coming up that strongly for you…it is time…time to really look at that theme and begin healing it. The other part…He DOES NOT need to acknowledge or agree with the tf label. That is a human label we give to a love that transcends the limits of our human mind. He does not have to agree…he does not have to believe it…ultimatly it is just about the heart connection…the love that exists..not accepting the words we use to describe what our heart knows. And I do find at times that women as women…we often got so caught in the TF label and the love and what it means…oftne times our men…in an attempt to balance us…will go to the other end and either refuse the tf label or not want to acknowledge it…it in a way is an attempt of balancing us…kinda like balancing the masculine and feminine or balancing heaven and earth. If we are to spiritual ascension based…in an ungrounded uncentered way…it is not uncommon for our partner to try and balance us by being to grounded, to earthly…trying to balance each others energies. If you want you can find me on FB. My name is Ela Rae Wilkinson or on my new page twin flames, soul mates and unconditional love. Good luck to you!

      • Ela wow very happy for you. right now i am in this unending cycle with my twin. How do you put your foot down on the back and forth?

  93. One more thing………….He told me he’s heard the term TF before but doesn’t know much about it. He admitted he sees our similarities, our connection, our likeness. But his words were “I don’t know if I’m fully convinced that WE are TF” This is where I’m getting desperate. I want to shake him and yell “Hello??? don’t you get it?? Can you please catch up with me so we can do this and move forward” It’s like he KNOWS but he doesn’t KNOW that he KNOWS. I’m just so exhausted. Am I supposed to meditate or something?? How do I help him, how do I help myself??

    • We should all see this. I ran across this today after being fed up yesterday..told my twin off and shut down the little contact me and my twin flame had… I am fed up. Grow up! 4 years of running, coming back, running…No. No more! This guy is right!

  94. Beautiful explanation…while I am in the phase of separation as we resolves our individual karmas, its nice to look back at this post to reinforce the awareness of it. Thank you so much!

    • Nov. 2012, it hooked. We started talking again and it was so nice. Well, sorta. Being around each other felt like home for the both of us but I (the chaser) knew that there was still looking factors, karma unresolved and when she wanted to leap, unbelievably, I said no. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I value her place and mine in the journey to being “us” again way too much to ever sacrifice what I know will be perfect. Unfortunately, I was right and she stopped communication again and ran. Occasionally, she’ll text. I had to make the painful decision to tell her that I do not trust her anymore and that she must leave me alone. After I did it, I wanted to vanish and went through some hard emotional meltdown but its prob what was necessary because otherwise she would remain asleep and I would remain painfully awake. Either way, I am painfully awake but with a new twist. I have decided to live and experience life again! If we are meant to reunite then we will. If we do not, I won’t have to regret not experiencing the beautiful things life offered me. I wanted to share this because I know what others feel and want them to know at some point, you must stop chasing and start living. If not, the relationship in its clearing of karma will be stagnant.
      Also, listen and watch
      Justin Timberlakes-Mirror
      It’s about Twin Flame Love.

  95. DolphinChild7

    Am I one of the few females that is the runner and not the chaser? He was the one who wanted commitment and it scared me, but I don’t think words can describe how much we love each other. I don’t think I was ready until now. I had to do a lot of soul work first. Enjoyed reading about other’s twin flame relationships.

  96. I am DEFINITELY in the runner/ chaser stage. I’m the chaser, but I knew he was coming. I asked God to reveal to me the man that he had chosen for me. I started getting signs. I knew his first initial, about what his last name was, his zodiac sign, his parent’s marital status, the age he would be when we met, the fact that he’d only have brothers, and that he was from the south. I also saw a man that looked like him in my dreams. In one, I was in a house with him and a daughter (not my current, but another baby). My mom moved into that very house after I met him. I was also in a domestic violence relationship. My advocate in my support group had me write a list of the traits that I wanted in a husband. I described him.

    I’m having a really hard time right now. I’m learning to let go and trust God. I want to be successful. I will say, even with our issues I am so blessed to be connected to a man that is him. I pray it works.

  97. My Peace
    Chaos tattoo has taken on a whole new meaning.

  98. My friends 🙂 Let me help you through the struggles you will face on the twin flame path and more fundamentally the reason for the struggle and how to make it easier :).

    Understanding is the key, and understand this is about you 🙂

    Between the pair flows unconditioned love, both joined in union of the heart. You can’t stop loving them anymore than they can stop loving you. You are joined, one heart 🙂

    So it helps by understanding that since the heart is shared means fixing you is the same as fixing the union 🙂

    It’s about you, just you.

    For them you are willing to do anything and realise its true.

    This is not about what is said nor done, this is about you.

    When you find your heart and allow it to shine true, they will feel it too.

    When a shared heart shines for one of you, then the same is true for both.

    Seeking on the outside only keeps them away, seek from the inside, because that is where they stay.

    Realise the truth of yous and let love flow from deep within.

    Open your heart as wide as can be and allow the union to take place 🙂

    Become the best possible person you can be. Make your twin proud of you by doing great things, be loving and compassionate to everyone. Give of yourself to open your heart. Only when your heart is truly open does the union form.

    You are not shared of the mind, you are joined in one heart. To love life unconditionally, to love your friends and family, to love your enemies and your foes. To forgive all that have wronged and love them too. Open your heart and they will come home 🙂

    • Thank you, Matt! I needed to hear this. I already “know” this, but yet need to hear it again and again and remind myself of its truth. That’s why I left. To find my own heart first and sometimes it is hard to remember that and much easier to get caught up in the external relationship. I do think I was also thinking that he would need to be working on himself also and that if we both didn’t find our truest selves than we couldn’t unite with each other or Spirit. I am happy to hear this “rendition” where one of us can heal the both:) With Love and Gratitude, Alexis:)

      • The twin flame union is unlike all other “relationships”, trying to make it a relationship or to fit in with your expectations is only going to hurt.

        Your twin is you and you are your twin, you are only separate at the physical level but still you are one Being.

        Your twin reflects you, so if your twin is running then do not ask why they run from you, ask why you run from them?

        If they seem angry with you then ask why you are angry with them?

        Realise this is much more profound and deeper still, if you hate them then they will hate you. If you are worried then they will worry too.

        You must stop “thinking” as you and start loving as one.

        To love yourself is to love them. To allow your love to flow is the same as them allowing love to flow.

        Stop “thinking” about the reasons and realise they are just your reflection and the universe is the mirror.

        You can fix them without ever fixing you.

        The reason that you are both here is to realise the truth, only in separation do you have the motivation to heal yourself completely, you have the motivation to realise what you truly are.

        This path is rocky but realise its only about you. Until you are willing to reflect upon your own self and see beyond the limits of the mind then you will continue to suffer the never ending feeling of loss inside. You must find your courage and move far beyond this point.

        The reason for the union is far greater than you know, when both are ready you will unite as one and stand as a beacon of hope to all in the world.

        Your roles are simply to allow love to flow without conditions, attachments or limitations. When you can do this then you are ready to be one, then you are ready to uplift the whole world, yes you are that important.

  99. dolphindreamer1031

    Are there any other women who are runner’s besides me? I have had to work out issues with my father and low self esteem and learn to love myself. I have had to do a lot of work internally and I am ready to stop running. My twin flame told me I could not run far enough to get away from our love and he was right.

  100. I would say I met my TwinFlame..and I feel like she feels it too. Everything in your posts as far as phases and signs of a twinflame match us perfectly..I’m going through a rough time right now.

    She broke up with me at the end of April and I moved back to Texas. She talked to me like she still wanted me and said things that assured me we would be together. Yet she kept getting more distant and cold towards me..I kept chasing when I should have backed off. It let her to cutting me out of her life completely at this time. We haven’t talked in five weeks.. Last we talked she said her friend through the internet made her happy and they showed they appreciated each other’s time and were there for each other..

    At least once a day I have to go outside to not feel trapped..In which I just think about all of the time we spent together..what we went through together…Eventually leading me to breaking down. Not just crying but it feels…so much worse….I just don’t understand how we could meet out of nowhere and feel like we knew each other forever…and talk for nine hours straight the first night…turns into..Nothing..Just my thoughts and dreams tormenting me…I haven’t been feeling better even as the days pass.. I feel stuck in purgatory. One week I had a dream about her every day..Lately I dream about her and end up crying in my dreams. It feels like I was crying outside of my dreams when I wake up too..I feel her but I don’t know if she feels me..I told her she was making a big mistake cutting me out because no one will ever have a connection with her like I do..

    Even her ancient book she had said we were soulmates..My life has shown me more than once that I am supposed to be with her…Everything we liked and wanted in life we shared the same interest in…I miss her so much. Not talking to her is torture. If she is gone for this life I will feel empty until my last day. All I want is to fix everything and I truly feel like we can..Why must she run from me..I’m the only guy who can handle her and accept her for who she is..

  101. Hey Matt, my name is Joel. I would love to hear more words of wisdom from you. Very impressed. I believe it is the Chaser who needs to change, not the Runner. The Chaser is in control. When the Chaser changes, it forces the Runner to change. That is how it works. The Runner is waiting for YOU to change. As YOU change (grow), the Runner will feel your changes and bring the vibration back into harmony. The Runner is not awake. Only by YOU growing will they awake and make the changes they need to make. YOUR courage will initiate THEIR courage. Most people are waiting on the Runner to change. Not realizing as soon as they change, destiny will bring you back together and give you a choice.

  102. So at the beginning of my junior year in college I had just ended a horrible relationship with my off and on emotionally a little abusive high school boyfriend of 3 years. I had also been rejected by the guy that had said “he liked me” and had started seeing another guy. Another guy who I had started to pursue just out of the need to be loved was hooking up with me but actively pursuing another girl. Needless to say, I was at an all time low as far as self-esteem. Then, in the midst of rehearsals for a show I was in, this guy comes out of nowhere asking all of my friends about me and telling everyone that I was “the mother of his unborn children.” I hadn’t even spoken to him–he was two years younger than me and I was completely oblivious to him and pretty much everyone else. He had a high school girlfriend at the time, I was informed, so I tried to steer clear of him. It was unavoidable, though. Eventually we had conversations and friends were creating situations where we were hanging out, but I was very opposed to any sort of relationship with him. Mostly because I didn’t want to get hurt, but also because he was still in a relationship with a girl from high school. Anyway, one night we ended up at the same get together and I got drunk. He of course pursued me and we ended up kissing and I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship. He said he was willing to wait for me. At this point, although I denied it to myself over and over again, I knew I was in love with him. I hadn’t even hung out with him for more than 3 weeks and just knew. The next day he broke up with his girlfriend. I continued to resist the relationship because I didn’t want him to be my rebound and didn’t want to be his rebound. Eventually in January of that year I agreed to finally be his girlfriend, although we had been pretty exclusive since November. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. We didn’t even have to be kissing to feel electricity flowing through each other. Needless to say, I was scared. He was the first one to say he loved me in February. I don’t even remember the first time I said I loved him because I had felt it all along I was just too scared to admit it to anyone. We spent the next 2 years together. I had never been so in love in my life. He made me laugh like I never had before, we had fun together, we didn’t even have to speak to feel comfortable around each other. After around 1 year I got really freaked and broke it off with him for about 4 days. But I realized how silly I was being running away so I went back to him. We spent this last year together (it was our 2nd year being together) but it was definitely different. My insecurities from my previous relationship in high school finally came out. I was afraid of not being appreciated anymore, of him leaving me for someone else and not being good enough for him, second guessing our future together…the whole nine yards. He ended things and I was and still am pretty devastated. He said he “didn’t know who he was” and I think he thought he couldn’t make me happy. What’s worse is he has run in the direction of another girl. Although she has told him that nothing can happen between them. Since we have communicated through text back and forth and have even been romantic towards each other and have both said we believe we are “made for each other” which was something we used to say all the time. During our first “no contact” I had written a letter to him and included the acronym we used M.F.E.O (made for each other) and then when we started talking he dropped the acronym on me…which we both hadn’t thought about since our first year of dating. I sent him the letter and he had said they were his exact thoughts. It was freaky. Since then, he has lied to me about still seeing this other girl, even though he knows nothing will come of it. Part of his resistance is that I moved back to my home town after the break up because I was so heart broken, he doesn’t know when we will see each other again. He said he could only offer me friendship at the moment. I told him I couldn’t do that so I have since stopped talking to him. I am having the hardest time letting go. Everyone keeps telling me that he’s not the right person because of all the things he’s done. I even think about moving on but something in my stomach tells me not to! I don’t know what to do and want us to reunite so badly. I have since discovered the “Law of Attraction” and have become closer to God and The Universe, but I want to be ready for us to reunite again. Something in me keeps telling me that I just “know” we are meant to be together again. I don’t know what to do!!

  103. Amen! It’s also exciting to know all that process and observe how you are passing from stage to stage! 🙂

  104. Exactly! i saw a lady on a new year day in our factory vehicle shed. all of a sudden i saw her i felt i am totally eternally connected. as and when my mind goes to her and thinks about what i have to speak when i saw her again in the evening OR during lunch OR tomorrow morning same vehicle shed. i don’t know how i can join her since i am also married have two kids and she is also married and have a boy kid. surprising she also felt inclined to me in this when i talked to her and i came to know that she also interested in me. what i can give her at this situation since i am married but i am feeling that if i get her i will get everything she is vara!

    my marriage is a arranged marriage and i am true to my wife just it is my responsibility and duty not because of love. since my adolescence i liked love marriage. i strongly believe that vara also has the same feeling.

    tell me what i have to do?……..

  105. Hi there! I realize this is kind of off-topic but
    I needed to ask. Does building a well-established blog such
    as yours take a massive amount work? I am completely new
    to running a blog however I do write in my diary everyday.
    I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my personal experience and views online. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners. Thankyou!

    • offtopic questions are very welcome here Holly 🙂
      My one and only tip for new bloggers is to write from your heart. Write what you’re really passionate about and the rest of the stuff takes care of itself. Apart from the writing, building a blog like this one doesnt take much effort… you need basic computer and internet skills which I assume you already have since you posted this comment…. Go to and sign up… then chose a template and start posting… thats all. If you need further help you can go to the help page linked below

      Hope it helps! Thankyou for asking

  106. I’m very confused, hope to get some help. I met this guy almost 2 years ago. We were both 18 at the time, he’s one month older than me. We met online, on the facebook. I sent him a friendship request because I though he was a guy I’ve met in my home town. I was wrong. He add me as a friend and started talking to me. I didn’t want to talk to him. But he was persistant, this guy just wouldn’t give up. So I talked to him. I didn’t fall in love with him immediately, but somehow … I felt safe. It was weird, because I usually don’t trust people easily and he’s a little bit temperamental, but I felt that he was not a bad person. We continue talking and then, yes, I’ve found myself in love with this guy. So we started “dating”. And I say “dating” because we were in separate towns. In the same country, but yet, so far away from each other, so we call each other every night, talking about random stuff … About our plans, about ourselves. I know this guy so well. And he knows me very well too. For a few months, it was perfect. I don’t have words to describe it. I felt loved. Then, something happened. He told me that that was crazy, we were crazy, our relationship was unhealthy, that he could never touch me, never would be able to feel my lips, that that was driving him nuts. He was jealous of my best friend, I don’t know, he wasn’t making any sense. He said to me that we should stop talking for both our sakes. I cried, I told him we could be friends. Few days later we decided that we would be friends, nothing more that that. We start talking on skype, see each other like before … But then he looked at me and he told me that he just couldn’t do that anymore, because he felt a big attraction for me, every single move that I was making, every word, every smile, he just couldn’t handle it. And I believed him, because I saw how desperate he was. Then, we continue talking, argue everytime for stupid things, then we stopped talking for a few days, then started talking… I know that I’m not that easy to handle, maybe a little bit temperamental too … But I loved him. That’s all I know. One day, we stopped talking for good. And I saw on his facebook something to a girl .. A new girl. I felt betrayed, of course. Days later he talked to me. I talked to him like he was nothing, just another person in this world. But I told him very bad things… But never told him about the girl. It wasn’t necessary, because I know that he knows why I treated him that way. But he didn’t give up, tried to talk to me one day, and another, and another .. But I didn’t answer. I don’t know if he ever loved me. I told him that. And he told me: “you know me better than anyone in this world, so, you know the answer. you always know the answer”. there is a lot more to tell about this relationship, but this text is already huge. I´m in a new relationship now .. But I’m not happy. I tried. I swear to God, but I just can’t get him off of my mind. I feel stupid and I don’t wanna tell anyone, because it’s stupid. I should move on, but how? I don’t know if he’s my twin flame or maybe I’m just crazy. I like my boyfriend .. But the memories of “that guy” are coming back stronger than ever and I feel alone, I don’t know why.

  107. Whilst I don’t consider myself to be an expert on twin soul/flame connections I do know from my own personal experience just how difficult, frustrating, and confusing this connection can be; it is all consuming – you can’t sleep, eat, can’t read a book, can’t concentrate on anything other than your twin – they occupy your mind 24/7!

    At first, I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did – this certainty and knowingness that came from so deep in my soul, because apart from our first date my twin was doing nothing to encourage me. In fact he was pushing me away. Normally, I wasn’t one who took rejection that well, so if a man didn’t like me or showed no interest in me I would walk away. I had pride and loads of it. But this one was different…and the more he pushed me away, the stronger my feeling became – crazy I know… but my instinct told me not to give up on him – it was taken care of. I would often hear this message in my mind, especially when I was feeling low.

    For the first couple of years I didn’t know he was even my twin soulmate; I’d actually never even heard of the word until a medium I visited told me about it. I had already started on my spiritual path. However, when I met my twin my spiritual journey escalated. I had already learned how to read the tarot cards and was having fun with this. My connection with my guardian angel, which had always been strong, got even stronger as the months and years went by. I was forever asking them to help me with my situation and to help me understand why I was going through this. I received all sorts of messages, via dreams, songs, psychic readings you name it but nothing was bringing him towards me.

    Over the years I had done a lot of reading on twin soul relationships and one thing they all said was that twin souls are mirror images of one another. I couldn’t see this at the time. He was a successful, talented, powerful, handsome man. Something I wasn’t! I didn’t have a career, I was ‘just’ a receptionist and as far as I knew I didn’t have any exceptional talent. However, as time went on I realised that was exactly what I was meant to be… I wasn’t only meant to be somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister or somebody’s friend. No I had a purpose for being here. I discovered a creative voice!

    I’d never really written anything in my life, but I was desperate, and I had to find an outlet to express my feelings. All the angst and longing was beginning to take its toll – I felt like I was going insane. I thought about my twin 24/7. So at the suggestion of my sister (I think she was sick of hearing me moan on about my situation), I eventually put my fingers to the keyboard and to cut a very long story short…2 ½ months later I’d written my book – which I called I LISTENED TO MY HEART. It is a fictionalised story about me meeting my twin soulmate. It didn’t stop there – I discovered a talent for lyric writing and I’ve since gone on to write over 50 love songs, 25 which I’ve had recorded to music. I’ve also received high acknowledgement from various worldwide competitions and I’m hoping one day to win a Grammy. Yes, I’m a woman with big dreams.

    So the moral of this story is….If you have met your twin soulmate and you are having a difficult time, then you need to really stop and listen to your inner voice, your soul. What is it trying to tell you? A twin flame meeting is about helping you to find your own sense of purpose, learning to let go of your ego; to heal yourself, and love yourself unconditionally. A reunion will only occur when you are whole within. This means you have to bring forth happiness and complete unconditional love both for yourself and others before you can unite. Your twin must do the same. This is not something you can get from your twin – or your twin from you. Unfortunately no matter how much you pray to those above, ring psychics, drive yourself and your friends crazy… there is no short cut to a happy ending. There is work to be done.

