List Of Topics

True Love – What is it really?

This article talks about the concept of true love


Gives a basic understanding of twinflames and the journey of a soul.


What are Twinflames?

Detailed information on what twinflames are.


How It Began

Tells the story of creation – of the beginning of the life of a soul, and of the meaning of existence.


The Split

Talks about how and why twinflames split…


The illusions

This article talks about the illusions that we carry which keep us separated from our own truth and from our twinflame…



Explains the meaning and effect of karma…


The Quest for wholeness

Talks about what we all are basically looking for – wholeness.


Phases of a Twinflame Relationship

Lists and briefly explains the five main phases of a twinflame relationship…


Phase One – The Preparation

The first phase, the one in which we prepare ourselves for the coming of our twinflame is explained here…


Phase Two – A Glimpse of Heaven

The second phase, which is basically a short period of togetherness that twinflames experience is explained here…


The First Meeting

Talks about the first meeting of twinflames in the present incarnation… and the related experiences and emotions…


The Signs Of A Twinflame

All the signs that can be helpful in recognizing a twinflame are listed here…


Age Gap between Twinflames

The difference between soul age and physical age, and the reason why age gaps between twinflame exist are explained here…


Phase Three – The Dance

Explains the most difficult and confusing phase… the one where all the karma has to be resolved.


Why Twinflames Argue

Talks about the reasons which cause arguments between twinflames (which are very common in the third phase).


The Runner and the Chaser

Explains how and why one twinflame, after sometime, tries to escape the other, and the other starts trying to ‘chase’ him/her.


The Chaser

The ‘chaser’ is explained in detail here…


Advice for ‘The Chaser’

Some advice to help the ‘chaser’ get through the tough phase.


Going through the ‘Waiting Time

Talks about things to do while you’re waiting for your runner to return…


The Runner

Explains the twinflame runner, and the reasons why runners run…


Advice for ‘The Runner’

Here is some advice for the runners…








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  1. this is the most amazing resource on tf. the phases of meeting ones twin describes my own meeting with my twin nearly to a t. The details here are just about identical to my own experiances with my and my twins meeting and phases. you could have easily used my experiance as a perfect example.

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