If you think perfect love exists only in fairy-tales… you are going to be very pleasantly surprised…

The idea of an Ideal mate… the one ‘made for you’ is not unreal as many of us have come to think… and Yes, the ‘fairytale’ love does exist in reality… Read on…

First of all, I’d like to mention that what most of us think of our ‘reality’ is far from truth. We are a lot more than name and form… We are not humans having souls… but actually souls having human bodies.
[ You can read more about ‘who you are’ HERE ]

In the very beginning, each soul is created as a balanced being consisting of two energies… the divine masculine and the divine feminine. When this balanced being comes on earth, and manifests in the form of humans, It splits into two… the human male embodies the divine masculine and the human female embodies the divine feminine.

These two parts of a single whole soul, the divine masculine and the divine feminine, are called TWINFLAMES.
Your twinflame is your ‘perfect’ match created for you by the Creator himself.
Your twinflame is your soul’s ‘other self’ in the truest possible sense… only with the opposite charge (divine masculine or divine feminine)
The divine love between twin-flames is unlike anything else…

Each pair of twinflames has a unique destiny that only the two of them together can fulfill.

Twinflames come in embodiment to experience form. They are always connected to each other (in the astral plane), nothing can separate them, ever.
This is the true meaning of the quote “What therefore God hath joined together let no man put asunder.”

The concept of twinflames is not new, Plato described it 2,500 years ago
Here is an excerpt …
“….and when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself……..the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy, and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment; “

Edgar Cayce, the famous ‘sleeping prophet’ has also talked about Twinflames.

Twinflames would be always connected to each other and there would be no misery on the planet…
But … Because of the effect of evil forces, mankind ‘fell’ from the pristine state that originally existed.
And now, as humans, we’ve come so far that we’ve forgotten who we are. The essence of ourselves lies hidden deep under the veils of illusion…
We’ve been trapped in the circle of karma for hundreds and thousands of years…
These veils of illusion created by evil forces that we see as ‘reality’ is what blurs our self-awareness and the ability to see divine perfection…

When these veils are removed and all karma is resolved is when we become who we truly are and that is when we reunite with our twinflame.
Our soul is always aware of this separation and knows that the final reunion is meant to happen as it is a part of the divine plan…

This reunion is not only with your twinflame, but also with your real self and with the being called God…
This reunion is what we’ve all been looking for…
This reunion is where we find bliss…
Eternal Bliss

We are now moving into the Aquarian age…
Now is a time when twinflames are coming together all over the world as the planet is moving into higher frequency levels and the twinflame union has the ability to greatly speed up this process as it provides Divine Love to all that it touches.
A love so powerful as to elevate all it touches and to purify and renew the stream of mankind’s awareness of what true love can be and conquer.

There are many aspects to this relationship and the journey that we go through. That is what this blog is all about.
I share with you through this blog my own twinflame experiences and all that I have learnt and understood about this sacred relationship… I am no guru… just an average person touched and transformed by the power of divine love…
[ You can read more about me HERE ]

If you have been guided to this site, you have probably had some form of contact with your twinflame. Contact with one’s twinflame is like a wake up alarm… nudging you to open your eyes and see the truth…
If you think you have met your divine compliment, you probably have… but its not the end of the story as you might think… in fact its only the beginning… there are many complications that surface when you get into a twinflame relationship… If you want a fairytale you’ve got to fight the dragon after all 🙂
Being guided by your intuition and having some knowledge of what this is all about will help you a lot along your path to the eternal reunion…

I have listed all the posts/articles in the sequence that makes most sense to me…
However, they are all independent posts, following the sequence will give you a better understanding but is not necessary… feel free to explore the topics whatever way you like.

The list of topics is posted HERE.


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  1. Great stuff here.. we’ve been reading for three hours

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  3. Tell me about complications! WOH!!

  4. I had a heart attack this summer. I know my twin and all this anguish was a factor. When I told him what happened he looked at me and asked if it was him.

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