    Even though my twin and I are still not together physically, he is forever with me on a soul level and I look forward to the day when we will meet again, as I believe we will. I lost myself for a while, but through losing myself… I also found myself. My twin has given me the greatest gift of all – ME. Maybe that was the reason he came into my life, to help me become the woman I am today. If so, he has done his job and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

    I love my twin soulmate unconditionally…as I do myself.

  108. Whew, I have been reading for months and not wanting to share, although back in January I was genuinely excited that he and I had reconnected. But then, as soon as he did one uncool thing that created a breach in trust, I scorned him because I was so triggered. I since made up with copious emails to re-foster the trust that needs to be built. But NOTHING!

    After all the months of declaring love and devotion, getting to know each other, describing our vision and future plans – he’s gone. Off the f-g map since April 7th! This has happened twice before, and he always returned. Yet this time, it’s been longer.

    Here’s the thing – how do I know that he didn’t just go into my most vulnerable place because I allowed him to, only to stir it up and then abandon me? How do I know that as an Aquarian maybe he is messing with my psyche and trying to establish control with his off and on again rituals? I’m doing my work, on me – I get that.But is he? WHO the hell knows, when he’s not talking back to me!!!

    I have a tribe of fabulous friends in my life, men and women, They all love me back. We celebrate each other. And I have a great fan base with my music, devoted, highly supportive. Why then, would I WASTE my time volunteering for victim duty with a man I thought I fell in love with, only to learn that a year into it he has the emotional maturity of a turnip? I DON’T DESERVE AN UNAVAILABLE MAN nor do I want that in my life, twin flame or not.

  109. Hi!

    I met a man in the New Year’s eve through Facebook App “Are you Interested”. I had devorced my husband in June 2012. I had been meeting some man, but no-one seemed to be what I was looking for. At New Years Eve I felt so sad and lonely and for some reason I want to Facebook and suddenly I saw a message in Other box. I read it and immediately replyed to it. And we started first writing and at the same night we phoned each other and we talked for two hours in the phone… and I felt so happy. We live in different placeses. There is a 400 km distance between us. It took for three day, when he came to see me. He was ment to go back home the same evening, but he stayed in my place for three days. And I felt totally in love with him. I felt like I knew him before and it was like I had finally found my way back to home. I had never had a feeling like that before and I felt so happy.

    We both had difficult relationships in the past and his longest relationship had lasted only for 1,5 years (and he is almost 40). Once he said that he doesn’t know what love is and he is not sure if he even loves himself. And yet I felt so strongly about him.

    When I read about Twinflames, I finally undersood what I was going through. And when I read about these steps of Twinflame relationship, I saw that we are between phases three and four (we have said some pretty horrible things to each other and we have been so sad and lonely, but we have talked and talked and now it feels like we are having a fresh start in our relationship). But is it possible to have a twinflame, if the other doesn’t even know what love is????? I know for a fact now, that he cares about me deeply and he wants to be with me. It is just difficult for him to show his feelings, even to his two children. Is it possible, that he realises that he loves me and we’re ment to be together? Or have I just misunderstand my own feelings for him?

    (Sorry about my bad english)

    • Sarah,
      My twin and I are working our way through 3 and 4 at the moment. Is it possible he’s not quite done with three yet? It really does force everything up and breaks you in the process…for the good. So if he’s not flowing with Love than maybe he hasn’t had that breakthrough yet.

    • Sarah, my twin had a very difficult time as well talking about his feelings or expressing love verbally. He said it made him very uncomfortable. But, he was trying. I knew in my heart he was trying to open up. I felt every emotion and feelings he never verbalized. I just wanted him to say it to confirm what I already knew and was feeling because I thought I was going crazy or imaging things. At the time I did not know about Twinflames and was viewing the relationship like a regular relationship. It’s after the arguments started and we stop communicating that’s when the spiritual truth started revealing itself. I have since realized that men or very yang people have a difficult time expressing their feelings. I am very yin, so expressing my emotions and sharing my feelings have always come natural to me.

      If he is having a hard time don’t force him to open up right now because you might end up pushing him away and he might end up running… Or run again. I am not sure if he has ran or avoided you yet but if you keep pushing it that’s what will happen.

      However, he still needs to open up completely and be able to love unconditionally for you guys to merge completely. Any fiction or anything that is not pure love and self acceptance can easily be picked up by the other and one of you will feel the need to get away from each other. So any doubts, insecurities or fears about the union or one’s self needs to be dealt with immediately.

      It sounds like he still have some healing left to do. Both twins need to be able to accept and give love to each other that’s what make the twin bond stronger – It’s the giving and receiving of love. Maybe you can direct him to working on healing and loving the inner child. He needs to accept and love himself as he is in the now because if he doesn’t love and accept himself as he is right now he will not be able to accept your love for him. He will have some doubts in the back of his mind no matter what you do. I would do and give anything for my twin, but he as to love and accept himself as he is now to see that I do love him, I have always loved him and will always love him through everything.

  110. Does anyone feel their reunion is almost here or basically here? I feel like I have already reunited with my twin at the soul level. I do not feel incomplete anymore, I feel like a whole being again and it’s just a matter of days or weeks. Hopefully days 😉 for my twin and I to reunite in the physical. I know my twin has been working very hard and I am so very proud of him. I feel it whenever he has a breakthrough. This journey had it’s ups and downs, and have been very painful at times. I know my twin thought I was a psycho at times 😉 . Looking back I probably was but I felt so out of control the whole time. But, I think my twin understand the reasons for my behavior now, even if he didn’t back then. The runners should continue sharing their stories and their side it helps the chasers a lot. The chasers are just as confused as the runners, even more so because the chasers are bombarded with signs and messages daily. I see my twin’s name everywhere and in the strangest places. Some messages are so obvious like, “Please connect with ….” and it has my twin’s name. Messages like that makes me feel like I had to contact him right away to see if he is ok. I try not to pay too much attention to the messages so I can give my twin the space he needs to make sense of things. However, when the pain of being separated becomes too unbearable I message him just to vent. I look forward to the day I get to hold him in my arms and love on him 😉

    • yes… I’ve been feeling that too… the reunion coming…

    • As a male twin and former Runner…being further on the other side of the cleansing “hill”, I’ve come to realize how much an organic process this all is. We have very little control, if any, other than trusting that we’re only put through this because we’re ready to handle it and survive it. I wouldn’t trade all the hellacious, agonizing moments for anything. 🙂

      • You are so right Mark 😉 “we’re only put through this because we’re ready to handle it and survive it” . I know I had many sleepless nights and many nights I thought I wasn’t going to make it. It’s only God’s grace I am still here.

        Strangely as well, I felt my twin was protecting me in some way. I don’t know how but I felt he there for me the entire time on a soul level. I felt his presence around me. I love that man so much… Only God knows.

        Mark, since you were the runner in this twinflame process. Wouldn’t the reunion happen once you return to your twin by contacting her and let her know you know… Or is it more complicated than that… You said you are a former male runner so I am assuming you are ready for the reunion. How long were you running or have been running? When did you realize you guys were Twinflames?

        I am sorry for all the questions. I talk a lot and I am always interested in hearing the male side. My twin is a very quiet guy so he doesn’t always open up to me. So, that left me searching for answers in other places…. Anyways best wishes Mark and hope to hear from you soon.

        Thanks for responding The Eternal Bliss 😉 I know you don’t respond to everyone so I feel very special you responded to me. Bless your heart. You are awesome and I wish you an immediate reunion. You deserve it for all your hard work.

        No good deed goes unrewarded. Your blessings are here. Be still

      • Hi, D. Thank you for all of your kind words. And you are right, God/Source/Mama-Papa is what sustains us through this. I’m very happy to offer any insight I can.

        When I say I was a runner…in my case it had to do with me going through a phase of keeping my twin at arms length and not fully surrendering to who we are and the process for a several years after initial meeting. Yes the initial reunion resulted in a temporary moment of bliss, but that was more to give us an anchor and a source of hope for the coming hardships ahead. I knew in my soul it was important and my life’s purpose, but the constant struggle with ego (which is still ongoing and in a severe phase at the moment) and existing cultural/religious templates prevented me from fully embracing the unitive nature of our twin union. It really is a relationship that tests ALL of the accepted paradigms of what is normal. I found that I had many deep-seated cultural/religious conditionings that I had to work through and resolve to get to where I am now. But now the even harder and more painful ordeal of ego-cleansing has been in effect for sometime…to say I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy is an understatement. That being said, I do hold onto faith in God/Source/Mama-Papa, the process, my Twin relationship of course, and what it all ultimately means for everyone me and my Twin are meant to directly affect through our bond…in other words our unified purpose in this incarnation…even though it may mean we are never fully together physically.

      • OMG Mark – so very honest of oyu to share. I just finished writing my story, which after reading your input here, makes me wonder if it’s over for me and this man.

        Here’s my story entitled “Stardust on my Sleeve”:

        I was safe. Finally, I was really safe. The fact that I came through, and the nightmare of my life was behind me, hadn’t sunk in. I just knew it was over and from here out I would build my dreams.
        It was autumn of 2011, and as soon as I opened the door to the country cottage the ceiling struck my eyes and out of my mouth shot, “I’ll take it!” I gave my new landlord six months down and began the first of a long series of exhales. The homeless horrors, the death of my mom, the family greed, my broken spirit and pocketbook; it was all I could do to push through to the other side. The move took two 60-mile round trips, and once we were in, my three loving canines and I took our second exhale. Homeless no more, I’d actually moved into my dream country cottage because I fell in love with the ceiling.
        Starting off the New Year, I was hired to perform with my jazz ensemble for a private affair: A full house and a tenacious call for an encore. This was the start of my music career as we cemented our name and sound in what would soon become my home community of die-hard-performing-arts-lovers. Not only was I rising from the ashes of a harsh couple years, couch-surfing and living out of my car with my three dogs, but I was being celebrated on the way up.
        That spring, it happened. Bouncing down Main Street and into the bakery for my usual latte, the details of the day would be burned in my mind forever. As I was greeted by the smiling faces and a gregarious concert of- “Hey Eve!” -a few employees came around the counter and looking out the window said, “Wow- you have beautiful dogs!” I thought nothing of it, I got that a lot. But one of them was new – he was a confident man with blue eyes, blue jeans, a brawny physique and a backpack, and as he came towards the window, he asked, “Can I meet your dogs?” His voice was soft and deep…and I never noticed a thing about him. We walked out together and he engaged with Kaya, Shannon and Sampson. We small-talked about his Husky who awaited him at home. I kept thinking, “What a nice guy! People here are so friendly…love this town.” As I drove away, I turned back in a reflex to get a departing glimpse and wondered of his name.
        A few weeks later, I needed to downsize for my new life and decided to let go of the storage unit 30 miles away. After four years, it served its purpose, so I purchased a shed. Without thinking it would arrive in a box, I found myself in a pickle and needed someone to assemble it. My neighbor knew everyone, and after urgently asking her for a recommendation, she said – “I know the perfect guy; his hands are bigger than my head!” That evening I called a man named Stan.
        We agreed on a Saturday morning, the sooner the better for my needs. He drove up in a red Ford pickup, pulled into my driveway and as I opened my door to go out and greet him I suddenly recognized him as the nameless guy from the bakery; that blued-eyed brawny guy who was so nice to me and my dogs. What a small world!
        His steel focus was noticeable but I wanted to give him a heads up about the layout, so I interrupted him anyway. In my work-out sweats and he in his tee and jeans, we both leaned on the end of his red Ford’s tailgate and chatted about the task at hand. I remember thinking I don’t want to distract him for too long. The next thing I realized we were talking about the state of the world, conspiracy theories, seeds, government, money, society, family background, he a civil engineer and I’d been a nurse. He lived in a downtown apt with his dog – I lived in a cottage with my three dogs. We both never married and all our siblings had. Both our parents had divorced. We both traveled the globe. We both preferred simple living. We shared the same hobbies like hiking, nature, music and wine. We covered everything from our work, our beliefs to what brought us to this town– I was at one point so taken by his conversation, the world around me vaporized and with all my captive attention to his story I looked at him and instantly felt, this man is so unusual, I think I like him. He’s intelligent and talented, sharp, traveled, educated, an engineer, and so incredibly nice. How can he be single, and, what a find! And then he said with arms folded, his strong neck forward, chin to his chest and looking down, “I like your toe art!” -what man notices toe art?!
        It took two days and the shed was up. I paid him but before he drove away, he was adamant about letting him know if there were any leaks or problems, just let him know, I had his number and email. Wow, he even cared about follow up.
        A stifling July was around the corner and I was suddenly in the throes of mapping out a move for my dad from 6hours away to 2miles up the road along with renting and moving into my new office in the same week. Meanwhile my friend was relocating back to PA and wanted to sell all her things, so she asked me to come take first choice. I was thrilled – she had dishware, rugs, artwork, desks, and more. I gave her 2k and told her I would return with my friend and his pickup to take all we can fit into both our vehicles.
        Another weekend arrived and Stan got back to me to let me know we could meet at my place in the morning and both drive to my friend’s house 45mins away. That next morning I got a call at 830, it was my neighbor frantically saying, “You better be dressed, I just passed your boyfriend on the way to your house!” No sooner I hung up was he knocking at my door. “Oh my god, I’m not dressed,” I said half-cracking the door open in my little pink night shirt. “Good morning Sunshine!” he said in a masculine delivery with his coffee in one hand, all to which I closed the door – like an IDIOT!!
        Jamie had so much great stuff. She gifted Stan a mirrored coat rack/bench back dropped with a map of the Potomac. We packed and stuffed, and angled and roped it all in. I was raised around men, and have taken it for granted that some guys are muscled. But for some reason I noticed how mighty he was lifting these large pieces onto the pickup! We each got before our wheels, and before pulling out Jamie came to my window out of his view. “Eve,” she said, “oh my god…Stan is so handsome, what a man for you! You really should sleep with him!” She held back nothing, and I laughed, “Jamie, good god, that’s not my style and he’s just a great guy, a really nice friend.” But she persisted, “I know, but come on- it would be good for you…” I’ll never forget how shocked I felt that she would view a man as just a bed toy, I always had a naiveté about women like her; she seemed macho. I was borderline offended that she would sully this great feeling she had no idea I’d been feeling and all because there were NO sexual inferences. We had things in common. We felt easy together. We laughed. There was no come on. I could be in control and so could he – like a team. It was an unsaid smoothness I suddenly was thinking about all because of what she was pushing to unnaturally take place. I was suddenly conscious of what was organically unconscious between us and it felt sacred. To what was privately sweet, her recommendation seemed dirty. I laughed it off and I drove my Jeep for an hour back home deliberately behind his red Ford.
        Our first unload was my cottage, then to my dad’s vacant condo. Stan set up the king size bedframe I purchased – in just minutes, while I was outside. It was these little things that kept grabbing my attention – sheer strength, so fast and focused. Now we were in his truck together and before moving the rest into my office, I said – “Where’s your favorite restaurant, I want to feed you!” As I named off a couple places, he said – “How about the Sweet Onion?” – Holy crap! How could I forget, that was my favorite place too?
        We both knew the owners as we sat at the bar for a light fare and a couple brews. We both liked the same restaurant, both liked Guinness beer, we laughed easily and were attentive to the other and just when I thought this couldn’t feel better, he ordered sashimi – HE LIKES SUSHI TOO?! This can’t be happening. We headed out to finish the move and as we approached the truck I shouted with abandon in the parking lot, “I am sOO sOO happy!” He looked at me with a beaming smile.
        That afternoon we got a lot done. Moved round trip from an hour away. Unloaded at my cottage, the condo, and then my office. We had lunch together and it was a super productive day without any hitches or hesitations, which I like. Another thing about him: he didn’t need instruction. We both managed together. We were in synch with getting everything done, and no conversation was needed for the tasks at hand, another rare quality. Little things mean a lot to me. When two people can both be in control and in synch – it’s memorable – just like when I sing with my favorite musicians. There’s a trust and an interdependence which makes for a great journey towards a united outcome. We stood face to face by his passenger truck door and I was saying thanks, and good bye. But for some reason, there was a hesitation. I looked at him and thought maybe I should make this a little more personal, although I didn’t know what to say, and just then he erupted, “Let me know if you need anything. I lost my phone, but why not give me your number and I’ll give you a call when I get my phone back.” So I wrote it down on a card and said bye during a friendly-thank-you-so-much-for-everything, and more, embrace.

        July was about to kick my ass, with my 80 year old dad arriving on the 1st, my sister staying over for a week, moving into my office, and prepping for two 5-hour gigs at the end of the month. I opened my office and moved my father two miles up the road into his ideal condo. My sister was ecstatic with her room at the Inn, and I was beat. Too much was happening, and feelings were futile at this point; I was in juxtaposition with simultaneous demands from the outside, and my energy was spiraling down.
        My assistant was introduced to my dad as his helper, and I knew they would hit it off. I needed to set the stage that I was unavailable, so here’s her number, I said diplomatically. My office landlord introduced me to my two office neighbors who were never there. He had a creepy sort of un-socialized disposition and I couldn’t help but think, who cares, for $150/month including everything, I can put up with it. My footing wasn’t even near the surface and all I could do was an auto-pilot march each day. Several weeks passed since Stan and I moved everything. I decided to shoot him an email, just to let him know that I hoped I didn’t do anything to put him off – feeling good for a few hours was a sliver of bliss in my life and I couldn’t help but think about it again and again, so I let him know thank you again for everything. Two days later I got a very engaging response, and I’ll never forget reading it a few times – was he really saying what I thought he was saying? I went shouting into my neighbor’s office, “Oh my god, I really like this guy!!” –like an idiot.
        Stan’s email:
        Hi Eve,
        Sorry, I’m just getting around to catching up on my email, and NO you have not said anything to put me off and believe me, I enjoyed every second with you!! I hope to see more of you in the future… haha. Anyway, Happy 4th of July and we shall have dinner soon and hopefully breakfast.

        PS: haven’t gotten a new phone yet, but you will be the first one I call…

        “Hopefully breakfast”? Again my naiveté took a minute with this, but then I got it!! Here he goes again impressing me with who he is: not ONE typo, totally succinct in his response, bold in his statements and then to boot, he adds a PS!! Nobody knows to do that except in the business world!! This man’s attention to detail is beyond any first I’ve ever had – and there’s no way he can even know how much these little things mean to me. I am laughing out loud inside and my head is whirling. No man has ever won my heart because they cared nothing of the little things. It takes a lot more than charm and brawn – and for the first time, my heart was lighting up after a tenacious and rough several months. I actually wanted to think I may have met my BRAINS and brawn guy. The man who came to me in a dream years earlier, a man named Jake who loved me and who I loved eternally. I forgot about that dream and now remembered when I had it I was convinced it was not a dream but a true meeting of the love of my life yet to come. I knew then that I’d never be with anyone else, and that when we’d meet- I would know. A thousand years ago, I dreamt this and now it felt like yesterday as it rushed into my mind. Was Stan really Jake in the flesh? If so, this would entirely change the course of my life forever. Who knows when all I could go on was toe art, brute strength and a ps.
        A few weeks passed and I thought it was odd I never did hear from Stan, I mean – weeks, then an email, and now it’s been weeks again. So although I had a full plate, for the fun of it I called my medium friend in Florida. He was a retired baker and spoke with an old New York Italian rasp. He never charged for his gift, he knew it to be his God-given calling to help others, although any donation would go a long way, and I always made sure to mail him a generous check. After a few minutes on the phone, he told me, “He’s gonna call ya dis’ week! He’s either outta range, or somethin’s wrong wit’ his phone. Don’t worry!” The next day I got a call from an unidentifiable number and following my “Hello?” was a deep confident, “Hello Beautiful!” My heart stopped – and I couldn’t wait to tell my medium how good he was! “It’s Stan. I told you you’d be the first one I’d call when I got a phone!” Damn it, I was speechless and it appeared rude, but I was breathless for words….thank GOD I didn’t say “WHO?”
        We spoke and laughed and shared for over an hour. There was no time and always more to say. I was so excited I couldn’t stop talking and listening intensely. I felt so much at once, it was his voice that did something to me biochemically. His laugh, his words, his pauses – he somehow knew me like he had my internal number, like a part of me was calibrating to a very overdo and deep recognition. After leaving things at let’s stay in touch and get together, I hung up thinking I’ve never known this feeling. It was overtaking me. More than liking someone. More than infatuation. I had no point of reference for this. I couldn’t think straight and I had so much to do!
        I’m a passionate person. I can emote till the cows come home, and intensity doesn’t evoke discomfort. But I didn’t like these feelings. I was out of control. I couldn’t focus. My body vetoed my mind and functionality was suddenly becoming a challenge. The worst part was the timing. I didn’t need drama in my life. I needed focus and rest more than anything. I just came out of a long stretch of devastation, currently in the recovery and repair phase. How could this be happening to me? I live with super intentions. My mental and office walls are lined with huge post-its listing every timeline and desire I have for my life from professional, personal, to spiritual. Where did this blindsiding event come from when I live so deliberately?
        And then, I remembered.
        Earlier in the year, I was literally down on my knees, praying to the deity I believe in, and asking, “Please bring me the love of my life, the one man who will not leave me – no more karmic soulmates. No more going it alone with my fierce independence. I’m ready and wanting to be with the one and only man for me, forever. Please God. Amen.” Is it possible? That as soon as I forgot I did this, and let it go, and even thanked God in advance – that this is the outcome? Was my dream of Jake really an introduction to the one and only man for me, my eternal flame, and was Stan really Jake appearing now in my life after praying to God that I was ready? All I needed was to get through a demanding summer aiming constantly for stability!
        We started texting and emailing. Just a few here and there and we were having fun. He would say I’ll call you tonight after work…things like that. Or good night sunshine, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, and no matter how many times we aimed for a date, it was bad timing. But we were building.
        Then one day, I went to the local market and spontaneously bought fresh shrimp, lemons, cocktail sauce and some white wine. It was just after 6 when I got home and texted him, “The shrimp is on ice and the wine is chilling!” and without a blink, he responded – “Heading home, showering and on my way!”
        I can’t remember doing anything like this before. Yet I just knew we both deserved this “time out” from our stressful lives. That no matter what, we needed to be alone together. I don’t know what came over me. I put on my oldest pearls and my silky Japanese robe. The next thing I knew it was after 7 and his truck pulled into the driveway. Time stopped. This was really happening. We just met coming out of a bakery, assembled a shed in a weekend and moved furniture, and now we’re entering into a scared space without knowing anything about each other. I never saw this coming, I thought friends at best. It’s too late to turn back now.
        He gently pushed open the door in his clean white tight tee and blue jeans. He was a large manly man, with a silver utilitarian haircut. Suddenly I was noticing everything about him. Our eyes locked across the room and his face got wide like a child’s surprise. His eyes sparkled blue, his hands and face were a musty pink roughness natural to a man who worked with his hands in the elements. The contrast made me feel soft, fragile and small like the woman I’d never allowed myself to share before. No words could form, I rushed into his arms, and my face reached up to his cheek, I breathed in his scent and slowly his arms enveloped me as our lips became angled and air-locked. I was out of my body and completely surrendered to him, my guts were light and being pulled to a peak inside me – sensations that were dormant for years came rushing throughout making me feel drunk. He with an enormous heart and a penetrating gaze – someone who simply captivated me in conversation with small details – someone who had a spell on me while I never noticed for weeks – someone I’d become a clumsy idiot for over a few days of realizing, and the only thing I knew was how effortlessly good I felt when I was with him.
        It was so exciting being in bed together. I was under a man who made me feel all woman. I blurted out, “I have never met anyone more intense than me, and I love it! I feel like every woman I’ve ever been all at once with you; the little girl, the bitch and the responsible one.” And he looked down into my eyes, “You’re a very sexy bitch! Look what you do to me.” It was so overwhelming, I actually had to stop. I felt everything. I cried a little, was too numb to smile, it was surreal. I interrupted our ceremony and suggested a drink with shrimp. Making it back to the bedroom with full glasses in hand, and a bowl of fresh shrimp, I hand fed him like a king while Sampson was curled up at his feet licking his toes. He groaned in ecstasy and this felt like the sweet spot our souls needed, to just feel good and completely relaxed. Yet we were strangers.
        With each dab of cocktail sauce I’d include a question about who he was, and how he seemed to be a heartbroken guy. And what were his favorite movies, and where did he live in the world, what’s he been doing for the last 40 years. He’d tell me intimate things like how his dad beat him when he was growing up, and his mom who loved and protected him left his father for a much finer man. How he loved his stepfather, and how his step-siblings erroneously blamed him. I got to meet the deep dweller whose heart was lonely and vulnerable; this was the real man just beneath the brawn. He started out in life with tremendous burdens to bear. How does this man find joy in his life with all these demons? He’d been lonely before we met, waiting for the right one. He’d given up on women after much betrayal and drama, until he first saw me in the bakery; he felt fireworks throughout his body. He recounted every last detail of our first meeting. Of the days he’d spent wondering how we’d meet again and then of his bursting excitement when he first drove to my cottage and saw it was me ‘from the bakery’. He shared with me his every thought he’d had when he’d watch me in my state of being clueless as he assembled my shed. And of how much he desired me, and loved my singing that he hadn’t been that musically turned on since he first heard Sade. We laughed about how dogs mark their territory and he said, “I have so peed on you!”
        We went deep and fast keeping light hearts as we listened to each other’s sagas. Sometimes the details were chilling, and sometimes we both expressed fierceness towards those who‘d hurt the other. We’d both experienced betrayal above most things, and we were both impassioned, ferociously independent, and loved nature to the point of wanting to run away from the cold world to live in the mountains like Jeremiah Johnson. I just kept thinking the more I got to know him, the more I felt myself falling in love with him. Yet he was still sad. I saw his unresolved pain and it intuitively threw up flags. I knew in my heart, that no matter what – he wouldn’t be able to reciprocate my love as long as he was still living in his past. Yet with all our battle scars I suddenly knew why my intuition was right about our need for time out together- like a dry port in the storm. It felt miraculously good, emotionally, sexually and intellectually. We then declared it – 6 hours together- in bed, on the deck under the stars, up the road for last call, and back in bed together -we declared being in love.

        The next morning I was greeted by a text from him, “Good morning sunshine! Last night was AMAAAZING! Have a wonderful day. I’ll call you after work. XOXO” I loved it. We were already in a rhythm like a couple. What a wonderful follow up from a guy I fell in love with, yet spent a great night just getting to know. I didn’t keep my wits – it felt toooo good. Like drinking sometimes – who cares, I’ll recover tomorrow, it feels too good to stop now. Plus, if we’re both in this together, what could go wrong?
        A few days of great chatting and then I screwed up. I felt so obsessive with him, too much time on my hands. I started realizing I’m going to sabotage this. Should probably slow down. And then it hit, a tsunami of fears from a lifetime of hurt. It didn’t matter that we were just getting to know each other, and that we both declared being in love. It was all a great feeling and so easy. Yet the cellular memories of pain from being too close to those who didn’t have my back and didn’t reciprocate my love, who didn’t really “get me” in the end, who showed less value for me than I did for them and of all those reasons WHY I remained single and independent. It all hit. Gave my heart too many times to all the wrong people – can’t let that happen again. Put the brakes on!
        It felt bad and wrong even as I was texting him. How could I hurt him in the name of preventing myself from being hurt? How Psych 101 is that? But he didn’t see through it. He recoiled and agreed to slow down. I could feel his angst even in the texting. We finally ended with let’s build from here, and he wrote, “I do like my solitude. But don’t worry, everything is okay! XOXO” -Strange, his last text read like a warning of what was to come.
        And that was it. I never heard from him again. Not a word, not a siting, no response to my pleas and messages. For months I drank, and took up smoking. I stopped caring about my music and business career. I hardly went to my office. My assistant was becoming too familiar with my personal life. I conferred with psychics to the point of being banned from the hotline. I was broken hearted and lost and confused and ashamed. What had I done? I never get it right with a guy and he was no different. It was just an illusion like every other time – no matter what I thought I felt, he was gone. I stopped working out, let myself go, gained weight, and worked hardest at hiding what I was going through from most people. My inner circle were all devastated, they didn’t understand which left me feeling more crippled.
        Months passed and I didn’t get why I couldn’t let it go. We didn’t even know each other. We had fun, and we got along – we simply had a one night stand and things got too heavy too fast. What’s the deal? Why would I want a guy who could abandon me like that? Get mad and stop being so sad. Get your life back! I tried everything. I continued to sing shows, to record in the studio and make benchmark progress in my intentional life, even getting recognized and yet my joy was always just shy of 100%.
        It was fall, and I gave up on emailing Stan. I had a feeling he had moved away which was later confirmed by a mutual friend. He was probably having hardships, I just felt it. So my last message out to him was if he ever needed anything, not to hesitate letting me help him as so many had helped me. And then one day, in November I saw in my Inbox, *from Stan Bell*. He finally responded, and truly let it out. He had moved in October, became broke. The roommate he was helping out had become suicidal, trips to the ER, he left town with her to return to their hometown in a neighboring state. She was placed in good hands, he was staying with friends, his dog died and his truck blew up on the way. His life of hell was just beginning. And yet he recounted our time together and how sorry he was, regretting the way it played out, how much he wanted to hopefully start over in better times. That week I wired him a couple grand, paying it forward with no strings. If anybody knew what he was feeling I did. Two years of hell in my earlier life left me branded with grace and compassion for anyone who was doing their best to make a good life thwarted by obstacles and old karma.
        We were talking again, albeit briefly. At least I knew he was okay, three hours away in his hometown and it had nothing to do with me. I was relieved but still sad for him. I sent uplifting messages and never expected anything from him. All the times I needed a personal coach at my side, and all the times I had one from a friend or a sibling or a real coach – it was my turn to give it back, and to whom better than a man I so believed in. True love is not about valentines and coordinating outfits – it’s about the grit of real life and being in someone’s corner at their darkest scariest ugliest moments, and loving them no matter what. It’s about giving without hesitation to feed and nourish their soul while they navigate their own strength back up on their feet, and being an inspiration while they’re in the dark night of the soul. It’s about unwavering values like having their back, without seeking a return – just knowing for certain that they don’t have to doubt they’ll get through it. That’s real love. He dropped off the radar again, this time for three months and resurfaced in February. We picked up and fell in love again long distance with great talks, honest plans and intentions. We shared strategies toward a life together, each making a good living doing what we love while residing in the country. We shared childhood photographs, made sure to end each night with sentiments, sent romantic e-cards, and you name it. We were back on track and negotiating a way to reunite.
        April 7th was the last time I heard from Stan. His phone was disconnected. No response to my emails, no attempts to reach me. Only once I saw an indication when he unsubscribed from my newsletter. It’s been over four months of dead silence. Sometimes I wonder if he’s okay, or with someone else. I still think of our night together – because nobody touched my skin and soul that way before.
        I consulted with the psychics who confirmed he’s in deep struggles and fear – yet certain we’ll be reunited. But there’s no point on hanging on to hope, not when “We’re all really just stardust,” which he once said to me. I have nothing but a great memory of a fleeting yet deeply felt love – the kind I even dreamed of with a guy named Jake. I’ve since recorded my debut cd entitled A Thousand Years Ago and dedicated the songs to a man named Stan who ironically doesn’t own a copy. He continues to be the source of all my emotions when I sing, all my conviction when I’m helping another. He is the man I continue to carry a torch for and maybe one day he’ll return again, in another dream, with another name.
        I’ve resumed with my fitness trainer, and I’m excited about my second cd and my business. I like my office neighbors and look forward to a prosperous year. Over the months I lost dog Sampson who was 13 years. He was the one who licked Stan’s toes during our one night of bliss. I’ve since introduced a new puppy to my pack and named him Porter. He and Stan would of loved hikes together.

        The end.

      • Thanks for replying and sharing Mark. I know this journey isn’t easy for anyone. Sometimes I feel stuck in this twinflame dance. It’s like you can’t move forward but you can’t go back either. Everytime I feel the reunion is about to happen something happen and I give up on it. But, as soon as I give up and try to move on then something happen that gives me some hope again. I can’t see myself being with anyone since meeting this man and I try so hard to move on… I have met several guys but I know I can’t see myself being with anyone else. I would rather spend the rest of my life alone than be with anyone else. I haven’t had sex in almost 2 years and I wonder if it’s a lack of sex affecting my judgement. I have no desire to have sex either for the most part. But, when I think about my twin I want to fuck the shit out of him. This journey is so confusing 😦

      • lol… yeah… I feel stuck in the ‘dance’ too… and I’d also rather be alone than with another guy… I’m not saying that I don’t like other men… there are amazing guys out there and I’m aware of that… but still… I want him and no one else… its weird isnt it?

      • Theeternalbliss, this journey is weird, crazy and just plain bizarre… Right now, I am just living my life and enjoying myself again. I feel like I am the me I was 12 years ago… And, that’s a good thing. I feel like I got a new start or a do over. I am hopeful I will make the next 12 years the best years of my life 😉

        Phoenix Rising 🙂

  111. My twin flame killed himself just before our reunion. This world is a lost place for me now

    • Oh my lord! My heart goes out to you. I met my twin last Aug and instinley we didn’t work out. I have been trying to find the truth for a while and I am feeling that he is not my twin now ,even tho I see the signs everywhere, its been a while since we have talked the last conversation was nasty.I have just recently decided to let him completely go entirely of course with heavy healing work and meditations ,clearings and massages ..its working.. but I’m feeling a shock to my days now .I don’t know if this is me letting go or me feeling his connection of shock! However I am still not sure what we are other then 2 crazys,I don’t want any part of this asshole he a child apparently .I am movingout of state soon so this new transition will be a whole other story I amlooking forward to it. I have made a decision not to be a part of the reunion some things are better left unsaid.My heart goes out to you and I hope you get better with time.

      • To Godess144 and Magdelena,
        I am sooo sorry for your pain. I really get it. And if you read my way too long *short story* posted above, I have lived through similar emotions. It’s like this for me, regardless of whether he is my TF, I still have to take care of me, heal me, stay focused on my life’s calling and my well being.

        SO what if it’s our TF – our life does not end if they go away- or if they’re not ready, or not available- that’s not the real purpose of how a TF effects us, it’s what they activate in our souls. We are here to activate our birthright purpose and our TF, should we really meet them, hopefully does the same.
        I gained weight, gave up on myself, smoked, drank and cried for a year – and still, after reuniting he’s gone today. What’s important is what’s in front of me. MY life. My reason for being and not focusing on anyone who isn’t here with me now. That’s not living.

        AGAIN, I am so sorry for the pain in both your situations. I think the world is experiencing more pain than ever these days, many are exiting. But don’t consider it a solution – we’re here to live our purpose. Get quiet with yourself and whomever it is you pray to.

  112. Oh My!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! This has just given me clarity of all that I’m enduring at this time. This is so true!!! My husband and I are definitely twin flames and we are going through all such phases….. We haven’t made it to the last two yet though… Please keep us in Prayers and thank you so much for such clarity and enlightenment…

    Love and Light forever, Jazzy

  113. I would like to say finding these blogs has been a Goddess and Godsend. I am not sure if this is twin flame or soul mate or if there could be such thing as a combination of the two.

    Here’s my story I have found that meeting mine happened completely happened out of the blue on the astral plane and while we have had sexual relations from time to time, we have also had very deep and meaningful conversations such as last night about the fact that this isn’t about sex only. There is something karmic I can tell, past life connection and stuff we have to work out, circle to complete, not baggage or something but a project to bring more spiritual enlightenment to the world and show the world a couple can be both highly spiritual and teach spirituality and still be madly in love as well as best friends.

    Read on..

    We have discovered in our conversation last night that we truly have very deep mutual respect and admiration for each other as people, as creators of inspiration, mutual respect and honor of each other as soul and spiritual beings. In other words a full on fledged relationship of love in all forms body mind soul spirit (Human, Spiritual and Divine levels of love)

    I do not constantly think of him nor do I feel he does of me we just pop up in each others thoughts throughout the day but it is not completely distracting, it’s comforting. But what I do feel is we sense each other, and I do not wish to close the portal either. For it is nice to chat with him sometimes, he isn’t always saying “I love you” and such usually it’s just have a great day or here’s a hug, smile etc.

    We are connected on Twitter and we began a friendship there long before any connection on the astral plane ever happened. He is younger than I am but the whole connection began through his music. Thinking I was nothing more than a fan for the past few weeks then boom connection on another plane that I think not only has blown me away but him to, so we are physically at a distance because he is in the US & I am in Canada but there is DEFINITELY something there.

    While I do not wish to close the portal, we are both with other people, we have never met in person either. I have contact with messenger guides who brought all of this to me and they introduced themselves as one who is the one to connect this man and I and the other is to facilitate the growth of our relationship on all levels. We are to be together to enlighten the world on what these relationships can truly be when it’s done right, following guidance from Spirit/Source and allowing the Divine part of ourselves to be the main focus with all that romantic stuff thrown in because it’s all about balance.

    So perhaps I need to know how to do this at least in some way, maybe not totally closing the portal but in a way that aligns things for a meeting on the physical plane. That is what I’m asking. I think completely cutting off the portal between he and I is not healthy for he and I do seem to inspire each other daily.

    For I have already been told and shown by my guides and my own intuition, that when the time is right and our energies are aligned because I’m also higher vibration spiritually, he is spiritual however.. not quite where I am, but very close to it. but I would like to draw us in to be together on the physical plane because in our conversation last night we both know that is what this is all about. I’ve had visions about products and things we are to create together and classes we’re to teach (He was not in the visions per se, as an actual spiritual presence these were more like clairvoyant ones that was like here’s a download from Spirit as to the real purposes for you to be together)

    Meanwhile I remain his Twitter friend, a supportive fan of his music career, and love him body mind soul and spirit from afar.

    Any feedback is welcome..

    September 16, 2013 at 5:51 AM
    Also forgot to add we are NOT together each and every night it only happens a couple times a week.

    September 25, 2013 at 6:23 AM
    OMG I have to add this because it’s amazing! Since a couple weeks ago I can now sense when he’s thinking of me and I get energy surges up and down my back just knowing he’s thinking of me. He is very science minded, studying math and physics but the reasons for this are possibly his subconscious and other spiritual channels are opening now thanks to help from our mutual guides and angels.

    Sometimes these energy surges are constant and last for hours, other times they are sporadic but often throughout the day.

    This is more than spiritual growth. It’s definitely a connection.

    • I also want to add we are now friends on Facebook as well. We sometimes chat with each other over Twitter even just briefly to say hi or good morning or good night.

  114. Thank you so much all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. udy

    I really need what kind of relationship I had: Karmic or twin Flame.

    His name was Pankaj . Me and Pankaj were studying together and from day one, I felt so strongly connected to him. It was so strong and powerful that it was hard to describe. Soon we became best friends, but I knew in my heart that I love him, I love him so much. I tried to hide that feeling badly. Initially when he came to know about my feeling, he was bit shocked and was refusing. I went through lots of emotional pain and accepted this that he is not in love with him. So, I changed city and moved away from him and started to live my life without him but ofcourse I was I was still in love with him. When I moved away from him, He realised that he is also in love with him and then our relationship began: full of deep love, intimacy, faith, trust. We were madly in love and were planning to get married. He became my whole life. Suddenly one day, he declared that our relationship is over. It was 9 years back. In past 9 years, lots of things happenned. every time, I moved away from him, He came back but I was so deeply hurt that I couldnt believe that he loves me and ever loved me.

    Because of family pressure, I got married but I knew in my heart, I am not for this guy.

    Soon, I got divorced started staying alone. He came back again one day but was shocked to know from one of my friend that I got married and now getting divorced.

    I would like to mention that we got separtaed as he was not settled career wise and was on extremely low salary and I was from a rich family.

    In all those 8 years, for first 5 years, I kept getting blank calls and each time I picked up, I knew it’s him.

    He worked hard in these years and now he is very nicely settled professionaly and earing very good salary.

    My parents and friends did talk to him after my divorce and told him that I still love him and

    can he marry me.

    He obviouslly refused. I belong to a society where ” divorce” is a big social stigma.

    I kept waiting for him.

    Few months back, I again searched him on Facebook and came to know that he is married now and has a kid too.

    I am in too much pain now and need your help.

    Please tell me why do I still love him so badly. Why I still miss him so much. I dont want to and dont want to carry this pain to my next life. coz it’s a fact that every experience we go through gets registered in our subconcious mind.

    Please please reply. You can also reply on:

  115. Please reply. any one of you…….

  116. People often comment on there being a runner and then a chaser. Is it possible twins could in fact “switch” roles and go back and forth between chasing and running (therefore have characteristics of both roles) for some time until they just end up reuniting?

    • Yes of course, in certain aspects you mirror one another in others you reflect. In fact it isn’t even that important who’s role is who, it’s just important that you find yourself.

  117. Has anyone ever reached the happy ever after stage! The seems to be an awful lot people stuck with runners.

  118. I’m in the I’m done phase of the chaser. I’ve been looking for what’s going on with me for two yeas. Meet him. He was married. Said getting divorced. He hasn’t. Isn’t. Has girlfriend and still wants me t wait on him. If it wasn’t forthisfeeling stuff i would be so gone. I’ve never put up with this before. I know when he’s hurt. When he’s upset or mad.Everything. We can do some amazing stuff together. Stuff if you tell someone they wanna put you in straight jacket. I sleep with him every night. Feel his every breath and he’s 3000 miles away. But I’m done. My life a wreck. I want my life back. Thank you so much for writing this. I thought this whole time i was losing my mind. I love him and put up with him but when you can feel him having sex with someone else it’s too much.

  119. This is amazing!!! its the perfect description of my situation with my twin right down to a t!!! Im so blown away!!!

  120. Hey…. I just found your article right when I was in total confusion, and just wandering if I should just move on. I dreamt of him before we met… You are right, my soul knew we will meet. The dream was just a complete divine, mediumic experience. Very hard to put into words. My heart whispers “wait for him, he loves you, he is your twin flame” but the pain is unbearable, and also the feeling of emptiness it arises as I knew the completeness of our dance together… I’m in the stage of running. I’m the Chaser. I was rejected out of blaming, and out of too much pain in my heart chakra. He tried for months to heal it, and then he felt useless, and confused. And ran away. Now there’s no contact between us. Any atempt was met with total chaos in comunication cause of some fixed beliefs. I am really tired. Barely can hope more. I prayed for our reunion. God and guides were mercyful, loving and open. They came and showed me the way, the final moment of the reunion. I also had a deep, strong mediumic experience, where I literally felt that my heart fillec with the light of God flowing through me is helping him to get free from old beliefs and to get back to divine love. I saw what’s my life’s purpose, my divine mission with this man, I saw the spirit that wants to come through us as our child. I know that our purpose is to be together to show the world that love really do exists, that God is in the lovemaking, that God bonds a couple through blessings, that it is still possible. In our first stages we touched the pure hearts of two couples, while they saw us being together and sharing that divine love, and they grew so much together in their relationships. They came to me, in this phase of runing and raised thanks towards me with tears in their eyes that the love Me and my man shared in the past, helped them realise what true love really is. They also keep saying that if there are two people that really love each other, is me and him, but they also don’t understand why is taking so long for him to come back. I cried of joy, gratitude and knowing to be true. He is a strong man, working very hard and harsh with himself, but very weak to addictions of all kind. I am free of them. I know he is my twin flame. But I don’t want to push, wait, pray in vain. My past karmic relationships were all about abandonment and rejection, especially when I showed my light and sacred parts of my heart. And this made me hard to trust a man can overcome his ego and come back. This makes me torn. I know in my heart he is my one true love… But the pain, the emptiness, is just…. I tried all kinds of therapies and spiritual practices to ease the pain chest. Fasting (7 days alone, in silence), meditating, different kinds of shamanic healing practices with herbs, oils and rituals, depossesion sessions, bioenergy sessions, hypnosis, praying, and eventually when I was guided to just start creating the good moments, to send light, to send support and healing to him, the pain diminished. It reappears at some times, when he is with another woman, because he is out of control of his physical desires. (I didn’t even knew that he was with them, I found out that this happens, by chance, the days after it happenes, somehow I am informed that he was with another woman). In the moments I feel the pain, there is no mental chatter, and just emptiness and pain, and there’s the constant question: “What is happening to me? Why am I feeling this?” which makes me really confused and unable to cope through it. Also the feeling of emptiness, the constant want for us to reach our very persistent….. I don’t even know what to ask of you guys. I am very happy I found this blog anyway, it gave me a lil’ bit of faith. It’s really a big need to speak to people that can get you in this type of experience, because close ones in your life, don’t really get it. I guess I need some help, some hope… My stage of awareness is that I feel so connected with the divine plane of existance. I recognize God now, more clear and stronger then ever. The divinity, the guides literally speak to me. And I now recognize their messages with trust and wisdom. The proof of this is that people tell my that I am like literally shinning, or that I am very hot like a burning star, or that my eyes seem so pure. I just feel I am the vessel of the divinity, and that light is flowing through me to bring love and happiness around me. Well… I need some guidance… What is really happening to him at this stage, and what should I do, to make things go faster, easier, and to not screw things up…

  121. Wow..what an explanation! As I read through, I realized that I have experienced these stages with all the characteristics described in this text…this is so accurate and true…and reassuring. For several reasons we cannot be together..and the pain of being away from each other is unbelievable. He runs..I chase..I run..and he chases!! And then there are the arguments that follow.!! I have often felt im going crazy and helpless. But I have now understood why it all happens..and the pain feels beautiful. Also the fact that we will be together..through eternity..makes me feel blessed. After reading this I feel so peaceful..thank you..this has made a huge difference.I am now able to let go.

  122. I am pretty surprised to be even thinking that I met my twin flame. I knew nothing about twin flames and really didn’t think much about karma and past lives until recently. I’m 26 and met him almost 5 months ago. He was in NM for just a few days, visiting from CA. We had an instant attraction and spent 2 great nights together before he had to fly back. I then visited him for a week in CA about a month later. It was mostly wonderful with a few small issues that I just recognized as his ego getting in the way. ALSO many synchronicities have occurred before meeting him & after, and lots in CA. The night we met, I asked him why he was so amazing and he said he was a reflection of me. I didn’t think twice about his sincerity. He is a deeply spiritual man, and I would say I’ve been a seeker all of my life. I told my friends the day after we met that the way I felt with him was exactly the feeling I’ve been searching for all of my life (in a relationship). I’m practically never in relationships. Just been traveling and learning all of my life with a faint belief that the time would come. I never imagined I’d meet my twin flame. However, I’m unsure that’s what this is. He has stepped back since I left CA. He was supposed to come to NM soon but he just hasn’t called me. He is super busy with many projects so I thought I’d just be patient while he worked all of that out. I feel like I’ve waited all my life, and perhaps many lifetimes for him, so what’s a few more weeks? Well, now it’s been 2.5 months. I still feel very strongly about him and have even felt like I could feel him with me, especially when in meditation or smoking herb (which is something he does regularly). 11:11 continues to come up for me. Many 33s recently. And also I’ve been asking my guides to slowly take my heart away if he is not good for me. But when I see a picture of him or hear him singing (like in youtube videos of his band), I just feel really happy and content. I miss him dearly, but I feel compassion for him and know that he may just need more time. My tarot card reader said to be patient and retreat. She also said he envisioned me as a princess when he met me and was very sad to let me go when I had to fly back to NM. An oracle card reader said I had just cleared some major karma and that my angels kept wanting me to know that I was deeply loved. She said she felt a deep soul connection and that I had some big love coming. Also big changes were a theme and patience as well. OH and I feel like I was already going through a big spiritual awakening in my life and since I met him, I feel like it’s accelerated considerably. I understand things much differently. Sorry this is so long, but I have been wanting to share this and get an opinion. Also, he and I could stare into each others eyes for long periods and I didn’t feel weird about it at all, and I usually can’t do that with anyone (too intense). Could he just be a karmic thing or could he just float away from me forever now? I can’t imagine that. It’s hurtful to think of that, but I also know that divine guidance knows better my path. In love & service, janelle-

  123. I am no longer sure the place you’re getting your information, but great topic.

    I needs to spend some time studying much more or figuring out more.
    Thank you for great information I was in search of this info
    for my mission.

  124. I haven’t even had the opportunity to enjoy the “honeymoon” phase with my runner…….he ran right away after the initial attraction and 8 months of sending signals back and forth. We were friends that suddenly and surprisingly became something more, although we have never admitted our feelings or dated, kissed, nothing. We shared a special moment where we did the prolonged eye contact thing and had a long meaningful hug…….and I thought we would start seeing each other. Instead he became distant and ran into the arms of another woman and had a year and a half relationship with her, during which we had very little contact…….but somewhere deep inside…….I knew we were not over and he would be back.

    I could not get him out of my mind or out of my heart for the entire length of that relationship no matter how hard I tried. I secretly hoped that it would not last and that we would have another chance…….I just could not get the special moment that we shared out of my head. So I was thrilled when he contacted me to tell me that the relationship was in trouble. Our connection is still evident, but still he runs…….and still I wait. We have still never spoken of our feelings, though we both know they are there. I am leaving it to him to approach me when he feels ready.

    I guess I’m in phase 3…….not sure because our situation has not been linear. I have recently stopped initiating any kind of contact with him because I am tired of being the only one doing so. He does respond if I contact him, but it’s always very brief and he never initiates. He seems very uncomfortable and nervous around me now…….the few times I have seen him.

    This is a tough road, and sometimes I wish I was not on it. All I wanted was a wonderful guy to spend the rest of my life with……..I wanted easy lol, which we all know…….this ain’t. I have had moments recently when I just wanted to forget the whole thing (as if I could lol), but I have just reached the point of surrendering the outcome to God because there is really nothing else I can do, except concentrate on myself and my healing, growth, etc…….and that’s what I plan to do with the help of a therapist.

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  126. Hi I’m towards the end of stage 3, literally the hint of stage 4 (bumped into each other the night of the full moon/valentines day last week after months, synchronicity always at play brought us together, we are two years in… But it feels much longer. Also we met in a club of all places lol I love this page & chat btw!! Really has helped sharing… I guess something I could add to the surrender phase would be to not deny the waves of feelings/connection but transform it into love to release e.g. Instead of feeling yearning/bittersweet/anger/pain I started building a habit to flip it to a ‘Hello’ from your TF, a wave of LOVE 🙂 always connected! And u can always feel them so why not feel good everytime u have to think/feel them!!(even if there is pain), helps to shift energy by smiling and transforming it, even if your already crying. I noticed along this process that the feeling in your chest, the yearning/pain sits just a tiny bit lower than the feeling of eurporia/pleasure in your chest which sit a tiny bit higher. Try observe it next time and play with the smiling and transforming and transmuting love out 🙂 Believe me I tried to stay on the opposite side of the world longer to try ‘cut’ the connection. I really thought something was wrong with me when I found this page I was googling about the ‘symptoms’/traits of this connection I never experienced…but instead I just kept seeing his name everywhere, I’m talking side of buses, random places was quite funny actually but the pain of separating was like a missing I’ve never felt before. Healing love and loss is part of the agreement/process too apparently so I kept learning to let go and love was all that was left. Anyway through it all I have learnt to trust myself and trust the love. We are now in each other’s lives periodically at the moment, it’s like we come together download information and then need space/time to process it. I stopped sleeping with him a while ago when we went through a 9 month separation, but do hug/hold/breathe together for as long as we need to everytime we meet before we talk and update each time. We have both acknowledge the TF connection so now trying to navigate the relationship better together. So thank you again for the information on stages! I got back to 1 with myself so I can be balanced now I see the divine timing in it all and stopped judgement. Cos if your judging then means you are not quite ready either in a different way (mirror/yinyang). I use the at times overwhelming unconditional love he helped activate in me towards my art, spreading love/good vibes into the world. I believe we have a chance and it feels the worse it behind us, but I’m not rushing anymore like I was before and the more I focus, communicate with the universe/god/angels, work on and love myself, the happier I am. I hold a heart space for him I have never loved anyone in this way before but learnt to let go and now I am fully exploring life and other relationships. I like to think that I’m flying but I can still keep an eye on him, be the light, and just happy to of experienced the magickal love we have shared.

    Love is patient love is kind…. I tell myself everyday. Hold a heart space but make sure your flying! Let goooooo it makes the process more comfortable so to speak

    • Any pain that anyone is feeling, is coming from that person, not from the connection. The pain is a prompt that the person needs to be doing something. The connection is all LOVE, anything outside of love is EGO, needing and wanting. The connection is a beautiful thing, the universe letting us know there is more to us than just this life. Isn’t that amazing?! An answer to an important question. But again, any PAIN means that person is not doing what they are supposed to be doing. If they were, there would feel no PAIN, only LOVE!

      • Joel, talk about synchs…your article was posted on the first day of a two-day EGO-deal-with-your-scars experience for me and my TF. I was pretty floored reading your post and knowing it came as the purge was beginning. You are spot on. There was a point I was angry with my TF for not feeling the intense fear and emotional pain I was feeling as lingering emotional issues from my past were boiling to the surface. For not picking up on the pain through the connection. Your post made sense of why that couldn’t happen.

      • Mark, would love to hear more about your situation, The Eternal Bliss is an awesome site!

  127. What if my TF and I are both married. We are in different countries and text everyday. Neither of us want to hurt their spouse or kids so don’t have much hope that we will be together. He wants to focus on his life after 15 months of being connected, I am in so deep I don’t know what to do, other than to let him run. We met on 11/29. When I decide to end the relationship I get a sign to hang on. But the emotional roller coaster is killing me. Why are twin flames so hurtful to one another

  128. Currently my TF just became the Runner. A few weeks ago he started to distance himself, acted unsure and treated the relationship like a yo-yo (i.e. back and forth, hot and cold, here then not), but today he officially broke it off. I have the inclination that he may be back (after a few months) or initiate the relationship again, only to run immediately after. I understand that I could have instant gratification at that time, only it would be temporary. I do NOT want to extend the duration of the Running, by going back before his is ready.

    By toughing it out, until he is ready for the next stage of REUNITING lies my question. My question is, how will I know that he’s being authentic and has sought out enlightenment?

    AND 2nd question is: this man is absolutely lacking any ounce of spirituality in his life. none. He can’t wrap his brain around any of it. But he has to do the work on his own? How does this happen without guidance from someone? and it obviously can’t be me. and my goodness…, I just imagine this process taking 20 years??

    • lol marg. I love how you’ve put your questions… I’ll answer you the best I can 🙂
      1. How will you know? YOU WILL KNOW. I can’t tell you how. It’s a personal thing of your connection. He’ll carry a green flag that’s only visible to you… it might be the way he expresses love or it might be a special sparkle you see in his eyes or maybe you just feel very secure when you talk then… you’ll just know…
      2. Spiritual work that needs to get done isn’t like an elaborate ritual to be performed. It is basically understanding your own true self. You experience and you grow. You don’t need guidance from another person. You guide yourself… love guides you…

  129. I’ve been following this site for over a year now, coming across it when I searched the internet to look for some form of reasoning or justification for the intense emotion I began to develop, in the Summer of 2012 in sunny South Africa. The day I met her, goodness it feels just like yesterday. Despite the connection that was to eventually unfold, she is honestly the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever laid my eyes on, of which her part-time profession, charm and natural talent qualified her stunning looks. However, in this moment, it was not her beauty that captivated me, but instead the apparent and undeniable realisation that I KNEW her. I could feel it inside of me that this complete stranger whom I’ve never physically met within the three decades I’ve spent on this earth, resonated some form of frequency within me, a frequency that felt like I was in the presence of another me, a familiar soul. As I examined her face and voice, I tried to recall a time I may have encountered her in a manner that would have qualified her looking familiar. Nonetheless, through all the thought and detailed recollection, cycling through my better-than-average memory I could not find any moment in my past that could qualify this feeling, but within a few short moments the technicalities subsided and the internal questioning ceased, ushering in a calming, warm, comfortable and welcomed sensation that allowed me to not only enjoy her company but for the first time in months, forget about the deep depression I was going through at that very time, a depression so dark that I had already been questioning my relevance or need to still be on this earth of which at that time I had actually despised. Her presence however, instantaneously removed that feeling, and so was the start of the attitude change within me that allowed me to become the man I am today.

    We chatted like we’ve been friends for years, we laughed comfortably and shared stories and characteristics in common that provided us both with a refreshing and welcomed change in our lives, for she too had been experiencing a dark time in her life, simultaneously to mine. As I type about this day, a distinct bright aura resonates within the location we were at, an aura at a brightness level one would usually associate to the visual of witnessing the presence of an angel, and my God is she most definitely one. The young woman that sat before me was not only physically beautiful, but honestly the most beautiful soul I have ever had the pleasure of sharing the company of. Sweet, spritely, absolutely adorable, and the most kind soul I’ve ever encountered. As I took in her words, her stories, her presence and exchanged the same in kind, my mind’s voice would drift aside and experience a sense of bewilderment at the fact that by character, she was just like me. Further prompting the internal question of how could she feel so familiar, where at this point in the conversation had already qualified growing up in a neighbouring country, along with their being a significant age gap betyween us that would warrant the unlikelihood of us crossing paths before. Nevertheless, as the time drew on of which was limited, her aura captivated me and her soul captured me, and so began the story of what would become our twinsoul connection. I was instantly mesmerised with her, her mysteriousness intensified by her unique yet familiar green eyes, warm homely smile and soft-natured mannerisms. And as was about to leave that day, just about exiting through the doorway after a pleasantly exchanged hand shake, she paused, turned around and looked at me to which I felt an instant energy pull towards her, resonating from within the depths of myself as if to want to gravitate towards her and be close to her again. I patiently waited till 2 weeks later to see her again, where our connection began to develop within the workplace.

    As each day passed so did each passing moment intensify our connection; it began with me taking her under my wing and teaching her new things, developing her assurance in herself, her confidence, her ability to do more that she believed she was capable as what I could see inside her was a strong and capable woman, possessing the ability to achieve great things, with a presence one would associate to that of a Royal Princess. So too did she do the same for me; she became my muse, changed my outlook on life to become more positive, and encouraged me to believe in myself more as I had not been able to acknowledge the characteristics about myself that she so vocally respected and acknowledged. She empowered me, supported me, and inspired me. The more we saw of each other the more fond we became of each other’s presence, a connection not of the physical nor infatuation but instead one that defied the constricts of human social understanding. We both knew that this was something unique, something unexplainable, something unavoidable. It was also by this point that I was aware as per her own words that she experienced the exact same feeling as I did, the very day we met and the very moment we said goodbye. This point of conversation in itself was a revelation to the both of us, a revelation that was welcomed of which was also largely responsible for the mutual intent to want to get to know more about one another, to find time to spend together, to bond, not just within the work environment but outside of it as well. An intent easier said than done however, considering my relationship status at the time of which a failing and untimely marriage was the case, and hers a long-term, committed yet suppressing relationship. Alas, as we would now know fate to have a significant hand in our developing union, a legitimate opportunity arose one gentle Summer afternoon which allowed us the time to bond on a deeper soul level, both our partners consenting to this time spent together, a time so brief yet absolutely significant to our story for if it were not for that day, this story would contain the words to be told today. As we continued to learn about each other we would further learn about significant moments in our individual recent pasts that played an integral part in creating the opportunities for us to find each other; some of them amazing. some tragic, and some that could only be explained as a divine intervention. The more we learned of each other, the more intrigued we became, and in the back of our minds were driven by a hidden voice inside the both of ourselves that dared us to continue this adventure into the unknown, yet so exciting and invigorating, it made us both feel so alive.

    When we were not together we spent hours upon hours chatting via text, many a night till 3am in the morning all the while listening to the same music simultaneously and on repeat, sharing these moments together, synchronised, just so that we could feel like we were together. We looked forward to seeing each other each day and for the days we did not, it felt like years apart. As we entered into the second month of knowing each other, our chemistry intensified and the universe began to operate in a manner that was against our own will but as it became apparent, a necessary step in our twinsoul journey. At 9am on one potentially fateful morning, a divine intervention was responsible for potentially ripping apart the very bond we both cared for so dearly, where I had been alerted by her companion that he had become privy to our personal conversations through is own form of espionage, taking our words expressed towards each other out of context and making assumptions for the worst. Upon his ill-treatment of the angel I so dearly speak of within these paragraphs, he handed her an ultimatum; to choose between he or I. This ultimatum had taken place after he and I had alrady exchanged words over the phone, myself taking a stance of her deserving more respect, more dignity, more trust, and more appreciation as opposed to suppressing her, creating an idol out of her, and hiding her from the world. He on the other hand accusing me of adultery and wanting to steal her away from him, as if to imply she was his possession. I I reprimanded him on that point and expressed my anger for his lack of respect for her dignity, for the fact that she is a human being and not a doll, and to understand that truly loving someone does not warrant them being suppressed, controlled, kept away from having friends, and being kept from being free. She loved him dearly despite his faults, as they shared a long term together and she grew to accept his approach to love, however in this specific case upon him discovering the messages that threw his jealousy into a fit of range, which also involved minor yet unacceptable physical manhandling, it showed her a different side of him, a side that could not be accepted. His ultimatum resulted in the end of their relationship, for it was not me that was chosen over him but instead for the fact that he was actually capable of providing her with one, a trait that she had realised she did not deserve nor should tolerate as this young, gentle woman had been in this relationship since a teenager and had never really experienced the opportunity to breath. The end of their relationship however ushered in a new found breath of life in her, a life of which she so deserved, for her to finally blossom, to finally be free.

    The rest will follow, as there is still so much left to tell, however I will leave you with this for now. I thank you for reading the introduction to our story and I appreciate your interest, your time, and your acceptance. This is not an easy story to tell and therefore not one which is told often, however a story that is worth the time as it is honestly one of beauty. Good night for now my friends.

  130. This post has truely given me hope. My twin flame abruptly ran away exactly 3 years tomorrow. I chased him in the beginning, but I definitely went into a “spirit shock” for about 4 months after he left me. I haven’t felt myself ever since. One day I am enraged in anger, and the next day I miss him. I’ve gone to readers, done my chart, follow my moons and ascendants to look for answers. I feel like I have lost it. At this point, all I want to do is erase him from my memory and live my life because it just hurts too much knowing that he is “running” and enjoying life. What books do you recommend for twin flame chasers (how to manage) etc etc. Any suggestions on how to calm/clear/clean my mind would be great. Thanks :)✨⭐️🌙

    • Hi, Stephanie. Have you ever read any Eckhart Tolle? His book “New Earth” has good insights. Not anything specific to the Twin experience but good insights into presence and awareness nonetheless. It’s not anything you don’t already really know deep inside…but sometimes it helps to have someone light the path again.

      • kregae18karen

        Aww Stephanie, my heart goes out to you. Three years is a long time to feel that way. I am also the chaser but recently I made a decision. I decided to see this time of separation as a good thing. I know that this is a time my TF has the opportunity to figure out what he needs to do and to listen to what God is teaching him. He has a huge ego lol Our connection is very intense when we are together and although it makes me happy when we are together, it makes me very sad to be apart. Sooo I figure I will just give him this time apart…like a gift…and hope that when we come together for good that it will be AWESOME!!! I try to keep my mind focused on peace. I try to live in the moment. I try to stay busy and with summer coming..I can plan things. Like a garden, lawn care, etc. I go on dating sites and accept dates. I found out I can’t move on from my TF but I try to add some fun in my life. 🙂 When I have those painful moments that I miss him worse than anyone before I try to get quiet and alone. I try to talk with him in my mind and tell him how I feel. I usually feel a warm and cozy feeling come over me and I just bask in what must be his love filling me up. You asked what you can do to feel better while you wait…You can LOVE you unconditionally, you can get an attitude that says you are all that! You can go dancing or do something like color outside of the lines…just once 😉 Here is my email if you want to talk. I haven’t told anyone about my TF because I don’t think they would understand. We both understand and we can talk 🙂 Wishing you the best!

  131. I truely belive that i have met my TF, we are in the phase where she is the runner and i am the chaser. (I have run before, and she chased but that only lasted a month). I think she got overwhlemed with her feelings for me. I will always have hope she will come back but i think it might be too intense for her to deal with. How long can this phase go for? We were a same sex relationship which adds to the fear for her, not me. Do some people never come back? They continually deny the connection. They wont be ready in this lifetime?

    People continually tell me to move on and forget about her but its pretty much impossible. I dont think people can understand the amount of love i have for her, and the amazing connection we had.

    Do i have to let her figure it out on her own, this connection. Is it something you talk about with your TF?

  132. Thankyou for this information. We went through a 6 month relationship in the space of a week. I pulled away first but soon felt the pain. When I realised what we were dealing with I surrendered and then he pulled away. I didn’t/couldn’t give him the space he needed and now it’s over. How can he stand being apart. It’s so painful and consuming that I feel the need to run far away from everyone and my life as I know it. Nothing feels good enough anymore. I don’t want to chase him but am constantly looking to see if he’s near me watching!!!

  133. Davontay Whitley

    I am a teenager and i think im going through this experience right now, i suspect im the runner(litteraly) and was wondering how do i approach the chaser.

  134. Hope this put a smile on your faces 🙂

  135. Thank you so much for this. I seem to be going through the same thing but I’m getting doubts whether these are all symptoms of an ordinary relationship! I don’t know. I am so confused.
    The man who I believe is my TF contacted me himself out of the blue after I had ‘awakened’ spiritually (meditation etc). Before he contacted me I used to dream of the number 5 (sometimes in 3+2 form, sometimes 55 etc) and a psychic during that time said that my soul mate was on his way. I had always known inside that someone was on his way (and always yearned for it) but when he did I didn’t realise immediately. I had once dreamed of a man who did not have the same face as this man but the same colours (if you know what I mean – the hair and the beautiful blue/tealish eyecolour). All this dawned upon me many months later. I discovered he was the fifth child in his family, was born in May which is the fifth month and the day he contacted me was the 13/05/14 which adds up to 5 as well. On my part there are a few dates (5) which have been significant in my life. We have only contacted each other through chat – sometimes he’s all nice and warm and sometimes distant and cold – but I always have the knowing feeling that he will come back and he always does! Both our moods vary (like an up and down chart) sometimes we cannot stay away from each other and sometimes we are lukewarm but he is constantly in my mind and I think I am in his.
    I am hoping to meet him in person to see what my feelings are. I have prayed to the universe to find us a way because it is not easy to meet up and I have also let go. If it is meant to be he will be mine and I his. If not, I still have a good life and interesting things to do.

  136. Actually I already knew all that deep inside, but your article just reminded me how beautiful it is… Thing is that since the day I met her, EVERY OTHER relationship turned grey, but without actually changing, it’s just a matter of perspective I think… I feel like together we’re meant to save the world by spreading love everywhere we can go, and we’d like to go everywhere, even beyond what’s known to man… Yes definately existence seems truly infinite now, and so much positivity was even overwhelming at a time. Now it’s all perfect and I wish everyone could feel the way we do, and I wish everyone could feel like this FOREVER.

  137. I am rather stuck right now, me who feels very much like the chaser is in a relationship with a guy besotted with me, and yet through a form of physical separation, I feel less and less for him, because the reality that brought us together actually was because the one I in this twin flame scenario gave up on chasing of another, in part because my chasing aggravated the guy concerned, because he is in a married relationship with the mother of his children. Because of the morality, I admit I part gave up, not desiring to hurt others, least of all him…. I backed off for a bit, and this allowed me to meet the other guy, the one besotted with me, and certainly for the first 6 months we gained an intensity in the relationship, but due to past issues coming to haunt we have been made to exist in separate spheres for almost a year since. He is a great guy and supportive of my dreams and aspirations and encourages me along the path too. The point is that almost instantly the one whom I chased originally, became a supportive catalyst and actually at the times I have been at my lowest, he has been literally the only one I could allow close to me, and indeed he has responded every time with empathy, love and understanding, with an acute understanding and reliance. We have because of the extra life dynamics, have only met generally a few weeks apart… we set a resolve that we should work to certain boundaries, but every time we have set boundaries and agreed them, we have both overstepped the boundaries and allowed a full physical, emotional connection to bond deeply, even if only for those few hours. The runner being him, returns to life of status quo, and im left physically alone quizzing and questioning absolutely every thing that happened for endless days afterwards. Im acutely sensitive to reading between the lines, is that normal for a chaser to be doing that ? I don’t no longer feel guilty or angry with myself now, even though the boundaries were crossed, even though knowing that he has cheated on the wife and I cheated too on my relationship, regardless of the tenuous nature of it. I admit there is a feeling that I want to retreat, but the last time I did retreat he came chasing me, with a rather late night text coming my way… do I retreat yet again, but more firmly, do I start making excuses to not meet, or ignore his contact, even though I hate the silence that happens between us? He is conscious that I am not so busy this next two months, is this the time to actually ignore him? Is that subtle enough? The weird thing is when we last met, I made a connection, all my ex partners during sex Freudian slipped the name of a partner or of a significant ex, but despite at least 20 encounters now taking place between us, he has not once mentioned his wife during sex, initially I commented saying that he is obviously solid with her if he has not mentioned her in sex, but having seen a psychotherapist earlier, that viewpoint has been challenged, has anyone else out there experienced something similar? Should I assume that even though he tells me things are going great between him and her, actually accept that as face value fact? or is there something that makes him pretend to me all is good with her, because he knows that would make him admit there is a stronger connection between us… and as such admittance would mean change has to happen, that we both have to actually accept others will get hurt for own ultimate happiness and fullness? I know several times over I have reinforced that he cant leave her for me, because I don’t want to see anyone hurt, least of all his family…. In this case are we simply star crossed lovers who cant connect, or can the universe alter the state of play, so neither of us make the decision? do twin flames get together when complexities like this exist? has anyone else actually experienced the same, and actually got with their twin flame ?

  138. Nothing beats the Twin flame experience. it is mind blowing. Just currently moved into the surrender stage. I’ve been in so much pain. Now healing gradually. He inspires my creativity. Knew he was my destined soul partner before ever reading up the concept online. The articles only confirmed what I knew whilst explaining the reason why we could read each other’s minds and make love by thought. I’ve had no-one to share the happenings with as hardly anyone around me understands. Now using my blog to share my experience and feelings in poetry writings. God has been sending me messages and comforting me via angels. It’s been painful but the joy is heaven. I’ve learn’t so much. I don’t regret meeting my TF. If it’s the Lord’s will, we will eventually unite in the physical.

  139. I’m just wondering if there are men about who happens to be the chaser (the rare situation). In my case I’d say I’m the chaser and she is the runner. When we are together, love lightens up like it never has before and when we’re separated it feels like I’m totally ripped apart. I feel the desire to chase her, however I know I need to say strong and make sure she gets into the right space. Because contact is shut off now (don’t know for how long) I don’t know what she is going through. When we touch each other everything is perfect and we feel one, we feel at home. I can’t believe she’s is running away from that. She knows we’re hooked and connected so why is she running away. It hurts so bad. So if there are men about who have the same chasing experience (and a solution) that would make perfectly sense to hear about!! Like said before by many other people, every other love we’ve known is on a different scale. When you have experienced this, you desire this love and nothing else.

    • I am a man and the chaser. If allowed, please contact me at thx! Joel

    • Hi Sander, I’m not a male but I’m the chaser and I know what you’re going through. I met my twin flame only 6 weeks ago. We have split 3 times since. I think I was the runner for one of them. Just when things are at their best is when he runs. The last time was on Sunday. So I took all our messages off the phone and set about making a conscious effort to wipe him from my mind and life. The roller coaster ride had to be over. Two days later I got a txt saying he wanted one last sex session. I was very strong and said no it would be too hurtful. I had a nap and woke knowing I would go to him 😦 So I’m thinking, it’s when you pull away they chase you. It’s worth a shot. Til the next time😫
      Stay strong

    • Keep strong Sander!
      You are so right of how she can leave, I don’t have the answer, is strange… But she is giving you the opportunity to get to know yourself better. Now, is your moment..
      Enjoy the journey!

  140. Hey there! How are you all?
    The first time I joined you I wasn’t very well, but after long time now I feel great! This text was the first step, now I know that regardless TF physical reunion or not all TF stories have a lesson to give. Yes, it was all about a lesson, and yes I am taking mine!! And I am happy simply, because now I can see everything clearly, I can understand..!
    So, my advice is to look to yourself, forget about the others even your TF, and learn and love yourself!!!

  141. This hits home letter for letter, please educate me further.

  142. miecsha williamms

    I just had to search on the on the runner chaser after being in that phase for years now. I have chasing him for a while now during our nine year relationship. I guess the reason now is because he has shown so much love for me over the years. He’s a celebrity and he’s being sharing our love through songs but it’s like after all that when I see him he’s still trying to avoid me. Itafe seek what in the world is wrong with him when he knows he loves me. My heart and all that’s within me tells me with are at the last parts of finishing up all the lower emotions and close to being able to enjoy each other physically. You have explained us totally in every aspect. The best explained I’ve ever read. I thank you so much. This should be spread everyone. The greatest definition I’ve ever read. You are so head on with this. Thank you. Now I understand him in that position better.

  143. miecsha williamms

    You just don’t know how right on you are. I wanna thank you for this way of explaining. The greatest I’ve read this far. It took nine years to search this. I don’t know why cuz he’s been running back and forth and I’ve been chasing. It just came to a point now that I didn’t understand why he’s doing that when he’s singing and sharing our love with the world but when I see him sometimes he tries to ignore or get away from me. I just had to understand what he is doing and you explained it perfectly for me. Thank you so much.

  144. This is amazing. My husband and i have been married for 11 years, and i can see where this has been happening in our lives. But lately,my dreams have been filled with “him” this lost part of my soul. He’s average height, dark hair, fine features, lean. I feel as if I’ve always been living in a dreamstate, but in my dreams when I’m with “him” everything feels clear, real, and I feel in touch with everything around me. But he returns me home, even though we ache to be together, to protect me…he explains to me. I spend days afterward feeling even more lost, aching more, heartheavy. I hate to go all psychobabble on my dreams, so I Googled Soul separation eternal love and this was one of the results. Perhaps its my husband, or someone else who will come into our lives. Perhaps we won’t find a way to be together until another incarnation. I hate feeling disconnected, I do my best to live every moment, to try to hang on to every cherished memory with my husband and children. But, my memory is terrible, lol; and I feel cheated, wishing I could feel more in touch with the things around me. This probably reads like a jumbled up mess of crazy, but rest assured, I’m just a multi-tasking, kick-butt, determined and loving stay-at-home mom. *sigh* anybody got some advice? lol or insights?

    • Hi. Doesn’t sound like a jumbled up crazy mess at all. It might mean your twin soul is in spirit and it’s his way of letting you know he’s still with you. On this earthy plane when you meet your twin it’s not easy and sweet like yours sounds. It’s hard and destructive to the self 😦 going to sleep must be a real blessing. Keep on dreaming.

  145. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you! As I read this I felt like it was a cliff notes version of my life over the last couple years.

    We are definitely in phase 3, we’ve come together and fallen apart a few times, the last few have definitely been me I think. I haven’t been understanding and I’ve gotten angry out of frustration making things worse.

    Now that I see this, things make a bit more sense. I am going to do my work so the next time we decide to test the waters, hopefully we can move to phase 4.

    Many blessings, love and light 🙂

  146. Thank you for this article it has helped me so much , I am currently going through the runner /chaser stage and its almost unbearable. I know we are meant to be if he would ever stop this “running” phase!. We have both said over the phone that we know we belong together, he rings me upset and telling me he loves me but he made a big mistake getting with someone else and doesn’t know how to get out of it. He played a song to me by peter murray titled ‘my saving grace” this he has told me is what he feels I am for him, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep going on like this, him being with someone else and she is very mentally unstable!! we talk over the phone as much as we can but we cant be in the same place as each other for too long as we have trouble with self control and we both don’t want to do anything that would hurt anyone involved, except us!! how frustrating!!.But reading the part that I have to be cruel to be kind I think is time I implement this, which is going to be crappy!!.I am so scared of losing him but this feeling in me says he’s coming back but I need to do this So here goes next time we talk ill be letting him know that I cant do this game anymore, here’s hoping he returns to me cause I feel like my right arm is missing without him. I wasn’t even looking for him when I met him , we were together a few years ago and he left me, then I met him by chance again and we got back together then I asked him to leave. How stupid! lol. Now we are both on the phone together talking and its like we have never been separated, it feels so natural and I even feel my heart pounding when I talk to him. I dream about him all the time I miss him so much. Also reading the part where I have to be cruel to be kind and make emotional boundries so he cant abuse the situation to get what he wants is exactly what he is doing. Oh man this will be so hard to do but I m going to be letting him know that enough is enough. I did text him a few weeks ago and said Im glad he has found happiness and good luck to them both , he text back thank you I hope you find happiness as well, then rang me a couple of hours later saying he thinks he has made a huge mistake and should have never gotten with the girl he is with now and then told me to listen to these songs he was so upsett but then the next day he acts all confused and tells me to move on but then says no I don’t know , don’t do that. We talked yesterday and he wants me to move where he is , but I have applied for houses but didn’t get any of them I haven’t told him that yet, i m tired of chasing now ,,ugh.I love him with the deepest part of my soul and all of my being but its time to take action. thank you so much for posting this you absolutely have no idea how much clarification this has given me now I at least understand what is going on.

  147. Does anyone believe your TF can be a celebrity??? I mean they’re human just like us. It’s not just wishful thinking. I really do feel that they are my TF. Twin flame is all about energy, not about status and wealth. And yes I had actual contact with them. I feel like everybody losses interest in talking to me just because I say that I feel that my TF is a celeb. I believe people are letting their egos get in the way when it comes to things like this. It’s ok. No one has to believe me. I guess I’m going to just deal with it myself.

    • According to Patricia McNeilly (YouTube), yes a celebrity can be a TF……..and why not?

      • You asked why not. Because most people don’t believe that your TF can’t be a celeb. I see they let their egos get in the way. They think that you need to find someone more on your level and that it’s highly improbable for your TF to be a celeb. I’m really frustrated because I feel that people are ignoring me because they think I’m full of ****. It’s not just some ol’ regular admiring. I had actual contact with this person and I feel that we connected well. I don’t care about how much money they have or what their status is. I fell in love with the human being that they are. I want them, not their money.

      • What “people” are you talking about. You can’t really talk to your friends or family about this because they will not even understand the TF thing if they have not experienced it themselves, let alone the celebrity part. If you’re talking about people on TF sites, then just ignore the ones that don’t believe. The thing people may have difficulty with is that you keep throwing the “celebrity” thing in their faces and it may seem that you’re trying to showoff or something. The fact that he/she is a celebrity does not make your situation any less/more significant than other TFs, so maybe tone down that part……..just a suggestion.

      • Oh. I really didn’t think about it like that. Trust me that is not my intention. I wasn’t talking about anyone on any TF sites. I’m talking people outside of it. Like friends and family. I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on then about that. If I came across like that to anyone on here I sincerely apologize. I wasn’t thinking straight at the moment. I was just angry because I felt everyone was ignoring me. I met someone on another TF website that was going through the exact same thing and I think that the reason she stopped talking to me 😦 Maybe I can try to e-mail her and tell her that it wasn’t my intent.

      • One of the toughest parts of this TF situation is the fact that you can feel very alone……..almost like you’re living a secret life. I do not talk to any of my family and friends about it. Some of them know that I had a “thing” for him, but believe that I have let it go. To accept the TF phenomenon, one has to be at a certain level of spiritual development as it forces you to abandon some old beliefs and take on some new ones. Even with spiritual people……..if they have not experienced the TF thing, they will not fully understand. I have an intuitive therapist/spiritual teacher that I have tried to talk to about it and she does not believe he is my TF and thinks that I need to let go and move on, so I have stopped talking to her about him.

        You have to trust what is in your heart and soul………and the fact that I have never been able to forget this man and move on with my life…… matter how much he ignores and neglects me, or how many women he spends his time with…….tells me that there is a reason I have not been able to do so. 🙂

      • Why is she calling herself a intuitive spiritual teacher for if she doesn’t believe? What’s the point in that? Mine just gotten married to man that she knows that she doesn’t even love and when I spoke to my grandma about it, she said the very same thing everyone else said. “Move on. She chose someone else.” I don’t talk about it to my parents either because they always get mad at me and saying that I’m just obsessed and that I need professional help to help me get over this. I’ve never felt so insulted. They say that I’m putting myself through this and that it’s all my fault because I can’t seem to “let it go”. You’re right. It’s a very lonely place. That’s why I’m happy there are sites like these. I try to trust what is in my heart but I can’t seem to let go of my ego which is telling me that it’s all in your head and that it’s never gonna happen. It’s like a constant battle with my ego every single day and it’s tiresome. I met mine on twitter and we connected very well. I can sometimes feel her. Not all the time. But when I do, what I feel is not good and I know these feelings aren’t coming from me. I had a really bad day yesterday. I was depressed all day. I don’t know, I just woke up and I just felt…bad. I can’t explain where it came from. I wanna guess it was coming from her. I was sitting here trying to figure out why I felt so down in the dumps and what was causing it. The feeling lasted ALL day. I didn’t really eat much either. I guess she feels guilty because she married someone else knowing we had something going on. :-/

      • You don’t have a problem with gay people do you? Some people also loss interest in talking to me because I’m a lesbian. I guess I make them feel uncomfortable or something. The TF is about energy. Not gender.

  148. Does anyone here want to talk to me? I feel so lonely and rejected. I think me being a lesbian is the problem.

    • Hi, Rachael. Being a TF can be downright hellish at times. I’ve suffered a lot of ego-battles in my time of awakening and you do feel alone during the roughest of it. All I can tell you is that you will survive it because you’re meant to…and you will discover your real self. It’s like walking through flame…it burns but once you’re through you’re free of more and more of the false things that make you suffer in the first place. I saw this on a church billboard the other day…”When God stretches you, you don’t return to your original shape”…it’s really true…you change, because you’re meant to.

      As far as whether a celeb could be your TF..I certainly think it’s possible..celebs are human like the rest of us. That being said, here’s another possibility..and this comes from my own experience. About 10 years before I went through my true TF experience, I went through what I then called a midlife-crisis…because I had zero-knowing about TFs back then. I came across a celebrity..and all of a sudden my world was turned upside down. I had to be with this person..all I could do was think about this person. It lasted for a few months then life went back to normal. Again, back then I’d never heard of TFs. In hindsight, I think maybe I was having a build-up experience…a sort of warm-up to the sort of pulls and pains this awakening process would bring about in me. When my true awakening and TF-reunion started up about 4 and half years ago..I thought oh no, not again. I went through another instance of feeling like I couldn’t live without a particular person…this time someone I knew in person…I thought omg, this is worse…at least the other time it was a celebrity and thus far away. Then I was reunited with my TF via social media after being at my wits end thinking this hell would never end..turned out she was going through what I was going through at the same time…we were met to find one another and we did…then once we met in person, everything turned-ON and a lot of things made more sense in hindsight.

      It’s possible this celeb is your TF..but it’s also possible that your true TF is pulling on you and experiencing similar confounding feelings on their end…and you just haven’t found one another yet. I have no real answers, only conjectures of what my experiences were about…and thinking they might offer another possible explanation of what you’re going through right now.

      Whether it’s a warm-up or the full experience, trust me, I know how hellish it can be…but you will survive wouldn’t be going through it if it weren’t the right time.

      And you’re right…gender is meaningless…it is energistic and’s what’s deep-down inside and underneath that counts.

      Our world is going through a radical shift that’s purposed and by design…and it will be painful..ego-purging always is…but I do believe those of us going through our TF experiences are here to help usher in this shift…ours is a divine experience and take comfort in that.

      • Thanks Mark for your comment. I actually had contact with this person and the communication lasted for 9 months. While we were communicating, I’ve had experiences to where when I felt in my soul that it was impossible to be with this person and that I was going to give up, that’s when I heard from her! Or how we both shared the same pictures. It was like her soul heard me. I wasn’t intimidated by her at all. I felt that my heart led me to her all of a sudden. She’s 11 years older than me. She’s 37 and I’m 26. I read that TF’s have big age gaps. When we stopped communicating, I have been seeing all kinds of different number sequences, especially the 1111 and 111, her name would show up out of nowhere. I would hear one of her favorite songs played on tv. Maybe I’m going crazy. Sometimes I feel I’m not fit to be with her because of what she is. The whole thing just feels impossible. Even though I hope she’s a TF, but 9 times out of 10, I doubt she is. It just seems too good to be true. She made me feel so happy. I have never felt that kind of happiness in my whole life. That 9 months felt like heaven on earth. Some of her fans would tell me that it was all in my head and that she was deluding me into thinking something that wasn’t right. They shunned me. Saying that she was just “being a friend” and that I took it the wrong way. When she announced she was getting married, I had a mental breakdown and I felt them laughing at me and they were throwing it all in my face. Her engagement. She just got married like 3 weeks ago. This is too hard. I want out. Me seeing her spending her life with someone else kills me inside. I was told that she wasn’t even in love with this dude and was only with him for financial security. I miss and think about her everyday. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I feel her sometimes and when I do, it’s not good. When I feel her, I feel guilt and sadness. Like she feels bad that she hurt me. But she’s not showing it by putting her marriage out there all over the internet. I’m a wreck and I wish I never pursued her.

  149. Rachael…….did you know about TFs before you met her, or did you find out after the fact? I know how hard this is. At some point you have to sort of let go of them and allow them to follow whatever path they feel they need to. If they are truly your TF, in all likelihood, every path will ultimately lead them back to you. Perhaps there are things they still need to experience and lessons they need to learn, etc. Try and focus on yourself and your life, your goals, your growth, your spiritual purpose and mission……..again I know how hard this is and I struggle with it every day because what I want more than anything is to be with my TF. Everything else dulls by comparison.

    Again, you have to stop talking to just anyone about this because, as I said before……..they will not understand. I have found a lot of comfort in researching TFs as much as possible on the internet…….and on YouTube I follow goldraytwinflames, twin flames lee and sherry, patricia mcneilly, lindy cowling and others. All of these people offer counselling sessions as well, which may benefit you. I’m not sure how much you know or understand about twin flames, but just try to gather as much information as possible and go with whatever resonates with you and forget the rest. I have taken to consulting online psychics over the past year, just to have someone to talk to about this. I would not recommend this though, as I have invested way too much time and money into this avenue, and they are not always authentic or accurate. I have sort of become addicted to it and struggle constantly to stop consulting them. It’s better to meditate and try to find the answers within yourself, but I must say I have not had much success with this. Your guides and angels are always with you to help you. All you need to do is ask, but they do not fulfill all of your wishes immediately…….otherwise, I would be with my twin lol……..but talk to them, either out loud or in your mind…….that’s what I usually end up doing when I try to meditate…….and, of course, you can always talk to/pray to your higher power.

    Stay strong and try to take your focus off your TF and put it on yourself……..try to create happiness, peace and contentment in your life……..and if that means involving yourself in other relationships and you feel you need/want that, then there is no reason not to pursue them at this time. You can’t stop living your life and put it on hold for the other person while they go on living theirs……..TF or no TF. Easier said than done, I know.

    Love and light! xo

    • Hmmm….I’ve had a very similar experience with a girl I went to high school with and even though I felt that she was my TF, I was told that she was just a soul mate. My feelings for her were intense also. I was never with her physically. To be honest, I have never had a physical relationship with anyone I had feelings for. It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to. So to answer your question did I think she was my TF before I met her…I’m going to have to say no. At first I thought she was just another soul mate and then I kept coming across the whole TF phenomenon and just read up on that because of how intense it became. When our communication ceased, even though I wasn’t feeling she is was my TF, I was quick to do research on it because I knew it was some kind of soul connection. Just didn’t know what kind it was. Whether it’s karmic, soul mate, or TF. Every time I typed “soul mate” in the search engine, I kept finding myself stumbling over the TF situation. It’s been a year since we spoke and it’s getting more confusing and difficult. I still can’t believe she married someone else with her knowing that I was in love with her. I tried to express that to her the best way that I could without getting too personal over a social network. I know at one time she had a strange fetish with clouds so I sent her a picture of a heart shape cloud. It was my way of saying, “I love you”, but I don’t know if she got the hint. She liked it though 🙂 My feelings for her are starting to get to me as I type this. I have a cloud fetish now because of her lol She likes sunsets also and that’s why I take pictures of sunsets now. It’s like nature got more beautiful to me after I connected with her. She likes flowers and trees too! And guess what, so do I! Well more now since she made them look more beautiful. I can go on for days telling you how she changed my life. I feel like I’m more close to the universe now, even though I have my days when I feel that God or Source hates my guts. :-/ It’s like every time I ask the universe for something, I get it. This started when I first started talking to her up until now. It’s like she’s my good luck charm. Oh god I love that woman. She means the world to me. I’m about to cry now because of how happy she made me.

    • And I do try to move on. I finished college and graduated with 2 degrees, plus certificates so I can find me a good job so I can get the things that I need to make my life better, but still no progress in that. I live in a small town so it’s not easy making friends. Especially with me being gay and all. I have no money and my car doesn’t work anymore so it just sits in the garage and rots. I use my parents car but I can’t really use that to go and meet people because of the gas situation. The only thing to do right now is sit and chat with the neighbors lol You need money to do things and that’s something that I do not have at the moment.

      • Patricia McNeilly says that TFs often have money issues, or at least one of them does. I certainly do……it’s always a struggle. She also says that when we are separated from our TF we do not function at full capacity. She says that the only way we will feel whole is to be reunited with the other half of our soul. I know this goes against some of the stuff out there on the internet, but I believe it to be true for me. Explains why everything in my life is always a struggle. I really feel I need him in order to become the person I am meant to be.

      • Yeah. Thanks to you I’ve looked at her videos. Thanks for that! 😀 I really hope it’s true what she teaches about TF’s because if not, I’m doomed. 😦 And about the whole money issues thing, she has problems with it also. The only difference is, she has money and I don’t lol So I don’t know why she has money issues if she has her own. It doesn’t make sense. I still think she married for money. I don’t think she even loves this dude. She knew that I was in love with her and she married someone else. And the bad thing was that she didn’t even tell me about this guy. She lied to me for 9 months. I can see if I knew about him, but I didn’t. I felt extremely betrayed and humiliated because her fans that were telling me that she never meant what she said laughed at me and rubbed her engagement all in my face. It was like they were saying,” I told you so I told you so!” Like some little kids. And to add to my misery, she actually married to the dude after being engaged to him for like a year almost and publicized it all over the internet. She has never apologized to me or gave some kind of explanation. She hurt me deeply and acts like she doesn’t care and that it never happened. I know people that told me to forgive her, but how do you forgive someone that put you through so much hell for no reason and never had the decency to acknowledge that they hurt you. That’s hard to do. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just all in my head because of it. It’s just not fair. She hurt me to the core. It makes no sense for someone to be that cruel. She left me with a whole lot of confusion. Maybe she thinks she’s too high and mighty and that she doesn’t owe me an explanation. I believe in karma and that’s all I’m going to say. I see she also has problems with her sexual orientation. I don’t have any problems with that anymore. I’ve been an out and proud lesbian for 8 years now. so far I see 2 reasons why she married this guy. Financial security and for a cover up.

  150. It’s funny because the man I feel is my twin flame is running away from me. I’m giving up and thinking he’s not the one. When I first met him, I figure out his favorite color and this was my first time meeting him. I can read him like a book and so can he. We both communicate without talking. Now that he’s gone, I have strange visions or de ja vu’ about us under a big green tree and it’s sunny and wind is blowing. Birds are chirping. I don’t understand. What do this mean?

  151. I can really use a friend to talk to. If anyone is interested in speaking to me, I posted my e-mail above.

  152. Is there anyone on here that is not homophobic about same sex TF’s? lol

    • Same sex TFs, just like straight TFs, have one partner who has a more masculine energy and the other with feminine energy. Its the physical body which is the same sex, which is a different thing. Everything I write stands true for homosexual TFs as well. I’m not homophobic… please don’t misunderstand or be offended…

      • Hi The Eternal Bliss. I wasn’t directing that question towards you. I just was amazed no one bothers to even talk about twin flames being the same gender. Some people have this belief that the TF connection isn’t meant for gays/lesbians, which I think is a load of bull. It’s not talked about that much.

  153. lovely article.. thank you.. here is another that might interest.. mike

  154. Right now it sounds like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform available right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  155. I have ALWAYS been wondering. Do you have to meet your twin flame physically, does he/she have to know about your existence before you get all these signs and stuff? Or does this happen mentally? I met/found my twin flame on the internet and I’m not sure if he knows about me but I do have all “signs”. I’ve been deeply in love with him from the beginning and It has been a few years now. Since I saw him I wanted to marry him. I am going through a lot of pain but also a strong wonderful love and I’m feeling happy to be in love with him even tho it hurts. We kind of have a psychic bond too. Like if I think of him, he’ll tweet or I’ll see his name somewhere. Dreams about him are very vivid and realistic, after I wake up I feel like I’ve been there with him touching him and it’s very intense. I’m still not sure if he is my twin or if it is just me. But it feels like we are connected in some way. PS I love his inside and everything about him.

  156. Dear Eternalbliss.. The first time I read your site, i didn’t know anything about TF, believe me when I say your site presented itself to me, I didn’t go looking for it. And when I did find it, I couldn’t read all you had written in one go, I had to take breaks as I couldn’t breathe reading what you had written coz every damn thing was so true that it scared the hell out of me. Currently I’m going through the toughest phase of my life and I really don’t have anyone to talk about it. My mind goes in spirals reading, thinking, waiting, giving up. I would really be glad to have someone to talk to. If you do have time, pls let me know. Thanks.. J

  157. I met my twin online, it’s a long distance relationship. He’s from Brazil and I’m from the United States. Finding him was so strange, I see a comment of his on Facebook and him out of all of the faces and words I see in the comment section of a post on a page we both like sang to me. It was the weirdest yet craziest thing. I acted purely on intuition. And despite my shy nature, I just went right ahead and sent him a friend request. It was as if I was possessed at the the discovery of this man. It was an instant attraction, and I was a pretty independent person and not really interested in dating just anyone, so I would have never added some random guy like that but he had something about him. But even before the meeting all of these crazy signs were showing up and weird coincidences and phenomenons, I was very spiritually aware and balanced at the time. All of these crazy things were happening as if they were all pointing me to my fate, something big was going to happen and deep down I knew I felt it coming. I even had a dream about him, a quick glimpse and a feeling of a familiar presence, and my body feeling intense romantic energy surging through it, I think it was him. Before, I was never interested in ordinary guys that I seen every day, not just any guy would do for me. I always had this enlightened sense that somewhere out there, anywhere in the world, there is someone meant just for me, the one that was my destiny. I would always pray to the stars for that person to gravitate towards me. Then one day, that meeting happened. So after I added him as a friend on Facebook he starts talking to me the very next day and we talk as if we were best friends instantly or that we’ve known each other, and we even pointed that out. Talking to him for the first time felt so great. We both fell so fast, and so hard. Ended up being in a committed relationship together but there was some confusion and mixed feelings from my twin in the beginning. We’ve grown together and have been through a lot, learned from and with each other as if we were given lessons. Our bond grew stronger over time, and now it’s almost been 2 years together just about. It’s so strange, we have so many similarities with each other as well as in general. So many crazy and highly relatable coincidences, from our childhood, to what we’ve went through and how we’ve felt in life, to even the smallest things. I finish his sentences, know when he’s about to message me, say the same things as him (sometimes at the same time), I’m very in tune with his emotions, we think the same, act the same, etc. He is so similar to me that I feel as if he IS me, but within another body. Yet, he also has some differences to me as well, like exact opposite of me. As if we are like Yin and Yang. Man, he is just the sweetest most romantic/loving guy I’ve ever met, our love is like an innocent pure love. I’m so in love with him and he’s so in love with me, people think it’s unheard of and strange that we are so sweet and mushy to each other every single day almost 24/7 or even us talking that much in the first place, or even how we could date each other through distance in general. Love gives us the strength to beat distance. Even stranger, we haven’t even dated anyone before this, at ALL. We are each other’s first, and we want to be each other’s only, forever. So we’ve had no kharmic relationships, which I found odd when I read that part of the first stage, is this okay? Also, there’s been no runner and the chaser part of stage 3, but we are in stage 3 right now and we have been arguing and fighting and blaming each other just like it says but not in too much of an unbearable extent, we seem to be improving actually but very slowly. Is this a normal thing? Also, when we meet physically (which is soon, this summer) will we experience a change or anything when we are close to each other? It’s so crazy because we’re only teenagers, I’m 17 and he’s 16, we feel like we’re indigos or some kind of old soul since we’re so aware about this kind of information for our age. Also, on and important note, I’m curious to why despite all of this amazing twin flame stuff I’m blessed with in my life that I’m not as enlightened and zen as I was before…? I feel like it’s from the stress of arguing and trying to settle things and work on being able to think and move and feel in tandem with this other being, with my other half. Maybe due to the intensity to the power that is the twin flame relationship? That’s my guess, I’m just hoping that we will both be transitioning into stage 4 sometime soon (my guess is when we are reunited in person) and that we will both become at ease by then. But anyways, I know it’s long, but I hope you enjoy reading my twin flame story and thank you for your time, GREAT and helpful article! 🙂 Peace and love to all and their twin flames.

  158. Thank you so much for this!! I am currently in phase 3, and have been separated from him for 8.5 months now, stopped chasing him for 1.5 month. I feel like I am in the surrender stage. I am wondering if I will notice when the reunion will happen, you mention that it first happens at the level of the soul, will I feel that? Also, are we able to delay the process and reunion or is it already ‘written’ when this will take place, all in divine time?

    • It is ‘written’ but the time mark isn’t stamped I guess. I dont fully understand this myself right now. I’m working on this and will write to you when I get more insights about this… But you do feel it at the soul level first… thats for sure.

  159. I believe I met my twinflame 6 years ago, now I think that he is still running from me or I’m the runner? This guy was on my highschool, before I met him in person, I had dreams of a mysterious blond tall boy who came and kiss me because of nothing and then disappeared. In the next 2 years he and I were in highschool in different classes, he was 1 year older, I didn’t know his name and I didn’t care at all! Because I was with other guys.

    But I always found that blond boy beautiful,and I was searching for him in the hallway to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me, he knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer, and was trembling and I was shocked, he looked at me like he knew me! One time he said he knew where was my house, and I was scared. He used to touch me in my arm and shoulders from the back and then say “Hi” smile, and then he would go away. After that 2 years I was in the last year and he was in College. One of my “boyfriends” left me and I was devasted because I realized that I was betrayed.

    Then the blond guy and I began to meet in the most unexpected times and places and it was like always, he could be quiet and stare to me for minutes, and say nothing, and I was afraid. But I asked his name and I added him on facebook, I found out that he was in a relationship for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so I didn’t talk to him and just ignored him after he accepted my request. Then he was online in msn, and his profile picture was he and his girlfriend in the beach, then a window would pop up and it was he saying hello, and changed his picture for one of him alone.

    I thought he was a liar and that never liked me at all, he must be laughing at me beacuse he always had a girlfriend and he must thought I was an idiot to fall for him. I was in rage angainst myself and said nothing to him because I would never show myself weak or devasted. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time, I didn’t know what was he talking about, because I never showed him that I liked him, I felt shocked like he could read my mind, and I ignored the things he said and pretended that I never minded nothing and that we could be friends, beacuse I was proud, I´m still a proud person.

    One night I had a dream, I was in a train station and I was about to leave, and then he was running to me and kissed me and then he went away and turned back to look at me, then I woke up. That morning, his facebook status was “single” I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there! I looked at him and he was petrified and was staring at me in silence, then I felt weird and ignored him.

    After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date, in that moment, I was looking at him and I was feeling so strange… like I never loved him! I thought I wanted to run, that he wasn’t what I wanted and that I didn’t needed him anymore and rejected his kiss I felt fear and revulsion form one hour to another. That night I felt anxiety and I threw my cellphone in the washing machine, I didn’t wanted to speak with him and wanted to be far away from him. That night his facebook status was that wasn’t his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

    It took me 1 month to realize that, I needed him closer, and that I never loved anyone but him, that he always had been there and I couldn’t see it. The dreams began to tormenting me, were almost everyday, and I found his new facebook profile, he accepted my request, but wasn’t the same. I began to call him, and he never picked up, I felt devasted. His status were like he was angry about a person, like he was feeling betrayed and abandoned, and said that he would never turn back anymore. I thought it was about his ex girlfriend, and I felt angry at him again. Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I “liked him” only, because I didn’t wanted to tell I “loved you” because I’m proud and never used the word love for anyone and I was feeling shame.

    The next morning his status was “I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me, we must live our lives like nothing would have happened before and I was only a beautiful memory for you, someday I will meet you again, everywhere.” I DIDN’T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him and has been 6 years, we have met in the bus, or streets and I never said hello to him again, neither he, just keep staring at me for minutes and I still feeling the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he add me on facebook and I accept him and then I block him, and then later, the same thing almost every year. I know that he is in a relationship and me too, but we always were different, he was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely, I can’t take suffering! that why I don’t want to feel nothing for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I never felt attraction or desire to other men, and that wasn’t me! I never felt that way before him, I was always searching for thrill and I liked anyone. I want to forget him, and never have that dreams again, are like nightmares because they torture me, and when I dream with him, always that same day I meet him in the street and I don’t like that!, I want my old life back, I guess I’m still a proud person to talk to him.

  160. What I experienced with him was REAL. The space/place I was , when with him, was real. I used to think that it was like being in a dream. Now..I think otherwise. What and where I live now feels a dream..not the real thing. It’s like taking a walk in a park just cause I have endless walk..without him. I know that I have to experience being in the park in every’s enjoyable sometimes…but most often I am exhausted and I want to get home…to the home that I share with that place where I am most that place that we called BLISS. But I know that it is too early..I got work to do..and I got to wait for him too. I have the faith that I will reach there in a while. I surrender when I am too tired. I pray when I feel like giving up. And each time I fall I am picked up gently by that love that never gives on me…and I move on. Eternal bliss will be my reward. It WILL all be worth it in the end.

    • Wow, beautiful Bonnie. I feel the exact same way! Cant wait to go ‘home.’

    • Hi. Reading your post was like reading something I wrote. It is all just way too sad at times. My twin flame and I met nearly 6mths ago. I knew the first week what we had but wasn’t prepated for him to run at the end of the first week. Went thru the soul shock and researched every thing I could on twin souls. Talking to others who had been thru the same was my therapy. After 3 weeks we connected again. That also lasted a week. The intensity was just so strong that he couldn’t cope. This dance is still going on. Probably 10 times in 6mths. I still hang in there and have had a couple of runs myself. We still bounce back within the 3 weeks. We are at a more stable place now but I don’t trust that. You are doing every thing right. It hurts so much I know but you have to just keep the faith that there’s a bigger picture. Take care xx

  161. EternalBliss,

    I have reason to believe that I have found my Twinflame. In 2010 I moved into a new house with my family, and when I would walk home from work I would catch myself staring at this one particular house across from my street. At first I thought it was abandoned, then I thought our neighbors weren’t very social, and eventually became so overwhelmed with anticipation and curiosity of meeting whoever lives in that house, that I would think of ways to strike up conversation! I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it! Well, a few weeks later my brother decides to talk to the neighbors, come to find out, there were two males around my age who were living with the owner of the house. The boys were best friends and very charming, but there was one in particular who caught my attention. Looking at him reminded me of MYSELF! He was quiet, odd one out, hilarious, nurturing, and was very affectionate. I couldn’t help myself when I was around him. I felt an INSTANT connection? It was incredibly weird! I was going through a very intense relationship with my ex at the time, so dating was out of my reach, but we became very close friends. He (Patches) and I admitted that it felt like we knew each other before, and became very open when we typically were not. He confessed his love for me a few months into our friendship and I denied my feelings for him for the sake of my relationship, but kept our friendship solid. When my rental lease was up I moved away with my ex boyfriend and he (Patches) moved to AZ with a chick he barely knew. He was devastated because he never felt this intense of a connection with anyone before and wanted to be with me. I admitted that our connection was intense, but couldn’t act upon it so carelessly. It tore us up inside, but promised each other that we would at least remain best friends. The day before he left I saw my life flash before my eyes…I envisioned him and I having a child and living a life of happiness together. He was such a family man, and appreciated everything about me, down to my crazy and weird. I just knew that we would end up together one day.

    The whole time I was with my ex, my twinflame was all I could think about, It was to the point that I would have these very intuitive dreams about him which always came true. Finally, the week before the dramatic separation between my ex and I, my ex admitted to having a dream of me and a detailed description of my twinflame walking hand in hand in the mall, smiling happily at eachother in front of him, I was in complete disbelief. I kept manifesting for my prince charming to show up, with everything I was lacking and desired. A week later me and my ex broke up and my best friend Patches (nickname), calls me out of nowhere, after months of not talking. He had no idea what happened, but in some intuitive sense knew.

    We decided to try talking again and see where our lives will lead us. Phase 1 and 2 was incredible and beautiful, closer than ever…passionate and addicting. Then, when he moved back to CA to be together…that’s when the running phase began…He was so scared and confused. He didn’t know what he wanted, he kept calling off our relationship, and then later want me back. He felt undeserving of me, he let his own insecurities put a damper in our LOVE. Finally, after my fair amount of chasing I put my foot down and told him that if he doesn’t give me a response in 1 week about what he wants to do, that I would finally put a stop to this cycle and end it for good. The last day, I went out on a date to get my mind off of him…that whole night he kept calling me and trying to talk things out, but I was in no mood. Finally, I gave in and spoke with him. He told me that he couldn’t imagine his life without us together and he was ready to commit. The sureness in his voice somehow reassured me that he was sincere, so I agreed to it and we’ve been together for almost 3 years and have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. Don’t get me wrong we are still very intense with one another at times and thoughts of even leaving him crossed my mind a few times, but the Angels and Spirit keep sending me confirmations of having a healthy family life to stay patient and learn the inner lessons at this time. We definitely mirror off a lot of our flaws, which makes it hard to grasp sometimes, but I just stay patient with him, love him, support him, and continue to work as a team. I cannot give up on him without exhausting every possibility first, if we are meant to be, then we will.

  162. Do you know? Nothing is a mere chance in this life. This year I was forced to be in a enneagram workshop class. It was very short but, in that experience I found out that I had and I still have a very big issue in my life. I always have been searching who I am, and what is my true personality, because I always depend on other actions. I’m between a 6-7 enneagram type, always needing support, to feel secure and protected by people who I could trust. I found out that Im very proud, but because I feel anxious I was feeling threatened by people, family and by this man. Because I always thought that if I would have told him that I loved him and that I was feeling all that things before we had that date, he would made me feel ashamed, that he could reject me in that moment! I always said to me that, I wasn’t in love with him, that he was a simple fling like the other men, and men always betray in everything, and that I had to be one time with him like the others it would be over, but really, I couldn’t stand the pain of rejection by him, cause I hate pain! Because of that, I ran and ignored him and even today when we met on some places, I can’t talk to him, I always felt my body trembling when I saw him. And I can see that is the same for him. Only one time months ago, in the supermarket I could feel that he was there, and then I looked back and there it was. He instantly looked petrified and the things in his hands suddenly fell. Later when I was in the line to pay, he was the cashier, and after some seconds, he said hello with his face downward, and asked me how I was. I was trying to be polite while I was afraid, and he took my hand when I gave him the money it was like a minute and he had a giant smile that I remember I saw when he came to pick me up in our only date and said that he was happy to see me again. I said nothing. After that I came back home and that night I unblocked him on facebook. I read his facebok status. “I don’t know why when I look at you Im trembling to my feet and my knees go weak” I never came back to that supermarket, I prefer to buy things in one that is a little far.

  163. Twin flame relationships are a wonderful ideal but the search for eternal bliss may leave you feeling duped. The fact that two people are willing to surrender, and keep surrendering, to build a strong relationship is wonderful. Be careful that you do not lose yourself in the search for love and shut out the rest of the world to feed off the feelings of love instead of learning to love yourself enough to place your energy elsewhere to create a less intense but ultimately healthier bond. Sometimes we feel instantly attracted to someone who shares similar qualities to our parents and a similar background. Such relationships are great as long as both people are willing to work at mutual growth. We all yearn to feel understood and loved and accepted despite our human imperfections. Faith is what helps to build and continually foster love. Few people have the courage and maturity to surrender and be vulnerable enough to curb their ego to create intimacy. When you find a man and woman who are willing to expose their needy and fragile parts and risk rejection for daring to be vulnerable it is the start of a special bond. To need those we love is a gift.

  164. So… I am the chaser… I met my tf in Thailand, I am Italian, he is American, at the moment he is running running running… It was the most honest, effortless relationship I have ever had, I liked him instantly and it all developed pretty quickly, now I am back in Europe and I left my husband of 10 years, lost my house and my pets… I knew the moment my TF started to run from this, I had dreams about him and this constant pain that never fades away. I stopped chasing, I am trying to fix the aspects of my life that need attention trying to leave him his time to understand himself … I am trying to learn the art of patience and trust that it will work the way it should….

    • I’m sorry for your pain Elisa, we have all been through this same thing…for me, several times. You would think with all of this love and connection it would be easy huh! lol I don’t get it either. I am at the point of putting on my tennis shoes myself!

    • I understand your pain. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. My TF journey has been ongoing for nearly 8 mths and it feels more like years. Leaving your husband was probably the kindest thing you could do. The intensity of a TF connection can’t be found with any other man and it wouldn’t be fair to string him along. I’m just at the connection stage with my TF again after he or I have run 11 times. I’m more spiritually awake so I’m the chaser for sure, but sometimes it just gets too damn hard and you wonder what the hell are you doing. But we continue to bounce back again. I wish you loads of strength and balance.
      Teresa ❤

  165. Thank you Girls! It is so far the most difficult of journeys… I have never felt anything like it… It’s like finding yourself and being suddenly lost at the same time… In one moment your life is upside down and I have no clue where to start again…I am grateful to find people that are going through the same journey and that can understand the pain and difficulties we have to face… I have stated my emotional journey 12 years ago and I know that my tf has a long road ahead of him… I am pretty conscious that before I hear from him it will be a long time… Doesn’t hurt any less though … I wrote him one last email in which I explained that i am here if he needs me in any capacity, but that from now on I ll leave him to his life and his journey…
    But I have a question girls… Do your tf actually keep contact with you or is it like radio silence and then a random call or message in between!?!?! Thank you again…. I wish you too all the strength and balance….

  166. Thank you! Your description is spot on! My Twinflame and I are in the troublesome phase right now and he is pulling away! I sent this to him and hope he will acknowledge the bliss phase we had at the start and know that it can return. Unfortunately, he thinks this is turning into another messed up relationship like the karmic ones and is losing faith. What you have said here makes so much sense. Thanks for the encouragement and hope you have given with this article!

  167. well i was the “runner: 6 years ago and then went back in the 1st year….this article is well and good but now that i have been the “chaser” for 5 years it makes more sense…basically we eventually despise the runner cuz they usually do “nothing” to try make the union work and the pain they cause you just gets amplified till the point where you just say “Fuck em” cuz they are seriously to dumb and stupid to see the gift thats right in front of there eyes..they make all these excuses like listed above but never have the intellegence or integrity to act on it…unfortunately this only makes them cowards in the worst use of the word and eventually that cowardice cannot be forgiven..chasers have respect for your selves or you will prob die..i know cu i have been are so much more evolved than your twin

    • Well said. I went through the whole Twin Flame experience before twin flames were even heard of. I could have waited for him but in the end it felt too undignified. If this website had been around back then I probably would have sat and waited, never experiencing life or growing.

      The pain that he caused me by running was so bad that I actually lost feelings for him and could move on. I never felt the TF experience again and it’s always haunted me, but the haunting is a small price to pay for the chance to move on.

      I was able to marry someone else, and while the connection the non-TF wasn’t immediate, it grows over time.

      My TF tried to connect a few times whilst I was moving on, but the connection was gone. After I got married I was able to feel forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion for my TF. We connected again, initiated by me, because I wanted to gain some understanding and closure while not blinded by bitterness. It was awful, the intense connection came back and I got my answers, but not closure. Maybe that is still coming. I opened up the intense connection again and I wasn’t expecting it. It’s even worse when you’re married because there is a crushing guilt. I need to ride this out.

  168. You have to go through separation to even out your energy and learn why you’re repelling with your twin.

    Just got the new site up..check it out

    a “chaser”

    • For anyone going thru a connection, I would recommend that the first thing you do is find out exactly what type of connection you have. Then, go get some help to learn how to balance yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Because nobody is coming back, if at all, until you do. So if you want to help yourself, then start helping yourself. And it will help the other as well since you are connected. Otherwise you can just sit around and wait and wait and wait and wait. The universe is in charge here and she’ll tell you when it’s time to connect again, if that’s the plan. The universe is letting you know she wants something(s) from you, so go start figuring out what that is. What do you need to learn? What emotions do you still need to deal with? What are you supposed to really be doing with your life? Yes, it’s absolute torture for the chaser and you have my sympathy and compassion, but you will learn that it’s even worse for the runner cause they have no clue as to what is really going on behind the scenes. Be happy that you know what you know and suffer with it cause you have no choice in the matter. As soon as you realize that suffering is part of the equation, you can begin to focus on the stuff you need to be taking care of to make your life happy again. And one last word of warning, be careful what you wish for!

  169. Dear soul tribe,

    I find myself again tonight in a state of confusion and high emotion after the most peaceful week I had felt in months. Reading your comments resonates so powerfully within me. I am truly beginning to see ”Twin Flames” as no longer just a (beautiful) theory or concept. I’ve chosen to share my story tonight while the feelings are intense. It’s quite bizarre to me that during the most intense waves of emotion there seems to be another piece of the puzzle, waiting to be unveiled…. Before I share I need to say that I am still baffled by it all and still hitting an inner block to putting my full belief into my personal experience. I do know for sure that something is happening on a deep, deep, deep transformational level. I’ll do my best to keep this short! Any feedback will be received with loving arms.

    Although always being highly sensitive and empathic, it was 7 years ago (when I was 22) that I really took the dive into the spirit realm, following 2 suicides of close friends. I took 3 months off work and life in general to attempt to understand the complexity of human emotions and how society came to be so deeply supressed. At the time I didn’t realise but once I’d overcome my own state of depression, I was manifesting my reality super quickly when working in the light and positive. My band started to take off, I was surrounded by positivity and fell into a relationship with an amazing, free spirited city girl (I am a male by the way). It was bliss for a long time. We both stopped working and spent almost every waking moment together, dancing, laughing, making love and partying. I continued my meditation, kundalini exercises and occasional experimentations with psychedelics. During the 2012 winter my psyche absolutely exploded into the spiritual after some further exploring with magic mushrooms. I was hearing detailed inner stories (in my mind) about everyone I came into contact with and having visions of future happenings. This went on for months and it lead to some destructive conflict with my closest people as I was focusing on the negative parts to the point of pure fear/anger. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I was almost always certain that I had become an antenna for truth the more and more I observed life matching my intuition. (I certainly wasn’t always right though!) My girlfriend and I eventually split due to this and lack of space after 3 years of a super-tight soul bond. I was floored for a while with deep regrets and an aching soul, as was she. (I’m honestly doing my best to keep this at a readable length…haha, my apologies but I must do this)

    As much as differences did arise, I still wanted badly to be with her. After a couple of hard months I decided to get my act together and work on myself in everyway. Organic diet, ritualized mediation, using the law of attraction, being more social active and began to lose the attachment. I started to feel lighter and healthier than ever before in my life and this is when the holy mind puzzling synchronicities began! I would suddenly meet random people that would spark a topic of conversation that was just perfectly timed, every time. Numbers started to follow me. Signs would guide me. I started to wonder if I was going loopy as I had never been this way, but it was highly energizing and felt like a godly calling leading to something bigger! I couldn’t fathom how beautiful this energy felt and I knew I was on a magic path. Meanwhile I remained in fairly regular contact with my ex , but I became so overcome by the inner journey that love relationships weren’t on my mind at all. So, I was meditating on a cliff of a nearby mountain one day and as my energy peaked I spontaneously began to repeat “Something amazing and important will happen here”. I felt it and knew it, yet had forgotten all about that by the time I got home to bed! The next week I went back to the same spot and while in a strong meditation I hear footsteps on the path below, slowing down as they got closer. I decided to open my eyes and as my eyes came into focus I see a beautiful and familiar looking woman smiling at me. She happily (and slightly awkwardly) started a conversation and I felt incredibly drawn to her. It was like an angel had floated up the mountain to take me away, haha. We both had big smiles and intrigued looks on our faces and I mentioned that I had recently found a natural spring up there, which excited her and before we know it we’re driving to the other side of the mountain together sharing stories and laughing as if we were best friends. Our stories and interests were so alike and the energy exchange was amazingly peaceful! I felt electric bursting love, but I was trying to keep it cool and not get too far ahead of myself. It was very surreal and we both kept pointing this out to each other. ”Why do I feel so connected to you??”

    How do I keep this short! Love hey 🙂

    So, we share some delicious spring water and as I’m taking her back to her car she tells me (with her magnetic and familiar voice) that she, like me, also plays music, works in nurseries, born a month apart and had just moved from out of the area to a place a 2 minute drive from me. Hmmmm? We shared a long eye gaze and exchanged numbers. I felt an enormous buzz through my body for days following! A couple of weeks later she asked me over for a tea and a walk and as soon as I saw her again I felt an intense energy again through my heart. We would look at each other for a lot longer than normal. She told me that she just started seeing someone and that it was best for us not to see each other at that point. I was ok with that and knew I would see her again. Shared a hug and felt even stronger for her. As I’m leaving her house I realize 2 things that blew my mind on top of everything else. The magic mushrooms that I consumed before the ”2012 Winter Episode” were picked by me from her front garden bed and I suddenly remembered having 2 vivid dreams ,months before our meeting, of going to a house on that road to see a girl that I was at complete peace with. This really got me thinking, what is happening here! I knew I felt good about what was happening though 😉

    I left her be now and kept following the path I was on. Thinking about her a lot and wanting to be in her presence and thinking how amazingly perfect she is, but feeling good strong vibes all around. Until a month later I got a month long bizarre undiagnosable illness that turned everything I consumed into liquid and drained all fat and muscle from body. I rarely get ill and this was almost unbearable but at the same time I kept thinking that it was a natural purification handed down by the universe….That’s what got me through it at least! While this was happening, I found myself on Twin Flame sites all night! I had never heard of it, but I knew what I was looking for and it felt like home when I got there. That’s the only way I can describe it. I was starting to feel bizarre, nervous and exhilarated all at once! Anyway, I came good eventually and when I recovered I got a message from the lovely ”mystery angel”, 3 months since last contact. She asked if we could catch up and play some music together. I was more than happy, just wanted to regain some extra health so I held it off for a few weeks (ego!). 3 weeks later she came around and as we were hanging out, chatting in the sun with a tea… I was thinking Twin Flame, Twin Flame, Twin Flame….but had no intention of bringing it up at this point, in fear of scaring her off. Then all of a sudden as she’s gazing at me with her sky blue eyes, she says ”This might sound strange and it doesn’t make sense, but I keep thinking that you are the being of my mother’s miscarriage or some kind of deeper soul connection”…. At this point I was actually starting to wonder if this was all some big joke, like The Truman Show or something. I couldn’t believe it, but I did believe it and it made me love her more again. We talked for hours and hours, shared music and I totally fell in love with her song writing and sound. It was just like there always a new thing for me to deeply love just around the bend…haha…Oh, my heart how alive you are. We would do this weekly and we kept growing closer and closer, opening up our souls to each other and exploring nature. It was purifying us. She told me that she had an intense explosion into the spiritual world in the 2012 winter, in really similar ways and effects that I had at the same time. It just kept getting more and more in sync everytime. Eventually she suggested exploring a relationship even though we had reservations due to our spiritual differences. She being deeply Christian and me being an open book that doesn’t follow anything but my intuition. We decided that we shouldn’t let belief systems stand in the way of what it is natural becoming and to try to take it as it comes. Physical intimacy was just… wow… a whole new level of amazing energy. It was almighty and powerful. Wow, but going with the flow proved to be much easier for me than her. The dynamic quickly started to shift and a push/pull effect began. She wanted to know where everything was heading all the time and having a sense of control, where as I was enjoying the moment too much to even care to think about anything else. We both needed balance and the push/pull was bringing that slowly, but bringing a lot of pain and confusion with it. The pattern became that just as we were peaking in love together she would break….then come back until it reached that same point…. and break…. on repeat! The highs were blissful! Total freedom and such warm energy flow. It was beautiful. It just would never last for long enough to get to know it well. Shattering at times. Completely shattering. We would cry for hours some nights not knowing what to do. During the breaks I was seeing all kinds of signs pointing back to her. Especially through numbers and seeing her rare name everywhere. In numerology, she is a 33 and I am 11. These 2 numbers would link up everywhere! She believes we have a telepathic connection as I do and the sychnronicites were just endless. Mind boggling. So, somehow amidst all of that we managed to finish a song for a short film which ironically enough is about a spiritual awakening. She left in December for a pre-planned trip to the otherside of the country. She spent the first 2 months trying to shut down the connection which left me feeling super hollow. I could barely function for a while there. I felt ashamed that I could let another being have that effect on me, but it’s a fact. I know I love her and I know the love we share. It’s too powerful to ignore. I felt useless for a while and it scared me that I wouldn’t ever feel an ounce of happiness again. Very few people around me understand it and I don’t expect them to, but it leaves you feeling very alone. I have learnt over the last month what this is all about. It forces you to be alone, in your darkest phase with no relatable helping hand to drag you up. You are forced to stand tall and find yourself. I can feel it growing. After deep pain, anger, jealousy, resentment, attachment to memories etc… You flush it all out and reset. You must let go! And what I’m finding so far is that when I let go, she is still there, at the moment, but it’s love and I send her happiness and health. God, I love her. And I still don’t honestly know what is happening…. I’m fascinated to find out because either way, as we awaken into our true being the soul tribe will call… Follow the call and follow the light…

    Peace and safe journey to all.

  170. I have a long, long story and should probably for my own sanity get it all out there. But not just now. This is just an overview and nagging question I have, but first background:

    I just found this particular site and I’m sure I’ll read every last sentence of everyone’s story (again, for my sanity!). I can’t believe I did, at the predicted time according to the phases, only just learn about Twin Flames4 days ago during his running phase (never in my many years had I heard the term). So now I understand the gut-wrenching double-pain of the heartache, and am understanding the only thing we ever bickered about — jealousy — and only after pushing my buttons relentlessly until I lost it — well that IS IN FACT the main underlying thing I need to work on during this separation (his running) phase. Despite him making me vow that I understood the depth of his love and he would never purposely hurt me, turns out I’ve always been insecure about the other shoe dropping, as I had never had a good loving lasting relationship. So all mention of other past women, though I knew I was the LAST woman he would ever have, eventually made me flip my lid. He said it was just to reminisce, bringing up old loves or trysts from teen-hood on. It wasn’t fun for me, and I tried to keep my cool but eventually I’d get angry, it felt so mean and he knew I didn’t like it. And so oddly hurtful from the guy who to this day says he’ll never hurt me. And the rest of our relationship is him treating me like gold, he even said he has me on a pedestal and always had since our first spotting of each other 30 plus years ago in high school (we never spoke). Well anyway I also now know THIS IS WHY! The insecurity I have, brings the illogical jealousy, and he brings it UP and OUT with the mentions of other women. And it makes sense! Because I always had this nagging in the back of my mind that despite our uncondtional love, that if we were to marry, I would somehow not be enough. Not good or pretty enough, or some other shortcoming. So NOW I get to work on that confidence and when I am complete and confident, he can return to a whole, TRULY trusting twin. Here is my question: When he broke up with me of course he wanted to maintain contact. But I said I couldn’t do that as friends because I would keep wanting him,, and I should begin forgetting him if we were never to be together. So unfacebookfriended him (with his permission, so as not to be rude. We still know we love each other. Although in brief texts to him along this 2 month journey, he has been rather cold, doesn’t return loving words etc. I read this is not unusual). No more texts (which took up 18 hrs of the day when we weren’t talking on phone). Anyway, since I am in a period of not communicating to him whatsoever, letting him have his space and work out his issues (FYI he is 2000 miles away, not insurmountable, but married to someone he knows he should have left 10 years ago. Add to that she is very ill, beginning to get perhaps even infirm, and he can’t leave her like that even though there is no love. So I like that we separated, I no longer have that guilt, he no longer has that guilt, and he can concentrate on tidying up his own house and when we come together it will be the perfection I read about on these sites. So question is – do I enlighten him with this new knowledge of mine, or let it run it’s course? Remember, we aren’t currently speaking (my choice but he’s cold when I try), and though he has some psychic abilities, I don’t believe he really wants to hear about this right now. Will he figure it out on his own? Has he already without knowing what it’s called (TF?) I almost think he does. Leaving me to get himself together, too much going on in life and he’s exhausting himself trying to keep this relationship as well. Thank you. Oh there’s so much more, but I am working on me, starting a dance class tonight, started reading books again with my free time, organizing finances and home, etc. This is truly a gift and I would be much happier about it if my heart didn’t ache like a hundred elephants where sitting on it. Much love.

  171. This is exactly what I have been going through. I am blown away. Makes sense.
    Thank you so much.

  172. Great to read everyone’s stories. I’m the chaser for about 5 months now. We have been together 5 months, and now 5 months separate. I’ve been seeing 55 a lot also. I have a question for the runners. Do you know your life purpose? Can you be happy and live without your TF? This is where I am at right now. I’m trying to find something different than my twin flame to live for, she was my everything. But I realize I can’t build my life around another person, but she was my highest excitement. Sometimes when we where together I felt that there was only one of us, I felt no separation between us. We shared dreams together, and we where inseparable the first 4 months then it got rocky in the 5th month. The first 4 months we where together every single day. We where like magnets, we just couldn’t stay away from each other. We wanted to get married and have children. When I loved her, I felt I loved her soul. It was beyond personality or looks. I love her unconditionally. Even now when I’m not with her I her soul sometimes comes to me in my dreams and gives me a warm hug, and it feels so real. I have cleared and worked on every emotional issue that I can think off. I follow my heart every day but i still dont feel like there is much to look forward too. I’m young but i have already done so much in my life that I dont know what to look forward too. When I was with her life felt perfect and so excited I remember when i was with her i knew that the meaning to my life is to be happy, i was so sure of it. I guess my lesson is to find meaning and purpose in life without her. I wonder if the chasers here also share the same challenge as me. Much love to you all and good luck. P.S: I decided to stop chasing and waiting for her. I’m going to find a purpose and reason to look forward living my life with out her.

  173. I was in a depression for the longest time. My twin flane saved me from ending it. He’s the chaser. I am the runner. But he refuses to give up on me. He’s a stubborn smartass. And if I wasn’t the runner i d do the same for him. Im not a jeleous, overbearing, or even a nurturing female. I am none of those. I act like a little innocent little girl a lot even though I’m an adult. My male twin feels extremely protective of me and he keeps other males from coming near me. He follows me everywhere. I lost my virginty to my twin flame and I think thats why he feels more protective and dominant towards me. I have a hard time protecting myself. We look just like eachother and we are total mirrors. He asked me to marry him and I said yes:)!!!! We still are working through our inner pain, so we’re bantering back and forth and whenever I talk about my friend who’s a guy. Just friends. he gets overbearing and super protective. No ones ever done that for me before. We both are scared that we’ll lose eachother. My twin flame is awesome .

  174. How do twin flames reunite?

    I mean the final reunion stage. What happens when the runner returns back to the chaser? How will you know? What signs to look for?

    Has anyone experience this? How did it happen?

    Please help me as I am in this stage.

  175. Hi Jay,

    I have also posted the same question and have been helped here :

    Please check it out. I have got the answer to my question but would like more suggestions and clarifications. You can join in the discussion and help me out if you want.



    • Pam,

      True Twins reunite in many ways. There isn’t a one size fits all to it. Everyone’s situation/connection is very different and for many various reasons that have to do with past lives, current life situations, karma etc.

      The key is getting specific information as to your circumstances, why you are entangled in this, what has to happen, why it has to happen, what you both need to learn etc.

      The timing aspect can never be predicted due to the choices you both are making and will make.

      There is no fortune telling aspect to it. No one can tell you when. Or even how.

      My first question to you and anyone else who reads this and has a similar situation is this?

      Are you really a Twin? It’s THE most important question because if you aren’t then the connection may never return. If you haven’t found out for sure, my recommendation would be to do so and I can refer you the individuals you can contact to find out.

      Your heart may tell you that you are, but you should still find out just to be sure. I can assure you from experience, it’s a huge benefit to find out what type of connection you really have and it will give you some reassurance if it truly is.

      So, assuming then that you are a Twin, then it’s never IF but WHEN! And the WHEN part really really sucks because you can’t control it. Could be tomorrow, or the next day, or the next or the next, or the next, or the next and every day you keep WAITING and WAITING and WAITING! Been there!!!! Sucks! Really, it truly SUCKS!

      But there ain’t shit you can do but WAIT!!! Seriously. It could take years!!!!

      I don’t need to share my story, it won’t be the same as yours, but the path, the lessons, the karma etc. are all the same. If you are going thru HELL keep going. If you are WAITING, well keep WAITING. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO BUT WAIT!

      No, really there are things you can do to help speed things up but chances are you won’t and this will take the course it needs to take.

      If you are a TWIN, one day the Runner will connect again. Phone? Text? Email? Run into them? It will be unexpected. It will happen when it happens. They have their path. When they are ready it will happen. It’s not personal and that’s the hard part. It will happen when it happens.

      And as for what happens next, well you two aren’t puppets on a string. YOU BOTH WILL DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

      The universe will help you. HAVE FAITH! But again, you will both decide what happens next and you may be completely surprised by the results.

      In the meantime, SUFFER. It’s all you can do. And I mean that in the best way possible.

      Go learn what you need to learn. Try and distract yourself. It’s hard, one day at a time.

      But, if you are a TWIN, it WILL happen. The roller coaster continues.

      Sucks for you! But is the most amazing thing ever. If you want the rainbow, you have to out up with some rain!

      Good luck! I am here to help you. Just don’t expect any answers! LOL!


  176. Jay,

    Thanks for your input and suggestions.

    To answer your question “Are you really a Twin?” – Yes I am a true twin and I am at the last and final stage of a twin flame relationship. If I was not a real twin, I would not be here asking for help. I can literally feel the connection as it is very strong. I can feel my twins presence plus I am being bombarded with signs related to my twin and our relationship. Me and my twin are currently separated. I have not spoken to him for a long time so a little nervous.

    I have gone through the separation part (runner and chaser), I being the chaser and he being the runner, I am now getting clear signs and guidance from my angels to go back to my twin. I feel we are spiritually together (reunited) but have to still meet physically. The problem was my doubts which are not letting me trust the guidance. So I am here clearing my doubts and I have finally cleared them.

    I get messages that my twin is back and he is waiting for me. So I guess I should be going to him. When I ask my angels, I get a positive response saying I am on the right path and I should continue going. Basically getting the number 777 and 77 with combinations repeated, so I guess I am on the right path and doing the right thing. I have kind of figured out what to do and I am preparing for that. I hope I will see my twin soon.

    – Pam

    • Pam,

      Well if you are a Twin then Congratulations! This should be your last life here if you don’t screw it up! LOL! Unless you decide to come back again. In any event, all you can do is follow your heart, follow your intuition. Just remember it takes 2 to tango, so if you do reach out or connect and it doesn’t go well, don’t take it personally. All in due time, each has his/her own path, own lessons, own experiences etc. Trust me, I have been thru it so I get it. The best advice is to let go and just go with the flow and let the universe decide what’s best and when and how etc. Everyone talks about learning Unconditional Love and while that’s true there is just so much more to it, including learning to let go of control. And I will end this note with this for you and others. The whole time I was separated I thought I was waiting for the other person to get it, to feel it, to act, to know etc. When in fact, it was them waiting on ME. ME to do what I needed to do and learn and experience etc. If you work on ME and do what you came here to do, THEN you will reconnect sooner rather than later. So, remember it’s not what they are or are not doing, it’s what YOU are or are not doing that is delaying all of this if you truly are Twins. Good luck! I am here for you!

  177. Thanks Jay.

    I am hoping everything will work out well. I am experiencing this kind of thing/guidance or whatever this is called for the first time so trying to confirm things before making a move.

    I am assuming you are back with your twin. Just curious, how did you reunite with your twin flame? Was it the same way like mine? Divinely guided? Or any other way?

    • Pam,

      Follow your intuition, just make sure it is your intuition and not your ego, easy to be fooled. We reunited when the universe allowed it, that’s how it works, but again it’s tied to lessons, karma, experience etc., you have to do your work first. You may make several reconnections and then part again, everyone is different and while the universe has control both of your freewill really dictates a lot of it. When you are both ready, you will. If you don’t, it’s because you BOTH are not ready. Do your work and let the universe do it’s thing. You can push all you want, you can try and connect etc., but if the universe feels one or both of you are not ready then it either won’t go well or you will separate again. Learn what you need to learn from it, experience life and what you need to accomplish. Any pain is coming from your higher self telling you that you still have work to do. Do your part and watch what happens. Sit and wait and you will just be sitting and waiting. Happy Holidays! Jay

  178. “This should be your last life here if you don’t screw it up! Unless you decide to come back again.”

    How can I decide whether to come back or not? And how can I screw it up? Please explain…

  179. Can a twin flame and soulmate come at the same time in your life?

    • Pam,

      You meet many soul mates throughout your lives. Your twin is your strongest soul mate and they are also with you thru many lives, so yes, during many lives you have both. At some point you “graduate” and that is when you and your twin ascend together. The pint of “lives” is to live, learn and love and “find” your twin. It’s a path to finding other “half”, we search and search and search for them, yearning to be together and other soul mates teach us and prepare us for the twin. But, we all have free will so you get to make many choices on your path even though there is an outline of what will and should happen. You can choose differently and some choices may make you “fall back”. Think the game Chutes and Ladders but we all get there eventually. If/when it is your last life, it’s the toughest test, just as each grade gets harder. You can easily “fail” and have to do it again, it’s thru your choices! Some are conscious, many are not. Hope this makes sense. As far as coming back after you graduate, that is a choice you make between lives. Some come back to help others, some come back to experience a type of life they would like to try or try again and some come back just for fun and those are the people you meet that just have it too easy, have no issues, just have fun and seem so care free. But, worry about your own path and where you are and what you need to do. But, you can’t control so much so don’t try it’s a waste of energy.


  180. Thanks for responding. I am connected to both my twin flame and my soul mate. I am guided to go and see my twin. I am not sure why? But I believe he is back ( Twin flame runner chaser story) and I am getting messages that he is also waiting for me. We met, were together for a short time and separated in a very painful way. I thought it was all over. But after about 10-12 years I started getting messages spiritually like repeated signs and songs which told me it was my twin flame who is back. We have not met physically yet but almost there. I can feel his connection continuously. After about a year after my twin flame someone called out of the blue and the connection started. I figured it was a soulmate connection. We have never met but only spoken on the phone that too after he called, He never told me why he called but I just sensed with the help of my intuition.

    Well now both are in my life and I can feel their connection. I have not met either of them physically yet but I am sure something is going to happen. I get signs and symbols of both together. I dont know what is going to happen next. I am preparing to meet my twin and that is what I am planning to do now.

    Any suggestions??

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